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Traveling Mailbox Review – Deep Dives To Learn A Little More

It would be nice to have an address that you can take wherever you go. This would solve many issues that affect frequent travelers and businesses that don’t want to give out their physical addresses. Well, it seems like the mail gods answered your prayers with something called the Traveling Mailbox. It’s the perfect name for the business, at least that’s what we thought.

How Does it Work?

Well, as just mentioned, you can’t just pick up your address and take it wherever you want, but this company does the next best thing. They provide you with a real address.

The company accepts your mail and scans the envelope for you to see. You are notified of new mail and can tell them to open the mail for you if you want. They scan the contents for you.

After that, they can do any of the following at your request:

  • Forward it to you
  • Shred the mail
  • Return the mail
  • Hold it for you

Getting Into the Prices

The service is a subscription. Below are the options you have.

  • Basic Plan

    $15 /month

    • The plan is company is willing to accept 40 items each month and will scan 35 of those items.
    • You can have up to three mail recipients with this plan.

  • Extended Plan

    $25 /month

    • They’ll accept 100 mail items on your behalf. The company will scan 80 pages a month for you.
    • Only five people can be recipients.

  • Small Business Plan

    $55 /month

    • The company will accept 200 mail items and scan 180 for you. Only 10 people can be recipients.

Pros And Cons

Even when things seem great, there’s always a flaw. Before you get involved with a company, it’s important to do so with your eyes wide open. We don’t mind reviewing Traveling Mailbox for you because we want you to make an informed decision. The following is a pro and cons list:


  • There’s an app that makes things more convenient.
  • The company is willing to send mail on your behalf. All you need to do is scan the letter and send it to them.
  • They offer a secure check deposit and work with a lot of banks.


  • Customers say their customer service isn’t good.
  • It can take a while before the company can sort your mail out before you find out you have something.
  • They only give you 30 days of free mail storage.

Traveling Mailbox Service

Traveling Mailbox Vs Competitors

When trying to figure out if you’re going to do business with someone, you need to check out the competition. Well, we did that for you. One big competitor is IPostal1. This company has the following:

A good app that makes things convenient.

• They also have a check deposit service.

• The company can hold mail for free for 60 days.

• If you get mail past your quota, you'll pay $0.35 when you only pay $0.25 with Traveling Mailbox

What Are Your Address Options

When it comes to these sorts of companies, one thing that people worry about is the type of addresses available. People want real addresses as they can receive all kinds of documents.

With this company, you get more than 25 addresses to choose from. There are numerous addresses all over the United States. You’ll find at least one address in every region of the country. Keep in mind that your address doesn’t need to be local to you. The company does forward mail wherever you are.

Bit On Forwarding

Yes, the company offers package forwarding services. You can shop at any online store like eBay or Target and have your packages sent to this company. The folks will repackage your stuff if necessary and send it wherever you are.


When you share letters with this company or they share something with you, it can be done in many ways. The company uses things like Evernote,, and Google Drive, which pretty much covers everything. Well, they can also share through Dropbox.

Fax Services

You can fax and receive faxes. This number is available with any of the plans the company offers. This service is free.


All mail enters a secured location that’s monitored 24 hours, seven days a week by surveillance This should make you feel pretty good about entrusting them with your mail.


#1- Are Traveling Mailbox addresses PO Boxes or Physical Street Addresses?

These are real addresses. You don't have to worry about PO boxes.

#2- Will I be able to receive mail from FedEx and UPS through Traveling Mailbox?

Yes, the company can accept mail from either of these companies and forward it to you.

#3- Are Accounts limited to just one name or Business?

You can have multiple recipients, but it does depend on the plan you subscribe to.

#4- Am I charged for each piece of mail scanned?

This depends on the plan you get. The basic plan gives you 35 scans, so you don't have to pay for those.

#5- How long does it take from the arrival of mail until it is scanned for me to view?

The company has to process the mail. Once this is done, the scanned mail can be viewed. If you request documents to be scanned, this can happen within a few hours. You can also use the QuickScan feature, which means that you'll see those scans in minutes.

#6- Are there penalties if I go over the limits of my plan?

There are no penalties, but you will have to pay for each additional mail item. That'll cost you $0.25. If you need scans, that'll cost you $0.50 per page.

#7- Can I still receive mail through the Traveling Mailbox that requires a signature?

Yes, the company will sign on your behalf.

#8- How long does the mail forwarding service take?

Any mail forwarding requests will be on its way to you if it's done before 3 pm EST. How long the mail takes to get to you depends on the service you asked for.

#9- Can the Traveling Mailbox mail documents to addresses on my behalf?

Yes, all you have to do is scan your documents and send them. Include the address, too.

#10- Can Original mail be stored for me while I am Away?

Mail can be stored for free. This lasts for up to 30 days. If you need the mail stored longer, you'll need to pay $1 per stored item.

#11- How much does it cost to have my mail Shredded?

This is completely free for all customers.

#12- Does Traveling Mailbox have a Check Deposit Service?

Yes, the company offers a check deposit service and works with several banks. Each check is going to cost you $4.95 plus the postage costs. The checks will be sent to your bank.

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