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Wildflower Hemp Co Review: Making Each Product With Care

We all want the best out of every transaction we make. We want to buy products of the best quality, at the best price, and we even want the best customer service possible. What’s fundamental to getting the best out of every transaction we make is with whom or what brand we make the transaction with. Suppose the brand is trustworthy and known for delivering quality products. In that case, you can be certain of getting the best out of every transaction made with them.

Choosing the brand to patronize and the product to buy is one of the very first steps to take. Like any other transaction, when you set out to purchase CBD products and want to get the best deal in terms of quality products and affordable prices, where you buy from is essential. However, before you can choose a brand you want to buy from, it’s essential you know all there is to know about them.

This article aims to discuss one of the reputable and reliable companies in the hemp industry called wildflower hemp Co.

About the Company

  • Wildflower hemp Co is a small licensed family-owned farm located in Central Oregon. The brand was established by an experienced cannabis and Hemp farmer named Gary Hall. Being a family-owned hemp industry makes it stand out among huge corporate agricultural firms.
  • Wildflower hemp Co places emphasis on organic farming practices to provide its customers with natural and safe products. All of their hemp products are cultivated and grown by members of the family.
  • They do not make use of pesticides, growth hormones, and germicide in the manufacturing of their products.

Wildflower hemp Co has excellent customer service, and this is evident in the making three methods of contacting their customers on their website.  They have their Email, Phone Number and Fax Address PO Box 8722 Bend, Oregon 97708.

Mode Of Payment

Wildflower hemp Co is a brand that is concerned about the satisfaction of its customers. As such, they have made payment for their orders and completion of orders easy for their clients by creating enough payment methods to cater to their customers. Their acceptable mode of payment include; MasterCard, Visa, and Square cash.

Product Reviews

Wildflower hemp Co has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars on trust pilot. This rating is based on 170 reviews from different customers. Many of the users commented on how they received quality goods and enjoyed exceptional customer service. Some, however, complained about the shipping time and how they did not receive their order on time.

One customer wrote that their quality is very good; she added that she hoped more friends would trust the brand. She also commented on the fact that the owner had a good attitude and she would visit again.

Another customer wrote on the fact that they have good products, good pricing, and reasonable lead time. He also added that he was going to recommend it to others.

On Scamfly, wildflower has a rating of 4.88 stars out of 5. Customers commented that they enjoyed the product and enjoyed great customer service too.

A particular user wrote that with his experience with the wildflower team, he would say that the brand takes its customer service and product development very seriously.

Laboratory Testing

Wildflower hemp Co is a brand that values organic, quality, and safe products for its clients. They carry out every part of the process of manufacturing their products carefully. They ensure that all their products are batch tested and third-party tested to ensure the safety and potency of their products. They also make the lab reports of each product available on their website. Once you click on any product you would like to purchase; you will find the lab results available for that product. Wildflower hemp Co also goes the extra mile by adding a QR code to their packs. These QR codes can be scanned to lead you directly to the lab test results of the products inside the packs. These results are also to assure their customers of the quality and safety of products they add selling.


  • Their products are of high quality
  • They have excellent customer service
  • Their products are made in the USA
  • They are lab tested.
  • They have a Money-back guarantee
  • Their products are at affordable prices.


  • Their website has a poor layout, and it’s a bit difficult to navigate.


Wildflower hemp Co has an extensive list of products grown and manufactured on their farm. The brand has, over time, placed a lot of focus and emphasis on organic farming, which is aimed at ensuring the safety of the products. Growing their hemp plants gives them the opportunity to inspect each plant carefully such that they meet the standard compliance.

Their products include the following;

1Pink Panther

This product is under the hemp flower category, and it is made up of buds that are chunky and dense with dark purple to light lavender hues. The nose can be described as smooth, and it’s a perfect blend of gas and fruit. This product was carefully prepared and hand-trimmed with scissors. Just like any other wildflower hemp Co, it is pesticide-free and lab-tested. It is available in four options which are;

1 lb flower

1 oz flower

1g Rosin

5g Rosin






These products are also known as “Popcorn Nugs” and are also under the hemp flower category. They are smaller buds that are sifted out of wildflower’s “A buds” in order to provide a more affordable product for their customers. They are 25% cheaper, and they still contain terpenes and cannabinoids. This product is available in three strains, and they are;

This product is one of their finest strains. It is a cannabinoid hemp cultivar manufactured by breeding Early Resin and Suver Haze bud. It is made up of a total of over 19% cannabinoids and tests at 17.69% CBD. Lifter buds are known to have a funky cheese scent with a hint of fuel.1lb of this product costs $100.

Sour Space CandyCost
Sour space candy is a cannabis-dominant cultivar that crosses Early Resin Berry with Sour Tsunami. The product is skinny, super sour, and gassy. Its buds are dense and multicolored, showing green, orange, and purple colors.1 lb of this product also goes for $100.

The White CBGCost
This CBG strain contains a large dose of CBD. The white is gassy and earthy.1 lb of this product costs $100.

3Bubba Kush

This product is also under the hemp flower category, and it contains about 19% CBD. It is made up of a potent strain, packed with earthy and lush flavors.

Flavors: Earthy and lush

4Sour Pineapple Moon Rocks

This product is one of wildflower’s hemp Co unique collections. It is a combination of hand-trimmed sour space candy flowers which is infused with delta eight distillate and golden pineapple terpenes. This combination gives one of the most powerful cannabis products in the market. It is available in four flavors: ice cream cookie, sour pineapple, forbidden fruit, and banana runtz. These products are handpicked and lab-tested to ensure their quality and safety.

Flavors: Ice cream cookie, Sour pineapple, Forbidden fruit, Banana runtz

Cost: 1 oz of this product costs $80.00 and 1 lb costs $699.00

5 Δ Distillate ( no terps )

Wildflower hemp Co distillate is sourced from hemp material that is extracted by Lauren crest. It contains 88.3% cannabinoids and no terpenes. It contains 30ml of hemp-derived Δ8 distillate in a glass jar. It is under the concentrate category of wildflower hemp Co’s product.

Costs: A glass jar costs $72.00

6Δ8 Disposable

The distinctive feature of this product is that it is quite easy and simple to use. The built-in battery feature makes the cartridge easy to use on the go. It is very convenient for travel and vacations. Another amazing feature of this product is that it is available in three flavors:

Costs: This product cost $34.99

7 Bulk Cartridges

This product is made up of 50 packs or 100 packs of 1 gram cartridges. This makes a total of 50 to 100 grams of hemp-derived delta eight distillate. Wildflower hemp Co makes use of cartridges with ceramic coil and mouthpieces. Their 50 pack and 100 pack are made up of an assortment of flavor profiles. They send samples of this product to people based on the flavors available.

Size & Cost: The sample pack costs $15, while the 50 packs of 1 gram cost $500 and 100 packs of 1 pack coSt $800.

Ways to Save Money While Shopping on Wildflower Hemp Co

Our needs as humans are unlimited, which explains the unending list of things to buy when we go shopping. It is also very important to keep in mind that though our needs are unlimited, the resources to purchase them aren’t; they are quite limited. This explains why people are always after ways of saving these limited resources ( money ) while shopping. Wildflower hemp Co is a brand that has its people’s interest at heart and has created opportunities for their customers to save money off their purchases. Some of such opportunities include the following;

Discounts and deals

  • Whenever you are looking to save money while shopping on any platform, always be on the lookout for the discounts and deals offered on such platforms. Discounts and deals are always great ways to save money off any purchase. Wildfire hemp Co offers discounts on their website, which you can always take advantage of to save money off your purchases.
  • First-time buyers get a discount of 20% off their first purchase. To be on top of the latest information concerning deals and promos, you should visit their website frequently as they update their inventory and slash down prices for their sales items. You can also visit their Instagram page, where the brand is actively posting things that are happening recently there.

You can also visitWebsite to view wildflower hemp Co’s off-site coupon codes.

Wholesale purchase

  • Buying products in a large quantity is arguably one of the best ways to save while shopping, and this is because it allows you to get a lot of goods at a lower cost. The amazing thing here is that wildflower hemp Co offers bulk items for sale to those interested in various price options.
  • They also offer free shipping on all wholesale orders. Buying in bulk with wildflower hemp Co is a great way of saving money while you shop for CBD products.

For more information concerning wildflower hemp Co’s wholesale program Visit Website

Free Shipping

  • Wildflower hemp Co offers free shipping on all bulk orders. This implies that when you buy products in large quantities, you do not just buy goods at a lower cost; you also get to save your shipping fees.
  • As a consumer looking to save money off your purchase, it is essential to make use of this opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do they accept refunds on their products?
A-Wildflower hemp Co did not put any information on their website concerning refunds and Return Of goods. You can, however, discuss with their support team the possibility of a refund based on your peculiar situation.
How long does it take to process my orders?
A-Wildflower hemp Co usually takes about 48 hours for processing of their orders.
How long does shipping of their products take?
A-Wildflower hemp Co makes use of the USPS to ship their orders. It takes about seven days, after which the order has been shipped before you can receive them. A tracking number will be sent to your mail after your order has been processed and your goods are given to the USPS team.
Is there free shipping with wildflower hemp co?
A- As stated on their website, they offer free shipping on orders that are above $100.
Do they accept cryptocurrency as a means of payment?
A- Bitcoin was listed as one of wildflower hemp Co's payment methods; however, at the checkout, there is no option to pay with BTC at the checkout. However, if you would like to pay in BTC, then you should contact them first.
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