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Zungle Review: Outdoor Enthusiasts Rejoice With Zungle

If you’re an avid outdoor adventure like I am, then you understand the difficulty of picking between your favorite sunglasses and having your favorite playlist at the same time. Hiking up the mountains is not the same without having the right playlist to keep me going.

I can’t count how many times I’ve lost an earbud while running and had to get a new set, and they aren’t cheap. The activewear-style headphones try to prevent that with a silicone or plastic loop over the ear. Unfortunately, then my sunglasses don’t fit right. It doesn’t seem like it should be this difficult. Still, I’ve tried a lot of combinations and struggled to find anything that provided a safe way to listen to my favorite playlist and have the light blocking I need.

I tend to pull out one of my earbuds and throw it in a pocket. That way, I can hear my music and still listen to what is happening around me. But, of course, I inevitably forget where that earbud went later and have found more than one in the laundry ruined.
More importantly, it is dangerous not to be able to hear approaching vehicles or someone on a bicycle trying to pass on a trail. It’s extra risky for a woman running alone in the early morning hours or as it starts to get dark at night.

Thankfully, Zungle came up with the perfect solution to all these issues in one neat and fashionable little package.

The last few years, it’s been all over the media how important it is to protect our skin from the sun. Still, something people tend to forget is that it’s equally important to protect our eyes. For example, one study showed that over time UV exposure could increase the risk of developing cataracts. So, it’s especially critical when you’re spending long outings enjoying the sun to have glasses that are UV rated.
Bone-Conducting Built-in Audio Capability
Zungle has designed two pairs of stylish sunglasses that have bone-conducting built-in audio capability. If you’re new to bone conduction audio, let me tell you it’s a complete game-changer. You can easily wear these while active and still hold conversations and hear everything going on around you for comfort and safety. Bone conducting technology has been around for a long time. The military has been using it for years to communicate without blocking outside noise for soldiers.

Who is Zungle

  • Zungle is a California company whose goal is to change the face of wearable devices. Zungle was started in 2016 and has been going strong ever since.
  • They wanted to change how devices and outdoor sports went together because they are themselves a mix of those exact outdoor adventures, from skateboarders to snowboarders.
  • They hope to create a whole new way for those who enjoy these activities, and at the same time, are helping make it a safer experience.

Sound Without Noise Cancelation

For some experiences, noise cancelation is the way to go. But there are lots of reasons it can be a substantial problem.

  • Example #1
Suppose you enjoy riding your bike to work but don’t want to miss important calls or your favorite podcast. In that case, bone conduction is the only safe way to go.
  • Example #2
When you’re cycling, especially in the city or anywhere that there is traffic, it’s imperative and possibly even required legally to be able to hear your surroundings. Bone conduction isn’t a typical speaker. It’s something else entirely.

Regular Speakers

Regular speakers, even most mini speakers on sunglasses, use the typical air vibrations to carry sound to your ears.

Bone Conduction Speakers

On the other hand, Bone conduction speakers physically vibrate against the area above your ear to go right to the heart of the ear.

So, they are a totally distinct experience and a little strange when you try them for the first time. It’s a touch unsettling for a moment or two, as the sound just magically enters your ear with nothing over them.

If you’ve ever wanted to have a soundtrack to your life, this is the closest you’re going to get. Finally, you can play that motivational song right along with everything else going on. No more having to pop one headphone off your ear to ask what someone said again.

  • Sound Quality

  • The sound quality is different. You may not get the same superb sound quality you can with big over-the-ear headphones, but for some things, the sound quality isn’t as important as safety.
  • Because bone conduction headphones sit over the top of the ear, it’s something you can’t mix with your standard sunglasses any more than your favorite over-ear headphones.

  • Zungle Glasses

  • Zungle glasses mix the best of both worlds, excellent quality bone conduction headphones and fantastic sunglasses.
  • They are rechargeable and have a battery life of four hours. The cord that comes with them will fast charge them back to complete in about an hour.
They also sell the charging cord separately if you want an extra one to put in your car for those road trip needs.

Keeping in Touch

We are thoroughly attached to our devices these days, which can be difficult during other activities, like your morning commute. The Zungle glasses allow you to do everything you would with a standard headset.

  • They have Bluetooth 5.0 technology so that you won’t be getting dropped out of your favorite playlist.
  • They aren’t just for listening, however. Instead, each of the unique styles has a built-in communication setup so that you’ll be able to hear that critical phone call, even if you’re out for a jog with background noise.
  • You can also use Siri or Google assistant without a problem.
  • While connected to your Viper or Lynx glasses, you won’t need to stop and look up directions or get the answer to that quick question; just ask Seri.

Fashionably Funky

These glasses are right on the nose when it comes to the current fashion trends. They have a frame that’s lightweight, coming in at 50g, but still substantial and sturdy. The bone conduction speakers don’t make them look bulky or awkward. For the most part, they look just like a trendy pair of sunglasses from a prominent designer.

One of the things that makes them unique is their ability to change the lens-style as often as you want.

Frame And Fit Options

First up on their style lineup is the Viper. The Viper comes in two different fits, the Asian fit, and the World fit.

Asian fitWorld fit
The Asian fit is 142mm across and 150.70mm long from the bottom of the frame to the top is 49.20mm, and the bridge width is 20.8.The World fit is slightly smaller across at 142mm with a bridge width of 17.70mm, and from the bottom to the top of the frame is slightly smaller at 48.9mm.

Viper Frame fit Viper Design
Both the Viper frame fit styles come with the grip texture at temple tips to help make sure that they stay put even when you’re coming down a snow-covered mountain at high speeds or riding your longboard.The viper design has a squared classic sunglass style, in a matt black finish.

LynxBone Conduction Speakers
The Lynx has a slightly rounded frame style and comes in either matt black like the Viper or a matt grey. The Lynx design measures 19mm across the bridge and 142mm from side to side.The bone conduction speakers are built into the frame where they will sit right against the head above the ears, making them have the best connection possible for sound. It adds a little bit of width and thickness to the earpieces but not enough to make them uncomfortable.

About the Lenses

  • First up, these lenses are 100% UV400 protection, which means you’re going to be doing your eyes a favor and protecting your vision from sun damage.
  • Both the Viper and the Lynx have interchangeable lenses. However, be sure to double-check when you order that the lens style matches the glasses you have as they are not interchangeable.
  • There are a wide variety of lens options available, and they are affordable, so you can swap them out as much as you see fit.
  • One of my favorite things about this brand is the ability to replace lenses. It is invaluable to me. I can’t count how many times I’ve ended up just getting rid of a pair of sunglasses because they were scratched.
  • On top of being able to replace them, these aren’t just typical drugstore sunglass lenses. They are all polarized and have a hard surface coating resistant to scratches. They also have drop ball tests and FDA certifications. In addition, the lenses come in a variety of eight colors.
  • The most basic tones are trap black and ash titanium, a smokey gray color comparable to your standard sunglasses.
  • You also have the option of getting clear lenses. With clear lenses, you can wear them in the evenings without having your vision impaired, but they also still have UV protection if you want to wear them out during the day.
  • Then there is my personal favorite, the aurora purple, a mirrored bright purple sure to catch attention.
  • They also come in oasis blue, blood ruby, moss green, and bonfire. Each of these colors is a mirrored style finish, shiny and intensely pigmented. You can swap your lenses to match your outfit.

Prescription Options

Zungle doesn’t offer you the option to order these in a prescription style because that’s not their specialty. On the upside, however, the Viper and Lynx use standard size and common shaped lenses. So, you can go to your local optometrist and work with them to order prescription versions of the lenses to swap out as you need.

Top Three Ways To Save on Zungle

If you’re like me, you are always looking for the best deal. So, let’s look at a few ways you can still get these awesome glasses and keep a few extra bucks in your pocket.

eBay is a Great Option
First up, if you have persistence and are willing to search, eBay is a great option. Lots of people end up getting these as gifts and simply don’t use them as often as they think they will, and you can get a gently used pair to see if they are what you want for less than the MSRP.
Coupon Codes
Coupon codes are your next best bet to save on Zungle glasses. Retail me not has three right now that offer you set dollar amounts and percentages off specific spending. Before making any online purchase, I always search for coupon codes from the manufacture.
Poshmark Another Great Resource
Poshmark is another great resource if you want to buy something expensive for less. It’s kind of like a year-round online yard sale. People can make posts at set prices, and you can either buy at their list price or make them an offer. If you love to haggle, this can be a lot of fun.

Is it Worth the Cost

These may not be the best sounding headphones on the market. Still, they are the best-sounding ones that offer a sunglass and headphone combo. They are also some of the most comfortable to wear while participating in various outdoor activities.

Switching over to bone conduction sound can take some adjustment. But it’s worth it when you can go hiking in the mountains with your most relaxing soundtrack playing and still hear the rustling of creatures in the wild. It is a new exciting, and enjoyable experience.

The price is reasonable. It’s around a hundred dollars on average for a decent pair when you look at what it would cost to get bone conduction headphones. Most people pay at least a hundred and fifty for fashionable sunglasses these days. So, with Zungle glasses coming in at between a hundred and fifty and just over two hundred, you are probably going to be saving.


#1- Are Zungle products available in my country?

Ans: Zungle products are sold both online at their website as well as sold on amazon. Although Zungle attempts to ship worldwide, some countries aren’t available, so be sure to check their shipping guidelines before placing an order.

#2- Are there prescription lens options?

Ans: Not through Zungle directly. However, because the lenses are interchangeable on the sunglasses, you could easily add prescription lenses by working with your optometrist or somewhere specializing in prescription lenses. Dimensions are available.

#3- Can you change the lens?

Ans: Yes, in each style, the Lynx and the Viper have a default lens color. However, there are other lens options available for purchase.

#4- Can items be returned?

Ans: They do accept returns under some circumstances. You must first obtain a return authorization. You must have proof of purchase, and it must be within the return window.

#5- What kind of warranty does Zungle Have?

Ans: They offer a limited one-year warranty on their products. You can find more information on their warranty policy page.

#6- Will sweating ruin them?

Ans: Sweating and a little weather are no match for the Zungle gear. These have an ‘IPX4 Rating. They are not waterproof, but you can safely work out in them.

#7- Will they pair with my device?

Ans: If your device works with 5.0 Bluetooth, these should easily pair with no problem. All you have to do is fully charge the glasses, and then when they are full, you will see a cyan light. Next, you power them on, then they should go into pairing mode, and they will come up as “got Zungle,” and you’re ready to pair. They can be matched with cell phones, computers, tablets, laptops, pretty much anything with the correct Bluetooth capabilities.

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