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Western Bagel Review: Healthiest Store To Buy Bagels

Are you having challenges in improving the nutritional profile of your diets? which includes reduction in the fat, salt and sugar content of our pastries. Pastries that lack the basic nutritional contents are not healthy and can cause a lot of harm to the human system. Few companies have distinguished themselves when it comes to the supplies of bakery products and one of them is WesternBagel. WesternBagel provides bagel platters, bagel sandwiches, bagel, coffees, cookies, chips, pastries and cream cheese. They market and sell these products through its stores and grocery shops in the United States and their customer service is wonderful. WesternBagel, they know the importance of customer feedback and referrals, that is why they offer the best at subsidized prices.

About Western Bagel

WesternBagel deals with fresh bagels and sends out to all the states in the U.S, the company was established in the 20th century by Louis Austin.This company started with a dream to make sure good bagel gets to the barren west coast.The company is committed to meeting the growing health concerns of consumers and to create a healthy, reduced carbohydrate bagel. WesternBagel has eleven retail centers that deal in both national and international distributions. You can check their official website for locations closest to you.

Our Bagels

At WesternBagel, you get varieties of bagels , from classic style bagels, new alternatives, low carbs and high protein bagels. Below is the list of bagels you can get from them.


This bagel contains no preservatives, and no dough sweetness. These bagels are shipped to your doorstep two days after you place an order .

Alternative 2.0 :

Alternative Wheat Bagel in Bag

This fiber is always a go- to low option, this is because it is baked using whole grain goodness. Also, with 10 grams of fiber and 120 calories, I promise you, you won’t regret having them as your snacks meal.

Perfect 10+ :

Perfect 10 Everything Protein Bagel in a bag
This bagel is the latest and improved protein bagel at Western Bagel . It is also the best tasting protein bagel on earth due to the presence of the pea protein. It is soy free and vegan friendly.

Perfect 10+ Maxx:

Perfect 10 Maxx Protein Bagel in a bag
This bagel is bigger than our perfect 10+. It also contains protein, potassium, magnesium and vitamins.

Are the Products Vegan friendly?

At WesternBagel, they have a lot of vegan friendly bagels. I can attest to the fact that almost all their products are vegan products from cheese, eggs and whole wheat bagels .

Below is a list of their vegan and non-vegan products

Vegan Products:

  • Perfect 10+ Everything: This is known as the best tasting bagel because of the presence of the pea protein. It is soy free and vegan friendly . This bagel is rich in potassium, magnesium, flax and sunflower seeds, low in carbs, high in protein, low in sugar. It also has a little percentage of calcium and iron.

Give your taste bud a treat today by trying this bagel out and you will be glad you did.

  • Perfect 10 Maxx healthy grain: This bagel is thick and the highest protein bagel. It is also soy free and vegan friendly. This healthy bagel contains sesame, sunflower and flax seed. Also, it has high protein content, low in carbs, low in calories, a good amount of saturated fat, a little sugar, iron and potassium.
  • Alternative Plain: This bagel is for those on a low carbs diet and macros plan. It has zero amount of saturated sugar and fats , low in carbs, low in calories, 6% of iron, 15% of calcium . Also, this bagel is rich in Vitamin C and A.
  • Alternative Cinnamon spice: Watching your carbs level doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy a wonderful breakfast, sometimes you may want something additional for a great taste. This bagel is rich in Vitamin A, Potassium and Phosphorus, low in calories, low in carbs, 8% iron intake and 15% calcium intake.
  • Alternative Blueberry: This bagel goes with butter or drip salad low in carbs. It is also rich in Vitamin A, Potassium and phosphorus.
  • Alternative wheat: This bagel is made from enriched unbleached flour and rich in magnesium .
  • Alternative Roasted Onion: Over the years, it has been discovered that people love this onion bagel. If you are wondering if it is also low in carbs, yes it is. Also, this bagel is rich in Vitamin A and C, low in calories, no saturated fats, and high protein content.
  • Alternative Bagelettes Onions: This is a low carb wheat bagel, that is quarter of the size of normal bagel. If you are a lover of open faced bites, then, this is for you. It includes 4% of your daily iron intake and 6% of your daily calcium.

Non-Vegan Products

  • Egg Bagels
  • Cheese bagels
  • 100% whole wheat bagels
  • Sprouted wheat bagels

Wholesale And Vendor Options

Western bagels are served in a lot of grocery stores and restaurants, and our wholesale plan fits businesses of any type and size. Ranging from small family owned restaurants, to national grocery store chains. If you are interested in partnering with Western Bagel, you can contact them and their swift customer service will put you through.

How you Can Participate in WesternBagel loyalty Program for Customers

This loyalty program simply means an agreement between you and the Western Bagel, this makes it easier for you to read their terms, access their services, sites and apps, it also qualifies a customer for discounts . Though, this service is operated on behalf of Western Bagel by Thanx incorporated .

By accessing or using our services, that means you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions. So, when you meet the conditions required, you will have free access to our services.


For you to participate in Western Bagel loyalty program which enables you to have access to their services, you must

  • You must be at least 18 years
  • Possess the authority and capacity to create a binding legal obligation in your state and/ or country of residence.

How to Create an Account With Western Bagel

One thing you must do before you access any of their services or participate in any of their programs is to create an account, this account can be created through your Facebook or any social network services (SNS).

By using a social network Service, you authorize them to access and collect your information . Before I forget, you can only create one account and that account is not transferable, you are also required to provide accurate and current information about yourself . Safeguarding your account and any activity that goes on there is solely your responsibility and the company cannot be held liable if anything goes wrong.

Also, you will need to notify the company in case you lose your password, it is disclosed to a third party, or compromised.

Cards And Transactions

When you register with WesternBagel, you will be required to link a card for your transactions. Not all payment cards are eligible for use on our site, corporate and purchasing cards, health savings account cards,Flexible spending account cards,government administered prepaid cards, Visa Buxx and cards that are not processed through the payment network system are not eligible to be used for payments. Amex, MasterCard and Visa are the only recognised cards.

Recognised Card:

  • Amex
  • MasterCard
  • Visa

Not Eligible Cards:

  • Corporate and purchasing cards
  • Health savings Account cards
  • Flexible Spending Account Cards
  • Government administered prepaid Cards
  • Visa Buxx and Cards

Prices And Discounts

Save at least 10.6%
When it comes to offering discounts codes, Western Bagel gives coupons and offers regularly but less frequently than its competitors. They offer codes and deals each month . Shoppers save at least 10.6% on purchases with coupons at Western If you visit their site regularly, you will be lucky to get some discounts because they give coupon codes every 11 days, their last promo code was added on 13th, November 2021. They also have their free shipping bundle when you purchase bagels of a certain amount.

Customer Care

At Western Bagel, you get the best customer service ever, because they are committed to providing every customer a wonderful experience . If you have any disability or need help in any of their stores, feel free to speak to a customer care representative, put a call across to them or email them at

Privacy Policy

  • Western Bagel does not share its users information for any reason, there are precautions that have been put in place not to share the information with a third party. When any user is required to enter sensitive information on our site, such information is encrypted.
  • While they play their own part by protecting information online, users are required to protect the same information offline . All their users' information, whether sensitive or not, is restricted in their offices. If there's a need to access any user’s information to perform a specific task, only employees who need that information are granted access to personally identifiable information.
  • If you have any inquiry or questions concerning security on their website, please send them a comment using WesternBagel contact form.

However, if you do not need their services again, WesternBagel Baking Corp will provide a way to correct, update or remove your personal data on their site. If they decide to modify their privacy policy, they will always post the modifications on their website , so users will be aware of the Information they collect and how they use it.  Your continuous use of the website following the modification shows you agree to the modified policy. I encourage you to review this privacy policy anytime you use their website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- What training does Western Bagel offer employees?

Answer: They teach you everything you need to know about the job and the company.

Q- What is the work environment and culture like at WesternBagel?

Answer: WesternBagel is a beautiful and amazing place to work, everyone there with an exception of the manager is wonderful .

Q- How much is shipping?

Answer: If you make an order for bagels above $25, shipping is free. Otherwise, it is based on product weight.

Q- Is there a minimum order to order bagels online?

Answer: No, there’s no minimum.  The only difference is that you get free shipping for orders above $25.

Q- What are the best ways to store my bagel?


  • Once frozen, thaw for two hours at room temperature before consuming.
  • If you are not going to consume the bagels within three days, place them in the freezer until you are ready to use them. ( Western Bagels can be frozen for 8 months).
  • Never put hot or warm bagels in a plastic bag, it will get soggy from water vapors.
  • Separate variety to prevent the transfer of flavors.

Q- What should I do if I do not receive my order or the order is incorrect?

Answer: All you will do is to contact their customer service team at or call (800) 555 -0882 and they will make the corrections.

Q- When will my order be shipped?

Answer: They ship all orders every Monday , unless it is an observed UPS holiday . These holidays will move our shipping day to Tuesday .

Q- How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Answer: All orders are shipped via UPS . Depending on your location, shipping takes 1-3 days from when you get your tracking number . You can also use the map to monitor it.

Q- How can I view the nutritional facts on each item?

Answer: To view the nutritional facts of all bagels, visit their product page and scroll through the product images to see the nutritional panel page.

Q- How long do Western Bagel last?

Answer: Western bagels can last upto 8 months when refrigerated and can stay more than 3 days from the day of purchase. But,you need to preserve it adequately.

Q- Should Bagels be kept in the fridge?

Answer: People believe that keeping bagel in the fridge makes it fresh, but no, it makes it go stale instead. If you want to store your bagels, store them in plastic bags at room temperature or freeze them immediately. Always make sure your bagels are not warm as at the time you want to put them in bags, dampen its exterior, sprinkle water and bake for about 10 minutes. This trick can keep your bagels fresh for a while.

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