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Waxing Poetic Review – Extending the Planets Love With Waxing Poetic Collection

People love to appear beautiful and outstanding by adorning unique designs of jewelry. Researchers have found out that individuals buy products that are on sale at every street corner. Rarely does anyone pause to reflect on few critical issues about the finished piece of art? What is the impact of producing that item on ecosystems and resources?
Did people who inspired the design or made the jewel get fair treatment? The team at Waxing Poetic believes in sustainable, ethical, and eco-friendly business and production. The company operates by a philosophy of love – loves for the planet, people and profits.

The company is proud of the products because they are designed by hand, from the outlines, sketches, and paintings. It believes in giving and makes donations to a charity like Together Rising. The company is female-owned and believes in women empowerment through its work.

Pros And Cons Of Jewelry


  • Pros as to why people adorn jewelry include showcasing their character, highlight their best body features, add a nice color pop to skin complexion, enhance one’s look, health benefits, and functionality, for example, a watch worn to tell time.


  • The cons of jewelry include spending so much money on fake jewelry and the risk of body allergies. Researchers have warned jewelry lovers from using any design item without validating the materials used. Some materials are carcinogenic to the body and must not be allowed in jewelry making.

Products And Features

The jewelry in the company’s collection includes necklaces, bracelets, charms, and pendants. Whether looking for one’s design item or a gift to loved ones, Waxing Poetic is the one-stop shop.



Welcoming Waxing Poetic | Charms Addict

The relationship of man with the cosmos influences his design of necklaces. Every necklace is not just a piece of art, but it carries with it a powerful message. The company sells four types such as sterling silver, brass, gold plated, and mixed metals.


The popular brands in stock and the prices include;

♥ Stylist Clip Necklace


  • 18 & 28 inches, 3.99mm


  • $ 139.00

It is 18 inches, 3.99mm, a gold-finished steel ring affixed to a sterling silver bar, through which a striking bras clip chain runs. It has the advantage of holding as many charms and pendants as one wishes. Available in 18and 28 inches and the price tag is $ 139.00.

♥ Boho Soul Pearl Necklace Cream


  • 18 and 36 inches


  • $174.00

It symbolizes the natural beauty of freshwater. It is available in sizes of 18 and 36 inches. The price tag is $174.00, and no promotions.

♥ Desire is Doing Chain – 20


  •  $165.00

Symbolizes subtle equestrian feel. It has the advantage of shortening to the desired length because it has a toggle closure that allows adjustments. Signature charm clips make the addition of more pendants possible. The material is ceramic coated brass, and it comes with a price tag of $165.00.

♥ Otherworld Necklace


  • $74.00

Symbolizes the moon with all its beauty and light. It is composed of brass and Kristal crystals. It is possible to be worn alone or with other types of jewels. It retails at $74.00.

Bee Brave HoneyPearl Necklace


  • $104.00

Inspired by the bees, it features a honey pearl on an 18″ Sterling Silver Baby Ball Chain. It costs $104.00

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Charms And Pendants

Waxing Poetic | Jewelry | Waxing Poetic Seaward Anchor Charm Pendant 38 | Poshmark

Charms and pendants ward off bad luck and evil spirits. The company’s charm collection symbolizes bees, crosses, hearts, compass, moon, stars, zodiacs, and trees of life.

The most popular Charms and pendants in the store include;

♣ The Light of Stars Pendant

  For Promotions

  • Not Eligible


  • $88.00

It depicts the force of gravity when celestial bodies pull together. It has a brass façade, two nested crystal-studded rings, and glittering crystals. The selling price is $88.00, and it is not eligible for promotions.

♣ The Light of Stars Kristal Pendant:

  For Promotions

  • Excluded


  • $110.00

Symbolizes the stars, with a lustrous brass frame embedded with fiery stars. It is excluded from promotions and retails at $110.00.

♣ The Light of Stars Charm – Sterling Silver:

  For Promotions

  • No Applicable


  •  $97.00

Symbolizes heavens light ability our creative thought. It contains a luminous solid sterling silver face encircled by a frame of two nested studded rings and a moonlike center. It sells at $97.00, and no promotions are applicable.

♣ Love Shines Always Pendant:


  • $48.00

Made to depict light from the sun that shines even at night. The design is a waning moon that goes around the sun, surrounded by an embossed silver sterling. The reverse side of this pendant contains the words “DAWN & TWILIGHT, DAY & NIGHT… LOVE SHINES ALWAYS“. It sells at $48.00.

♣ Nomad Insignia A-Z:


  • $55.00

It is a wearable alphabet that symbolizes typography. It is composed of brass and silver sterling metals. It sells at $55.00.

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Personally Poetic: Personal Jewelry | Charms, Bracelets, Necklaces



Get Personal. Be Charming. | Scoop

People adorn bracelets as a sign of status in society. Bracelets motivate and inspire anyone in goal achievement. The collection includes Kristal and personalized bracelets such as;

♠ The Invitation Bracelet:

  For Promotions

  • No Applicable


  • $ 55.00

It depicts presence and engagement, and upon man’s decision to take notice and make space for moments given by the Divine. It contains brass, silver-plated brass, and steel. It is not eligible for promotions and, it sells at $ 55.00.

♠ Stanza One Clip Bracelet:

  For Promotions

  • Not Eligible


  • $79.00

It has a brass chain that circles the wrist containing one sterling silver charm clip. It has the advantage of more charms to be added according to personal preference. Retail at $79.00 and no promotions offered.

♠ Pre-Order: Kristal Cuff – Brass:


  • $238.00

It has a brilliant appearance. The material used is Kristal crystals and brass. It retails at $238.00.

♠ Kristal Hinge Bangle – Brass:


  • $195.00

Two options are available; a white bronze infilling with black Kristal crystals or a warm brass and bright silver Kristal crystals. It sells at $195.00.

♠ Elizabeth Gilbert “I’m Right Here” Cuff:

Actual Price

  • $ 55.00

Sale Price

  • $52.25


  • $ 2.75

The design inspired by City of Girls, Big Magic, and Eat Pray Love. It is a cuff that reminds people of love being available whenever they need it. All the profits generated from this cuff go to Project Home, a Philadelphia NGO that empowers people to break the cycle of homelessness and poverty through affordable education, employment, health care, and housing. The retail price is $ 55.00, and there is a discount of $ 2.75 to sell at $52.25.

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Discounts And Coupons

The company gives a 15% discount on the first order to customers. Poetic Rewards Club offers rewards, gifts, and surprises from points earned while shopping the products. Redeem the points to get exclusive discounts.
15% off On 1st Order


Questions customers may have answered on the company’s blog page NOTA BENE. It provides a lot of information about products offered, newly introduced products and reviews from customers.

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