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NewsgroupDirect Review: Enjoy Unlimited Usenet Access With NewsgroupDirect

One of the most difficult things to find on the internet today is a genuine platform where people come together to read postings, post topics too or articles . A platform that will enable users to comment and equally ask questions .

Though a lot of such groups exist, NewsgroupDirect stands out in all.

About Newsgroup Direct

  • NewsgroupDirect is an Usenet internet services which has been in existence since 2004,providing access to Usenet binaries and bulletin board system style text. It also offers the best and most affordable Usenet services .
  • NewsgroupDirect you find the best Usenet provider by walking you through the features and pricing plan , this is because the company has affordable unlimited plans. It has unlimited and uncapped regular plans, this means that you can download as much as you want.
  • NewsgroupDirect may not be the best Usenet service provider out there, but I assure you, it is stable and gets the job done. Also there’s no limit on the speed at which downloading occurs at newsgroup direct. Just like other best Usenet service providers, NewsgroupDirect comes with a native newsreader and VPN services that protects you from being tracked .
  • This NewsgroupDirect VPN is provided in conjunction with Ghost Path VPN  which works with any device and you can set up from the router level , it keeps no log , Torrent friendly and does not affect speed.

NewsgroupDirect Speed

When you want to download sizable binary Usenet files, speed and reliability is very important. Luckily, NewsgroupDirect has no speed caps. All plans comes with 100 SSL encrypted connections for fast simultaneous downloads and solid infrastructure , of one goes down, the other ones will serve as backup

NewsgroupDirect Pricing

When you purchase a NewsgroupDirect plan, it comes with unlimited data, 100 connections, no speed caps, SSL encryption and VPN access.

Recently, NewsgroupDirect partnered with Supernews and came out with a NewsgroupDirect and a Supernews deal

The NewsgroupDirect plans are

Your Plan  $75/Yearly
PlanUnlimited Yearly
Data AllowanceUnlimited
SSL EncryptionYes
Supernews AccessNot Included
VPN AccessIncluded
Sign Up Now

Your Plan    $2/Month
PlanNGD + Supernews
Data AllowanceUnlimited
SSL EncryptionYes
Supernews AccessIncluded
VPN AccessIncluded
Sign Up Now

Promo Terms: $2 for 1st month, then regular monthly price of $7

Your Plan        $40/6Month
PlanUnlimited 6 Months
Data AllowanceUnlimited
SSL EncryptionYes
Supernews AccessNot Included
VPN AccessIncluded
Sign Up Now

This subscription comes with a 30 day money guarantee which the company refers to as a free trial . Do not forget that using upto 15G makes you eligible for this free trial.

Data Blocks

There are also individual data blocks available if you do not want to buy in bulk, there are no speed caps and you can make use of the data as long as you want.  The prices for the individual include

Data blocks

But these individual data blocks are not eligible for money-back guarantee.

Advantages And Disadvantages Associated With NewsgroupDirect

NewsgroupDirect is a website I can recommend for everyone to subscribe, whether the long term plan or individual data blocks, however, there are advantages and disadvantages associated with using this website and they are:


  • Their competitive prices
  • Several Subscription plans to pick from
  • 500 days of retention and 99.99% completion
  • SSL/TSL encryption included
  • Free VPN service with all packages


  • Block packages are a bit expensive
  • No Newsreader included

How to Save Money On NewsgroupDirect

There are several ways you can save some money while using NewsgroupDirect, the first one I will like to talk about is

  • NewsgroupDirect offers the best pricing to its users , even with the price matching with its closest competitors , their different packages are reasonably priced . Although, it is difficult to compare packages that offer different terms.
  • At NewsgroupDirect, you can make your choice from several different subscription options . There are yearly, monthly and 6 months plans available with unlimited download volume and speed.
Independent High Speed Network With 110, 000:
  • To find out how true they are about this, I tested these features myself and found out their claims were true. NewsgroupDirect also has a price / quality ratio that provides value to any user that subscribes to a plan.
  • All these packages come with unlimited download speed and volume , including 100 connections , which no competitor can offer.
  • Users can access files as old as 3,500 days which is about 10 years worth of data, I am sure there are few providers that can offer more than that, including sister companies.
NewsgroupDirect servers can be found in the EU and USA, this means that users in this location will get good speed without any form of interruption. The service providers can boost 100% uptime which is legitimate and the customer support offers reasonable services . Their SSL encryption guarantees secure and safe Usenet browsing every time.

Reasons to Choose NewsgroupDirect Over Others

  • Your ISP doesn’t Compare:
With NewsgroupDirect, you get exactly what you paid for . ISP Usenet is usually very slow and has a download usage cap. If you are tired of network fluctuations, I think it’s time you give our premium services a trial.
  • Reliability:
Reliability is very important to us at NewsgroupDirect , if we don’t upgrade our hardware, you may have no reason to stay with us and that is the reason we are constantly upgrading our hardware to provide you the best experience.
  • Superior Support:
NewsgroupDirect is setting the industry standard . There is always a customer service provider to attend to you and provide you with the best service.
  • Retention:
More retention means you have access to more messages, it also means that you do not have to check everyday to see if new articles have been posted that interest you, because you are confident that you will come back and catch up with everything.
  • Online control panel:
The My account area of NewsgroupDirect gives you access to everything you need about your account , so you can keep track of your usage .
  • Affordable Quality:
At NewsgroupDirect, we make sure we provide you with the best Usenet experience possible and keep our customer cost as low as possible . Though, there may be cheaper providers out there, but you get what you pay for. We believe in quality over discount.
  • Privacy:
NewsgroupDirect respects privacy so much, we will never share your information with a third person to track your download.
  • Speed:
NewsgroupDirect Usenet servers are speed optimized to ensure that the customers get the services .

NewsgroupDirect  Revenue

NewsgroupDirect is estimated to generate $6.2 million a year .

How Many employers does NewsgroupDirect Have?

NewsgroupDirect has a total number of 31 employees.

Special Offers/Coupons

There’s no special offer/ coupons presently but the company offers an email newsletter that contains coupons from time to time . The 1,000 GB block option is priced the same as 500GB presently.

Speed Test

  • NewsgroupDirect makes use of the same backend as thundernews which has great speed.
  • So, when it comes to speed, be rest assured that NewsgroupDirect will deliver.


  • All packages from this service generously offer 100 connections which is better than many other providers .
  • Though, most users may not be needing upto 100 connections to max out their band with.

News Servers / Port / Configurations

  • United State (Virginia)
  • Ports: 119, 23, 443, 3128, 7000, 8000, 9000
  • SSL Ports: 563, 80, 81

Europe (Amsterdam, NL)

Europe (FrankFurt, DE)

Customer Support

NewsgroupDirect’s customer support is wonderful and sufficient for an internet service provider . Aside from that, it comes with frequently asked questions and some knowledge base. You can contact NewsgroupDirect customer support through email support ticket or form. It also has a community forum where you can send in your queries and get answers . There’s also the company’s social media account on Facebook and Twitter, although it has not been active for a while.

Customer Support

Security/ Company Privacy Policy

NewsgroupDirect takes necessary information for collecting payment and establishes an account for you . If you want to access any information the company has about you, you can do that on your account page. However, the company does not reserve the right to collect information online , they will also not disclose information unless provided with a court order.

One good thing about NewsgroupDirect is that under 18s are not permitted to use this service and a DMCA/ Copyright takedown policy is also in operation.

Payment Options

If you want to make payments for any of our data blocks, NewsgroupDirect accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, Worldpay and Paypal options .


If you need help with any of our services, contact , you can also use a web form provided on the website provided on the site to send a support ticket.

Frequently asked questions

#1- Why would I want block access?

Answer: Block access is a great option for users who may not want a monthly subscription. If you only make use of Usenet temporarily, go for block access and save some money.

#2- Are there advantages of having servers in different nations?

Answer: Having servers in different nations gives users the opportunity of choosing the country they feel safe to download from. Some users may prefer to use a server in another country for privacy protection . The EU has stricter privacy laws than the US, so you may choose to download from one of the European servers this provider offers.

#3- Will servers in another nation be slower?

Answer: Yes, it may be possible, but with the speed Usenet provides, it won’t be a serious issue for most users.

#4- Why do I need SSL?

Answer: SSL encrypts your traffic to and fro the Usenet, that means anybody spying on you won’t be able to see what you are downloading or uploading , which is an important security feature for Usenet.

#5- I’m new to Usenet, will I be able to figure this out?

Answer: Newsgroupdirect provides you with access to Usenet server, but you have to learn how Usenet works on your own if you are not familiar with it. There are also a lot of sites that will guide you on how to use it until you become a professional.

#6- Does this provider accept bitcoin?

Answer: No for now, but they will hopefully add bitcoin in the future.

#7- Will my downloader or PVR software work with this service?

Answer: Yes, it is likely to work, NewsgroupDirect should be compatible with almost all the downloaders out there. If you have any questions, please contact the support team before buying to be sure the downloader is compatible with NewsgroupDirect.

#8- Does NewsgroupDirect censor newsgroups?

Answer: No, we do not censor or filter any of the information on the newsgroup .

#9- Does my unused bandwidth roll over?

Answer: No, Unused bandwidth does not roll over.


NewsgroupDirect has very wonderful features compared to it’s competition. The service is fast and reliable, equally, so the money you spend on subscription or a block account will not be wasted because of slow services. NewsgroupDirect also offers access to Ghost Path VPN services with their subscription account which is a great add-on feature.

With these wonderful features listed above, there are other little loopholes in NewsgroupDirect . This company does not own a newsreader, so if you are going for their services, you will have to make use of Usenet newsreader to download your articles and binaries off the server. Between different nations and SSL , there are a lot of privacy protection features with these services . However, we are still the best Usenet service providers, contact us today for maximum value.

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