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Murseworld Review – The Best Men’s Scrubs From Murseworld

 Murseworld is a global online store that markets sanitary gear that is used by professional surgeons, nurses, and other medical staff in hospitals. We are experts in the medical field and have had years of experience. Whatever you need, whether a scrub top or bottom, we will provide it to your specifications at an affordable price!
We have a large selection of offers that you can choose from. You will be surprised at the comfort and quality of male scrubs that Murseworld has to offer. Customers are always happy with their purchases which is why they keep coming back over & over again. Our prices are low, but our standards of quality and service are high. To make your purchase even easier, we accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal.
We are always here to answer any questions that you may have. So what are you waiting for? Grab your desired scrub set today!

Products Offer By Murseworld

Let us take a look at the fantastic products that we are selling at Murseworld.


Footwear and Lab Coats

Physicians, who often endure long hours on their feet and a high degree of stress, may end up wearing out their shoes. Murseworld understands this struggle and offers a new level of comfort with the all-new line of men’s footwear that feature compression technology that will not only relieve fatigue but also lessen heel strike pain by about 35%.

  • Pantoneless Shoes
In addition, these pantoneless shoes will help to maintain best posture as they go from one task to another throughout the day. And though you might think there would be some limited freedom in where your feet can roam since the shoe is flush against your foot – those worries are unfounded as these kicks offer flexibility thanks to its base layer of latex rubber used for giving it extra grip and contouring ability.
  • Polypropylene Heel Cup
One of the key ingredients in these new shoes is an injection-molded polypropylene heel cup that was redesigned to allow for maximum comfort. This, along with several other design choices, helps to keep force away from the foot and back into the shoe rather than through your feet. All-in-all Murseworld’s keeps things simple and asks you to check out their offering of men’s shoes that should help alleviate some of the symptoms associated with standing all day.
  • Lab Coats
Our lab coats are a great design too. Murseworld is the original, high-quality men’s lab coat for professionals that perform or interact with patients. Murseworld has thought of all the features you need in a lab coat, like arm length and tie string–so it doesn’t get in your way when dealing with fragile patients.
Also, our coats are 100% machine washable! Your staff will thank us–not to mention their dignity during emotional surrenders like the last episode of “Scrubs.” For over fifty years, doctors have trusted Murseworld–show them you care too by investing in quality lab coats for your healthcare team today.


Scrub Jackets

Designed to withstand the rigors of hospital environments, Murseworld men’s scrub jackets come in various colors and sizes. These high-performance cotton/polyester blend coatings offer enduring durability while maintaining breathability for maximum comfort. Our durable men’s coats feature the following:

  • Toughened Fabric
We use a unique reinforcing technique to provide extra strength and durability for our murses.
  • Signature Shoulder Padding
Our signature shoulder padding is exceptionally comfortable and adds a touch of style. It can be effortlessly removed or swapped out with custom embroidery.
  • Murseworld Custom Embroidery
Add a special message, logo, or name right on your scrub jacket, so everyone will know who you are! Large amounts of thread color choices are available as well as multiple fonts for your personalized design. Your imagination is the only limit with Murseworld customization options! If you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact us, and we’ll be happy to help.
  • Murseworld Logo Patch
Our branded logo patch is sewn on the upper arm of all our scrub jackets. You can’t miss it when you’re walking down the hall!


Scrub Sets

Sometimes it’s hard to be a man and do your job as well as one would like. Thankfully, Murseworld is here for those men who want to spend less time worrying about their appearance and more time taking care of their patients without the worry of embarrassing themselves with dirty hands or undesirable odors. Now you can confidently spend hours wearing our Men’s Scrub Sets, knowing they were made especially for this type of use — we know something about men after all!

  • Male medical professionals often find themselves in some precarious positions, full-body contact with these various unpleasant bodily fluids left behind by little critters or otherwise disgusts humans alike.
  • These things have to go somewhere. Well, it’s Murses’ job to ensure that doesn’t come in contact with your clothes. For this reason, we’ve taken our experience working with countless hospitals and medical facilities to create these scrub suits tailored explicitly for men.
  • The good news is they are not only great-looking, but the material is very flexible and comfortable, providing ventilation and breathability like no other. Most importantly, they’ve been designed to make you look and feel good while allowing you the freedom of movement to tackle whatever challenges come your way.


Scrub Tops And Pants

Murseworld’s scrubs are the sturdy partner every surgeon needs to gear up before patient care.

  • Functional pockets can accommodate everything from bandages to gloves, so your day is never impeded by poor storage or wardrobe misfortunes.
  • The durable fabric can withstand any emergency that may happen on the ward- making them the perfect accessory for the fast-paced medical professional!
  • Murseworld’s scrubs are created with a professional and modern style that requires minimal maintenance and is made to last.
  • We offer a diverse choice range of colors and styles, so you can coordinate your scrub tops with pants or mix-and-match however you like! All our scrub tops come with adjustable side closures for the perfect fit every time.

Pros And Cons


  • Men’s scrub stores are very popular these days, but not all of them are created equal. The Murseworld Men’s online Scrub Store has both pros and cons that you should know about before deciding to purchase.
  • Some of the pros include: free shipping when your order is over $99, a variety of brands to choose from, and they offer discounts for new customers.


  • One con is that their return policy is strict – there aren’t any refunds or exchanges allowed on sale items. Their shipping speed is scored at three stars, which isn’t the best, but not terrible either.
  • Another con is that they are slow to respond to emails. Despite these cons, The Murseworld Men’s online Scrub Store has many great pros – if you can look past their negatives it might be a store worth checking out.

Discount And Coupons

Murseworld does not have a discount or coupon offer, but it has great prices available all year round!

Rewards Program

In Murseworld, we love to provide significant savings through their reward points system that you will get $0.02 off for each point earned with each purchase. You can redeem your points at any given time and use the money towards future purchases from the site!

AAMN Membership

Murseworld also offers you an exclusive membership to the American Assembly for Men in Nursing, the first and only national organization promoting advocacy and professional development opportunities for male nurses. Founded to recognize that nursing encompasses all genders, the association is dedicated to supporting male nurses striving towards excellence in this profession.

Scholarship Program

Murseworld is helping the next generation of professionals in the medical world through their annual Pay it Forward scholarship opportunity. Their commitment to future physicians can be seen through these opportunities they provide – now’s your chance to jump on board.

Shipping And Returns

If in some way you’re not satisfied with your order, let us know within 30 days, and we’ll be happy to take it back! Murseworld is the best place to find men’s scrubs. With offers of free shipping on orders $75+ all across the United States, the only challenge should be deciding which product to choose first!

Final Words

Get a fresh new style with these Murseworld men’s scrub styles. Previous owners or first-time customers will love this clean, friendly, and incredibly affordable store for all of their medical wear needs, from nursing scrubs to lab coats, from scrub tops to shoes.

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