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Tuttle Twins: How to Teach Young Children Critical Thinking Skills

Many adults struggle with critical thinking skills, and it’s no wonder. We are inundated with information that is often misleading and incorrect. We have been manipulated via mass media, advertising, politics, and even religion. We are bombarded with information that has little basis in reality, but is presented as fact—and we walk around believing it! Now if us adults are feeling this way, imagine how your children must be feeling?

The Tuttle Twins books are designed to teach young children about critical thinking so they can be prepared for the world around them. They offer a refreshingly sensible approach to teaching kids these important skills through fun activities that get them excited about learning!

What is Tuttle Twins About?

Tuttle Twins is a book series for young children that encourages critical thinking through activities and stories. We all know how important it is to teach our kids about sharing, but the Tuttle Twins books focus on teaching other concepts like math, science, and problem-solving skills!

Tuttle Twins are fun-loving twin brothers who want to help your child develop good character and learn how to think for themselves. The Tuttle Twins books are based on real-world issues children face every day and teach them skills through games, activities, and stories that they will love.

Tuttle Twins books teach concepts through fun stories and activities that get kids excited about learning. You won’t hear a child complain about practicing math or science, but you will love hearing them talk all about the books they read in the Tuttle Twins series.

Who Are these Books For?

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  • Tuttle Twins books are for any child from the age of six to ten. They’re great for parents, teachers, and caregivers looking for a fun way to teach kids about the real world! The Tuttle Twins books are also part of our STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) curriculum so anyone who is interested in developing critical thinking skills should check out these awesome books. These books will teach your children the following and so much more!
  • These books teach kids how entrepreneurs and free-market economies empower people to make decisions that help them be prosperous. It also touches on socialism, why it’s bad for society and the importance of The Golden Rule as a foundation in understanding others’ perspectives.

How Can You Use Tuttle Twins Books?

Tuttle Twins books are designed to be read together with your child or students. You could also use the Tuttle Twins as a tool for parents and teachers looking to teach kids about real-world concepts in an engaging way. The activities at the end of each book will help you connect what they’re reading into something tangible so that they can apply their skills to everyday life.

  • Homeschooling
These books are an incredibly useful tool for parents who are homeschooling their children. Tuttle Twins are perfect for homeschooling because they teach kids about important concepts and skills in a fun and engaging way. Their books are designed for parents to use as teaching tools so you can feel confident your child is learning valuable life skills that will help them thrive.
  • To Offset Public Education
If you are unable to homeschool your children, these books are an important resource to have your children go through outside of school hours. Why? Public education has been a sinking ship for years, and many parents are looking to find ways to protect their children from the harmful effects of public schools.

These books will help break down the often destructive ideas your children learn in public education. It will give them a base to fight back and to clearly articulate a proper understanding of how the world works.

Why Do You Need The Tuttle Twins Books?

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These books are vital for parents, teachers, and caregivers looking to teach kids about the real world. The Tuttle Twins series is aligned with national standards for elementary school education so they’re great for homeschoolers as well.

These books will also help children develop critical thinking skills through fun activities that get them excited about learning. Kids will love the stories and games in this series, but they’ll also be building valuable skills that help them throughout their entire lives.

If you are wanting to raise children that are competent, confident problem-solvers who understand key financial concepts then you should read The Tuttle Twins books with your child. They will prove to be an invaluable tool in developing the skills every child needs to be successful in life.

Pros And Cons


  • This is a great series of books that will help you teach your child about money, entrepreneurship, and socialism.
  • The Tuttle Twins are full of valuable life skills that every child needs to be successful in the real world.
  • The content is engaging and fun, and your child will love it!
  • Not only will your child love it but you will love it as well as it will help you clearly articulate your beliefs not just to your children but to others as well!


  • There aren’t any cons to this product because it’s designed so well! These books are perfect for parents who want to teach their children how the world works in an engaging way.

What Do the Experts Say?

Children's Books that Teach about Freedom | The Tuttle Twins - The Tuttle Twins

My favorite part of the book is the notebooks that the twins keep while they are learning about the law from their neighbor, Fred. Emily’s first entry is, “We have rights.” What the Tuttle Twins write in their journals is a great summary to help our children highlight what was important to gain from this book.
Wendy Hilton
History is not just for the classroom books. With relatable stories children will love you can continue the education of law, history and policy at home. No biased opinions, just a look at problems like when you get what you want it can have negative effects on others. The word ‘politics’ and ‘educating children’ can be a scary combination, but the book is brilliantly written without opinions or bias notations. Just a simple message that everyone can relate to
Conner Boyack

Final Words

If you want your child to be a competent, confident problem-solver who understands key financial concepts then The Tuttle Twins books are the perfect tool for teaching them. They will not only enjoy playing games and reading stories but they’ll also learn valuable life skills that will help them thrive in both their personal lives and careers. This series of books are aligned with national standards for elementary school education so it’s great even if you homeschool your children or have concerns about public schools. These books should prove invaluable when raising well-rounded kids who understand how the world works.

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