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Walkee Paws Review – Why We Love Walkee Paws (And You Should, Too!)

I remember one day, after being cooped inside for days, my pup ran out as soon as the door was opened. It had been heavily raining, and I wasn’t able to take him out for his regular walks. I was mad, but he was so happy splashing around the muddy pools.

However, his happiness was short-lived. A sharp bark ensued, and I knew something was wrong. Some chemicals had been washed down our pathway and into the muddy pool. Luckily, he was fast in jumping out and only got a minor burn that caused discoloration on his left hind paw.

I shared the incident on our watch page, and someone said the magic words “Walkee Paws.” They caught my attention, and I had to find out more information about them. Like any animal lover, I would do anything to protect my little guy.

What is Walkee Paws?

Walkee paws is a brand specializing in dog leggings. Their products are designed to protect animals from bad stuff that they come into contact with. They have gone further to also create accessories that go with the leggings.

Amazon.com : WALKEE PAWS Dog Leggings/Booties/Socks/Shoes All-in-One, As Seen on Shark Tank, Protects from Hot, Cold, Wet Weather, Allergens & Chemicals, Waterproof, Never Lose a Boot Again (Confetti, Small Paw) : PetPetSafe 3 in 1 Harness, Extra Small, Teal | PetcoDog leggings exist to stop your pooch walking their muddy paws through your home

What Do They Have In Store?

We call them our animal protectors. Why? They have a wide range of products available. The main reason I got in touch with them in the first place was to get a pair of leggings, and I ended up getting other accessories as well. They have;

Outdoor Leggings - They come in different shapes and sides specifically designed for the outdoors. Depending on the dog size, they can be stretchy or tight with adjustable.

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Indoor Leggings - Now, this was a genius idea, considering I have a wooden floor. Now I no longer have to worry about my pup slipping. They also keep the dog warm. They come with a gripping ability and are on sale!

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Ladies' Leggings - I can't recall the number of times I have seen a set of matching outfits and wished I had a twin. We would rock them together. Sadly I don't have a twin, but I can match with my dog. The ladies' leggings come with human-fitting and heart prints. We do look good wearing them. It comes with a hidden pocket where we can put in accessories as we twin our look.

Liner Socks - These are socks worn under leggings providing more warmth and protection. Since the paw won't be in contact with the leggings, you can be sure it will last longer. They also make wearing leggings less of a hustle. I love them, especially during the cold season since I am assured he is warm.

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Coats - When I said I ended up buying other things, I wasn't lying. The raincoat wasn't your usual heavyweight that makes a dog look more troubled than protected. It was light in weight and my usual cute. Now imagine if it had a hat to go with it.

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Harnesses And Leashes - I am not sure why; at first, I thought their 2 in 1 harnesses were baby carriers. I hadn't touched wine, but they looked similar. Anyway, they are dog-friendly and easily adjustable. I haven't had to worry about him getting sore or developing blisters. They have been made from high-quality materials and come in different pattern designs.

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Doggie And Me - This is a collection of matching items for you and your dog. The ladies' leggings and a mask to match any type of legging your furry love is wearing.

This is a great idea, especially with the current pandemic still on. Don’t worry; the mask is a reusable one.
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Rubber Repair Patches - I don't know the idea behind this invention, but it deserves an award. These are patches that you can use to repair a damaged bootie. You cut it into a circular pattern, peel off the sticky paper, and patch. You will have to turn the booties outside in to get them back into their original shape. Honestly, I love a company that minds my pocket.

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Manhattan-based woman invents leggings for dogs to keep paws clean | Daily Mail Online

Are they Affordable?

Let’s get something straight; if I can set out to buy 1 thing and come out with several items, the most people can afford it. I was expecting to find their items way out of my league, but it turned out differently. The frequent sales also help a great deal since you will find the items at almost half the price. They also hold clearance sales with throw-away prices, which make for a great bargain.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Walkee Paws

I like the fact that the creators genuinely have dogs at heart. Most of their products are;


  •  High quality – They are made from high-end materials that can stand the numerous activities dogs engage in. I do not have to worry about them getting spoilt after a single or triple wear.
  • Designed to Stay on – They understand that dogs come in different sizes and therefore have designed the products to stay on unless you remove them. They are comfortably customizable.
  • Protection – If a bootie gets lost, it’s entirely my fault because all four booties connect at the dog’s back.
  • Fashionable – My dog doesn’t look weird since the items are customized to fit him. I even have some matching items that we can wear together. If I can wear it, trust me it’s because it looks good.
  • Affordable – They have friendly prices with huge discounts periodically. This means I can get more for less if I time it right.


  • I am trying to think of one, but I can’t seem to find a single disadvantage unless they would be willing to implement all the crazy fashion ideas running through my head.

Discounts, Coupons, Gift Cards, Clearance Sale

They have a clearance sale ongoing right now for indoor leggings and other items at great discounts. I get coupons through their emails where they share details.

They have different gift cards that I get for my pup’s friends during special occasions.


Q#1-Do they Offer International Shipments?

Yes, they do. Shipping charges vary with location. You get to save a lot when you purchase during offers. You can use the discount money received to cater for shipping costs.

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