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Sunflower Jewels Review: Make Your Every Moment Great By Wearing Beautiful Jewellery

The holidays are quickly approaching, and that means… gifts! What’s different now than in years past is that shoppers need to do their shopping much sooner than ever before due to the ramifications of COVID. Whether it’s gifts for friends, family, or that significant other shoppers will be delighted at the selection of jewelry available at Sunflower Jewels. At Sunflower Jewels shoppers will find both quality and value in the selection of jewelry items.

Before shopping though, here are some tips that will not only make the shopping experience easier but may also provide a little extra savings too!

1Shopping the Bestsellers is Where the Savings Starts

  • Start by shopping the bestsellers at Sunflower Jewels first. This section of the online store is a collection of the most popular products sold at Sunflower Jewels by ranking of items sold. These jewelry items are popular because of their style and value.
  • Think of this section as being based off the recommendations of other shoppers at Sunflower Jewels. There is also an opportunity for shoppers to save even more. Many of the jewelry items in the bestseller section are also on sale at a discounted price from the regular retail price. That means even more savings on items that are already of great value!

2Know When to Shop Off-Season

  • Another way to save more money on the shopping experience is to shop during times of the year away from holidays. The easiest way for shoppers to keep up with when sales are happening is to sign up for the email newsletter.
  • The newsletter is full of great offers and sometimes even product promotions exclusive to email newslettter subscribers only! It is a correct assumption that the newsletter will have deals and promotions for upcoming holidays.
  • What shoppers may not know is that these types of deals and promotions happen throughout the year! Stay in the loop of when new products and promotions are available by simply subscribing to the Sunflower Jewels email newsletter.

3Compare Prices Online

  • There are a number of online sites that sell jewelry so it can be a bit challenging to some online shoppers when trying to compare prices between what can be purchased at Sunflower Jewels versus another online store. The best place to start is to search by material.
  • Most of the jewelry at Sunflower Jewels is either sterling silver or copper alloy. The second way to compare prices online is by the centerpiece such as cubic zirconia or other gemstone. Finally, shoppers should use size as a comparison tool for comparing prices with other online e-commerce stores.

Why Buy Jewelry Online Vs In Store?

  • Buying jewelry online is a convenient way to find a wider selection of styles and brands. Most brick and mortar stores are limited by the amount of jewelry that can be displayed in the display cases. The Sunflower Jewels online store is not limited to the physical restrictions of a retail location. This means access to a much larger amount of jewelry inventory! Some shoppers feel the need to visit the brick and mortar store in order to look at the jewelry closely.
  • At Sunflower Jewels customers do not have to have the anxiety of not being able to look at the piece of jewelry from all angles. Each product page has high resolution photographs that allow for customers to easily zoom into the details. Plus, each product page contains multiple photographs at many different angles. Now customers can shop with confidence!

Shop Now

  • Personalized Jewelry


  • When it comes to buying jewelry, many consumers are looking for personalized options. Why? Well, according to a study of 1,000 customers by Wessels Company, about 83% of respondents said they appreciate personalization.
  • Personalized jewelry (or any item for that matter) makes people feel special and is more likely to be worn regularly because it’s associated with specific people or events.
  • At Sunflower Jewels many of the jewelry items can be personalized with names, initials, calendars, dates and more which adds the memorable and sentimental touch to the fine jewelry.

  • Exquisite Rings

'Forever' Ring

  • When looking for a ring, customers need to make sure they find something that works with their personality and style. It doesn’t matter if there is a preference for classic designs or fun new trends, Sunflower Jewels has a wide selection of rings in all shapes and sizes.
  • And because the designs use only solid sterling silver or copper for the jewelry, it won’t lose its luster over time. Consider saving money by shopping for an affordable Sunflower Jewels ring, necklace, or bracelet from the website today!

  • Pendant and Choker Necklaces

Love Rose Necklace

  • One of the most popular categories at Sunflower Jewels is the beautiful choker necklaces and cute pendant necklaces ranging from $10-$50. Because of its malleability, silver can be shaped into thin wire and is less expensive than gold.
  • There are also many sterling silver pendant and choker necklaces available that feature bigger gems for a larger look without breaking your budget. Some gemstones will appear bigger in jewelry made from sterling silver than if it were made from another metal like gold because of its reflective properties and ability to refract light.
  • Charm Bracelets and Cuff Bracelets

A Dozen Roses Bracelet

  • One of the top sellers is charm bracelets and cuff bracelets. Charm bracelets allow a person to turn a simple, yet meaningful piece of jewelry into a unique and thoughtful gift that can be personalized and worn for years and years.
  • This is unique because charms can be added at any time that reflect a person’s personality, memories, interests, etc. Order a bracelet along with a collection of charms all at once and then give the gift of a charm for each special occasion.

  • Personalized Keychains

"Drive Safe I Need You Here With Me" Keychain

  • Keychains are a great gift idea for any person. Shoppers love the personalized keychains over the plain silver keychain. Some customers like to add their initials or names, which gives an otherwise ordinary item some extra flare, and makes it truly special.
  • Other shoppers have chosen to personalize with a special date in memory or a calendar marking a significant date.

Saving Money on Jewelry at Sunflower Jewels

Sunflower Jewels takes pride in keeping prices low while maintaining a high level of quality. All of this is to ensure all silver products are crafted by hand and have all been thoroughly inspected before being sold to their customers. The goal is to offer customers both elegance and affordability so that anyone can wear jewelry that means something to them, not just people with extravagant budgets.

Here are some additional ways to save and why customers love shopping at Sunflower Jewels.

Low Cost Shipping at Sunflower Jewels

Top 10 Shipping Lines Around The World - GoCometAt Sunflower Jewels, shipping is always low cost. Some online jewelry stores bait shoppers with a low price on a ring, bracelet, or necklace only to switch at checkout with a much higher than expected shipping and handling cost.

This is never the case at Sunflower Jewels and is supported by the fact that customers have received over 170,000 shipments worldwide. That many shipments and repeat customers just goes to support the case that Sunflower Jewels is a trusted brand who delivers exceptional value with low cost shipping.

Shopping with Discount Codes at Sunflower Jewels

Discount code |
Customers can save even more at Sunflower Jewels with discount codes. These are sometimes referred to as coupon codes. When available, these discount codes are sent out through the Sunflower Jewels newsletter, shared as a one time discount to customers, or found online through a web search. To receive the discount, customers just need to apply the code in the gift card or discount code box in the shopping cart. Once the apply button is clicked the discount appears automatically below the subtotal.

Newsletter Signup

How to Start a Newsletter in 12 Easy StepsSigning up for the Sunflower Jewels newsletter is another easy way to save money on jewelry. Each month, the company sends out an email letting you know about new pieces that are available, upcoming special events, and new things customers can do with their jewelry. Sunflower Jewels also regularly lets people know about new deals, discounts, sales, and other opportunities to save money. If getting ideas and saving money is not wanted, opting out of the emails is actually quite easy. Most customers appreciate the product updates and exclusive savings from the newsletter though.

Procrastination Can Save You Money Too

The Perfect Plan to Avoid Productive ProcrastinationWhen faced with a big purchase, it’s easy for some shoppers to focus solely on price. After all, no one wants to spend more than they have to. However, there are other ways shoppers can save money when buying jewelry. One thing that Sunflower Jewels does offer an extra incentive to jewelry shoppers who can’t quite decide whether to move forward with the purchase or not. Right now, shoppers can be greeted with a pop up that contains a special coupon code that offers a one time discount of 20% off the normal purchase. Shoppers won’t want to procrastinate too long though because the extra discount is only for a limited time only.

Other Helpful Tips for Shopping Jewelry

Be sure to read the reviews left by real Sunflower Jewels customers. There are well over 2,000 reviews and that number continues to grow and grow. This is a very important piece to consider when shopping. If the store has limited or bad reviews then this is a warning sign to not shop there. At Sunflower Jewels customers will see the complete opposite with literally thousands of happy customer reviews. This is important because these are actual customers sharing their feedback.


This is a list of frequently asked questions that shoppers can reference when shopping at Sunflower Jewels. If there are any additional questions customers can get them answered quickly through the contact page.

Email Confirmation not Received?
Ans: Every time an order is received, customers will receive an email confirming the items ordered, the amount charged, and the shipping destination. Unfortunately, sometimes these emails get eaten by the spam filter. Customers should first allow for 24 hours to receive the order confirmation email. If after that time a confirmation email has not been received then the next best step is to check the spam folder. If the email is still not there then reach out to customer service. From there the email can be resent and hopefully it won’t be captured by the SPAM monster.
Ordered the wrong size, need to make a correction?
Ans: If a mistake was made on the order such as the wrong size then this can be fixed but customers must act fast! Mistakes can happen but because Sunflower Jewels is so fast in fulfilling orders, these orders can be well on their way to the final shipping destination before the order can be corrected. Because of all of this, it is important for customers to know that there is a 24 hour policy at Sunflower Jewels. Any change request must be received within 24 hours from the order being placed or the change cannot be made.
Can Orders be Canceled?
Ans: Once an order is placed, a cancellation is not allowed. Exchanges, however can be made so long as the change request is made within 24 hours of purchase. At Sunflower Jewels it is all about speed and value. Customers have to be speedy quick or the order will already be on its way. Also, the same policy applies if the jewelry is customized. Exchanges cannot be made if the jewelry is customized or sized in any way.
How to Apply a Discount Code?
Ans: When shopping at Sunflower Jewels, just look for the box labeled gift card code or discount code. Enter the discount code here and click apply and the discount will appear right in the order total. Customers need to keep in mind that if a discount code does not work that it may be because the code was either entered incorrectly, has expired, or is for single use only and may have already been used by another customer.
It's been more than 1 week and an order still has not arrived?
Ans: Any customer who is still waiting for their order needs to first make sure that it has not been longer than one week from placing the order. Most orders from Sunflower Jewels arrives within one week. In the event that an order delivery exceeds one week then next step is to contact customer service. Typically most orders arrive very quickly. At Sunflower Jewels customers are treated to both value and speed of service and delivery!
Ans: Still not sure whether to purchase from Sunflower Jewels? Just read the thousands of raving reviews about the jewelry sold or the fantastic customer service at Sunflower Jewels! That many happy customers can’t be wrong!

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