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TorGuard Review: 3 Best Ways To Save On TorGuard

Have you been in search of a VPN with a variety of potentially helpful tools and features, respectable speeds, and can protect your privacy online? Then TorGuard VPN is all you need l,  because your privacy online is secured with it. In addition to these, it has a robust network and servers as and supports the latest VPN technology.

About TorGuard

TorGuard is a popular cyber security company that offers a lot of services, like encrypted cloud storage, encrypted email services, and VPNs both for individuals and businesses. TorGuard has upto eight connections simultaneously . It has more than 3,0000 servers in more than 50 countries. Their 24/7 customer service is fair enough.  TorGuard is not easy to use like some other VPN.


  • Number of Servers – 3,000
  • Number of countries – 55
  • Platforms supported – Windows, iOS , Linux, Android, and macOS.
  • Supported Protocols – Open VPN, and WireGuard
  • Simultaneous Connections – 8
  • Country of Registration- USA
  • Support – Articles, Live chats and emails.

What is the Speed Performance Of TorGuard

  • Personally I will say that TorGuard Is one of the fastest VPN, especially when there are no connection issues. Making use of a VPN normally decreases the speed your device operates with, this is because a VPN adds a few extra steps to your connection.
  • But with TorGuard VPN, I bet you won’t notice if your device has an extra connection or not, this is because TorGuard provides enough speed especially when using the Wireguard tunneling protocol .
  • Though, to get optimal results, I will advise you to choose a country that is nearby.
  • We had high expectations for TorGuard’s speed because of their high network server, though it didn’t turn out as expected but it’s still very encouraging.

Is TorGuard Allowed to Operate in China?

Torguard has a lot of wonderful features that makes the VPN a good choice in China. The TorGuard’s STunnel is built to bypass deep packet inspections and hide your VPN use. With this, you can fly under the radar of the great firewall of China.

In addition to the STunnel I mentioned earlier , you can also use the open connect protocol to bypass censorship and VPN bans by disguising your traffic to look like the regular SSL traffic.

Advantages And Disadvantages

A smuch as I can vouch for the reliability of TorGuard, yet there are some advantages and disadvantages associated with it, and they include


  • It has strong security features
  • TorGuard is good for TorGuard
  • It offers free trial versions
  • When it comes to speed, TorGuard is not left out as it tops the list among other VPN’s.
  • TorGuard VPN has the possibility of running scripts
  • Stealth Proxy
  • It also offers a lot of DNS options
  • IPV6 leak prevention


  • TorGuard is prone to freeze
  • When making use of TorGuard, it might struggle to connect .
  • It doesn’t unblock Netflix .

Ways of Saving Money On TorGuard

 One of the major reasons I will advise anyone to use TorGuard is because you can save some money while getting the best services, there are different steps involved in saving money on TorGuard which includes.

  • Select the package you want
  • Click on the “Buy VPN” button
  • Select your billing cycle
  • Choose how many simultaneous connections add, don’t forget that you get 5 free automatically with every purchase
  • When you are through with your selection , click on “add to cart and check out” you will see the total change and it will reflect that you have changed 50%.

Is TorGuard Safe And Secured?

TorGuard VPN is a secure service that makes efforts to ensure that your browsing is as secured and private as possible. The ways this service achieves the security of data are : Military grade encryption protocol, a selection of the best tunneling protocol, WebRTC, and IPv6 leak prevention and kill switch.

  • Encryption Protocol:

  • Just like most of the VPN’s we have in the market , TorGuard VPN makes use of AES-256 encryption by default . AES-256 is well trusted by major organizations, military and government .
  • Most times, AES-256 takes a lot of processing power, you can try the 128 bit version on weaker devices that have some difficulties handling AES-256. TorGuard VPN also makes use of the Super Secure SHA-512 algorithm for authentication

  • Tunneling Protocol:

  • TorGuard VPN is always the winner when it comes to the selection of tunneling protocol, especially when all it’s major apps support WireGuard. WireGuard became available on Torguard’s windows, Android, iOS, macOS and Linux applications from October 2020, and has since remained the fan’s favorite because of it’s incredible speed and high level of security.
  • In addition to this tunneling protocol, TorGuard VPN also supports PPTP, L2TP / IPSec. However, you will not find these options on any of the apps, you will need to set them up manually, which means that only advanced users will be able to take advantage of them .

  • Kill Switch:

  • TorGuard has an integrated kill switch that shuts down the internet connection whenever your VPN crashes for an unexpected reason.
  • Also, the VPN offers a value called App Kill which is highly customizable and it enables you to choose the applications you want to be automatically closed in case of any accidental loss of connection to a VPN server.

Plans And Pricing

No matter the type of TorGuard Subscription plan you buy, you will get the same bunch of features like unlimited speed, unlimited brand with, free 24/7/365 support among other features. Though TorGuard charges a little higher than normal , I can tell you that the price is fair for what the service has to offer. Any plan you choose depends on how long you want to have TorGuard on your computer .

Anonymous Vpn

For me, I will always suggest that users try the one month subscription first and see how TorGuard VPN works on their device when it comes to speed, streaming experience, and other necessary factors. If everything works out fine, you can now think of committing to a long term plan that will help you save some money.

Streaming Bundle

Business VPN

Money-back Guarantee

However, TorGuard offers a 7 – day money – back refund policy , which is shorter than the 30 – day refund policy by other VPN services.

Does TorGuard Have A Version?

Trying out a VPN for free is good, but TorGuard has a complicated way of giving out it’s free trial .

To get TorGuard free for seven days, you have to first subscribe for another VPN, then send a proof of payment to Torguard support agent at

After your proof of payment is approved, you will be given the opportunity to use the full version of TorGuard for seven days free . If after the seven day free trial and you decide to switch over to TorGuard, you will have to cancel the former one and send a proof of it’s cancellation to the customer support team of TorGuard in exchange for a free 30 – day trial of the program.

 How Good is TorGuards Customer Support

TorGuard does not have the option of a 24/7 customer support service, so the 24/7 information on the site is incorrect. What it implies is the existence of a live chat.

  • The first step to getting customer support is to create a ticket which will require that you put your TorGuard VPN credentials. But, to be honest with you, most times the submit button will load for a very long time and the easiest way to contact them is through email because it will not require you to submit any credentials.
  • I have used this method several times . They reply very fast, including on weekends, despite not having instant customer support, you can message them now and get your response in 2 minutes or the next day.
  • Their customer care representatives are well mannered and polite too, you can also visit TorGuard’s support center to solve your problems yourself and read up on frequently asked questions.

Reasons to Choose TorGuard

There are a lot of good reasons I chose TorGuard VPN and I will encourage you to do the same.

The reasons are

Kill switch can be App - Specific :
TorGuard is not some VPN service provider that offer generic kill switch. It’s kill switch is a bit different , it is a option in the app that gives you the ability to stop some processes in case of a VPN connection compromise.
Extra Security Options:
Though VPN services already offer a wide range of encryption protocols, TorGuard still requires that you take a step further if you want greater security . It could be SOCKS5, SSL or HTTP Proxy.
TorGuard is deplorable on all major platforms:
TorGuard gives apps for desktops and mobile platforms deplorable across Microsoft, Apple and Linux devices . Apart from that, you can still install on your router, though TorGuard promotes Torguard pre-flashed VPN routers which  you can set up on most modern routers.
TorGuard overcomes VPN blockers with stealth mode:
VPN has the ability of keeping your internet activities anonymous but some companies and even governments are not happy with it’s usage and as such want to block it with every opportunity . This is because VPN traffic always comes with SSL/TLS encryption. TorGuard has been known to overcome geolocation restrictions better than others because of this stealth mode which strips out SSL/TLS information and reroutes it through more usual ports.
Decent Prices and Payment options:
TorGuard is cheaply priced and their payment plan is nice because you pay less the longer plan you sign up for. They also have different offers you can choose while signing up and also gives you the option of increasing the number of devices on your account.


Vendor Logo of TorGuard



8.8 %

Ease of Use
8.8 %

100% %

Reliability & Support
100% %

TorGuard VPN has a lot of features, good encryption options, and great torrenting speed, which makes it a good choice for anyone who wants to have a wonderful VPN for security and anonymity.
However, TorGuard is susceptible to freezes and connection problems, and won’t be able to unblock any of the Netflix libraries you want to access.
Also, TorGuard is mostly used by average users because it’s applications are not appealing to advanced users.
In conclusion, I will say TorGuard has a lot of potential but will need to do more work .

I Recommended For

  • P2P file sharing user
  • Absolute Privacy
  • Tech-Savy users
  • Mac, Windows and all platform

How to Setup the TorGuard VPN on Windows

When installing the TorGuard VPN, I recommend you remove all current VPN apps. The different steps required to set up your TorGuard VPN includes

  • Step 1
Download TorGuard client and run the installer

  • Step 2
Once installed, click the button location name to choose a location you wish to connect with

  • Step 3
Click on the connect icon to connect to your chosen location , for efficient speed, choose the closest location to you and do not forget to switch between Tunnel Types and Protocols , TCD/UDP to see what works best for you.

  • Step 4
It will connect you to VPN, once you are “connected” it will show “Verified” this means you are connected and secured.

  • Step 5
If you want to disconnect, just click on the disconnect button.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Does TorGuard work in China?
Answer: TorGuard works in China but sometimes the connections are inconsistent which may affect the speed.

Does TorGuard work with Netflix?
Answer: No, TorGuard VPN doesn’t unblock Netflix and other streaming services . Though, you may be lucky with a dedicated IP address.

Does TorGuard have a kill switch?
Answer: TorGuard VPN has an integrated kill switch that enables you to select the apps you want to automatically close if the VPN suddenly disconnects.

How long will it take for me to use my services after I sign up?
Answer: You can use your services once our payment processor confirms your payment, activation is instant. You will be emailed with instructions on how to get up and running.

Does TorGuard keep Logs?
Answer : No, and they will never do that.

Would TorGuard share my information with a third part?
Answer: We do not share any information with anyone regarding our network or it’s users and won’t consider communicating with a third party.

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