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Peak Design Review – The Best Guide To Peak Gear Performance

While I can’t speak for anyone else, not being able to travel due to world events has me in the mood to do nothing else. Ever. Again. I’m tired of my house, I’m really tired of my stuff, and I’m ready to get down to just enough to fit into a great bag. If you are also ready to live a maximum, quality life with minimal gear that is easy to transport, gear from Peak Design can make your life path a lot easier. From your clothes to your cameras, you can find quality gear to suit your needs.

Peak Design

Peak Design was started by a guy who took a great trip with a terrific camera and found he needed a better answer. Once he spent almost a year building the first tool, known as the Capture, he got funding from Kickstarter to ramp up the manufacturing process of this incredible tool.

More gear followed and the line expanded. If you have to carry it, Peak Design products can make it easier.

Products Features & Prices

Because the

  • Bags
  • Accessories and Straps
  • Camera Accessories
  • Tripods
  • Mounts and Cases

are all designed and used by folks who have struggled with products that didn’t work, these products will work for you. From waterproofing to security to ease of access, you can find the ideal tool to make your journey just a bit better.

Everyday Backpack ZipBlack Camera CubesCapture CLip OnlySpike Feet Set - Tripod accessory

You can find bags from duffel bags that you can check at the airport all the way down to field pouches for small items and cords. While these bags are all extremely useful, none of them are utilitarian. You can carry a beautiful bag that will also help you keep all your belongings in order.
  • Example

  • The messenger bag is loaded with dividers and small pockets for those small items that are easy to lose. From the outside, this bag is trim and elegant, in colors from charcoal to tan to ash. Inside, this bag is designed to help you stay organized.
  • There are inside pockets that are easy to get into from multiple directions and many of them feature color-coded stitching to make it much easier to keep things in order.

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  • Built to Carry

  • Not only are these bags extremely fashionable, but they’re structured to carry. Precious components will not be rolling around due to excess slop or bumping against each other because of shoddy padding.
  • You can protect your belongings from moisture, have a bag that you can set on the ground without having to chase it as it rolls over, and find what you need quickly.

Finance Options

Many money gurus encourage budget shoppers to buy products second-hand to save cash. Saving cash is good, but buying second hand can sometimes be sketchy. It says a lot about the quality of Peak Gear that you can actually buy used items directly from this retailer. You can also buy products for small monthly payments if that works better for you!

More Than Bags

You may have a bag that works great to carry but not so great to organize.

Peak Performance can help you choose

  • Pouches
  • Dividers
  • Packing Cubes

That will keep your toothbrush away from your socks and your camera gear in order. The extra dividers will add a bit of weight, but you also have the option to compress some of these cubes and snug down soft goods to make more room for your delicate camera gear.

Materials & Aesthetics

  • One of the nicest features of the smallest products from Peak Gear is that you can easily keep all of your gear organized thanks to the variety of colors available. Every trip is different and your activities will vary.
  • If you want to separate your hiking clothes from your town clothes, soft clothing cubes will help. If your old hiking gears need to be isolated until you do laundry, you can snug them down in a waterproof separator and protect the rest of your clothing. Beautiful and functional gear every time you open your duffel, suitcase or backpack will make every stop much easier.

Buy Once, Enjoy Forever

The gear from Peak has a lifetime warranty. They can sell their own used products because the products are quality items from concept to shipping. If products get returned, the professionals at Peak Design go through the item to make sure it’s still usable before selling it as a PD certified product.

If you’re tired of “buying and hoping” that your new gear will work and are ready to start “buying and using with no worries” you need Peak Gear. There’s enough to worry about when traveling and taking photos. Your gear should not be a worry.

Shipping & Product Feature

Product Feature:

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Sell their own used products
  • Quality items
  • PD certified product


  • Standard shipping is free, but you may have to be a little patient.
  • If you’ve gotta have your new gear sooner than standard shipping, it will cost you $40.00.
  • International shipping is possible but Peak can’t offer expedited shipping on international orders.

Peak Design Backpack Accessories

Your Peak Design Backpack will take you just about anywhere. The largest pack offers multiple pockets with easy access, waterproof closures, space for your laptop, and carefully designed storage options. The large backpack offers a sideways slider strap to keep your backpack close to the top of your rolling suitcase without getting too top heavy. There’s a terrific tech pouch that can nest down into your backpack and keep all the small components of life in order.

Add To Bag

Field pouch in different color waysBlack Standard Plate and a Capture ClipBlack Hip Belt


1) I’m Not Happy. Who Do I Call?

Please contact them immediately with your order number. Email is best, at least to start. Be ready to share your concerns so we can make corrections and possibly changes. Our clients are our peers!

2) What About Climate?

Our business is built around off-setting our climate impact in every product we ship. Additionally, 1% of our revenue goes to support environmental nonprofits. We want to leave the world a better place.

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