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ThoughtCloud Review – Innovating CBD for Your Wellness


I must confess, one of the major stressors in my life is chronic pain. And it’s not mine; my partner almost constantly struggles with pain. I’ve tried all sorts of methods to help alleviate it, from massages and ibuprofen to the not-so-safe, like Oxycodon. Without health care, my partner isn’t able to get the sort of treatment they may need for their pain.

I sort of always had suspicions about CBD oil; I jokingly told someone it’s just for people wanting to enjoy weed culture without smoking. But on my last limb, I visited a local store and bought a bottle of ThoughtCloud (as recommended by the clerk there) and it has done absolute wonders for my partner. I’m thankful to see them be able to smile and move around now.

About ThoughtCloud

ThoughtCloud is a company dedicated to producing organically sustainable plant medicine that’s intended to promote overall health and wellness. From your physical body to your mental health, ThoughtCloud is exploring the ways they can affect positive change in the everyday consumer’s life. Their key tenant is they strive to cure the illness at its source, rather than the symptoms.

There are a host of CBD products on the market now, and sorting through them (or even determining which ones are safe) can be an arduous task. ThoughtCloud intends to stand above the rest by insisting on sourcing their hemp from sustainable and vegan farms across the United States. For the environmentally conscious, ThoughtCloud is your go-to for using sustainable and “virtually waste-free” manufacturing, packaging, and farming processes. Their products are also all 100% vegan.
The difference isn't just in the way they treat the planet, but how they cultivate their CBD oils. All of their products are lab tested to ensure strength, purity and quality. And they utilize CO2 Supercritical Extraction to acquire the purest phytonutrients from the hemp plants. This attention to detail is best experienced through trying their premium cannabinoid products; the richness of their cannabinoid paired with a solid terpene profile proves to be excellent for a customer's well-being.
But the most unique aspect of ThoughtCloud’s products is that they are “Reiki-infused.” (Reiki, as quoted on, is “a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by laying on hands and is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us and is what causes us to be alive.”)

ThoughtCloud employs Reiki masters to “neutralize the energy” and “infuse [their] products with positive intentions such as love, creativity and abundance“. The idea is that their CBD will not only heal you based on its own chemical properties, but also through holistic healing lovingly induced on every product.

ThoughtCloud’s Flag Ship Products

Cloud Cartridges

♠These are vape cartridges that come in three different varieties: CBD, CBN (Cannabinol: a rarer chemical in marijuana most similar to THC without producing the “high;” used as a sedative, a painkiller, and even an anti-bacterium) and Delta 8 (does produce a mild high but is totally legal).

♣The Delta 8 variety comes in “Fuego” and “Zkittles” flavors, the former being a spicier sensation while the latter is a fruity candy taste.

♥The CBN comes in Lucid Dreams, a blueberry tart flavor, and the CBD is called Da Juice, which gives you a strawberry limeade flavor. These are typically $29.99 but can be bought on sale now for only $17.99.

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ThoughtCloud Full Spectrum Gummies

Full Spectrum CBDThese also come in a variety of flavors and uses;

♠ The “Daily Energy Strawberry Lime” comes packed with B vitamins for nutritional health and daily energy while paired with 25mg of CBD.

♣ “Deep Sleep” is raspberry flavored and features CBD (25mg) and CBN (5mg) It also contains melatonin and L-theanine and is optimized to help you sleep, both better and sweeter.

♥ “Chill and Relax” is a lemon-lime variety and is 5mg of Delta 8. It contains less than 0.03% THC and is simply designed for rest and relaxation.

“All of these are on sale currently for $32.19 for a short time!”

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ThoughtCloud Pre-Roll/Joints

ThoughtCloud offers pre-rolled joints for ease of smoking, featuring the purest flowers available on the market.

They come in a few different versions:

♥ One is the Delta-8 Triforce joint, designed for relieving stress and anxiety.

♣ Then there are the flavored CBD joints, coming in Blueberry Splash, Dragonfruit, Grape Dank, and Orange Crush.

♠Finally, their “Archon” strand comes in two varieties: the “Law of One” and an Egyptian themed version with premium flower included.

♦ The Delta-8 and flavored CBD joints are on sale now for $7.80 while the Power of One Archon joints can be bought for $9.99.

These prices are likely only for a limited time. Each pack comes with two pre-rolled, premium, organic and vegan joints.

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Purest CBD Oil and Hemp CBD Products for Sale – ThoughtCloud CBD


1. What exactly is CBD?
Ans: Cannabidiol is derived from the hemp plant. It is not psychoactive as it does not contain “THC” which is what lends the sensation of being “stoned” or “high” from marijuana use. It has been shown to treat a variety of ailments and illnesses.
2. Where does ThoughtCloud Source their Hemp From?

Ans: The CBD oil used by ThoughtCloud is derived fro organic, outdoor-grown plants within the United States. All of the plants are free of any harmful chemical or pesticide. ThoughtCloud strives to always provide the most premium product for its customers, so their sources can vary from time to time.

3. Is ThoughtCloud CBD lab tested?
Ans: Yes, it most certainly is, first immediately after it is extracted and again by a third party laboratory to ensure safe and pure results. In fact, you can reach out to ThoughtCloud and obtain lab results with this provided email address.


With an assortment of products, a guarantee of both quality and results, and a knack for keeping the environment in mind first, ThoughtCloud is a sure winner for anyone in the market for CBD oils.

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