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Moonglow Jewelry Review – Inspired By the Styles

If you wish to celebrate special moments in your life like birthdays and wedding anniversaries, you should consider Moonglow jewelry. We provide clients across the world with unique pieces based on specific moon phases. You can match the moon’s phase to the special occasion’s date and choose one of our high-quality bracelets or necklace. Moonglow strives to provide customers with products that will make them carry wonderful memories wherever they go.


Moonglow offers a wide range of jewelry. We have moonlight phase sky light necklaces for all the moon phases including

  • Lunar Eclipse
  • New moon
  • Full moon
  • Fourth-quarter waning-3D
  • Third-quarter waning-7D
  • First-quarter waxing-1A, and more

Additionally, we have a myriad of bracelets like labradorite beaded bracelets and Pallene bracelets. The store also stocks jewelry with different colors and patterns. You will be sure to find an item that matches your taste or that of your loved one.


Moonlight jewelry products have incredible features:


♠ The jewelry pieces are designed to absorb light during the day and glow in darker environments like the moon.

♣ We have experts that beautifully handcraft each piece to meet clients’ needs.

♥ Our jewelry features moon photos of specific dates of your event.


Moonglow jewelry sells amazing quality products at affordable rates. We get excellent quality materials from renowned suppliers at large discounts which translate to lower prices for our customers. What’s more, we offer discounts, promo codes, and coupons which further reduce our prices. We do all this since we are committed to ensuring you get value for your money.

Pros And Cons

Moonglow jewelry have the following advantages and disadvantages:


  • The pieces of jewelry are beautiful
  • They are of top-notch quality
  • The products are unique
  • The neckpieces have a sturdy chain that feels nice on the skin


  • The grey part of the crescent moon is a bit lighter so it is difficult to see the moon clearly
  • Looks smaller than in the pictures

Discount and Coupons

Moonlight jewelry allows clients to earn points for every purchase they make. You can convert the points to credits and use them for your next purchase. In addition, we also reward you points when you follow our store on social media pages and review purchases.

Refer Friend
Plus, customers earn Moon Points worth $20 when they refer friends.
VIP Packages
We also have VIP packages for clients that spend more than $200 on our products. VIP clients enjoy perks like free express shipping, birthday bonuses, and gifts.

Warranty / Return Policy

At times you may not be satisfied with the piece you get. We allow clients in Europe to return orders for exchange 30 days after the day they received the parcel. Unfortunately, this policy does not apply to international purchases. International clients who are dissatisfied with their orders can contact our customer desk for assistance. We may accept international returns for extreme cases, but we will charge you $25 for return shipping, duties, and taxes costs. To kick start the process, you need to email us with return or exchange as the subject line.


Here is a list of the frequently asked questions we get.

#1- Do Moonglow Pieces of Jewelry Glow in the Dark

Our jewelry is designed to absorb light and change color. When it is darker, the jewelry will produce a gentle glow that mimics the moon at night.

#2- Does the Jewelry Tarnish With Time?

We use excellent-quality and durable materials to make our jewelry, so they do not tarnish easily over time. However, Moonglow jewelry pieces have a life cycle, and they are also subject to wear and tear. You need to properly care for your pieces to ensure they last long. It is worth noting that in case you buy a defective product from our store, we will replace it within 30 days of purchase.

#3- How Accurate Are Your Moon Phases?

Our moon phases are very accurate. We aim to deliver jewelry with accurate moon photographs on all dates. We want you to have a piece that reflects the real happenings on your preferred date. Though there is a 3% variation of the moon’s illumination, the moon phases assigned to each date reflect the changes visible on earth.

#4- Can I Wear My Jewelry When showering or Swimming?

No. The water durability of our jewelry depends on the piece you have bought and the metal it is made from. We use high-quality materials therefore the pieces will not turn black within a short period after getting wet.

Some of our pieces of jewelry are made from stainless steel, pewter, and silver. These will be fine if they are exposed to water. However, frequent exposure to water will damage these charms.

Note that the pendants have moon photos that are sealed which acrylic, therefore if too much water seeps into the photo, it will increase the risk of damage. The water durability of our products also depends on the type of chains. We also suggest cleaning the pieces with an appropriate cleaner rather than water to extend their lifetime.

#5- What is Your Shipping Policy?

Moonlight jewelry ships orders 48 hours after purchase time. There are cases where clients want customized items, so shipping can take place up to 14 days after a client makes an order. If this is so, we will indicate it in the item description. Unless you have a preferred method of shipping and want expedited delivery, we ship all orders via Royal Mail for clients in Europe. If customers place orders on Friday or during the weekend, our experts will handcraft them the following Monday and ship them within 48 hours.

Keep in mind we do not ship items on weekends and holidays.

We also have branches in other countries like the United States, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

You can still purchase our products, and we will deliver them to you. Different regions have different shipping times. If you are outside the USA, we cannot guarantee the delivery date. But you can approximate the arrival time of your order by queuing up your cart and entering an address.

We will allow you to choose from a variety of international shipping options. Our team will then take two days to process your order before they start the shipping process. International customers should place their orders online, and they are responsible for customs fees and duties.

#6- Is It Okay to Wear Moonglow If I Have Allergies?

If you have serious allergies to common metals, email our customer support for recommendations of the best Moonglow jewelry. Ensure you include the product you want to buy and the metals you are allergic to.

Moonglow jewelry is the go-to store if you are looking for jewelry that will create memorable experiences. Check out website for a plethora of jewelry pieces to put a smile on your loved one on that special occasion.

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