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I enjoy love lifting weights to help keep myself in top shape and gain the health benefits from lifting regularly. Many times I am looking on the internet to find items I need or may want in the future. I have found almost every single item I have needed in one place and it is They have a lot of great quality items at reasonable prices items for sale such as;
  • Belts
  • Sleeves
  • IPF Approved Tear
  • Gym Equipment
  • Barbell
  • Apparel, and many accessories.
I feel like this online store has pretty much everything I need to kick butt in the gym and build muscle. From my head to toe, I am covered when I shop at

Support Gear

There are a great many different belts on the website for different needs, and they come in three varieties. Lever belts, Prong buckle belts, and Olympic weightlifting belts are available in a number of sizes and colors. Fit is everything with a belt and the function is a must for the serious lifter, to help protect the body. With so many belt options available, prices may vary, depending on the belt wanted and prices go from about $30 all the up to $100. Find the perfect belt that will work for you.

Lever Belts

One of the most popular belts used by avid athletes and powerlifters is Lever Belts. These belts give maximum support exactly where it is needed most. The belts come in different thicknesses. This IPF approved grey 10mm Lever Belt is an example of a high-quality belt that is for sale on the website and the price is $84.99.

Lever belt

Strength Shop 10mm Lever Belt
Price: $84.99

IPF approved


  • XS”20-30″
  • S”22-32″
  • M”26-36″
  • L”33-41″
  • XL”34-44″
  • XXL”38-45″
  • 3XL”40-48″

Prong Buckle Belts

Prong buckle belts are made from artificial material and will give high-quality support during heavy lifting. These belts are more subtle than the normal leather belts and this allows for the belt to shape and contour with the body. Even with the flexibility of the belt, the highest level of protection is present.

These belts are slightly less expensive than Lever Belts and an example on the website of a great Prong Buckle Belt is the 10mm Double Prong Belt, which is black and also IPF approved. The price of this belt is set at $59.99 and comes in a range of sizes from small waisted to larger waisted.

Prong Belt

Prong Buckle Belts
Price Start From: $59.99

IPF approved


  • XS”20-28″
  • S”24-33″
  • M”26-34″
  • L”30-38″
  • XL”32-42″
  • XXL”40-48″
  • 3XL”43-53″

Olympic Weightlifting Belts

This kind of belt is the most commonly used and you most likely have seen this belt wore at most any gym you have worked out at. These belts are generally 4-5mm thick, but thicker versions are available. For the money, this belt is one of the best buys, particularly for beginner weight lifters introducing themselves to heavy lifting. For the price of $44.99, this black weightlifting belt is currently available at the online store and comes in all sizes ranging from extra small to larger sizes.

Weightlifting Belt

Olympic Weightlifting Belts
Price Start From: $44.99

IPF approved


  • XS”24-27″
  • S”27-32″
  • M”30-38″
  • L”34-42″
  • XL”38-46″
  • XXL”42-50″

Every lifter has a preference and will decide which type of belt works best for them. If a friend is at the gym, ask to try on their belt to see how it fits. It’s a great way to test the belt before purchase. However, regardless of your belt of choice, the store at will have a belt that will work for your needs.

Variety of Weight Lifting Sleeves

Sleeves have become very common in gyms across the world. Powerlifters and weightlifters use these sleeves for the compression they provide.

  • Sleeves Function
Apply the sleeve to different body parts to help compress, warm up the muscle, and keep the muscle warm throughout a workout. The sleeves help to increase blood flow to the area and reduce pain associated with the area.
  • Type Of Sleeves
The knee, elbows, and calves area sleeves are all offered on the website at different prices, looks, and features. The Hercules Knee Sleeves, which are single ply are available on the site for the price of $19.99 and work really well. There are a number of sleeves available for all parts of the body mentioned. Wrist wraps, as well as knee wraps, are also available for purchase.

IPF Approved Gear

The International Powerlifting Federation checks on gear and if the gear lives up to their standards they will give it their seal of approval. Strength Shop USA understands quality and how important it is to clients. When it comes to approval, the International Powerlifting Federation means a lot to those pounding the weights. There is a complete section of the website dedicated to this high-quality gear that is IPF Approved gear.

Gym Equipment

There are a number of items available on the website that are basic items needed to successfully put in a day of lifting.

  • A Double Layer Strongman Sandbags
  • Chalk Balls
  • Olympic Flip Lock Collars
  • Deadlift Wedges
  • Farmers Walk Handles
  • the Spider Bar are all available on the website.

Sometimes these items do sell out, so be certain to grab them when they are available.

  • Barbells

  • There are a number of bars available and a number of other weight lifting barbell items and accessories.
  • Keep your plates secure by using the Olympic Flip Lock Collars, which come in a pair, for the price of $19.99.
  • Or, if you are looking for flashy bright pink-colored gear to hold your weights in place, try the Olympic Riot Collars, which are in pink, for the price of $24.99.


  • I need gym apparel that serves a function, however, I also love to look good when I am in the gym. I mean, feeling good and looking good are some of the main reasons I’m showing up daily to work out. Being comfortable is as important as looking good and I have found some high-quality items for you to try on.
  • The website has some great singlets such as this Powerlifting Singlet that is IPF Approved. There are socks, weight lifting shoes, and awesome t-shirts available as well that serve their function and also look cool.
  • Be sure to check out the site to see all available items. There are discounts available and even a clearance sale going on currently, so check it out and find what you need.

Discount and Coupons

Become an affiliate and get great discounts. Discounts are offered to orders exceeding $1000. If you own a gym contact the company for more information.

Clearance Sale

Many different belts, socks, and other items can be found on the website’s clearance page. Hurry fast, as these items sell out and are in limited stock.


Many of the most asked questions have been answered on websites FAQ page. Answering questions about the affiliate program to answers on gear.

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