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RotoMetals Review: Possible To Buy Metals, Custom Alloys And Other Stuff Now


One of the best places to get the best metals, zinc sheets, custom alloys, and other cool stuff is rotometals. They have a wide range of products which are suitable for your use. They also offer custom options when you give them specifications of what you need. And one more thing is their rates are very affordable!!!!!!

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 Aluminum Anodes/Ingots


  • Rotometals offers a variety of aluminum-zinc alloy anodes to prevent corrosion and strengthen your boat. Their aluminum anodes are 94% aluminum, 6% zinc, and traces of indium and silicon. This unique alloy also make excellent working and sacrificial anodes.

The Current Mil Spec A-24779 

  • Indium .014-.020%
  • ​Zinc  4.0-6.0%​
  • Silicon .08-.20%
  • ​Aluminium Balance  ~ 95%

Production fees:

  • They charge extra per production lot for military-grade aluminum anodes with Mil-Spec A-24779

 Shipping and Packaging

  • They will quote you. $99+ free shipping!



Processing: It is possible to harden other metals by melting and incorporating antimony and antimony alloys. You can harden your lead alloys with our Super Hard alloy, which melts at only 750 F, rather than using Antimony, which melts at more than 1100 F.


Babbitt Bearing Alloys

Coined from the name of Isaac Babbitt, the white metal alloy got its name in Babbitt in 1839. Other white metals containing tin, copper, and antimony have been referred to as Babbitt over time. you can occasionally replace tin with lead. Is Babbitt metal an alloy?

Babbitt Bearing Alloys

Usage:Babbitt metal, also spelled Babbitt Metal, is any of several tin- or lead-based alloys used as bearing material for axles and crankshafts.

Buy RotoMetals Indium Ingot 99.99%RotoMetalsCompare Tin vs Zinc| Compare properties

Bearing Pouring Instructions

No oil can seep between the liner and shell of the bearing because of the babbitt, which we must carefully pour into a dense, solid mass. When the Babbitt and shell do not have a solid bond, oil seeps in, and hydrostatic pressures build-up, causing the babbitt to vibrate and eventually crumble as a result.

Select the correct babbitt and pour your bearings as follows to ensure long-life bearings:

  • Clean the Bearing Shell

Remove foundry scale, dirt or rust with grinding wheel, sand blast, file, wire brush, or by chipping. Remove all oil or grease, either by burning or by scouring with hot caustic solution. (If caustic is used, rinse thoroughly with hot water.)

  • Heat the Bearing Shell
If the shell has been heated to remove oil, no further heating may be needed. Otherwise, heat to about 500?F., being careful to heat evenly. Remove any soot with wire brush.

  • Apply flux
Apply flux to the surface of the bearing shell and immediately rub with a bar of Tin or 50/50 Solder. Work as fast as possible–use flux liberally. As soon as each area has been covered with tin or solder and while the shell is still hot, scrub the surface with a soft wire brush. This bonds the tinning material to the bearing shell
  • After Tinning Is Completed

While still hot, wipe surplus flux and tinning alloy from surface with a woolen cloth.

  • Stir Babbitt
To ensure uniform temperature throughout, stir the metal thoroughly from bottom to top. Skim dross from surface.
  • Use Large Ladle
If possible, use a ladle large enough to pour the entire bearing at one dipping. If not possible, use two ladles, pouring simultaneously. Immerse ladles in babbitt pit for five minutes before pouring, to properly heat them.
  • Continue To Add Babbitt
As the babbitt begins to shrink down into the bearing, continue to add molten metal to prevent formation of shrinks and to assure a denser mass. Pouring temperatures listed in the descriptions are subject to variation depending on size of bearing and temperature of bearing shell.




Usage:whether you need it for the creation of custom alloys or any other purpose. Bismuth metal is 99.99% pure.
Specifications:They sell their bismuth in pound-sized chunks. You can rest assured that this is one of the best bismuth metals on the market.



Usage:They make custom anodes in various sizes and alloys and the standard Hull Anodes available.


Aluminum anodes meet the current MIL-A-24779 standard, while zinc ones meet the current MIL-A-18001K standard (ASTM B-418 Type 1).

The lead time for aluminum anodes is between two and three weeks. You would have to provide the dimensions, quantity, and alloy needed via fax, email, or phone.


Bullet Casting Alloys

Usage: Bullet Casting Alloy consists of 2% tin, 6% antimony, and 92% lead – also known as “hardball” bullet casting alloy. You are purchasing 10lbs of this bullet alloy ingot, so if you need a total of 20lbs, simply order a quantity of 2 for this item. Casting your bullets has numerous advantages, regardless of whether you’re a hunter or just shoot for fun.
Shipping And Customer feedback:They appreciate reviews. As a result of these and other publications, they’ve been able to get some press for our casting alloys. Shipping is free for any order over $149.
At Rotometals, you’ll find everything from bullet lead alloys to linotype alloy ingots to casting retainer putty and more. Custom blends and lead-free bullet alloys are also available.



Feature Of  99.99% Pure Bismuth Metal
Usage:Reloaders can now use a Bismuth Shot alternative that is lead-free and non-toxic. For waterfowl and upland game birds, Rotometals Bismuth Shot is an excellent alternative to lead shot. Bismuth Shot from Rotometals is a superb alternative to lead-free ballast weight and has a density similar to lead.

You can still use the Bismuth shot in a variety of ways! Like those on a golf ball, the small satellites or tails on BBs help reduce air drag by making them less sticky in the air. Bismuth Shot is the only non-toxic shot that performs as close to lead as any other non-toxic shot.

Accessibility:Very few Bismuth Shot manufacturers produce “perfectly round” rounds today.



Copper & Nickel Metal

Click to Download Copper Metal Sheet& Nickel Metal Sheet


Crab Shrimp Pot Anodes and Fishing/Hunting Weights

Specifications: These two anodes are made to Mil-Spec Zinc Alloy A-18001K, 99.5 percent zinc with a small amount of aluminum and cadmium, and our Aluminum Crab/Lobster Pot anodes conform to MIL-A-24779, which is approximately 94 percent Aluminum and 6 percent Zinc.




Usage: Rotometals offers decorative and ornamental nails and clavos for accessorizing zinc sheets. These lovely nails will enhance any project, from tables and counters to bars and hoods. They provide mill-finished zinc sheets, pre-patinated zinc sheets, and our famous DIY zinc sheet patinas.
Specifications: They have rustic studded nails, circles, squares, and 5-point star nails. Rotometals are the best choice for nail heads for zinc sheets. Rotometals advises pre-drilling the zinc holes before taping and gluing the nails into your table, countertop, etc

Today's New products from Rotometal -


Galvanizing Products

Usage:It protects ferrous metals and bonds to iron and steel. Regal contains zinc and offers corrosion protection comparable to hot-dip galvanizing. You can check out more information here.


Indium Metal

Usage:We have indium powder and ingots. We can produce indium in various forms. 313.9F Melting Point

We can supply 1 ounce or 100 kilos. Please email or call for bulk pricing. Here is  the current indium SDS Sheet



Usage: If you’re a hunter, we have soft lead bullets for casting and reloading. Any of their high-quality lead ingots will help you cast perfect bullets every time.
Availability: They have lead weights and sinkers for fishermen! Their cannonball sinkers are the preferred weight of salmon and steelhead fishermen.

They also sell scuba diving weights from 1 to 4 pounds, along with their pure lead bars and other items.




Price: These are available in either general steel casting or bottom pour. The general casting ladles cost less. The bottom pour ladles are more expensive but self-skimming and clean. This maintains a uniform pour rate and prevents contamination.
Specifications: These are for metals under 1000 F. Metals melted in these ladles will flake and form holes. The zinc in the pewter will corrode the steel pots in our furnaces. These pots are safe for our tin-based pewters.






Lead sheet is used for radiation shielding, gaskets, ballasts, and corrosion resistance lining.

1/64 acoustic lead sheet “thick and comes in various sizes up to 4′ x 20′. It has high density, natural limpness, and adaptability.

Specifications: ASTM B749-03 & QQ-L-201f Grade C are all 99.9% pure lead shielding products. Our pure lead sheets have a.005 thickness tolerance and a 1/8 “cut size.




Size:Their fusible alloys come in 2-3/8″ x 2-3/8″ x 5/8″ square ingots. In addition to gravity casting, these alloys can be used in other casting methods.
Specifications: Rotometals offer low-melting-point metals with bismuth, lead, tin, cadmium, and indium. They are also known as Cerro metal alloys. Their applications include casting, tube bending, fixturing, soft metal die machining, anchoring and supporting castings, and interrupted cuts.





For freshwater, use magnesium anodes; for salt or brackish water, use zinc anodes or rods. Steel cores all magnesium pencil anodes and rods.

Magnesium products cannot be used for fire starting and must be 99.9% pure.

Specifications: Unless otherwise noted, all rods are made to the following anode grades: 30% Aluminum, 2% Manganese, 1% Zinc, 98% Magnesium.

Click here to download the Magnesium SDS Sheet.





Lead shot and reloading supplies from Rotometals include Magnum lead shot and ballast weight shot. With less density, magnum lead shot creates tighter patterns. Magnum shot is better for long-range shooting. If you only need a shot for ballast, they recommend a reclaimed lead shot-click  Here


Other Products

  • Pewter Alloys


  • Rotometals offers lead-free pewter ingots and alloys, which are best for creating jewelry, gifts, collectibles, novelty items, accessories, awards, or decorations. Pewter is a low melting point alloy that is easily shaped, making it ideal for casting.


  • Their pewter alloys are cast into 1 pound ingots that are 3/4″ x 1-1/2″ x 4″. Rotometals are the best resource for pewter casting for artists, hobbyists, and crafters. Click Hereto download the Putty SDS Sheet
  • Putty Hi Temp Casting

Download the Putty Hi-Temp Casting SDS sheet Here

  • Scuba Weights


  • The soft outer material allows the thousands of balls to conform to your equipment and body shape. These soft diving weights will protect you from the bruising caused by other hard weights resting on your hip bone.
  • These weights are used for cold water, deep water, professional, recreational, and more. Soft Scuba Diving Weights are popular among divers of all levels.


  • They are made of soft, flexible quality nylon mesh bags with double-stitched sewn seams for strength and no lead-shot loss. These weights are made with brand new #4 shot, not used shot from shooting ranges, so there are no sharp edges, foreign matter, or little fragments in the weight.
  • Scuba Weights come in 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5-pound weights. A visible printed tag shows the weight of each bag.
  • Solder

Regular Bar solder is sold by the stick, with a 50-pound minimum order for Tri-Bar solder.

Solder Uses:

  • 63/37 Tin/Lead – Low melting point, good flow. Electrons, stainless steel
  • 60/40 Tin/Lead – The most common electronic dipping solder. That makes it ideal for delicate work.
  • Tin/lead 50/50 – General purpose solder for tinning and sheet metal work.
  • This solder is 40/60 tin/lead.
  • Machine and torch soldering 30/70 Tin/Lead

Download the Solder Sheet.

  • Tin Metal

Rotometals has pure tin plates and electroplating tin anodes in stock. Their tin is 99.9% pure and comes in many forms. They have tin cut wire pieces, ingots, long bars, and popcorn flakes for all your special projects. Tin has been used since the Bronze Age (3000 B.C.). This silver-colored metal is highly malleable, making it ideal for electroplating and corrosion protection. It is a post-transition metal with many uses.

Tin Uses:

  • Selling and plating
  • Copper pot repair
  • Magnetic conductors
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Food storage

Browse our tin products to find what you need. Rotometals is the best place to buy online, with competitive prices and free shipping on orders over $99!

  • Zinc Anodes


  •  Anodes protect buried or submerged metal structures from corrosion. A sacrificial zinc anode works by “sacrificing” itself between two other metals. The anode will corrode before the other two metals. Anodes are used in many applications, from boats to offshore pipelines, and should be changed annually.
  • Rotometals provide high-quality zinc anodes. They also have zinc ingots, cast rods, extruded rods, and wire.
  • Over 70% of North American zinc die castings use Zamak 3 ingots. From Zamak 3 to Zamak ZA 8 ingots, we guarantee you won’t find better zinc products at better prices. Shop their zinc metal products today!

  • Zincs-Pencil/Engine

Sacrificial anodes, pencil anodes, and engine anodes are all terms for zinc rods that are consumed by electrolytic action to protect your expensive equipment from damage and deterioration, and corrosion.

They offer zinc rods for hot and cold water applications to protect against corrosion and scaling. Suitable for seawater. MIL-A-18001K zinc alloys (aka ASTM B-418 Type 1)


  • Zn %                       Balance
  • Fe %                        0.001
  • Cu %                       0.001
  • Cd %                       0.054
  • Pb %                       0.002
  • Al %                        0.24

They have five types of Pencil/Engine Zinc Anodes; follow the links below to see each one:

  1. Type C
  2. Type P
  3. Type G
  4. Type S
  5. Type E- series 

  • Zinc for Roofing


  • They have cut zinc roof strips for many exterior purposes. We stock.7mm/.027″ thick sheets in both Natural Zinc and Pre-Patina finishes. A zinc sheet is ideal for both exterior and interior architectural applications. This product meets all ENG 988 Standards.


  •  Zinc’s natural self-healing properties protect your zinc roof for years. The blue-gray patina and natural surface of zinc blend well with most building materials and environments, both modern and traditional. In addition, these zinc panels can be used for rain goods like gutters and downspouts.

Zinc Armor is designed to inhibit the growth of moss, algae, mildew, and fungus on roofs, concrete, asphalt, and other surfaces. They offer both standard and heavy-duty in.008″ (34 gauge) (22 gauge). Each inch of Zinc Armor protects 10′ of roofing.

View some roofing projects done with our zinc Here and download the Zinc Sheet

  • Zinc Sheets


  • Zinc is featured in Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, and Williams-Sonoma. Zinc sheets are great for countertops, range hoods, roofing, and more! We stock the widest range of zinc sheets in pre-cut lengths.


  • Rotometals’ rich patina options include Black Magic, Cupric Sulfate, and Iridescent Bronze. These faux patinas will give you a warm, lived-in feel. The complete sample kit isHere. See our photo gallery and video series for installation ideas. Please contact us if you have any questions.

  • Custom Metal Casting

  • Many local and national foundries can do your custom metal gravity casting. We have special deals with these foundries and can offer low batch setup fees by combining multiple pours. you can pour any combination of these metals to form a custom alloy for you.
  • They only build square, circle, and rectangle molds. They also charge by the pound, depending on the mold’s metal, quantity, and complexity.
  • Custom counterweights, sailboat keels, window weights, or any other metal part.

For questions or a quote, you can email or Call Us 1-800-779-1102.

  • Metal We Buy Back

Check out to get their prices and shipping options if you send them a list of what you’d like to sell back, along with a picture of the material.

Here are some of the metals they buy:

  • There must be no paint on the lead ingots, sheets, or random pieces
  • Reclaimed lead shot with no dirt
  • Antimony in any form is acceptable.
  • Tin Plating Anodes, Ingots – any form of tin is acceptable.
  • Indium can be used in any shape or form.
  • Bismuth
  • Tin/Lead/Antimony Solder

You can send them a small sample of your metal to ensure that they can buy it from you:


Attn-Buy Back

865 Estabrook St

San Leandro, CA 94577

  • Resources / Forms

Frequently Asked Questions

#1- Can I return something I don’t want?

Yes, they will deduct our shipping costs from your refund. It is 30 days return/exchange policy. Restocking fees apply to all refunds/exchanges.

#2- Does your free shipping cover all orders?

Free shipping applies to website orders of $149.00 (USD) or less for small items that fit in 12″ or smaller boxes. Larger items like zinc and lead sheets, boat and pot anodes, and lead bricks are exempt from free shipping rules. Anything marked “free freight” or “freight included” ships free. Orders placed by phone, fax, or email do not qualify for free shipping. Free shipping is only for US orders.

#3- Can I get my metal quicker?

They always do their best to get it out to you within 24 hours if you select a defined shipping service speed during checkout.

#4- What is the hardest metal?

Tungsten is the strongest natural metal in terms of the tensile strength (142,000 psi). But tungsten is a brittle metal that shatters on impact. Titanium has a tensile strength of 63,000 psi.

#5- What affects an alloy’s hardness?

Carbon content, grain size, and alloying elements can all be used to calculate the hardenability and rate of austenite transformation. Carbon provides hardness, while alloying elements determine how deep it occurs.

#6- Do you ship internationally?

They only ship to Connecticut law enforcement and active military personnel; they do not ship to other states. They cannot ship to APOs.

#7- How does AR500 Armor protect against multiple hits, single hits, and stabs?

Body armor AR500 usually outperforms the industry standard in multi-hit capability in the rated calibers. Ceramic and Kevlar, for example, are more easily damaged when struck in the face. It frequently loses material and becomes useless after a few rounds. Due to its advanced steel core, AR500 Armor loses very little material after a strike. Instead of the steel core, we use a protective coating on the exterior to reduce spall and fragmentation. This increases our armor’s Multi-Hit capability while extending its lifespan.

#8- Is my privacy guaranteed?

Your personal information is kept strictly confidential and will not be used in ways you have not consented to. They will also never sell your information to a third party.

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