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Unifury Review: Big Save On Customizable Gifts For Family And Friends At Unifury

I can usually find the perfect gift for someone. But my mother had just lost her beloved dog. I was beside myself, trying to find something to make her feel better. It’s so hard to know what to do for someone in grief. You used to be able to have customized things made locally, but most of those options have gone out of business.

I don’t know about you, but gifting is my love language. It’s how I show people how much I care about them, and each gift needs to be perfect. I was looking for something special that she’d always keep. A gift that would make her remember her pet in a way that made her feel warm and fuzzy.

The human-animal bond is a real emotional attachment. Studies have sown that grief over the loss of a pet can be significant and should be taken seriously. Professionals have gone so far as to say that they may be very similar to the loss of another human.

I wanted something that wouldn’t upset my mother more about her loss but would memorialize her four-legged child in a way that she could use and love. I wanted a gift that, above all else, was unique.

I know I’m not the only one, but I don’t have an artistic bone in my body. I have the design skills of a paperclip. I was so excited when I found somewhere that offered unique, personalized gifts that looked artistic and crafty and like they were created with care.

It started with the memorialization of my mom’s dog. They have an entire section for those looking to remember their pets or get the perfect something to say you understand to someone who has. They also have memorial gifts for humans. Popular designs include cartoon-style families sitting with those who’ve passed donning wings on humans and animals. They’re heartwarming and have sayings like “Because someone we love is in heaven. There’s a little bit of heaven in our home” or “Those we love don’t go away. They walk beside us every day unseen, unheard but always near so loved, so missed so very dear.”

They have seriously become my go-to for gifts for friends and family. That’s where Unifury really shines. Thoughtful gifts to show someone how much you love them or to remember a loved one who’s passed on.

Who Is Unifury?

  • Unifury is a personalized gift service that offers a massive range of products. The brainchild of a group of designers who wanted to be able to do more with their art. They wanted to provide a service allowing their art and designs to mean more. To share their ideas with the world. They offer specialized gifts and have an immense range of products that can be printed on. Everything from shirts with sayings to cartoon-like characters on personalized mugs.
  • Located in California, they were founded in 2017, and though relative newcomers compared to some of the regulars in the print-on-demand industry, they’ve grown and become well known in a short time.
  • Their products are produced and shipped from China even though the business is in California.

Reasons To Choose Unifury


  • There are a lot of print-on-demand and customization companies out there. However, this one has a particular bent toward animal lovers and does something different from the others on the market.
  • Sure, you can hit up any print-on-demand service to get your photograph put on a cup or pillowcase or nearly anything else you can think of these days. But with that, you have to do all the work. You have to come up with an idea and deal with the photo editing. That’s just too much for those who lack in the creative department.
  • Unifury has already gone that extra mile and done the work for you. They have thousands of options for gifts for just about anyone you want to celebrate in your life.
  • For example, after I got the fantastic acrylic print for my mom with her dog and wings, I found the cutest mug for my best friend. Since then, I’ve placed dozens of orders and always recommend them to family members and friends who have lost a beloved pet.

What Customers Have to Say

Customer reviews tell so much about what a company has to offer. Their reputation speaks volumes. They have nearly a 4-star rating on Sitejabber and a 4.4 on Trust Pilot. Just look at some of the great reviews below to get an idea.

I Have ordered two coffee cups with my husb, me and my dogs and cats. The ones that passed used wings just awesome. I just received another coffee cup today with man, woman, 3 dogs with wings and 2 dogs living and they are beautiful. I am giving it to my friend on Easter and I know she will love it and will make her cry thank you Unifury such quality items!
  Joyce V. Sitejabber review.

Exceptional! The merchandise is of good quality. Just what I ordered. Will order from them again.
    Paula F. Sitejabber review.

Unifury is such an amazing company! I have bought so many canvas prints for myself and for my family, and we have loved everything we bought. This time I asked for a custom edit on one of the dogs on a canvas print, and Unifury went above and beyond for me! They edited it twice to get it just right! I’m so appreciative! I’m confident my friend will love this gift after losing her sweet pup. Thank you Unifury!
   Bobbi Pernikoff Trustpilot.

My mom loves the blanket I got her, from your company. It was a memorial of my father and their dogs that have passed away. This was and is a great gift to give a loved one.
  Stephen Husky Trust Pilot review.

When it comes to Unifury’s customizable gifts, these reviews speak for themselves.

The Products

Unifury has so many products that there is no way I can tell you about all of them. Instead, I’ll walk you through some of my favorites, so you get a good idea of why everyone who shops there is so excited and keeps coming back for more. Unifury has an immense collection of product categories. Including drinkware, home décor, wall art, custom photo gifts, clothing, jewelry, accessories, office supplies, and even electronics. Let’s look at some of the favorites in those categories.


  • This is probably the best-selling category out of everything they do. You really never can have too many coffee cups. They make fantastic gifts and are great for
  • They have some fantastic choices for drinkware, coffee mugs, campfire mugs, and even the trendy skinny tumblers. Beautiful standard coffee mugs come in sizes of 11oz or 15oz. White or black backgrounds are available in many of the design options. For more colors, look to their accent mugs, where you can have a different colored handle and inside.
  • The fun thing about their designs is just how customizable they are. Because all the people in the artwork are sitting facing away, it’s easy to find a character that looks like someone you know. For instance, you can choose a girl, and they have a range of ages and body types. Then you can pick the skin color that most closely matches what you’re looking for. Then you get an abundance of hairstyles and colors to choose from 42 different hairstyles, for example, on the little girl alone. Then you can enter a name or nickname to have written below the character. This is when you can also add wings for a design to memorialize someone who’s passed.
  • Best of all, the standard personalized mugs are really affordable. The Standard white mug is only $19.95. One of my favorites in this category makes a perfect off-to-college gift with the years cut out of two states and has a saying about love knowing no distance.

Price Range: $19.95–$44.65

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Personalized Dog Mom Coffee Mug

Home Décor

  • In the home décor, you’ll find everything from ceramic ornaments with two-sided designs to high-end acrylic prints with up to eight family members.
  • I love their coasters. I have gone with this as a gift multiple times over the last year for friends who are having a rough time and something cute for the holidays.
  • They have holiday-themed items in almost every category. Last year I got my sister a lovely set of coasters featuring our mom and dad and mom’s dog with cute little angel wings. It’s still on her coffee table today.

Price Range: $23.85-$147.00

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Custom Photo Gifts

  • This section is for those with their own photo skills or to include real-life photos into the same incredible options they have for their art. It’s a great way to make a unique gift. Most items still have room for quotes, and many have room for multiple photos.
  • For example, my daughter was headed off to college and couldn’t take her beloved cat with her. So, thankfully she didn’t get my lacking artistic skills and had lovely pictures of her siamese all over her social media. I snagged 8 of them and ordered her this blanket so she could still snuggle her kitty while she was away at school.

Price Range: 100.00-19.95

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  • From t-shirts to tanks, they have all the same great character designs for clothing.
  • My favorite is the personalized black hoodie. This Halloween-themed sweatshirt is literally one of my go-to hoodies in October. My customized black hoodie version has my daughter in the cutest little witch’s hat and her cat.

Price Range: $27.85-$41.95

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  • We’ve all seen those cute necklaces with sayings on the backing. Often the sites they’re selling from are a popup-type business that rarely sends out the product before going under, or they are so ridiculously expensive and low quality that they aren’t even worth considering.
  • Unifury, on the other hand, offers high-quality jewelry. It’s not. My personal favorite is the one I bought for my Grandmother. It’s a beautiful love knot with an adjustable chain from 18” to 22” made from stainless steel with 14k white gold plating.

Price Range: $60.65-$44.65

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unifury neckless


  • From face masks to yoga mats, they really have thought of everything.
  • Face masks though not mandated anymore, are still an immense help in keeping safe amid a pandemic, especially for anyone in a higher risk category. That’s why it’s so great that unifury still offers these adorable customizable face masks. You can find the same cute options of couples on a dock or a family just like all the other products. Show off what you love with your face mask.

Price Range: $95.65-$17.65

Office Supplies: $35.65-$15.00

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  • Get your loved ones things you know they’ll use, from wireless chargers with customized art to portable power banks decorated with each of their pets.
  • I have to admit I have one of their little wireless chargers. It’s a lot of fun to put my phone on to charge each night at bedtime when it has a cute drawing of my childhood doggie with wings. It’s a beautiful way to keep those pets we’ve lost in our memory.

Price Range: $78.50-$45.65

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What They Got Right And Where They Could Do Better

They Got:

There are many things that Unifury is doing right, from the amount of customization available on their designs to the number of available products.

  • Customization
  • Cute art
  • Product options
  • Sort by recipient
  • Lots of sales

What They Should Do:

Their most problematic spot isn’t a big deal if you think ahead. However, this isn’t a good spot for last-minute shoppers. The only real complaint is that website has so many ways to sort and shop that it gets overwhelming. Remember, savings can always be found by shopping in the sale section.

  • Shipping time
  • Site streamlining

How to Purchase Custom Designs

Their online site is the only real way to get what you want. Because everything they do is customizable, there isn’t a way to get the order right unless you go through their website.
Visit Website

Three Ways to Snag the Best Deal

I’m always out to get the most for my money. I want the quality, quantity, and best deals I can find.

1- Order by Discount
You can sort the products into a category by the highest discount offered. There’s almost always something on sale at Unifury. They have so many products that finding what you want can be tricky, so take your time. They have implemented a unique valuable feature, especially for those who like to save big on a product. When you go into a product category, go to the sort by feature and sort by the highest discount. That will show you in each category where the most extensive sales are. You can also go directly to what is on sale by clicking the sale tag, which will take you to the current product discounts.
2- Sign up to Save
When you are new to Unifury, you can also enter your email and birthday to sign up for their promotions, and you’ll find that they offer special coupons only found in their emails. Check your spam folder, or wherever your email sorts out promotions so you don’t miss a great coupon. Then add the email address as an exception, so you’ll always get the best deals.
3- Free Shipping
Another great way to save when you order from Unifury is to take advantage of their free shipping offers. Right now, for example, they have free shipping on orders of over $80.00. One thing that all bargain hunters will agree on is that we hate to pay for shipping. I’d rather buy more products and get something for my money than spend on shipping, so when you’re ordering that gift, if you haven’t got your total there, stop and think about who else has a special event coming up in your life.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for gifts with heart and that are truly unique, then Unifury is a fantastic choice. They’ve created customizable art that feels like it was designed just for you. They’re perfect for thoughtful anniversary gifts to show your love you care. They have a wide range of options for memorializing human and animal family members who have passed on.

With prices ranging from fifteen dollars to over a hundred, there is something for everyone on your shopping list. Next time you have a birthday to shop for or getting an early jump on the holidays, check Unifury before you buy another gift they will want to exchange.


Q- Can You Cancel an Order?

  • Yes, but if you change your mind about your purchase, you need to contact them within two hours of placing your order. Unifury is so quick with processing that they need you to act quickly. Just reach out to the support staff.
  • If you wait longer, the order has already been sent to the production company, and they cannot cancel it.
  • The refund may take anywhere from 3 to 14 days to reach your account.

Q- Modifying an order

  • As with canceling, you have a two-hour window to modify your order.

Q- How do I use a Unifury coupon?

  • You’ll find a box for entering coupon codes when placing your order. Enter the code and hit apply, and you should see the discount.

Q- How to get an E-Card?

  • E-cards are available to those who have purchased a product and want to show it’s on the way. It’s easy once you have made an order.
  • Just go to the E-Message page on their website and submit the form.

Q- Is there more than one site to order from?

  • No, there has been an increase in copycat-style websites trying to scalp Unifury customers and will most likely steal information.
  • Please only order directly from our website to avoid any risk to your private information and getting the item you want.

Q- Shipping?

  • Unifury has a special website to estimate the production time and the shipping time for orders you can findhere.
  • This helps give you a general idea of how long before your order will arrive. As always, there are things that they cannot control, but they’ve worked hard to give the most accurate estimate possible.

Q- My order wasn’t correct? My order arrived broken now what?

  • Contact the customer support team, and they’ll work on resolving the problem. Just be sure you do so within 20 days of your order arriving, and don’t try to send it back.

Q- How do I know what size something is?

  • They’ve thought of it all at Unifury and have an entire page dedicated to product size charts. Don’t just guess based on what the photos look like. Look at the excellent accurate measurements they offer.

Q- What kind of payment methods are there?

  • Unifury accepts most major credit card options for payment. They also take payments through PayPal.
  • All orders are processed in USD.
  • Unifury also works with the PayPal pay-later service. Make sure you choose to pay later, and then you can pay in 4 payments rather than one.
  • You do have to make at least a 30.00 order for this payment method.
  • There is no extra fee, but there may be late fees if you do not make your payments.
  • PayPal has an  instructional video on the topic.

Q- Does Unifury have gift cards?

  • Yes, unifury has its own gift cards. They can be combined with discount codes as they are a payment method.
  • The gift cards do not expire until they have a zero balance.
  • If your gift card is more than your order, you’ll have a remaining balance on your card.
  • You can use another payment method to pay the difference if your order is more than your gift card.

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