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The Noco Hemp Exposition

Expositions can also be referred to as trade shows or trade fairs. Trade shows have been an extremely vital tool for marketing products and improving sales for centuries.  It can be described as the gathering of visitors (business representatives), exhibitors (businesses), and various professionals of an industry in a specialized venue. This gathering is to exchange knowledge, products, and services and interact with professionals in the same field. Exhibitors will be given space to exhibit, discuss, and demonstrate their latest products and services in an exposition. They are also saddled with the responsibility of connecting and engaging visitors at the event.

Attending trade shows has proved to be very beneficial to businesses. At a trade show, people don’t just walk around the room for hours; many events are put in place by its organizers to add value to visitors and allow you to do the same things. The various activities or events include; workshops, presentations, networking events, breakout sessions, opportunities to interact with the media and award presentations. Some of the benefits are making sales, spotting trends, capturing leads for the marketing funnel, introducing new products and services, interacting with existing customers, gathering feedback, etc.

About the Noco8 Exposition

  • Noco hemp exposition started in 2014, produced by the Colorado hemp company. It is arguably the world’s most comprehensive hemp trade show and exposition. Noco is built on the three fundamental pillars of sustainability which are; environmental, social and economic. Noco’s mantra “we are for better alternatives” agrees with the platform that is now in place. This is because hemp and other plant and bio-based materials are deemed better alternatives.
  • The eighth edition of the Noco hemp exposition is scheduled from the 23rd of March to the 25th of March 2022. The venue for the exposition is at the Crowne Plaza Denver Airport Convention Center in Denver, CO. The amazing thing about this exposition is that it brings together all the professionals and industry leaders, which spans the entire evolving hemp supply chain from the farmers and producers, to the processor and equipment manufacturer, to the retail and wholesale buyers, and finally, the technology and innovation companies.
  • This exposition is looked forward to greatly. This is first of all because the exposition is an in-person gathering. And also because it marks the 8th edition of the exposition and the 10th year anniversary of the Colorado hemp company. For them at the Noco hemp exposition, the journey is far from over as they keep moving forward and collaborating to ensure they build a fully functional and scalable hemp industry. In the past years, a lot of challenges to the industry and this is more than the global pandemic. And as such, they are inviting you to be a part of the conference in order to make a positive impact on the future of our planet.

Attendance Options At the Noco8 Exposition

The exposition hall will not take more than 300 exhibitors, and this will be representative of all parts of the industry. There are several options for attending the conference. The exposition comprises several informative and educational sessions and panellists from top industry professionals. Noco hemp exposition has made it possible for people to purchase tickets to just one or more of the conferences or the Exposition hall only.

There are several tickets and the different access it gives you to the event:

Tickets and Access :

  • Conference tickets: This ticket gives you access to the exposition hall throughout the event.
  • Industry (B2B) tickets: These tickets give you access to the exposition hall on both Friday and Saturday. Access to conferences and forums are, however, excluded from this ticket.
  • General Admission (GA): This ticket gives Saturday access only. Children 12 years and below are allowed in the exposition hall for free with a paid adult. Soliciting and unauthorized sales are not allowed in the exposition hall.

You can view the comparison charts on the ticket page.

Meet the 2022 Exhibitors

Noco8 exposition is an annual event that has started in 2014 with several exhibitors, visitors and professionals in the hemp industry in attendance.

This year will not be any different as the Noco hemp exposition will also be having many exhibitors in attendance. The businesses that have registered for the 8th Noco hemp exposition include;

  • Advion Interchim Scientific.
  • Ai Vacuum botanical laboratory equipment
  • Air products
  • Aurum labs
  • Buscher law
  • Biochar Now
  • Boulder creek technologies.
  • C2 Financial corporation
  • Canadian greenfield technologies Corp.
  • Ceres greenhouse solutions
  • Chelsea green publishing
  • ClearSolv
  • Colorado Department of agriculture
  • Colorado extraction systems
  • The Columbine label company.
  • Conley’s greenhouse manufacand sales.
  • Cottrel’s paper company.
  • Cypress Hemp
  • Diamond global logistics
  • The discount vending store.
  • Dramm
  • elite CS
  • enviro textiles
  • Eurofins
  • Everest wings
  • Extract consultants
  • Extract labs
  • Franny’s farmacy
  • Garland’s Inc
  • GenCanna
  • Global Hemp Association
  • Heartland Farms LLC
  • H3D
  • Hemp Genetics International (HGI)
  • HPS food & Ingredients
  • Hempsac
  • U.L.T cultivation solutions
  • Living fields collective
  • MAUI CBD collective
  • MAUI CBD prime
  • Monty’s plant and soil products
  • Munch machine
  • NICS certified organic
  • Nuume organics
  • Orange photonics
  • Patagonia
  • Plant Tape automated transplanting system
  • Pure hemp technology
  • RAD extracts
  • Royal botanicals
  • Sierra packaging and converting LLC
  • Speciality insurance partners
  • Speciality tag and label
  • Steve goods
  • Stuppy Greenhouse
  • Subzero extracts organic
  • sweet water hemp Co.
  • Tatham
  • Texas A & M University Soil and crop sciences.
  • The biscuit bakery of Northern Colorado.
  • Trill Pills
  • Tril Gene
  • Twister
  • US hemp authority certified
  • United sales postal service
  • Uproar
  • WADSWORTH Control Systems
  • BLUE


Noco hemp exposition is such an organized and well-planned event. As stated on their website, they secure sleeping rooms at hotels for their attendees. They also research properties and ensure that their participants are comfortable and well accommodated. The hotel rooms they secure are often referred to as blocks, and they are established in such a way that they meet Noco hemp Expo’s standards. In addition to all of these, these rooms are offered to attendees at a discounted price.

Noco hemp exposition has an official host hotel which is the Crowne Plaza Hotel. This hotel is represented on their website. It is advised to make reservations before the event. Links found on their official website are the only discount offers that are legitimate, be careful of other email offers. Noco hemp expo housing has an exclusive service provider, which is known as conference direct. It is important to know that they won’t call you on the phone to sell a room to you. This information is such that you won’t be a victim of a scam.

Tips For Attending the Noco Hemp Exposition

  • Always buy tickets before you make travel accommodations
This tip is very crucial as tickets get sold out very easily, and special considerations won’t be made at the event.


  • Always refer to the website.
To avoid being a victim of fraud, it’s important to always refer to the website for whatever information you might need. Information concerning conference schedules, lodging, sponsor and exhibitor listings and venue details and maps will be available there.


  • Always make plans before going to a trade show
You don’t want to go for an exposition unprepared. Have your goal and objectives. Arrive there early and get your hands on a map and directory. Know the booths you are going to visit first and the order in which you will be visiting them.


  • Always look the part
More often than not, people take you seriously when you dress appropriately. Remember that one of the things that happen at an exposition is networking, and dressing is essential to this.

Ways to Save Money At the Noco8 Exposition

There is no doubt that going for an event such as this will be quite expensive, from the cost of purchasing tickets to your means to transportation and lodging at the venue. However, the benefits of attending the exposition are immense, and as such, the high expenses that will be incurred at the event is not enough to deter people from attending the exposition. The next alternative is to look for ways to

Buy tickets early
Buying tickets early for the Noco hemp exposition is one of the best ways to save money while going for the exposition, and this is because there is usually a discounted price for early birds.
Platinum pass ticket
Take, for instance, the Platinum pass ticket for the exposition goes for $699, but early birds can get it at $349. Buying the platinum pass ticket gives you about a 50% discount on the regular price. You can visit here to check the various ticket prices and how much you get to save on each of them for buying early.
Booking travel flights ahead
Once your event tickets are settled, the next thing to do is to book your travel tickets ahead, as this also helps to save money. The act of booking your travel tickets a month or two before the journey is always very affordable and helps you save money compared to buying them when you are about to go on the trip.
Noco hemp exposition has secured rooms for their participants and done in such a that the room is offered at a discounted price. That way, participants can also save money off their lodging fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is the event taking place ?
The event is taking place between March 23 – 25, 2022.

  • Is it a consumption event?
It isn’t. Smoking and vaping is not permitted in the building.

  • Can I get a refund on my ticket purchases?
There is no refund on ticket purchase as all sales are final. You can, however, transfer your tickets to another person. It is also advised that you should purchase your tickets before booking your journey as conference tickets get sold out before the event.

  • Can I bring animals to the event?
Animals such as dogs, cats or even pets are not allowed at the event. The only animals permitted on grounds during the event are the Quality of Life Assistance Animals, defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 2001. Exhibitors are not even permitted to display their animals inside their booths or chain their pets outside their vehicles or camper while working.

  • Are there opportunities to volunteer at the event?
Yes, you can. If you like to get involved with the hemp industry and you also like helping people, then volunteering at the Noco hemp exposition will be a good fit for you. Noco Hemp Expo has exciting and fun packages for its volunteers. The various capacities you can volunteer include; hospitality, ticket sales, exhibitor check-in, conference greeters, build crew, front of house and much more.

Fill out form if you would like to volunteer for the industry.

  • Will there be Covid guidelines in place at the event?
Yes. In order to ensure the safety of everyone that will be in attendance at the Noco hemp exposition, all of the covid guidelines will be followed throughout the program. They will maintain social distancing, and all visitors, exhibitors, professionals, Colleagues and suppliers will be offered gloves and face masks if they do not have one.

  • Is the event free for children under 12 years?
Yes. Children are allowed in the Exposition hall. What’s even more interesting is that children under the age of 12 are permitted inside the hall for free with a paid adult. Young adults that are aged 16 and above are, however, allowed with their own tickets.

  • Can I get a tax-exempt ticket purchase as a nonprofit?
Yes, you can. All you need to do is to send an emailand ensure you indicate the ticket type and quantity you would like to order. It is also essential that you have your tax-exempt credentials ready.

  • How do I buy tickets for the event?
Tickets are available for sale on their website. Tickets that are not sold out before the event will be available for sale. Mode of payment is through the use of debit cards.

  • Can I exhibit or sponsor the NocoHemp Expo?
Yes. Registration for the 2022 Noco Hemp exposition is on. The Noco hemp Expo’s booth space is usually sold in advance; it is therefore extremely important for you to get your booth early. If you would like to buy a booth,Sign Up

  • Can I become a speaker at the Noco hemp exposition?
Yes. If you are interested in telling your story at the Noco hemp exposition, then you should visit this linkto apply to be a speaker. However, note that completing this application is not an automatic ticket to speaking at the conference. It allows Noco hemp Expo to contact you and invite you for future events organized by WAFBA LLC.



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