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Secret Nature CBD Review: Explore The World of CBD Products

Are you thinking about experimenting with CBD? Have you heard about the numerous advantages it provides to humans? Do you want to learn more about how the cannabis plant may benefit your health but don’t want to get high in the process? But are you a bit unclear of where to begin when it comes to selecting a CBD brand to experiment with? Don’t be concerned. We understand your frustration and recognize how tough it may be to decide what to buy. It is true that there are many excellent CBD products available, but there are also many questionable personalities in the CBD sector.

As CBD enthusiasts, we feel that it is critical to provide customers with the highest-quality goods possible. That is why we have evaluated one of our favorite CBD brands available right now – Secret Nature. Secret Nature is a CBD firm that was founded by a group of ‘Cannabis aficionados‘ who wanted to share the natural power of the cannabis plant with the rest of the world. This company created its own brand and high-quality CBD products, harvesting the goodness from organic and natural hemp to produce a variety that people adore and continue to buy over and over again, and which they see as the pinnacle of everything related to CBD.

As a way of providing you a better understanding of what we like about Secret Nature, we have evaluated their items and provided you with our honest opinions on what we believe is good and bad about their products.

What Exactly is Secret Nature CBD?

Secret Nature is a company that takes CBD seriously. The firm was founded as a combination of qualified cannabis professionals and health practitioners in the beginning. As a result, what happened? Premium CBD products derived from the best that nature has to offer are available on the market. In addition to combining the greatest cannabis plant strains with high-grade cannabinoids and terpenes, Secret Nature CBD is an industry leader in CBD production. These companies blend their CBD tinctures with high-quality essential oils, natural flavorings, and other helpful phytochemical substances to make them even more effective.

A broad variety of products, including

  • Smokable hemp flowers
  • Pre-rolled CBD hemp,
  • Full-spectrum CBD vape pens, are available at the store.

Consumers will be able to discover something that suits their own lifestyle requirements thanks to this varied selection. Additionally, Secret Nature CBD sells CBD-themed clothes, CBD bundles, and a long-lasting battery and charger that can be used with the CBD vape cartridges, among other things.

All of their hemp flower product pages provide information on the cannabinoid concentration, whether the hemp flower is indica or sativa, as well as the taste and scent. Reviews for each strain may also be found on the product sites, making it simple to learn more about them. For all strains, the starting price is $40 for an eighth, with savings accruing when you purchase in increments of quarter, half, and ounce.

Secret Nature CBD also offers pre-rolls of all of their hemp strains, which may be purchased separately. Their pre-rolls are manufactured from their premium indoor hemp flower, which is grown on their premises. When it comes to ensuring the greatest cannabinoid concentration and best terpene profile, they don’t employ trim, shake, or biomass. Their hemp pre-rolls range in price from $15 for a pack of two to $40 for a pack of seven cigarettes.

CBD vape cartridges with the same strains are available for people who want to vape rather than smoke.

  • For a 700 mg cartridge, they charge $40, and for a 1200 mg cartridge, they price $65 (plus tax).
  • Additionally, they have distillation of other cannabinoids besides THC, such as CBN, CBG, THCV, and Delta-8, among others.
  • Finally, they sell a hemp flower extract for $90.00 a bottle, which may be used to flavor any dish or drink you like.

Products Offered By Secret Nature CBD

CBD Flowers

They grow flowers with the greatest concentrations of cannabinoids and terpenes, resulting in the most powerful, tasty, and effective CBD hemp flower available on the market at the time of writing. Using only organic ingredients, their flowers are strong in CBD and terpenes. They are produced in a controlled indoor setting, allowing them to create the ideal climatic conditions for the plants to develop and achieve their full potential, according to the company. Their food is always farm fresh since it is grown in tiny batches and harvested biweekly.

CBD Flowers

  • Frosted Kush ($40)

  • This indica strain has a strong scent of creamy cream and luscious berries, which makes it a great choice for relaxing. Its unique blossom structure is painted in neon green and frosted white, and it has a frosted white center.
  • Frosted Kush is the ideal strain for unwinding at the end of the day and entering a more grounded frame of mind. Consider taking a deep breath and inhaling your favorite dessert.

Indica – Relaxing

20.9% CBD (CBD+CBDA)

Top Shelf, Indoor Grown

  • Cobbler ($30)

  • This strain derives its name from a warm peach cobbler, which is precisely what it tastes like. Cobbler is a well-balanced yet uplifting sativa that may be used to improve the quality of any everyday task by infusing it with a sense of ease and motivation.
  • It has a moderate flavor and scent, with the most noticeable attributes being fresh pie, with undertones of peach and almonds in the background.

Sativa – Uplifting

17% + CBD (CBD+CBDA)

Top Shelf, Indoor Grown

  • Papaya Nights. ($40)

  • This uplifting sativa is bursting with sweet, juicy tastes like papaya, peach, and pear, and it has a fruity, uplifting high. Users have praised its remarkable capacity to elevate and deliver a great mood boost throughout the day, making it one of our most often requested strains.

Sativa – Uplifting


Top Shelf, Indoor Grown

  • Sweet Cake. ($40)

  • The aroma and flavor of this strain are reminiscent of a sweet cake, which is a good description. Customers have reported that they feel calm and/or ready for bed after consuming this powerful Indica.
  • Sweet Cakes taste is similar to taking a bite of raspberry cheesecake, thanks to its stunning, thick, bright green buds that are coated with orange hairs.

Indica – Relaxing


Top Shelf, Indoor Grown

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CBD Pre-Rolls

Pre-rolls are made from the same indoor-grown, organic CBD Hemp that is used in our flower tins, and they are a handy method to get the immediate benefits of full-spectrum CBD. They think that the highest-quality materials should be used to provide the highest-quality experience possible.

Pre Rolls

  • Delta 8 THC Pre-Rolls ($40)

  • With the increasing popularity of Delta 8 THC, this is a high-quality pre-rolled flower alternative for individuals who prefer to smoke rather than vape their cannabis.
  • Pre-rolls made with a combination of fresh ground Indoor Frosted Kush and CBG buds, as well as Delta 8, deliver a balanced, tasty, and smooth smoking experience.

  • Diesel Puff. ($40)

  • Diesel Puff is noted for its exotic, pointed, sticky buds, which are what it is most known for. One of the cleanest smokes on our menu, and it has a flavor that is quite similar to that of its famous THC-rich relative, the Sour Diesel.
  • This strain includes scents of Diesel, Gas, and Earth, as well as undertones of citrus and pine, and provides a clean, light, and uplifting experience.

  • Melon Frost. ($40)

  • Melon Frost is a one-of-a-kind strain that is bursting with the tastes of sparkling sour watermelon and gasoline.
  • Beyond having one of the most unusual flavor profiles of any CBD flower available, its buds are among the most visually appealing we have ever seen, ranging in color from neon purple to pale green and coated in trichromes that seem like tiny quartz crystals.
  • Its distinct terpene composition contributes to the creation of an extremely uplifting and concentrated experience.

  • Secret Nature CBD Vape. ($49)

  • Secret Nature CBD offers a wide range of vaping products for individuals who prefer this method of consumption. The variety of vaping products available for purchase includes a variety of vape pens and cartridges.
  • There are a myriad of tastes available, and the strains are divided into three categories: indica, sativa, and hybrid.
  • There are no artificial flavorings or additives, and you can choose between distillates and THCV as a base ingredient.

  • Secret Nature CBD Tincture. ($89)

  • Despite the fact that they don’t have a large range of CBD tinctures, what they do have is rather good. Their CBD tincture contains a whole spectrum of cannabinoids. Not only does it include high-quality CBD extract, but it also contains a variety of other beneficial ingredients such as hemp seed oil, terpenes, black seed oil, and peppermint essential oil.
  • Many of these chemicals have the potential to have significant impacts. Take, for example, black seed oil, which is a superfood that has several health advantages for the body. This tincture is of great quality, despite the fact that some may not be pleased with the price.

  • CBD Hemp Cigars. ($90)

  • If you’re searching for something really unique, then look no farther than the Secret Nature CBD hemp cigar from Secret Nature. 3g organic CBD hemp buds, 0.4g CBD hash, and 0.5g CBD isolate are used to create this product. However, that is not where the hemp story stops. It is also hand-rolled in organic hemp leaves over a 6-week period, resulting in a product that contains over 1500mg of CBD but just trace amounts of psychoactive THC.
  • With no tobacco in the CBD hemp cigar, you can sit back and enjoy a pure, tranquil and relaxing smooth smoke of the Sweet Cake strain or the hybrid strains that are both energizing and relaxing, such as the Dough Boy hybrid strain.
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Secret Nature CBD Review December 2021 - CBD Clinicals

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Secret Nature CBD

Q- So, what distinguishes Secret Nature CBD from other hemp-based CBD vendors?

A- Secret Nature CBD was founded by a group of people who have all worked in the legal marijuana industry. As a result, they have developed a distinctive approach to the hemp sector. When they first entered the hemp sector, their objective was to replicate the artisanal marijuana experience in hemp, which they achieved. They recognized that no one had really pushed the frontiers of industrial hemp breeding in the same way that they had with its cannabis-related relative.

Tyler Thorton, one of the company’s founders, is on a quest to apply what he has learned over the course of years of marijuana strain research to the field of hemp production. Secret Nature CBD is experimenting with producing their own hemp strains by crossing strains that hemp users are already familiar with and enjoying. They make an effort to include terpenes that are both distinctive and strong in their strains. Terpenes are the chemical compounds that give plants their distinctive scent and taste.

Q- What do Secret Nature CBD customers have to say about the product?

A- Secret Nature CBD has received over 2,000 reviews on their website in total. Apart from product-specific reviews that can be found on all product pages, they also offer a page on their website dedicated to reviews. Customers are generally pleased with their purchases. The majority of negative evaluations are based on the fact that they sell out of certain strains and products far too rapidly. All things considered, Secret Nature CBD is a reputable hemp retailer.

Q- What is their policy on shipping and returns?

Shipping Policy:

  • They provide expedited shipping to any location in the United States. All products are shipped by Priority Mail from the United States Postal Service. Please allow 24-48 hours for order processing before orders are sent.
  • You may only return unopened items within 30 days of delivery for a full refund or exchange; however, you will be responsible for the cost of postage for any exchanges or refunds.
  • If the return is a consequence of their fault, such as if you received an inaccurate or defective goods, you will receive a full refund for the item as well as the shipping fees you paid to acquire it.

Return Policy:

  • You have 24 hours from the moment of purchase to cancel your order and receive a full refund of your money. In order to maintain the stringent nature of CBD payment processing, cancellations made after the 24-hour period will not be repaid.
  • Chargebacks that exceed specific restrictions will be denied, and payment processing may be terminated as a result. They do, however, provide alternate return solutions such as cash app, venmo, and other such services.

3 Ways You Can Save Money on the Secret Nature CBD

  • Leave items in the cart.
If you have a registered account on the website, you can try this trick. All you have to do is to leave items in the cart and don’t check out. The website will reach out to you and offer price discounts for the items in the cart.
  • Shop on special days of the year.
Cyber Monday, Christmas, Black Friday, Easter etc are days when you can expect price discounts to be offered on various items thereby saving you money.
  • Take advantage of price slash.
Ensure you seize the chance to take on price discounts offered on other days of the year. The vendor offers price slashes on different products from time to time.

Conclusion – The Verdict

They put a lot of effort into their products, and it shows in their work. The quality of each category far beyond our own expectations. You may choose from a large selection of CBD flower, which is a great alternative for many individuals who enjoy smoking marijuana. CBD aficionados will like their selection of delectable flavors, as well as their vaping alternatives.
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