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Russell Stover Review : Everything You Should Know

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we often cannot help but think about the best chocolates to gift our partners. February 14 is the day of love, and most couples plan a romantic dinner while friends organize fun parties. While we love great dinners and nights out with friends, most of us dream of getting chocolates on that day.

Moreover, there are holidays like Easter and Christmas where we expect to eat chocolates.

You would wonder why right? The moment we enter February or near any holiday, all shopping malls, supermarkets, drug stores, and other shops are packed with a variety of chocolate, which is so tempting. I would not have any issue trying all the chocolate options in the stores, but everybody must know the best brand to give their sweethearts during the month of love.

Product Variety And Cost

If you want to get extraordinary chocolates without breaking your bank, Russell Stover is the best option for you. Their products are affordable because of the discounts and promotion codes they give customers. What’s more, they protect goods when shipping them during warm weather at no additional cost.

Furthermore, the store has a variety of products, including sugar-free chocolates with different flavors to meet the needs of all their clients. The company also offers different chocolate flavors like strawberry cream and caramels.

Product Features

  • Russell Stover is classic chocolate to gift your loved one on Valentine’s Day. When we dive into the box, we find exceptionally smooth chocolate.
  • The chocolates are dark, and many people that tested them loved their depth and high quality. Therefore, if you are a rich dark chocolate fan, Russell Stover is for you.
  • The chocolate is packed in a slim box with seven ounces. Moreover, the box contains eleven different chocolate varieties.
  • Of the chocolate options in the box, coconut clusters and coconut creams were loved most. Also, some individuals loved molasses chews and caramels.
  • However, according to some people, other chocolate types in the box, like strawberry cream and nougats, had poor taste.

Pros And Cons of Shopping At The Store

Russell Stover stores have the following advantages;


  • They serve hand-dipped ice cream
  • The outlets have many shelves of bagged and boxed shelves
  • They also have sections of sugar-free products
  • They have themed products and premade baskets depending on the occasion
  • The shops have friendly staff
  • They also offer a wide variety of discounted chocolate flavors
  • Some outlets give clients free chocolate samples
  • Russell Stover’s chocolates are extremely smooth and creamy


  • Some people do not like the way the chocolates are too sweet and chewy

Russell Stover gifts

Rewards Club Loyalty Program

There are perks to being a Russell Stover rewards club member like:

• Earn rewards when they buy products

• Get exclusive discounts

• Have prior knowledge of new products, and they are the first to try them

• They can accumulate points and redeem them online and in stores.

 Gift Cards, Business Gifts and Volume Discounts

How To Make A Quick Order

The store has a quick order process to enable clients to navigate easily. You can make an order online from any of the company’s catalogs. You will need to enter the SKU number from the catalog and the item quantity on a form and click the order button.

Order Now

Promotions Guide

Russell Stover wants to make sharing and celebrating a memorable experience with our incredible candy gifts. That is why they offer promotion codes ad coupons for all their clients’ favorite chocolate flavors.

  • Save Up
You can save up to 20% on your best Russell Stover chocolate. Additionally, you can get free standard shipping for orders worth $60-$600 on their current promotions.


#1-Does Your Company Offer Factory Tours?

The company does not give customers a tour of the factory.

#2- How Do I Find Russell Stover Chocolate Store Nearby?

The firm has a Find a Store feature to enable you to locate their outlets and retail venues across the country.

#3- How Long Will the Chocolate Last?

Refer to the Best Before date indicated on the product’s packaging. The Best Before date ensures you understand the freshness of our chocolates.

You can still enjoy the candies after the date has passed. But the store recommends eating it a few months before the Best Before date passes to enjoy peak freshness.

#4- Where Are Your company’s Products Manufactured?

Russell Stover produces all chocolates in their three factories in the United States.

#5- Do Russell Stover’s Products comply to keto?

The products are part of a keto-friendly lifestyle since they use ingredients with minimal glycemic index effects.

#6- Does Your Store Have Vegan Products?

The Company does not have any items that can be considered vegan.

#7-How Can I Place an Order?

You can mail your order to Russell Stover address or fax it. If you need assistance ordering their products, you can contact them on the phone. One of the service agents will guide you through the process.

#8-What Mode of Payment Does Your Firm Accept?

The online store accepts Discover, MasterCard, American Express, and Visa. In addition, you can redeem gift cards online.

You need to order by phone if you are paying with a check or money order. However, the store does not accept credit cards issued internationally.

#9- How Does The Company Protect My Personal Information?

Russell Stover has invested in advanced security software systems, protected servers, and encryption to ensure customers’ data is safe. Also, the company has a privacy policy that prevents them from selling or sharing your information with third parties.

#10-Does Your Store Ship Products on the Same Day?

If you make your order before noon Central Time, they will ship on the same day. However, during warm weather, they will need an extra day to prepare the package.


  • To conclude
If you want tasty and affordable chocolates in February or any other occasion, Russell Stover is a great option that chocolate lovers will appreciate.


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