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Super Speciosa Review: Buy Best Quality Kratom From Qualified Vendor

There are various Kratom vendors in today’s market. I won’t lie; it was very challenging and stressful to find the most reliable kratom vendor online. Why? This was primarily because I was exposed to various ways that promise to lead to what I seek. In such a situation, it is not surprising that I was confused about making the right decision because anyone will have the same dilemma.

There are many online vendors where kratom is sold that promise what they do not offer. Hence, I was still in the dark but continued to search for the best kratom vendor online until I stumbled on Super Speciosa. Super Speciosa is one of the most reliable kratom vendors online at producing high-quality kratom free from impurities, contaminants and adulterants. When it comes to standards, this brand is arguably the best because they were among the first brands to be AKA GMP qualified in the market.

In this article, we will bring to light all the requisite pieces of information you need to know about Super Speciosa. We will discuss the variety of products and prices they offer, coupled with the factors that contribute to their consumer safety standards.

Super Speciosa: About The Company

  • Super Speciosa has its headquarters in the United States of America, Florida, to be precise. Super Speciosa is arguably the number one source of kratom in the southeasternmost U.S state. The company is AKA GMP qualified. What does this mean? It means they are recognized as a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Qualified Vendor by the American Kratom Association (AKA).
  • To achieve such a standard, all the kratom products are inspected and tested by third-party labs for impurities, such as adulterants, contaminants and heavy metals. In addition to this, Super Speciosa also carries out microbial safety tests on their kratom.
  • The AKA GMP qualifications and accreditation makes this brand speak more about their consumer reputation. It also shows the level of commitment they have towards consumer safety; hence, the reason why they are most people’s first choice for kratom.

They, however, come with other advantages—that supersedes their disadvantages—that make them the first choice among seasoned kratom enthusiasts. Discover these advantages below.

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Unique & versatile products
  • Easy to store
  • Easy to mix kratom powder into a drink
  • Easy-to-swallow kratom soft gelatin capsule
  • Recognized by the American Kratom Association (AKA)
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) compliant
  • Affordable prices of products
  • Fast & free shipping
  • Allow the changing of shipping address
  • Accepts Zelle, credit cards, eCheck/ACH and cryptocurrency (such as Bitcoin and Ethereum)
  • Transparency. Super Speciosa disclose third-party lab results performed on each batch


  •  They do not guarantee delivery dates
  • Super Speciosa do not ship kratom products to all states in the U.S

Super Speciosa Kratom Products Review

Although there are various kratom vendors online, many have been reported for delivering low-quality kratom. What makes a kratom low in quality? If the kratom does not pass the lab tests for impurities and microbial presence. Meanwhile, the strains and crushed products of Super Speciosa sourced from kratom are carefully tested with customers’ safety in mind.

The strains and crushed products from pure and natural kratom leaves are available in various forms. Super Speciosa products range from powder to tablet forms, and they include the following:

  1. Kratom Powders
  2. Kratom Capsules
  3. Kratom Tablets
  4. Kratom Tea bags

I was surprised and glad when I checked and saw the various forms of products when I visited the Super Speciosa online store. I find this appealing because Super Speciosa provides various options to suit the requirements of customers with different methods of consumption. I prefer kratom in its capsule form over those in tablets and powders forms.

  • Best Kratom Powders

Kratom products are derived from pure and natural dried leaves of the Mitragyna Speciosa from Southeast Asia. There are various ways of producing and consuming kratom, among which the kratom power is one of the most popular and convenient of them all. Its popularity may be because of the multiple options of consumption it offers. Hence, without understanding what kratom is, no one can decide on the best way to enjoy it.

Prices Of Kratom Powder Products

Kratom Powder

  • Powder Flight cost $19.00
  • Super Speciosa Kratom Powder cost $9.99
  • Green Maeng Da Kratom Powder cost $9.99
  • Premium Bali Kratom Powder cost $9.99
  • Red Borneo Kratom Powder cost $39.99
  • Green Malay Kratom Powder cost $39.99
  • White Maeng Da Kratom Powder cost $9.99
  • White Thai Kratom Powder cost $9.99

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Best Methods Of Using Kratom Powders

“How do I use kratom powder?” is one of the frequently asked questions by many customers.

Toss & Wash Method
The most popular method of using kratom powders is called the toss and wash method. This method involves the mixing of the kratom powder into a drink or the swallowing of the kratom powder by using a drink to push it down. Furthermore, although the toss and wash method delivers effects efficiently, it is arguably the toughest method of consuming kratom powder. Meanwhile, it demands a high tolerance rate and is not recommended for beginners. Other methods include the addition of Kratom Powder to Foods or Smoothies and the brew kratom tea method.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to store
  • Easy to mix into drinks
  • Versatile
  • Affordable in bulk


  • Hard to measure
  • Can appear messy
  • Not measured

Furthermore, kratom powder is arguably the commonest kratom product in the United States of America due to the consistent demand and convenience it offers. I prefer using my kratom power by adding it to my smoothies or juice.

  • Kratom Capsules

Kratom powders allow quick and efficient effects but can be bitter and tough to swallow, especially when using the “toss and wash” method. Super Speciosa, however, makes the kratom easy to consume by encasing it with gelatin-free, 100% natural plant-based capsules. The use of capsules masks the bitter taste of kratom. This solution, that is, easy-to-swallow kratom products, is one of the factors that place Super Speciosa above its peers.

Prices Of Kratom Capsules

Kratom capsules are enclosed in a jar, and each jar consists of 60 vegan capsules. Each of these capsules precisely contains 600 milligrams of kratom powder. They vary in prices due to their differences in strains.

Kratom Capsules



  • White Maeng Da Kratom Capsules cost $16.00
  • Green Maeng Da Kratom Capsules cost $16.00
  • Premium Bali Kratom Capsules cost $16.00
  • Red Bali Kratom Capsules cost $16.00
  • White Thai Kratom Capsules cost $16.00

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What Is Volume Of Kratom Powders In Kratom Capsules

The use of kratom capsules is the most consistent and predictable way of consuming kratom because they contain measured kratom powders. The kratom capsules of Super Speciosa products are filled to precisely contain 600 milligrams of kratom. The experience or effectiveness of the kratom products depends on their serving size—the lower the serving size, the optimal the effect.

We will, however, shed more light on this when we discuss kratom strains in the following subheading.

Kratom Strains

We have a variety of kratom strains in today’s market, and they usually differ in colors. These kratom strains include

  • Bali OG
  • Red Maeng Da
  • Red Kalimantan
  • Super Green Malaysian
  • White Borneo
  • Yellow Maeng Da
  • Yellow Thai

Meanwhile, specific functions have, however, been attached to the color of these strains. In some other cases, the color of the strains has been linked to the color of the leaf vein. These are, however, the common misconceptions about strains.

Meanwhile, Kratom leaves are, however, harvested and exposed to various drying techniques that have an impact on the color of the kratom powder. The color originates from the grading of kratom by color, that is, dark or light colors. The darkest colors are sold as “red” while the lightest colors are sold as “green,” and the in-between colors are sold as “white.” Read more about strains here.

What Determines The Effectiveness Of The Strains?

I once dropped feedback when I was not getting the effect I sought in the kratom, and I wanted to try another strain. At that point, I had not known that the strain color does not determine the effectiveness of kratom. Hence, I wanted to try new strains. But when I complained about this issue, I was advised to reduce my serving size, and my problem was solved with the blink of an eye.

What does this mean? It means the serving size of kratom plays a significant role in its effect. In other words, the optimal effects of kratom are achieved at the lowest necessary serving size. Therefore, Less is more.

  • Kratom Tablets
Super Speciosa kratom tablets consist approximately of 300 milligrams of 100% pure and natural pressed kratom leaf. Kratom tablets are neither held together by binders nor capsule barriers, thereby distinguishing them from the capsulated kratom products. These tablets—about 500 tablets—are stored in a bag and are sold in that manner.

Different Kratom Tablets Products And Their Prices


  • Red Maeng Da Kratom Tablets cost $59.99
  • Green Maeng Da Kratom Tablets cost $59.99
  • White Maeng Da Kratom Tablets cost $59.99
  • White Thai Kratom Tablets cost $59.99
  • Red Bali Kratom Tablets cost $59.99

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  • Kratom Tea Bags

This is another kratom product I like, and those that take tea or coffee every morning find this product convenient to use. Each of these tea bags contains powdered kratom, and the tea bags are stored in a pouch to protect them from external factors that could damage the tea bags.

  • I also find that each pouch contains 15 tea bags.
  • Each tea bag contains 4 grams of crushed kratom leaf.
  • 15 count tea bag cost $24.99
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Accepted Payment Options

One of the most significant factors that made me give Super Speciosa Kratom vendors a ten over ten is the variety of payment options. These payment options provided me with the convenience I need when I am not with my Mastercard. I also found out that I can be cashless and still pay for what I purchase via cryptocurrency. Wow! Isn’t that just amazing?

How To Save Money On Super Speciosa

There are various methods of saving money on Super Speciosa for every kratom product purchase.

These methods include;

  • By Signing up
Signing up for the Super Speciosa rewards program. This program involves the earning of points for every dollar you spend (5 points for every $1 spent). You can redeem your earnings to purchase kratom products at a discounted rate
  • By Using Promo Codes & Coupons
The use of Super Speciosa promo codes & coupons
  • By Using Gift Cards
The use of gift cards to make purchases. The use of gift cards to make purchases is arguably the best money-saving tool for getting more for less

Shipping And Delivery Method

Super Speciosa offers primarily two methods of shipping kratom products, and these are via Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express through the USPS, an acronym for United States Postal Services. Meanwhile, I noticed that the speed at which I get my orders vary with my location. I got my order faster (usually within a day) via UPS ground than when I selected USPS Priority Mail to Florida. Super Speciosa, however, does not specify the particular day my order will get to my doorstep—which is the only disadvantage I saw in their shipping process.

  • Orders placed before 2pm EST are shipped the same day.
  • Priority Mail service takes 2 or 3 days.
  • Don’t refund shipping costs if USPS does not deliver by the expected date.
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Locations Covered By Super Speciosa Shipping Map

Super Speciosa ships domestically from Florida (their headquarters) to various states in the U.S. except for the following :

States Where Kratom is Banned:

  • Alabama
  • Indiana
  • Vermont
  • Wisconsin
  • Arkansas
  • Rhode Island

Cities/Counties Where Kratom is Banned:

  • San Diego, California
  • Jerseyville, Illinois
  • Sarasota County, Florida
  • Oceanside, California
  • Ontario, Oregon
  • Union County, Mississippi


Super Speciosa is arguably one of the best domestic kratom suppliers in today’s market.


  • Their commitment to delivering high-quality kratom products is seen in the lab test to ensure contaminants, adulterants, heavy metals, and microbial contents are not present in their various kratom products.
  • They also grant access to customers to check the lab test results of every batch—a level of transparency absent in many kratom vendors. Hence, I can boldly say that Super Speciosa takes the safety of its customers as their number one priority.


  • Although they have disadvantages, they are nothing compared to the advantages they offer. It is better to wait for high-quality products than get a low-quality product in haste. Therefore, I strongly recommend this kratom vendor to anyone who wants the best.


#1- How do I make payments with Zelle?
Ans: Using Zelle is one of the secured ways of making payments for the kratom products you order. To pay with Zelle, your bank must have an option to send money with Zelle; hence, Zelle payments won't be possible if your bank doesn't support Zelle. If your bank supports it, all you have to do is select the Zelle option at checkout. Then you will be sent an email notification of the information you need to send your payment.
#2- Does Super Speciosa allow COD?
Ans: Yes! Super Speciosa accepts Cash on Delivery (COD). What does this mean? It means you can pay the mailman the sum of your purchases when the mailman delivers the goods. In cases where you are not around, the mailman would either leave a slip or postpone the delivery of your goods to the next day. You should, however, be aware that you are not allowed to pay the mailman with a credit card. There is an option for that method of payment!
#3- How long will it take for my order to arrive?
Ans: Super Speciosa does not guarantee customers the exact day they will receive their orders. But you will surely get your kratom products via USPS, which is pretty reliable in delivering your orders.
#4- Can I change my wrong shipping address?

Ans: This is one of the most significant factors that place Super Speciosa above its peers. You will be given a chance to correct your wrong address via Two way, either by calling 1-800-ASK-USPS or making request online at the USPD website. Then, your package will be redirected to the correct address. Therefore you do not have to worry about losing your money when you fill in the wrong address.

#5- How do I know if the kratom was tested for impurities?
Ans: Ans: Many kratom vendors are known for hiding their lab results, and a few of them have being reported for delivering kratom that is not safe to use. I see no reason why any legitimate and reliable vendor would hide such a piece of information. Super Speciosa provides transparency to customers and also goes as far as attaching QR codes on each kratom product. Therefore, allowing you to scan and check the lab report for that particular batch.
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