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Plain Jane Review: A Five-Star CBD Brand

All of the excitement around CBD and its many advantages is completely justified, and the hype is completely justified. Considering all of the advantages that CBD provides, one can legitimately argue for its inclusion in more legislation and for more public support. CBD products have been criticised in the past, but owing to extensive study and analysis, CBD has been shown to be both safe and beneficial in the modern day.

Now that CBD products are becoming more widely available, a slew of new companies are springing up all over the place, making it difficult to determine which is the most trustworthy. It is at this point that we reach Plain Jane.

Keep in mind that I’m not making a reference to A$AP Ferg’s song; rather, I’m making a reference to the CBD Brand.
Plain Jane is a well-known firm that manufactures a wide range of hemp products, including delta 8 and other cannabinoids. However, its most well-known product is the practically odorless hemp cigarette that it sells under the brand name Plain Jane. The firm, which is known for providing products that are both inexpensive and effective, is swiftly rising to become one of the greatest cannabis companies, although it is still in its early stages. Was the hype justified?

The items supplied by Plain Jane, as well as the most effective strategies to save money when acquiring their products, will be discussed in this article.

Plain Jane: A Brief Overview

Founded in Medford, Oregon, Plain Jane Hemp is a hemp-based enterprise that produces flower, pre-rolls, and extracts. A fantastic depiction of the implicit Oregon Standard is their mom-and-pop-boutique atmosphere, which emphasizes customer experience and product quality above speedy returns and exchanges.

A variety of products are available from Plain Jane, including

  • sticky sugary flower
  • a variety of prerolls and blunts
  • gummies, oil extracts
  • a small number of strain specific CBD vape cartridges.

Plain Jane’s flowers are lush and mouthwatering, and their flower-products all have a high efficacy despite having lower cannabinoid percentages. These prerolls, blunts, hemp cigarettes, and buds are unquestionably a value for the price, and the rest of their product range is as efficient, particularly when considering the lower price points of their product.

Plain Jane advertises itself as having the finest and most economical CBD on the market, and their reasonable rates don’t let them down! But it is the simplicity with which they present their strains that really distinguishes them from the competition. The production of odorless hemp flower is their primary goal in the cultivation of hemp flowers. Their method involves eliminating terpenes and toxins from their harvest in order to generate an essentially tasteless material that has no odor or flavor.

However, although some may argue that flavor is an important element of the CBD experience, the Plain Jane brand’s goal is to produce a product that is accessible to everyone. Because of this, their products may be smoked almost anyplace that you would smoke a typical cigarette, providing for a smoother, cleaner draw that is less overwhelming to the senses.

Ingredients: Hemp Flower
Recommended Use: A Hard Grinder, Cigarette and Smoke, as need.
Extraction Process: Ethanol
Medical Benefits: Relieves Stress, Improve Relaxation, Encourage Sleep
Potency Range: 11mg45mg
Price Range: $4.50$695

Let’s now take a look at the products offered by this CBD company.

Products Offered By Plain Jane

Berry Blossom Hemp Flower ($10.99 – $135.00)

  • Cherry Kandahar and the Chardonnay strains are both descendants of the Berry Blossom CBD strain, which is descended from them. Because of the cross between these two cannabis kinds, a potent and earthy hybrid is created. Each flower is meticulously hand-trimmed and cured to perfection, ensuring that its terpenes and cannabinoids are preserved.
  • The sticky and thick buds of the Berry Blossom CBD strain will definitely leave your mouth watering; the buds are a delicious combination of sweetness and tartness. This luscious perfume is similar to blackberries and acai berries, and it lasts for many hours.

The pink floral tones that accompany the strong berry undertone are guaranteed to get your adventure off to a good start. Smoking or vaping the strain produces a taste that is as sweet and pungent as the aroma that is created by the strain when cultivated. The flavor is mellow and woody with an earthiness that lingers on your tongue for hours after consumption. Berry Blossom CBD flowers feature a high concentration of terpenes and cannabinoids, which work together to provide the relaxing effects that are associated with this strain of cannabis.

Price Range: $10.99 – $135.00

Flavors: Mellow and woody

Sizes: 14 grams, 28 grams, 3.5 grams, 3.5 grams with glass jar, 56 grams, 7 grams, 7 grams with glass jar

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Delta 8 Vape Cartridge ($29.99 – $385.00)

  • When it comes to e-cigarettes, this one is very focused. Individuals unfamiliar with high-concentration cannabis products may find it irritating to the throat. The effects that delta-8 THC has on the user are maybe one of its most distinguishing characteristics.
  • It contains 83 percent delta-8 THC oil extracted from hemp, as well as 1-2 percent strain-specific terpenes. The Delta 8 THC vape cartridge is very strong. With Delta 8 THC, the user often feels peaceful and contemplative after experiencing a near-instant cerebral high.
  • Because it is less strong than regular THC, consumers are less likely to suffer the undesirable side-effects that are commonly linked with it.

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Plain Jane Delta 8 Gummies ($11.99 – $65.99)

5 Reasons You Should Eat Plain Jane's Delta 8 Gummies - Plain Jane CBD

  • Each gummy bear delivers a powerful punch while still being very juicy and delicious, leaving you wanting more! They have a strong and long-lasting impact on the body, which makes them ideal for use throughout pregnancy. Brain and body buzzing effects are created; it begins as a joyful head buzz and progresses to euphoria and mediative feelings.
  • It gradually develops into a bodily buzz, which relieves the stress and tension that has built up during the day. the day You may choose from three delectable flavors for her, like berry bliss, zesty lemon, and sweet grape, to name a few.

Price: $11.99 – $65.99

Flavors: Berry bliss, Zesty lemon,Sweet Grape

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Plain Jane Hemp Filtered Pre-Rolls ($2.99 – $109.90)

  • Hemp Pre-Rolls | Plain JanePlain Jane premium CBD filtered pre-rolls are hand-crafted from the highest-quality hemp flowers. Using quality rice paper and a filter tip, each of the CBD filtered pre-rolls is carefully rolled, letting you to enjoy a smooth and clean burn.
  • The taste is delicate and light, emitted by milder earthy aromas that are enhanced by a touch of pepper on the palate.

Price: $2.99 – $109.90

Hemp flavors:

  1. Electra is a hybrid of Early Resin Berry and ACDC
  2. Strains with balmy notes of herbal, pine, and pepper.
  3. Lifter is a cultivar of Suver Haze and Early Resin Bud, with fragrant hints of herbal, pepper, and mint.
  4. Sour Space Candy is a hybrid of South Tsunami and Early Resin Berry comprising a balmy, fruity flavor.

Eighth Pack CBD Prerolled Joint ($12.99 – $138.99)

CBD Pre Rolls | CBD Joints | 2-Pack and 7-Pack | Secret Nature

  • There are a variety of tastes available for the Plain Jane Eight-Pack CBD Pre-rolled Joint, all of which are produced from some of our best organically cultivated hemp flowers.
  • Approximately 3.5 grams of freshly ground CBD hemp flowers are included in each pre-rolled pre-rolled CBD joint, which has been developed to offer you with the most effective benefits possible.
  • RAW rolling paper is used to roll these CBD pre-rolls, which is unbleached and vegan-friendly, and is designed to enhance the smoking experience.

Strains: Charlottes CBD hemp, Kush CBD, Hawaiian Haze, Sour Space Candy, Special Sauce, Lifter CBD, Wife CBD Hemp

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25 mg CBD Full Spectrum Gel Capsules ($9.99 – $99.99)

  • With 180 capsules each container, you may get the advantages of 25mg CBD Gel Capsules with Full Spectrum Cannabinoids and Terpenes.
  • Each capsule is produced with MCT Coconut Oil and encased in a gelatin capsule shell to protect the oil. These extracts are among the finest available on the market today.

Sizes: 2000mg, 250mg, 4500mg

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CBD Vape Juice ($29.99)

Plain Jane — Review & Best Deals

  • Plain Jane’s CBD vape juice is made from hemp flowers farmed in Oregon, and it promises to be a unique vaping experience unlike anything else available today. All CBD vape juices are made without the use of solvents, guaranteeing that customers get only the highest-quality products possible.
  • Apart from that, since all Plain Jane CBD Vape Juices are devoid of THC and nicotine, you won’t have to worry about experiencing any intoxicating side effects. With the usage of a vaporizer, the CBD is rapidly absorbed into circulation via the salivary glands, enabling users to enjoy immediate and potent benefits.
  • Your CBD may be consumed anywhere and at any time because to its quick action and discretion.

Flavors: Tropical, Strawberry Cheesecake, Blue Raspberry, Green Apple

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Other CBD Products offered by Plain Jane

Besides the aforementioned products mentioned above, Plain Jane offers a host of other CBD products. Among these products are:

  • Concentrates
  • Tinctures
  • Topicals and accessories like rolling papers, cartridge batteries, lighter, grinder, smoking pipe, rolling tray, branded tshirts, rolling tray, stash bag and so on.

Customer Reviews and Feedbacks

Plain Jane has, without a doubt, risen to prominence in recent years as a result of the company’s strong success on the global market. However, the taste and scent of their cultivars are what most of their customers find to be most appealing. Its strains have a taste and flavor that are almost indistinguishable from other strains.

Plain Jane’s strains may provide comfort to low tolerance consumers who could otherwise be overwhelmed by a variety of options that overwhelm their senses. Naturally, they’ve been successful in reaching a whole new segment of the market that may not appreciate the traditional CBD smoking experience but still want to benefit from its effects.

Conformity with the law

In accordance with the 2014 Farm Bill, all items sold under the Plain Jane brand are manufactured from legal, industrial hemp. They promise that all of their harvests will have less than the 0.3 percent THC level mandated by the law since they are meticulously farmed and third-party tested. Accordingly, all their cultivars are completely safe for use and purchase across the whole United States of America. In addition, the company highly advises all customers to seek the opinion of a medical expert before trying to include their CBD products into their daily routine for whatever reason.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Plain Jane

  • What is Plain Jane's return policy?
A- Contact them by email at if you have received a damaged or faulty merchandise. They would gladly refund or replace your order if you are not satisfied with your buy. Plain Jane will only accept returns and provide refunds for purchases purchased on or via the Plain Jane catalog. The return of an item purchased at a retail shop is not permitted by Plain Jane.
  • What is the return policy for Plain Jane?
A- Because CBD has such a diverse range of effects on people, they do not provide a money-back guarantee. Product that has been opened or used will not be accepted for return by them.

  • Is THC is present in Plain Jane products?
A- There are less than 0.3 percent delta-9-THC in the flower and hemp pre-roll goods (the psychoactive compounds found in the type of cannabis one might smoke). No measurable THC can be found in the isolation products.

3 Ways You Can Save Money on Plain Jane.

Plain Jane discount offers and coupons.
Customers in the United States who fulfill the company's minimum purchase requirement of $30 USD get free delivery. They also offer a newsletter that purchasers may subscribe to, and they will get the newest updates, product debuts, and sale information through email. In order for customers to resell Plain Jane's items, the company now accepts wholesale orders. A significant price reduction is imposed as part of their wholesale program, making their already-cheap items even more inexpensive.

Plain Jane Affiliate Program.
All affiliates on the first tier of the Plain Jane program get a commission of 20% on each sale made. Achieving above $5000 in monthly sales or being specially authorized by their affiliate manager is required in order to be promoted to the next tier. A cookie of 30 days is placed on all search referrals using the Plain Jane service. Whenever a consumer clicks through many affiliate links before completing a purchase, the commission will be applied to the first affiliate link they clicked on. Even after the transaction, the cookie remains with the original affiliate.

Making payments using cryptocurrency.
Ten percent of your purchases are discounted when you pay using cryptocurrency. Making a payment with cryptocurrency is simple, since they accept almost all of the major cryptocurrencies.


As far as hemp products are concerned, one of the most distinguishing characteristics of Plain Jane CBD is the fact that it has no discernible odor. They do not have the all-too-familiar, strong odor that is associated with marijuana. As a low tolerance and discreet user, this is a fantastic function, and it is our favorite aspect of the firm, as well as its most fascinating feature. The Plain Jane brand is perfect for those who fall into one of these groups.
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