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Recycled Firefighter Review: Find Most Unique Bags & Packs Made By Hand

You are reading this post probably here because you have struggled with finding a good wallet or backpack to suit your needs. Choosing the right products or a reliable brand is not often a straightforward process. However, don’t worry, many other people face the same problem, and it’s why this guide should be helpful.

About Recycled Firefighter

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Refers to a brand company that makes repurposed firehose wallets or bags. The wallets are available in different price categories and materials to suit the needs of users. Jake Starr is the maker of the wallets, and he is a firefighter by profession.

He started the company as a side hustle after realizing that his firefighter income would not be sufficient. Jake initially started by producing hammocks but later moved on to wallets because of their ease of use. He also created the company to help fill the considerable gap in the customized wallet designs across the world today.
The company always takes a sustainable approach in making its products. In fact, since its inception, the company has repurposed over 15,000 feet of decommissioned fire hoses for its products. That is one of the main reasons the company has acquired a large audience in such a relatively short time.
The Sergeant
The first wallet he made was The “Sergeant,” which had an excellent debut. Nowadays, the company’s product campaign has increased to include different product types.



The product portfolio that the Recycled Firefighter brand offers is diverse and includes the following products:



While The Sergeant was the debut product of the firefighter brand, the company also offers various other products.

These include the

  • Traditional Bifold
  • Men’s Bifold
  • Front Pocket Wallet

Additionally, each wallet features high-quality materials to ensure longevity and a unique aesthetic design. So, you always feel good about removing your wallets in public.



Similar to the unique diversity in the wallet products category, Recycled Fire Fighter also has different bags.

These include the

  • 12 Hour Backpack
  • 72 Hour Duffle Bag
  • Barrel
  • Other types of backpacks

The company makes each backpack brand using high-quality and heavy-duty materials. So, you always look good and still have a spacious bag that can carry different personal items.

Product Features

The products that the Recycled Firefighter Brand offers is diverse and offers the following unique features:

Designs And Aesthetics

  • Both the bags and wallets have different unique designs or patterns.
  • For instance, the bag packs are available in various unique camouflage designs that look appealing and excellent outdoors.
  • There are also plain bag designs available in multiple colors, including dark blue and brown.
  • The wallets also have different designs, with the Bifold design being the most common.

Functionality & Utility

The bags are also available in different types, which are backpacks and duffle bags.

Duffle Bags
The duffle bags tend to the large classes and provide optimal space for travel or storing items such as gym wear.
The backpacks are different and are suitable for storing small items such as laptop computers.
Ergonomics is also another crucial aspect of the backpacks offered by the Recycled Firefighter brand. The straps and the general feel of the backpacks are exceptionally comfortable, making them ideal for carrying heavy items with ease. The bags are also suitable for hikers or campers who have to walk for several hours outdoors.
The wallets are also available in different designs, including the Seargent, Rookie, Captain, and Lieutenant. Each product category represents an extra level of quality and functionality.

Average Prices

Wallets Range
The wallets range between $29 to $39, making them a highly affordable entry-level solution for storing different items.
Bags Range
The bags have a price range that averages between $59 to $179.

Pros And Cons

Below are some of the benefits of the products provided by Recycled Fire Fighter products:


  • Each product comes with a warrant, and there is a coupon for specific offers.
  • The company used decommissioned fire hose products that guarantee quality.
  • The diversity of bag designs offer users different choices.
  • The company has a reliable customer support team and members.
  • The wallets also have different functions and utility offers.
  • One can place orders for customer bag and wallet designs.
  • Each product design comes from hundreds of hours of experience and research.


  • The coupons and warranty offers have definite limits.
  • Some products at the store often run out of stock due to high demand.

Discount And Coupons

The company has relatively strict regulations when it comes to discounts and coupon offers. The main reason for this is probably the hours of painstaking work that goes into making these products. A good coupon example would be the 20% offer for any items you purchase from the store.
Save 20% Off

You may have to get in touch with the customer team or search online stores that offer coupons. However, the company has stated that BOGO orders, deep discount codes, and more are not eligible for returns.

Warranty / Return Policy

Firefighter Backpacks

Like every other product brand out there today, the Recycled Fire Fighter brand has a specific warranty for each product. The warranty duration for the products averages 30 days, but they don’t offer an exchange. Items you have bought through coupons or those that come with free additions are also not eligible for exchanges. Once you return an item, you will have to wait for the support team to evaluate its quality. The support team will send a notification informing you of the outcome of the product analysis.


#1- Is There a Minimum Fee for Free Product Shipping?
Ans: Yes, there is a minimum free shipping level for orders in the USA, which averages at $99. You may have to contact the support team for more information on this issue.
#2- When Do You Ship Items?
Ans: Expect the company to ship your items in 24 – 48 hours, and the products should be on your side in less than one week. The company is working to improve its delivery times, mainly due to the increased number of orders.
#3- When Will You Have More Items in Stock?
Ans: Currently, the company is still working to identify suitable product offer categories to suit the needs of its consumers. You should expect something new at the store soon.
#4- What Happens if I Still Have More Questions? How Can I Contact Recycled Firefighter?
Ans: You can contact the support team at the company through email. The support team should give a response to your query in a few hours.

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