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The CBD industry is fast growing as there is an increase in the demand of CBD products and an increase in the number of companies and brands that specialize in them. It is the desire of everyone that makes use of CBD products to get high-quality products at an amazing price. However, with the increasing number of CBD manufacturing companies, it becomes a bit difficult and confusing to identify a brand that offers high-quality CBD products at an affordable price.

Pinnacle hemp is a brand that is becoming popular in the CBD industry. This popularity can be linked to the great effort they put into ensuring high-quality products. They also ensure that these products are available to consumers at affordable prices. In this article, we will discuss everything there is to know about pinnacle hemp in detail.

About the Company

Pinnacle hemp is a company that specializes in the production of full-spectrum CBD that is of high quality. The company puts a lot of effort into sourcing its ingredients in the USA. As such, they employ the best ingredients in manufacturing their goods. Their high-quality products are harvested and grown organically without pesticides and herbicides at their farm in Colorado. In essence, they use ISO-certified, GMO, pesticide-free, and organic hemp. Their finished goods are manufactured at their facility in Missouri.

Mode of Payment

Pinnacle hemp allows their customers to pay for their orders through the use of major credit cards such as;

  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Visa, etc
Their transactions are secure; as such, your personal information and credit card details are safe.

Product Reviews

Pinnacle hemp was reviewed by the knoji editors and knoji online community. They were given an overall score of 4.4 over 5 points. This score was based on customer ratings, how affordable their prices are, their brand popularity, and the range of its clients’ features. Features such as independent lab test results, THC concentration, and US hemp sourcing. One of knoji’s online community members gave pinnacle hemp five stars and wrote that he bought it online and enjoyed fast shipping. He added that he bought it on Tuesday and received his orders on Thursday. In addition to this, he stated that he was also impressed with the quality of the product.

knoji review


Pinnacle hemp offers its consumers the opportunity to buy goods in bulk. The amazing thing about this is that it comes with many perks. Some of the perks include;

  • There is no minimum quantity as you can buy any quantity of goods you desire
  • You also enjoy a 60-day swap out. This allows you to swap products you are not able to sell with products that can work better for you.
  • They also offer educational support to their wholesale clients. This implies that they provide them with any information they need regarding hemp and their other products.
  • Discounts: this is one of the highlights of the perks of being a wholesale client with pinnacle hemp. All first clients usually get 20% discounts, and consistent customers also have the opportunity of several discount opportunities.

To get started on this wholesale journey, you need to Apply Here and set up a wholesale account with them.Visit their website for more details onPinnacle hemp wholesale purchase.

Laboratory Testing

3rd Party Certified Lab Tested for Purity & Potency Full Spectrum CBD Oil | Buy CBD Oil Online | Pinnacle Hemp

Pinnacle hemp is one of the CBD manufacturing companies that place a lot of emphasis on quality practices and environmentally friendly practices. Their emphasis on quality is evident in that they employ independent third-party laboratory tests.

They also go to the lengths of posting their lab results on their website for their numerous customers to see. That is not all; pinnacle hemp also adds a QR code to the back of their products, making it easier for customers to access the 3rd party lab test results. These lab results published on their website convince customers that their products are of high quality as they claim and don’t contain impurities.

Pros & Cons


  • There is fast processing of orders and ship of goods
  • They sell high-quality products
  • Their customer service is excellent.
  • They have a wide variety of products.
  • They sell their products at an affordable price
  • They make use of environmentally friendly practices.
  • Their website’s interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  • They have an easy check out process


  • You do not qualify for free shipping until you spend $50 and above.

Their Products

If you are in search of a company that seems to have it all in terms of full-spectrum CBD products, then pinnacle hemp is the right one for you. They have a wide variety of products, allowing their customers to pick what they like instead of having few options. There are about ten product categories as indicated on their website.

Their product categories include the following;

Bath and Body

This category comprises products that are applied topically. These products are made with simple and natural ingredients only. Examples of products under this category are;

Pinnacle Hemp Moisturizing Body Lotion, Coconut Beach Dream, 4 oz Ingredients and ReviewsRelief Cream | Pinnacle Hemp200mg CBD Body Lotion by Pinnacle Hemp - Rockford Hemp Co.


  • Relief cream
  • Fizzing bath powder
  • Body lotion
  • Beard oil
  • Sugar scrub
  • Men’s body lotion – gold


  • 250mg ($29.99) and 500mg ($49.99)
  • 100mg ($19.99)
  • 200mg ($29.99)
  • 120mg ($19.99)
  • 200mg ($29.99)
  • 200mg ($29.99)

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CBD Capsules

Capsules 30 Count

  • Capsules are a convenient method of taking pinnacle hemp’s full-spectrum CBD. The capsules are made up of MCT, Hemp seed oil, vitamin E, USA industrial Hemp oil extract and polysorbate 80.
  • The amazing thing about this product category is that it makes it easy to figure out your dose.
  • Each capsule comprises 10mg per capsule.

Price: $34.99 – $59.99

Size: 300mg- 600mg

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CBD Oils

Pinnacle hemp prides itself in its ability to produce the best CBD oil products. They have a wide variety of CBD Oil products which include;

Pinnacle OG New Tincture 1200MGPinnacle Maxx Tincture 1200MGPinnacle MCT New Tincture 1200MG


This product is one of their most popular and highly acclaimed full spectrum. All their natural tinctures are produced using the finest USA-sourced hemp extract. They come in 5 strength options which are;

  • Size:150g, 300g, 600g, 1200mg , 1800mg
  • Price:  $19.99 – $119.99

This is a delta eight isolate tincture with an MCT and a mess-free spray cap. Its two varieties of terpene profile include crunch berries and forbidden ice. It also comes in two strength options;

  • Size:750g, 1500g
  • Price: $39.99 – $69.99

Other examples under this category are;

  • Pinnacle max 1:1 CBD / delta 8 ($49.99 – $79.99)
  • Kokoro Balance Broad Spectrum CBD OIL ($29.99 – $69.99) etc

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Cartridges And Pen

Some examples of the product under this category include;

Delta-8 Disposable Strawberry CoughDelta-8 Cartridge Cherry SherbetPuff Pen BluePinnacle Cart Grandaddy Purp

  • Rift Delta 8 Cartridge ($39.99)
  • Rift Delta 8 Disposable Pen ($39.99)
  • Ki Pod Replacement

  • This product is a 1ml pre-filled cartridge that contains hemp-derived Delta 8 THC distillate plus a rich blend of natural terpenes
  • This product comes with a pre-filled 1ml cartridge which contains the hemp-derived delta 8 THC distillate and s rich blend of natural terpenes. This product is quite popular among customers as they are quite easy to use, affordable, discreet, and convenient.
  • This product contains a pre-filled 1.6ml hemp pod which contains 300mg ($24.99) – 600mg ($ 49.99) full-spectrum and a rich blend of terpenes. There are two different terpene profiles available, and they are the Green crack and Gorilla Glue #4
  • Other products include;

    • CBD cartridge 500mg ($59.99)
    • 510 CARTRIDGE BATTERY ($9.99)
    • KI POD STARTER PACK 150MG ($34.99)
    • HYDRA ($24.99)
    • KI POD BATTERY ($24.99) etc.

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    Other Categories of Pinnacle hemp Products are;

    • Delta 8
    • Concentrates
    • Edibles
    • Hemp flower
    • Pet products
    • PPE

    Ways to Save Money While Shopping On Pinnacle Hemp

    It is everyone’s desire always to save money while they shop. Brands or companies that make several opportunities available for their customers to save money off their purchases are interested in their customers’ well-being. Pinnacle hemp is one brand that always has the interest of its customers in mind. They have made opportunities for customers to save money while they shop.

    Some of the opportunities they have made available for their customers to shop and save include;

    Discounts And Deals
    1. Pinnacle hemp offers a lot of discounts to its customers. There are several coupon codes active for pinnacle hemp that can be used to purchase goods at a discounted price. They have about 21 active coupon codes that their customers can use and save big while they shop.
    2. To view the coupon codes visit here
    3. Subscribing to their newsletter is another great way to stay on top of deals and discounts they have to offer and information on the recent happenings in the company.
    Reward system
    Pinnacle hemp has set up a reward system where customers can earn points and also get rewarded for being consistent with the brand. This is an amazing way to encourage consistent clients to keep up with their consistency. Earning points is a very interesting way to shop and save money simultaneously. These points are often used as discounts or to get awesome rewards or free gifts. You earn points in the following instances;

    • When you open an account with pinnacle hemp, you get 300 points
    • You get 500 points when you are celebrating your birthday
    • On every purchase, you earn 1 point on every dollar spent
    • Following them on their social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest) earns you 100 points.
    • Sharing their posts on their social media platforms ( Facebook and Twitter ) earns you 200 points.
    • You get 200 points for subscribing to their newsletters

    Get 10%-20% off
    In addition to earning points, pinnacle hemp has also made it possible for you to receive a reward when you refer your friend. This also allows your friend to claim a reward when they buy. You get $20 off your purchase when you refer a friend, and your friend gets $10 off when they purchase the goods.

    Free Shipping
    Pinnacle hemp offers free shipping on orders above $50. Saving money on shipping fees is a huge way of saving money while shopping on their website. It is advised that you buy enough goods and take advantage of the free shipping.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is there an opportunity for free shipping?
    Ans- Yes. Pinnacle hemp offers free shipping on all orders that are above $50.
    How soon will my orders be processed and shipped out?
    Ans- Pinnacle hemp processes and ships their order very fast. Usually, orders that are placed before 3 pm (CST) are processed and sent out the same day. The time it takes to ship various orders varies between 3 - 5 business days.
    Is there an affiliate program?
    Ans- Yes, there is an affiliate program. The affiliate program allows people who sign up for it to earn commission on their products by referring people to their website. This referral can be done through an affiliate link, or coupon code, banners, or it can even be through direct link tracking. The benefits of being an affiliate are immense. One such benefit is that you have the opportunity to earn 15% - 30% on products sold through referral.

    For more information on the pinnacle hemp affiliate program, visit here. Sign up for their affiliate program through this link

    Can I return goods that I'm not satisfied with?

    Ans- After it has been sent, returning goods can only be approved or decided on by pinnacle hemp. This decision is usually made on a case-by-case basis. It is important to contact them via Mail or by Calling at 833.436.7283 them.

    Can I do wholesale buying with pinnacle hemp?
    Ans-Yes. Pinnacle hemp avails its customers the opportunity to buy goods in bulk.
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