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MainWP Review- Mange All Your WordPress Sites In A Smarter Way

There’s always something interesting about having several WordPress websites for a large business. I’m not sure about you, but I’ve found it pretty tough to manage all of the sites at the same time. It’s always annoying and tiresome to log in to all my WordPress dashboards separately and on different tabs.
Since WordPress launched its MainWP Multisite feature in 2010, everything has become so easy. This plugin allows WordPress users to create a full network of WordPress sites with ease. Therefore, it becomes pretty easy to control them all on a single WordPress dashboard. However, for this to work, all the sites must be connected to the same server.

What if the websites are provided by different hosts, and you want to connect them? That’s where this review comes into play. I will discuss here everything you need to know about MainWP Plugin and how to manage several WordPress websites from a single dashboard.

What Does MainWP Mean?

MainWP is a WordPress plugin designed to help WordPress users manage multiple sites on the same dashboard. It was created by Dennis Dornon with the help of his team. MainWP is pretty unique from the WordPress multisite.

With a single WordPress installation, it is easier to manage and control different sub-sites under one dashboard. Plus, you can add more WordPress websites and manage them with utmost ease. Forget about logging into every dashboard individually with this excellent plugin.

MainWP Plugin Review

Product & Features

MainWP is well known to offer a wide range of features for an excellent user experience. Below are some of the most common features this plugin offers:

1- Click Admin Access

MainWP plugin allows you to access all your sites with just a single click. This eliminates the need for login into your WordPress sites separately.

2- Multiple Backup Solutions

MainWP offers several backup solutions for your websites. This means that you'll still get your site's data even if something goes wrong.

3- Plugin, Theme, and Users Management

MainWP allows you to install, activate, deactivate, or even delete themes and plugins on all your sites from a single instance. Additionally, this multisite manager makes it easier to control users on your sites. Do you want to craft a new user on your website? Don't worry anymore.

4- Effortless Updates

This plugin comes to helps you save time when it comes to updating your sites. You won't need to update your website one after the other. Besides, the MainWP dashboard gives you an easy time to update everything relating to your WordPress sites.

5- Uptime Monitoring

It's not guaranteed that you'll be around all day and night to monitor the way things run on your site. As a result, it is possible that things may get messy. With MainWP, you can quickly know whenever your website faces an issue that requires your immediate attention. This ensures that your site gets back into operation in no time. Plus, you can monitor your site's health for better performance.

6- Security And Vulnerability Checks And Fixes

It is safe to connect this plugin to all your websites as it uses a secure OpenSSL encrypted connection. Therefore, you won't need to key in or save passwords. Additionally, MainWP gives you full control of everything taking place on your sites. They guarantee 100% respect for your privacy and will keep your confidential data safe.

7- Self-hosted And Open Source

MainWP is a self-hosted solution. Therefore, you can install the MainWP plugin on your WordPress website rather than the server. It's also open-source, on which you can review all the codes that are getting installed on your websites through GitHub. Even if you want to fix it, you can utilize their pull requests option.

MainWP Dashboard Within the WP Dashboard

WordPress Dashboard

The MainWP Extensions included allows you to expand your MainWP dashboard performance to suit your needs. You can browse the catalogs for

  • Backups
  • SEO
  • Security
  • Monitoring
  • Marketing
  • Maintenance, and many more tools to create an excellent network within the WP Dashboard.

Prices And Plans

The MainWP plugin is free to use. You can also find the default bundle with substantial features to help you manage several WordPress dashboards. But if you desire to explore highly advanced features, there are pro plans you can subscribe to.

Pro Plans

Every plan offers complete updates, support, and extension bundles which are sold separately.

Pro And Cons


  • Easier to manage backups
  • MainWP has lots of features
  • It is pretty effortless to use
  • It offers you full control for managing issues and modifies plugins
  • Self-hosting and uses high encryption for extra privacy
  • Supports extensions on several installations
  • Features many unique extensions not offered by most management dashboards


  • It doesn’t offer keyword/SEO tracing
  • Setting it up is time-wasting
  • Unfit for shared hosting
  • It’s tricky to update themes and plugins separately


How Many types of MainWP Plugins Are Available?

MainWP plugins exist in two types; the MainWP Dashboard and MainWP Child. The former facilitates the installation of the MainWP Dashboard plugin on a site to control all the linked WordPress sites. And the latter aims to help you connect your WordPress website to its main dashboard.

How can I configure my MainWP Dashboard Plugin on my site?

The process is very easy and involves the following steps:

  • Install the MainWP on your site
  • Run for a System Checkup
  • Install the MainWP Child plugin to your WordPress site
  • Connect your first Child WordPress site
  • Run the Optimization process
  • Do a simple uptime monitoring
  • Set how you’ll receive notifications
  • Finalize the configuration process and start managing your sites like a pro

What makes MainWP unique from the rest management solutions?

MainWP offers an exceptional range of features that makes it super functional. It is self-hosted and uses encryption security highly to guarantee the utmost safety for your confidential data. Besides, it gives every user ease of control of their multiple WordPress sites under one stance. More importantly, it is easier to use, and you can enjoy the services free of charge.


WordPress is best known for its unmatchable flexibility and tons of solutions, including the plugins and themes it offers. You can develop different WordPress websites under one server using their multisite feature. Alternatively, you can manage all the sites in one dashboard using the MainWP Child and MainWP Dashboard plugins.

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