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Complete Review of Meranom Watch Store 2021

Watches are the luxury of the hand. They are a masterpiece of time that you want to get from the best place. Each person approaches the choice of the watch differently. Some, as a rule, do not buy expensive models, and elite watches. And others see this as an investment and choose only the best watches.

Whatever the preference, watch buying is an art. You can’t just waltz into a store and pick out the first watch you set your eyes on. You have to be knowledgeable about the product that you are buying, especially if it is an expensive piece of art that runs on time. There are some things that you need to check on before you buy your first timepiece.

I started my search online, where I learned about Meranom. Meranom appeared to be one of the best online watch shops in terms of customer satisfaction. To ensure authenticity, I ordered a watch through the site and checked through their products. This is my in-depth review of the Meranom watch eCommerce website. I will also give you all of the information about this site, including the pros, cons, price range, types of watches, etc.

Meranom Overview

  • Meranom was established by a passion for watches. The website is set out to design a better shopping experience for their customers. The idea was to create a fast, simple way to shop for authentic timepieces online. Here you can buy any series of Russian watches online, choose a dial color and leather strap, put engravings on your watch, order extra spare parts.
  • Meranom is an official representative of Vostok Watch Factory, the manufacturer of mechanical wristwatches “Komandirskie” and “Amphibia“.  Using Meranom is more like you are buying directly from the manufacturer with the guarantee of high quality and the price level lower than in any European or American boutique or mall.

Meranom e-store Watches and Accessories

Meranom is one of the best websites to buy luxury watches online. The store has gone all out to put together a selection of watches that are unquestionably the best you can get. They have both vintage and contemporary watches that are polished to perfection.

Here are the reviews of some watches and accessories that you can buy from this e-store.


Neptune SE Series

  • The Neptune SE series watches are one of Vostok’s most valued timepieces. It combines modern technology with a vintage look and reliable mechanical movement. The result is a collection of watches that look good whether wearing your favorite suit or your most casual outfit.
  • The Neptune series elegant cases are also protected by a durable mineral crystal, and the watch uses a rhodium stainless steel band. Featured is a brand-new automatic winding system combined with the amazing capability of manual winding, using the traditional wire coil spring.
  • The strap makes the watch comfortable to wear for men, women, and children alike. Its body is water-resistant and can be used for diving. When you order any of the watches from the series, expect a watch, passport for a product, classic individual plastic packaging, or cardboard packaging.
  • Production is done by JSC Chistopol Watch Factory Vostok (Russia). They have a 1-year warranty and a service life of 10 years.

Available Models

  • Neptune SE 960763 (059-2) teal color
  • Neptune SE 960763 (059-1) teal color
  • Neptune SE 960763 (059) teal color
  • Neptune SE 960743
  • Neptune SE 960726

Neptune Series



Amphibian SE Vostok Watches

  • A classic on the outside, the Amphibian is anything but ordinary on the inside. With a power reserve of up to 31 hours, the masterpiece is ready to dive into action at a moment’s notice.
  • Powering these watches is a reliable Ronda 515 mechanical movement, with an additional 24-hour subdial that can be used to track long journeys. Displayed on a classic military-inspired case design, this watch is finished with details like luminous indices and hands for legibility in all conditions.
  • The Amphibian SE Vostok combines contemporary design with traditional elements. With a stainless steel or silicone strap and waterproof silicone crown, you can wear it in any situation, in and out of water. The Amphibian SE Vostok is the ultimate adventure watch: tough and uncompromising in function and design.

Available Models

  • Amphibian SE 960B43 Anchor
  • Amphibian SE 960B42 Anchor black blue bezel
  • Amphibian SE 960B41 Anchor
  • Amphibian SE 720B36
  • Amphibian SE 720B35 triangles

Amphibian SE



Amphibian Classic Vostok Watches

  • Developed over years of intensive research, the amphibian is a classic series of Russian watches based on the original Vostok Amphibia. With an all-in-house-made mechanical movement, Swiss-escapement system, steel wheels, ruby stone support for friction reduction, and the highest quality watch spring available; they are uniquely Russian.
  • All the classic Amphibian watches are produced using the mechanical movement of the latest series Vostok 2416. Powered by the reliable Vostok 2416 automatic movement, this watch can also be manually wound to keep ticking if your battery runs out while deep underwater.
  • Moreover, each model is made in various versions with various dials and hands. Classic Amphibian watches are produced by 3 methods: automatic versions, versions with manual winding, and versions without winding.
  • If you are in the market for a watch that is rugged enough to survive the wild, the classic series is for you. Classic Amphibian series is specially designed for people who like adventures and active outdoor life, passionate travelers, and representatives of extreme professions who have to meet strict requirements for their watches.

Available Models

  • Amphibian Classic 710059
  • Amphibian Classic 710526
  • Amphibian Classic 420892
  • Amphibian Classic 710432
  • Amphibian Classic 670923
  • Amphibian Classic 420945
  • Amphibian Classic 420380
  • Amphibian Classic 420306
  • Amphibian Classic 420289
  • Amphibian Classic 060634
  • Amphibian Classic 710448
  • Amphibian Classic 710439

Amphibian Classic



Komandirskie Classic

  • The Authentic Vostok Komandirskie watch is a modern historic version of the famous Russian watches worn by astronauts while in space. The name Komandirskie (“Commanders”) was first used for the first military watch, which was ordered by the Russian Military Commander-in-Chief for his officers in 1863.
  • Since then, “Komandirskie” has become the favorite watch of Russian real commanders. The distinctive features of Komandirskie are reliable workmanship, perfect accuracy, and attention to even the smallest details.
  • Komandirskie watches feature a rotating bezel that can be used to track longer periods, a classic design with a striking black dial and stainless steel finish, and a day and date display at the 3 o’clock position.
  • With a watch in the Komandirskie watch collection, you can rely on both accuracy and an easy-to-read display. Each model features genuine leather, metal, or silicone strap and a Plexiglas or plastic antique lens to protect it from wear and tear. Plus, the watches in this collection come with a power reserve of not less than 31 hours.

Available Models

  • Komandirskie 650539
  • Komandirskie 350514
  • Komandirskie 650546
  • Komandirskie 020711
  • Komandirskie 650840
  • Komandirskie 816831
  • Komandirskie 650855
  • Komandirskie 650541
  • Komandirskie 020708
  • Komandirskie 921288
  • Komandirskie 650852
  • Komandirskie 350669





  • When you pick up an Amfibia watch, you’re holding more than a beautifully designed timepiece. You’re holding a piece of history. These Soviet-inspired watches are not only great-looking but highly accurate, easy to read, and durable. The timepieces come with a balanced unit that makes them shock-proof.
  • Amfibia Vostok Watches series is the choice of those who appreciate practical and Stylish things. Mechanical watches of this collection show impeccable accuracy; the design is made in the spirit of intelligence and luxury; they are decorated with gemstones and diamonds under modern production technologies.
  • From the very first military models in 1967 to the latest line of dive watches, all Amfibia watches maintain the incredibly rugged design, high functionality, and superb craftsmanship that made them famous.
  • Marking the Vostok company’s move into the global mainstream watch scene, Amfibia designs and latest collections are attractive, functional, and affordable. With the unique feature of water resistance of up to 200m, these watches are perfect for those who venture into the unknown or adventure daily.
  • Altogether, the Amfibia series has 8 models made of Hi-tech PU and natural leather. It smoothly and reliably bends around the wrist. The automatic movement 2416B of 24 calibers with a calendar passes the double quality control of assembly and testing.

Available Models

  • Amphibia Red sea 2415.02/040684
  • Amphibia 2415.01/080495
  • Amphibia 2415.01/080494
  • Amphibia Scuba 2415/070798
  • Amphibia 1967 198B52
  • Amphibia Scuba 2416/076800
  • Amphibia Reef 2426.01/086492
  • Amphibia Red sea 2415.02/040684
  • Amphibia Black Sea 2432/440796




Sturmanskie Watch Series

  • The Sturmanskie is a line of contemporary watches with traditional Russian DNA. Versatile, timeless, and elegant. The military dial with the fluorescent coating is another nod to the past, drawing inspiration from the watch dials of the first bearings developed for Soviet Navy pilots in 1931.
  • Sturmanskie timepiece with its iconic design is water-resistant up to 20 atm. The case of stainless steel is coated with photoluminescent paint that ensures the best readability even in the dark. The geometric elements are visible giving the watch a clean look.
  • Like no other watch, the Sturmanskie with its sharp details, elegant look, and powerful automatic movement will impress even the pickiest connoisseur. It is an excellent companion for everybody who enjoys water sports, diving, and swimming. Every watch comes with one pre-mounted silicone strap in a beautiful Sturmanskie gift box.

Available Models

  • Gagarin
  • Arktika
  • Open Space
  • Ocean
  • Dolphin
  • Sputnik




Buyalov Series

  • Dmitry Buyalov is the designer behind all Vostok watches since the early 200s. A few years before now, he decided to launch a watch brand known as the BUYALOV.
  • The Buyalov Watch Series is a collection of timepieces that offer unprecedented precision and design that effectively fill the gap between perfectly engineered decorative watches and what you would expect from a consumer durable.
  • Each product in this series is a new interpretation of a historic timepiece. The cases are modeled after decorative items from the early 20th century, the movements are based on an actual vintage movement, and even the packaging style has been carefully designed to reflect the spirit of early-century luxury watches.

For example, RadioRoom’s RR01 is a digital clock radio with all of the distinctive design cues of the 5-ChM watch – case outline, double-wall structure, highly legible dial, bead-blasted bezel displaying six characteristic peripheral screw heads.

  • At first sight, you can see the design of the Buyalov series combines classic features of the historical style with high technology of underwater equipment. Manufactured carefully and precisely, Buyalov is not only practical but also outstanding in personality.  You can show it off to your friends and share an interesting story about its background.

Available designs

  • RR01 White-Orange
  • Airship Italia Black Brown
  • Airship Italia Blue
  • RR01 Black-Yellow

Buyalov Series



Vostok Watches Accessories

  • Meranom offers a wide variety of watch straps and bands. These are for watches in various sizes, so you can rest assured that there is something for everyone with Meranom’s extensive catalog. With bands available in silicone, leather, fabric, or metal, look smart without compromising your style!
  • There is a large selection of additional watch parts to keep your favorite watch ticking. With high-quality materials used in manufacturing, there is no need to worry about the items from Meranom being less than reliable.
  • In addition, the Komandirskie classic watch part is available: the spring bars, the crown, and some seals and glass for watches. All of these parts can be found so you can rest assured that there is a replacement if your watch has a fault.

Pricing, Discounts, And Coupons

The watches in the store are diversified in price, but the price is affordable and proportional to the functionality of each watch. It is possible to order a watch from the line and to get it delivered to you, when making a purchase from the line a debit operation from a buyer’s card in Russian rubles is carried out.


Luckily, there are coupons and discount codes that range from 5 to 20 percent off the normal price to help you purchase for less or buy more products.

Final Thought

Meranom is a relatively young e-Store, but it seems to have a lot of promise. With its distinctive designs and solid customer service, this brand is sure to impress watch enthusiasts and casual wearers alike. There is no doubt in my mind that Meranom is the best place to buy a luxury watch online. Their prices and willingness to take customized orders should also come as a welcome surprise for many customers. Just make sure you know what you want and read through their documentation and terms and conditions before buying. Customer service is top-notch, shipping is fast, and the quality of the products is outstanding. So if you’re looking for a great timepiece at a fantastic value, be sure to check out Meranom before the clock stops ticking.


#1- How do I know which watch is right for me?
Ans: The first step would be to determine your day-to-day activities, which will tell you how durable of a watch you'll need. Next, the style statement you want to project will indicate the aesthetics you prefer. Once we've determined these factors, you can start narrowing down the list based on your wrist size and what fits comfortably on your wrist.
#2- What is the warranty on Meranom watches?
Ans: The warranty specified for Meranom's products is based on the product brand you choose. For example, the warranty period is between 6 months to 1 year for most watches under the Vostok brands.
#3- How do I determine which band fits my wrist?
Ans: The best way to determine which band will fit you is to measure your wrist at its widest point using a flexible measuring tape. To ensure an accurate measurement, ensure the measuring tape is taut enough so it doesn't move around on your arm as you are measuring. Wrist measurements are printed on most band packaging for reference. It is usually recommended to purchase a watch with a slightly longer band, as many customers find that it’s easier to shorten a band than to make it longer.
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