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Wyze Review: Save On Wyze Security Cameras And Home Automation

Home security and automation are almost a necessity these days. I don’t live in the best neighborhood, but the rent is affordable. The security, however, that’s something else entirely. I also have pets at home that I wanted to keep an eye on while I’m at work, but I didn’t want to spend thousands of dollars just to check up on my home.

I started looking into security systems and cameras; there’s so much out there. There are so many options, and the price range is huge. When I first stumbled on Wyze, I honestly thought they were just another rip off. The prices were a little more than the bottom rung cameras I could find on the market, but they didn’t seem high enough priced to be something that would really work. I was getting desperate, though. It felt like someone in the area was posting about car prowlers or something being stolen from their yard every other day. I decided my own safety was worth taking a chance on, so I ordered myself 3 of their basic cameras, one Wyze Cam Pan v2, and one of the Wyze Cam Outdoor V2 starter bundles, and I was ready to go.

I’m not a tech-oriented person. I don’t spend much time playing with gadgets or technology, so one of the things I was really looking for was something easy to set up, and Wyze passed the test. I installed the app on my phone and followed the instructions. In less than an hour, I had a system set up where I could watch my pets inside and keep an eye on the outside of my home, all from a single app on my phone.

In the US alone, there are 2.5 million burglaries every year. It’s neighborhoods like mine that are at a higher risk. The notifications are great; they let me know if someone comes to the door while I’m away. I can use the voice feature to talk to my dogs during lunch. I upgraded to their Wyze cam plus subscription to catch videos when it detects motion according to my settings, and it’s been worth every penny. I can go back through the videos and see what happens during the day while I’m gone.

I think it’s gone a long way to protect me, too; the prowlers seem to avoid the homes with a camera, and no one’s come snooping at my door since I put it up. I discovered that homes that didn’t have a security system were 300% more likely to get broken into than those that didn’t. I was already happier with my ability to see what was happening when I wasn’t home. I decided that adding some more security features was well worth the annual monitoring fee.

Since I started, I’ve added entry sensors and the keypad; the sensors remind me if I leave a window open, helping keep my home secure. I’ve just started getting into some of the more fun home automation features, and it’s great because it all works within one app, and It’s so easy. It was less expensive for two of their amazing colored bulbs than I’d spend on a single takeout meal.

If you want to turn your home into a smart home and add some security to your life without breaking the bank, I seriously cannot recommend Wyze more. Even their subscription fees are so much cheaper than the competition that it’s hard to believe.

Wyze 5 Camera Indoor/ Outdoor Security System with Person/Package Detection

Who is Wyze? How They’re Changing An Industry

  • Wyze, formally Wyzecam, is a wireless security and home automation company in Kirkland, Washington. They were founded in 2017, though their original device, the Wyzecam V1, was patented in 2015. The company was founded by former Amazon employees. Since then, they’ve rapidly expanded on that original version of a home security camera introducing a wide range of cameras and other smart home devices.
  • They make home security cameras, indoor and outdoor, headphones, scales for health, their own vacuums, video doorbell, home locks, thermostats, a smartwatch to rival Apple, and even a limited-edition remote-control car controlled by the app and Wyze cam. They’ve been at the forefront of the affordable security camera and home automation market for the last five years. An innovative company that seems poised to get better as they grow.
  • They have had some controversies, including lawsuits they’ve won so far and a security problem that led them to discontinue the first edition camera. However, none of this has seemed to slow them down as far as making strides to compete with even the biggest tech industry.

Reasons To Choose Wyze Over the Competition


  • Affordability. Wyze is by far the most affordable and, for its price range, reliable. When you look at Wyze vs. Ring, for example, which is $200 a month for their pro subscription level.
  • The cameras are of higher quality than most less expensive home monitoring cameras. They have a customer base of over 5 million users. If it’s working for that many people, they’re doing something right.
  • Wyze has more products that work together. You can integrate their security monitoring system with your Wyze cam system and give yourself great peace of mind. You can also use their smart home devices to make your home automated and add security when you are away on vacation. Set up your vacation routine; anyone driving by won’t know you’re not home.

What Customers Are Saying About Wyze

Overall, they’ve got a nearly four-star rating on Facebook recommendations. However, some of the lower reviews came from problems that have already been addressed and fixed.

1- “I have been using the Wyze vacuum for a month now, and I’m very happy with the results! I liked it so much I ordered one for my parents, but unfortunately, it got stolen. Wyze was very quick to reimburse me and send me a replacement for the stolen vacuum. Thank you for the great customer service!” Katia Ruhlin Facebook recommendations.

2- “Had to have my base station replaced cause our didn’t work but I received a replacement, no questions asked. Great customer service over the phone and the overall experience went above and beyond my expectations” Bobbi Marks Facebook recommendations.

3- “Best and easiest to use camera I’ve found. I can monitor my house and elderly parents at different locations all in one app. My 5-year-old grandson can operate these cameras and devices with ease. Most reviews on here are from people who forget that you need to add a memory card to save video (common sense).” Adam, Trustpiolot review.

What Wyze Makes

Wyze started out with just cameras. Quickly they realized that there was more to the smart home and home security market than affordable cameras. Let’s break down some of the categories of products they offer.


Wired Cameras

In the Wired camera section, we have three basic cameras. These all require a connected power cord though connect to the internet wirelessly.

  • Wyze Cam Black

This is the most basic version of a camera that they sell. It’s a small static view camera meaning the camera itself has no motors to pan with. The Wyze Cam Black may be the most basic of their options, but it’s still got a lot going for it, especially the price.

When you buy a camera from Wyze, they offer you the first month of their cam plus service for free after that month. If you want to keep the service, it will cost you either 1.99 a month or 1.25 a month if you bill annually. However, keep reading and check out the ways to save section below; discounts are available on top of the annual savings.

Some of the features their basic model features include:

  • 1080p HD
  • Two-way audio.
  • 114-degree field of view.
  • Real-time alerts
  • 8x digital zoom
  • Night vision IR
  • 15fps day video
  • 10fps night video

Even their lowest price model still works with Alexa and Google.

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  • Wyze Cam v3

They market this as the #1 best-selling home security camera in the US. It’s their top selling product overall.

The Wyze cam v3 features some major upgrades over their cheapest model

  • Color on night viewing.
  • IP65 makes it resistant to weather, so it’s safe to use outside or inside.
  • Sharper HD
  • 130-degree field of view.
  • Suitable for commercial or residential purposes.
  • Google and Alexa.
  • Higher frames per second.
  • Alerts when a Smoke or CO alarm sounds.

Cost: $29.99 or 2 for $59.98

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Wyze Cam v3

  • Wyze Cam Pan v2

This is the motion version of their camera lineup, meaning you can pan the room from the app. The Wyze cam pan v2 has a few advantages over the static versions.

  • Starlight sensor for color night vision.
  • Google and Alexa.
  • Higher frames per second.
  • Alerts when a Smoke or CO alarm sounds.
  • Wider field of view.

Cost: $43.99

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  • Wyze Cam Outdoor V2

The Wyze cam outdoor V2 takes their outdoor security to a new level. They’ve created a weatherproof wireless outdoor camera that you can easily install and has all the same high-quality features as the indoor wired models.

  • Starlight sensor for color night vision.
  • Google and Alexa.
  • Up to 6 months battery life on one charge.
  • Connects to their solar panel.
  • Motion detection.
  • The base station handles up to 4 cameras.

Cost: $73.99 for one camera and Base station $63.99 for additional cameras.

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Video Doorbells

  • Wyze Video Doorbell Pro

The Wyze video doorbell pro offers a wireless doorbell and takes only 30 seconds to install. It works on the same great app as the other cameras. You’ll still need one of the Cam Plus subscriptions so you can have the 14-day cloud storage and use some of the recording features.

  • Wireless install.
  • Hardwired options.
  • Up to 6-month battery life.
  • Instant Notifications on your device
  • Alexa and Google are compatible.
  • 1:1 Aspect ratio and 1440 Full HD.
  • Weather resistant for outdoor use.
  • Chime pro included up to 20 sounds to announce your guests.

Cost: $93.99

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  • Wyze Video Doorbell

Smaller but just as high quality is the standard Wyze video doorbell. This version won’t be as obvious on your porch but still easy to find for the delivery drivers.

  • 3:4 aspect ratio.
  • 1080p HD
  • Motion detection.
  • Recording with a subscription is necessary for some features.
  • Weather resistant.

Cost: Wyze video doorbell only $42.99 or buy with the chime speaker for $58.99.

They have a vast number of accessories to go with their camera selections. Affordable SD cards in the right sizes for as low as $8.99. However, there are also mounts, adapters, controllers, and upgrades.

For example, the Wyze Solar panel is perfect for powering outdoor cameras. At only $24.99, it’s one of the lower solar panels on the market. They also have spotlight kits for as low as $9.99 that clip onto the top of our outdoor cameras.

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Home Security

In recent years, Wyze has moved on to home monitoring & automation. Their home monitoring is a subscription-based service but also has a variety of devices to work with that professional monitoring. They work with all the Wyze cams and suggest you incorporate them into the other systems.

So, what do these home security devices cost, and what are the options?

First, let’s talk about the subscription. An annual plan will cost you $39.99 annually or $4.99 per month. You will need to purchase the Sense Hub product to go with it, but if you buy your plan annually, they’ll throw in that Hub for free.

Now we can look at all the other options they sell for home security.

  • Wyze Sense Leak Sensor

  • A sensor for water damage. The Wyze sense leak sensor has a sleek design to make it easy to place.
  • These are placed anywhere you might have trouble with water leaks while you’re away at work or on vacation.

Cost: $33.99 for a 3-pack and probe.

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  • Wyze Climate Sensor

  • The Wyze climate sensor works to notify you when you have a temperature or humidity level that goes above or below your personalized settings.
  • It tracks temperature and humidity. It has a 500ft wireless range.

Cost: $33.99 for a 3-Pack

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  • Wyze Entry Sensor

  • Wireless with 18-month battery life. The Wyze entry sensor sensors can be used on doors and windows to notify you when a door opens or closes. It can also alert you to a window left open by accident.

Cost: $23.99 for a 3-Pack

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  • Wyze Sense Motion Sensor

  • The Wyze motion sensor can be placed around your house and set to notify you when there is motion within 25ft. of the 120-degree field of view.

Cost: $8.99 each

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  • Wyze Sense Keypad

  • The keypad works to arm and disarms your entire system.
  • It can be placed anywhere in your home and has an emergency button that will notify the home monitoring system that you need emergency responders.

Cost: $18.99

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Wyze Watch


Smart Home

Everyone wants a smart home these days, lights that go on and off under routines that you set up. Change the mood of a room easily. Or be sure that specific things go on and off without having to go find the pesky switch. If you’re ready to make your home more inviting and easier to deal with, here are some products you might want to consider.

One study conducted by frontier said that 57% of people were able to save time by using smart devices. I don’t know about you, but I’m all for anything that can save me extra time.

Smart Lighting

  • Wyze Bulb White

Wyze bulb light allows you to change the temperature of the light as well as the brightness. It’s one of the more affordable bulbs with the dimming option available. It works integrated into your Wyze app, so you don’t need to have multiple apps on your phone.

  • Settings to match sunrise for easy wakeup.
  • Dimmable with voice and the phone app.
  • Simple setup.
  • Works with Google and Alexa.
  • Vacation settings.
  • Built-in routines.

Cost: 2 for $16.99 or 4 for $33.99

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  • Wyze Bulb Color

Wyze bulb color allows you to have lighting your own way. It enables you to have standard white lighting with either a bright blue cold temperature or those who prefer the old-fashioned warm tones of the old incandescent bulbs. But it doesn’t stop there. It lets you choose from 16 million colors in total.

  • Music Mode
  • Voice Control
  • Works with Google and Alexa
  • Built-in routines for sleep.
  • Simple setup.
  • Extra bright or low depending on what you need.
  • Allows group control

Cost: 2 for $22.99 or 4 for $42.99

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They offer three options for power devices.

  • Wyze Plug

The Wyze Plug is the perfect indoor outlet that works with your Wyze app. At only $13.99 for two outlets, it’s one of the cheapest smart plugs around. It works with almost any device you want to control. You can schedule things like your fan to turn on before you come home from work or during the holidays and have your tree automatically light up. Nearly anything you can plug in can be controlled by the Wyze Plug.

Cost: 2 for $13.99

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  • Wyze Plug Outdoor

The Wyze plug outdoor is a perfect solution for automation in your outdoor space. You can set up outdoor lighting to automatically come on at night for added safety and security. This is great for anyone who works late and wants to see where they are going when they get home. It has two plug-ins that you can control individually.

Cost: $11.99

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  • Wyze Switch

Sometimes you just need a light switch. Wyze has thought of everything with this one. Sure, you can turn the bulbs off with your phone, but sometimes you could use a switch in a different spot. In that case, consider a Wyze Switch. You don’t lose your ability to control your devices through the app. Rather, you gain another way to turn something on and off.

  • Control smart devices with the switch.
  • Works with regular or smart bulbs.
  • Memory settings aren’t dependent on power.
  • Automation and scheduling.
  • Google and Alexa

Cost: $12.99 each or $36.99 for a 3-pack

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Other Automation Options

  • Wyze keeps innovating, and among some of their newer products is the Wyze Lock Bolt, $73.99, a unique fingerprint and keypad-enabled smart lock. A great addition to the Wyze family.
  • Wyze also has branched out into more home automation, including three separate vacumes, thermostats with room sensors, air purifiers, and controllers for your sprinklers.
  • They’ve also dived into the audio market with headphones ranging from $53.99 to $ 79.99 with wireless buds and noise canceling over-ear styles to choose from.
  • Finally, they are also making their way into the health industry with their Wyze Scale model. A smart scale that tracks 13 body metrics and works with the most popular fitness apps, including Google and Apple Fit.
  • As well as their budget smartwatch, Wyze Watch 47c, at only $33.99 regularly priced, it’s one of the only affordable truly smartwatches on the market that really works. It has a 1.7-inch touch screen, and the frame is made of aluminum alloy to be light. It can last 9 days on one charge. It’s a health asset by tracking blood oxygen, heart rate, and sleep. It also integrates into the Wyze system so you can control your devices from your wrist.

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wyze cam outdoor

The Good Things About Wyze

All Good Things:

  • Multiple subscription options.
  • Bargains for paying yearly.
  • MicroSD recording options.
  • Massive range of products.
  • Mobile alerts to your phone.
  • With subscription, pet, person, package, and vehicle detection.
  • Works with Google and Alexa.
  • Both indoor and outdoor cameras and sensors.
  • Two-way audio features.
  • Infrared night vision.
  • Time-lapse recording options.
  • Small size.

Where They Need Work

What They Need To Do:

  • Monitoring by professionals’ costs extra. $9.99 a month.
  • Without a base subscription or MicroSD, only static history.
  • MicroSD size limitations
  • Wi-Fi
  • Lower frame rates
  • Not 5Ghz Wi-F

Are Wyze Products Right for My Home?

  • For almost all homeowners, Wyze is a perfectly reasonable choice. It’s even great for small business owners who don’t want to pay a fortune for a reliable camera system. Wyze has been around long enough to work out the bugs that come with any startup company.
  • Even though they’ve had a few problems, the company has addressed them and still has a large market share. That’s because their products are of higher quality than anything else in the same price range.
  • Their watch is a perfect example. It does nearly everything a watch that costs $300 does for under $40.00. If you’re looking for a bargain but still want to have all the advantages of the modern technical world.
  • Studies have shown that using security cameras can reduce crimes when combined with other methods.

Where To Buy Wyze Cameras And More

Originally you could only purchase Wyze products from theirWebsite. The company has grown and expanded over the years. Now they’re featured in brick-and-mortar stores as well as other online retailers.

You can find the products in big box stores like Home Depot,Walmart, and even Amazon . However, because they also have to make a profit, the best way to purchase a Wyze device is still through their website. They have lots of sales and lots of ways to save.

The 3 Best Ways to Save on Wyze Products

Here’s where it gets fun. There are so many ways to save on Wyze products that you’ll be surprised to realize the listed prices aren’t even the lowest.

1- First up, they run regular sales on their website. For example, the Wyze Watch 47c is on sale for 29.99, making it four dollars off the regular price. The Wyze cam pan v3 is also on sale for $33.99, down from its regular price of $43.99. They also run special promos on their website, including one right now that offers you a $5.99 flat rate shipping.
2- Coupons are another way to save. If you know someone with Wyze products, have them check their email; sometimes, they’ll send a percentage off coupon out to be shared with friends and family. Of course, you can always look to other coupon websites that sometimes have deals. Sometimes you can even find those codes posted on sites like Reddit.

3- Last up are the bundling options on the Wyze discounts page. For instance, they’re offering a deal where you can get 45% off the Cam Plus Pro Yearly subscription price when you purchase the Wyze cam v3 or 46% off the Cam Plus Yearly when you buy the Wyze bulb color. Other deals include their sprinkler plus; weather service free for the first year when you buy the Wyze sprinkler controller. So if you’re going to buy more than one product, which most people do, make sure you check their deals page before you finish your order. You might be able to get more for your money.

Last note on savings. Last year Wyze made their own garage sale, selling refurbished products at lower rates. There’s no guarantee that they will bring it back, but they haven’t ruled it out either, so it’s something to keep in mind.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Wyze might not be the absolute leader in cutting-edge home automation. However, most people can’t afford the technology that is. For me, I wanted something that would make me feel a little safer leaving my pets home while I worked and increase the chance that the burglars might pick another target, and for that purpose, they’re wonderful.

They are the leader in affordable home automation technology. The pictures are clear enough to be useful if someone were to try to break in. They’re great for watching over someone you let into your home, like in my case, a pet sitter, to ensure they aren’t doing anything but their job. Parents are even turning to the Wyze cams to work as baby monitors because of their affordability.

It is well above the lowest-priced options in terms of quality but only slightly above them in price.


Q- What services does Wyze work with?

  • Wyze works with Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, Security & Trust, and IFTTT.

Q- How long do I have to wait for shipping?

  • Typically, at Wyze, orders are shipped within 1-3 business days. Most standard shipping takes between 4-7 business days within the US. Shipping for Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico may take longer, from 11-15 business days.
  • However, it may take 2-5 business days for your package to ship and up to 14 business days before arriving. Also, keep in mind that holidays do not count as business day.
  • They ship with USPS, FedEx Smart Post, and FedEx Ground.
  • Orders are trackable through your account.
  • Right now, they only ship to the US, Puerto Ricco, and Canada. They recommend purchasing the product through Amazon if you are on a military base outside the US or another US territory.

Q- What are the payment methods available?

  • In the US, they accept most major credit cards and Amazon Pay, PayPal, and Klarna. In Canada, they take all the above, excluding Amazon Pay.

Q- What are the Return Policies?

  • You can return items purchased directly from their website within 30 days of your purchase date. You must contact their support team first.
  • They do not accept returns of their products purchased from another location.
  • You need your order number. If you got something as a gift, you need to get the order number from the person who purchased it, and they can only return the money to the person who bought the item.
  • Items can be opened, but they must include all packaging and accessories.
  • Once you start your return, they will send you a pre-paid return label to send it with. You do not have to pay additional shipping for returns, but you do not receive your original shipping charges back.

Q- Are there tutorials for using the Wyze app?

  • You can find detailed instructions to walk you through the Wyze apphere.

Q- Where do I find my order status?

  • Simply go to your account login page and then check the order status in your account.
  • There should also be an email sent after you place your order where you can click the link to track your order.
  • Once shipped, you’ll receive a tracking number to track the shipment with the shipping provider.

Q- Can you schedule a recording on the Wyze Cam Outdoor?

  • Yes, you can set up your outdoor cam to record to an SD card during a set time. Each camera can be set to various times.

Q- What are the network requirements?

  • They have a detailed breakdown of the network requirements available on their website. However, you need either a single band 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network or a dual-band 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz.
  • Wyze cams will not work on an enterprise Wi-Fi network where you must sign in on a landing page before getting access. These are most often used at an airport or hotel.

Q- Where can I learn more?

  • There are several communities you can join to learn more about your devices. There is a dedicated Facebook group, a subreddit, and a separate forum. You can find them all here..

Q- How do I change the notification sound on my phone?

  • Your phone oversees the notification sound; the Wyze app doesn’t have a different sound effect. Just change your default notifications on your device to change the settings for your Wyze notifications.


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