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Toker Supply Review: The Ultimate Online Head Shop

If there is something I am grateful for, it is that headshops nowadays are allowed to operate freely without being judged by the goody two shoes of society. I am even happier that they operate online, and therefore I can get my recreational supplies with ease. I can easily plan myself and get the best and latest accessories that come into the market.

We have hard our fair share of experience in knowing how hard it can be to locate a reliable and efficient headshop, and therefore, when someone told me about Toker Supply, I was a bit sceptical, okay, maybe a whole lot. I decided to give them a try. One word.Mind-boggling.

I am very particular about what I want and how I want it. This tends to be very challenging for many online shops because I will shamelessly return something if it doesn’t match my quality standards.

Who is Toker Supply?

  • This online headshop offers a wide range of smoking supplies, from glass bongs, dab rigs, and vaporizer pens to grinders.
  • They have been around for over five years now, and they keep getting better each year as their inventory keeps expanding. With the decriminalization of cannabis products in some states, this online headshop has seen an increase in sales across all product lines.
  • Toker Supply offers a wide range of glass bongs and dab rigs from the top brands in the industry at prices that you cannot find anywhere else online or even offline, with shipping included for free on all US orders.

Colorful Round Base BongHEMPER - Gaming Flower XL Bong - Toker SupplySilicone Oil Barrel Water Pipe - Toker Supply

Are they Well-Stocked?

They have a massive selection of products that you can choose from depending on what you are after.


I like their range of bongs since they fit different needs and preferences. They have stocked different and reputable brands of glassblowers, which is always impressive. They have a great selection of scientific glass bongs to choose from made by respected brands; there is truly something for everyone at Toker Supply.
Bongs Collection

Dab Rigs/ Vapes

They also stock dab rigs and vaporizers made by the top brands in the industry. They have an impressive range of dab pens that are becoming more popular with smokers nowadays, heating your concentrate without combusting it. They also stock dry herb vapes (vaporizers) if you are looking for an alternative.
I like that they have a wide range of nectar collectors, which is becoming more popular every day because it offers different benefits over traditional dab rigs and bongs. This smoking style has been around but was not famous until recently when top glassblowers started making them.
Dab Rings Collection

Nails & Tools

If you are similar to me, you know how important it is to be prepared for a session. It can be frustrating to have the perfect set-up but not being able to use it because you don't have what you need at the moment. This is why Toker Supply has come up with an extensive list of nails and tools that will surely blow your mind. One product I find to be extremely practical and helpful is the carb cap. The best thing about it is it acts as a controller. The design is quite sleek yet straightforward enough to be used in almost any setting.


The range of pipes that they have is impressive as it includes one of a kind pieces not only from the top glassblowers but also artists. They have a great selection of spoon pipes that are very popular at the moment, and you can choose from their selection of colours. I also like their selection of traditional pipes, one of the most popular styles out there.
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Pricing: Low or High?

Their prices are highly affordable, and they offer great deals that you cannot find anywhere else.

What is their Best Deal?

Best Deal
The best Toker Supply deal is the “Free Shipping” one. Shipping on all orders within the country is free, which means I can order as many times as I want with no restrictions. They have regular discounts and coupons that you can get by signing up for their emails.

Are They Worth the Time And Money?

Dab Nails & Dabbing Tools | Toker Supply Online Headshop

  • I like the quality of their products since I’ve never had issues with anything breaking. They offer great prices and have reasonable shipping terms since I use them every time I order.
  • They have an excellent selection of products that are sure to fit your needs, so they are worth the money and time spent checking them out.

Returns And Refunds

I have never had to deal with their customer service, but I think it’s good that they have this option if you are not happy with your purchase. It does sound a bit strict but a healthy option since they only accept unused products, and if it has to do with preference, there is a percentage fee that you will have to part with. They also cater for the costs involved in case the product is damaged.


#1- Is there a minimum amount for free shipping?

No! As long as you have bought something, the shipping costs are on them.

#2- How do I get my shipping to be made discreet?

You can call them up and give them the instructions to make it discreet. They take customer privacy importantly and always strive to serve you better to come back again.

#3- What happens if there is an error with the shipping address?

You will have to cater for the costs involved and to ship it to the correct address.

#4- How are you not responsible for the package once it is shipped?

We rely on the tracking information to ensure that you get the package plus reliable couriers.


There are various products that you can choose from at this online headshop. If you are looking for a specific piece, it is best to contact them directly since they have items that do not appear on their website. One thing you can be assured of is efficiency and quality products. You will enjoy their services I know I do!

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