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Little Flower Hemp: A Review of Colorado Based Hemp Company.

Let’s face it, quality is a major factor when considering a hemp brand to choose. For me, quality is everything. I recall buying some hemp products whose THC levels and strain were not just good enough and of course, I regret patronizing that brand. In my quest to find a quality brand, I came across Little Flower Hemp. Their products embody everything quality hemp products should have. The smell, the feel, the look, the THC levels and more… everything is just right! I’m going to be giving you an overview of what you should know about this Colorado based hemp firm.

Both the land and the climate of Colorado are ideal for agricultural production. A Little Flower Colorado Hemp Company, which is situated in the breathtaking San Juan Mountains, was founded by a family in order to capitalize on the region’s abundant hemp resources. The firm is led by a diverse group of entrepreneurs and creative thinkers, and it strives to be more than simply a supply shop for its customers. They are committed to providing high-quality hemp goods that are packaged in containers that can be reused.
The picturesque San Juan Mountains of Colorado provide a picturesque soundscape for the delightful family-owned natural hemp farm that is Little Flower Hemp Co. The company makes it their mandatory to provide top products as well as excellent customer service in order to fulfill their mission. The firm is quite proud of the thoughtfulness that went into developing all of their products, from the superiority of their hemp to the practicability of their recyclable packaging.

At the moment, the business provides goods in two distinct classifications: those for people and those for animals. They focus primarily on self-care products such as face masks, sprays, scented lotions, cleansers, as well as salves to assist you in incorporating hemp into your everyday life via methods other than inhalation. These products include: Treats and oral health sprays are only two examples of the products that they provide for pets.

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Little Flower Company Products

  • There are many different options available at Little Flower for you as well as your adoring companion animal. The Little Flower Colorado Hemp Company is primarily concerned with producing topical products for the skin. For revitalized skin, consider using the Rose Tansy Rehab Masque, which can be purchased and then applied with a brush to the areas around your face and neck.
  • Little Flowers manufactures and sells a number of various CBD products that are meant for animals, including dog treats, the oral health spray for dogs, and a tincture-based version of Little Flowers’ signature Share recipe that is tailored specifically for animals. Full-spectrum hemp is used in the production of the dog treats, which come in peanut butter as well as pumpkin tastes respectively. Omega vitamins as well as amino acids are also included in them, just as they are in their Share products. The oral health spray is indeed a full-spectrum hemp product, and it includes additional chemicals such as L-Lysine, which is a beta-amino acid that contributes to the formation of proteins, Roman Chamomile, and spearmint.
  • The fact that the Little Flower Hemp Firm does not really deal in the sale of hemp flowers is one of the aspects that sets them apart from other typical merchants of hemp products. They don’t sell the cannabis they cultivate; rather, they utilize it to make their own line of hemp goods, which includes anything from edibles to items for personal care. Their Colorado Honey, which is mixed with 225 mg of entire range entire plant hemp extract, is one of the human items that has proven to be very popular with customers.
  • Additionally, their unique Share oral tincture is quite popular with purchasers. The powerful recipe makes use of premium flowers to generate high-quality full-spectrum hemp extract that may be used for a range of applications. Naturally, their personal care products are also extremely well-liked, since they are produced in modest numbers and presented in aesthetically pleasing, organic containers that may be reused. They include dog snacks, an oral health spray designed just for canines, and their very own Share oral tincture designed specifically for pets.

Share Oral Tincture. $120

  • The main product, Share, is a special mix that is manufactured from hemp that was cultivated on the ranch in Colorado using organic farming methods. In the process of making our tinctures, they combine traditional methods with contemporary techniques.
  • They are certain that we have improved the quality of tinctures made from hemp by using full-spectrum, rich, sweet, and low-glycemic oils in our products. Up to 1400 mg of Whole Plant Hemp extract, which contains additional vital cannabinoids as well as omegas 3, 6, and 9 in the ideal proportions, and amino acids.

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TLC Fall/Winter. $90

  • You owe it to your body to treat it with the respect and affection it deserves. TLC Fall/Winter is a warming moisturizer that was designed to work symbiotically with the Little Flower Entire Flower Hemp Harvest.
  • It was formulated with essential oils, and these oils were used in the formulation of the lotion. 500 milligrams of Whole Plant Hemp extract, which contains other vital cannabinoids along with amino acids, omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9 fatty acids in the ideal proportions.

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Soft gels. $135

  • The company’s main product, Share, is now available in a convenient soft gel version. In these capsules, you still will find the entire flower hemp extract that was produced using organic methods on the site in Colorado.
  • 30 milligrams of whole plant hemp extract, which contains all important cannabinoids as well as carefully balanced amounts of omegas 3, 6, and 9, and amino acids.

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Flower power gummies. $85

  • Handmade using only organic materials, each gummy has 40 milligrams of whole plant hemp extract, which also contains CBC, CBG, CBD, and essential fatty acids; each tin contains 20 candies.
  • It is simple to lower the dose in half or in quarters, if that better suits your needs.

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Simply Salve. $75

  • The Simply Salve is not your average topical salve. Produced from natural beeswax and packed with the highest quality oils available. The Simply Salve that we provide is pristine and elegant.
  • We omitted the essential oils in order to produce an odorless salve that is unadulterated and suitable for everyone. Enhanced with 700 milligrams. Hemp extract derived from the whole plant of the Little Flower strain.

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Massage Cream. $285

  • Gorgeous, Organic, and Hypoallergenic Massage Lotion. There are no fillers or additives included. massage cream without a smell that contains Little Flower Whole Plant Hemp Extra which does not include any synthetic components. Base made with our own proprietary extracts and a proprietary mix.
  • This is a clean slate for you to create your massage with your own oils and other ingredients, so feel free to add anything you choose. A simple product that may add on to the cost of a massage.

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Green Lemonade. $85

  • A wonderful and appetizing way to consume your share. Infused with lemon for its alkalinity-boosting effects. Chlorella, which has been shown to enhance the immune system and comes with a host of other advantages, is included.
  • A little amount of sap sugar is added because of the antioxidant properties, as well as the vitamin and mineral richness of maple sugar. A wonderful method for rehydrating the body, especially after strenuous exercise.

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Skin Serum. $120

  • We, as a firm that was started by a woman, believe that true beauty comes from inside, but we also acknowledge that there are occasions when we could all use some assistance. Our face and skin serum, Little Flower Glow, makes your complexion more radiant and encourages the development of healthy, dewy skin.
  • Developed with high-quality oils that are abundant in vitamins and antioxidants, these products help your skin maintain its youthful appearance as you become older. 700 milligrams of Whole Plant Hemp extract, which contains other vital cannabinoids along with amino acids, omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9 fatty acids in the ideal proportions. This product has a very high oil content.
  • More Ingredients: Therefore, if you have already oily skin, you should probably look for a different cream to use. Because it contains such a wide variety of oils, such as Argan oil, camellia oil, Jojoba oil, and hyaluronic acid, it has a sweet, greasy aroma that is difficult to place. Hyaluronic acid also contributes to the complexity of the smell. After using the product, the fragrance does not linger for very long.

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Additionally, there are consumable products including soft gels, candy, and oral tinctures. Dog snacks and tinctures are also available for use with animals. Including the product listings, each item includes a certificate of analysis that reveals it was tested for both THC and CBD. These certificates are displayed next to the product listings.

Customer Feedbacks

The Little Flower Hemp Company: what are people’s overall impressions of it? The company has amassed a sizeable customer base because to the distinctiveness of its hemp-based product line, which includes items for both humans and animals and enables consumers to take pleasure in hemp in more than one manner. Users who don’t necessarily appreciate the flavor and feel of smoking hemp find these products to be extremely popular.


1-They ship quickly and take additional precautions to ensure that their goods are appropriately packaged using the least amount of plastic possible to ensure the items' safety while in transit. Buyers are also particularly impressed even by time as well as thought that ends up going into their packaging, which makes maximum use of glass, wood, as well as other recycled material that not only improve visually pleasing, but also minimize the carbon footprint. This not only impresses buyers, but it also helps the company reduce its overall impact on the environment.

2- Whenever it comes to the quality of their services, the firm leaves little to be desired. The passion that these women put towards their hemp goods is something that a lot of people admire. Every little aspect of the company, including the utility of the goods and the sustainability of the packaging, has been meticulously considered. You could see and feel how passionate they are about the hemp goods that they sell, and they back up that enthusiasm with exceptional service to their customers.

3- Women are thrilled with the ways in which the products have improved their skin. When it comes to guys, it is a significant benefit that the creams have a lightweight recipe that is easily absorbed by the skin. The goods provide reliable outcomes, and the flavor profiles of the edibles are right on. When it comes to their goods for pets, many people are discovering that they are effective in reducing their anxiety and stress.

Is This Brand in Line With Legal Compliance?

All of the items offered by Little Flower Hemp Company are completely compliant with the laws governing hemp-based goods. They are able to reduce the amount of THC that is contained in their products by using the extraction method that they have developed. As a result, the CBD formulation that they have developed is highly effective and does not produce any psychoactive effects. They also provide their general disclaimer on their website, which states that the FDA has not evaluated any of the items to determine if they are effective in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, or cure of any ailment or condition.

Saving Money on Purchases

1Coupons and discounts offered by the company
At this time, if you purchase more than $120 USD worth of items from the Little Flower Hemp Company, you are eligible to get a discount on the shipping cost. You may sign up for the newsletter offered by Little Flower Hemp Co. if you are interested in saving an additional amount of money on your subsequent purchase. They keep their customers and potential customers up to date on the most recent sales, deals, and items on their website by sending out emails on a regular basis.
2Leave items in the cart.
This good old trick is applicable to the Little Flower Hemp website. Just select a couple of items that you are interested in and just wait it out. It doesn’t usually take long before they reach out to you for discount prices on the items in your cart.
3Curbside shopping.
Basically, all you have to do is to pick up your item yourself instead of having to pay for shipping or delivery fees. This is an effective way to save money.
4Capitalize on big sales.
Whenever big sales are available, you can seize the chance to go for them instead of purchasing the same items for a higher amount. This will save you some money.

Frequently Asked Questions About Little Flower

Q- What kind of prices do they have for their items?
A- Prices for oral tinctures range between $60 and $110. A 700mg pack of the salves may be purchased for the price of $65. The 4ounce TLC lotions will set you back $75, while the delicacies will cost you anything from $60 to $110. You should expect to spend between $28 and $60 to get hemp products for your pet.
Q-How can I make a payment?
A- You are able to make payments using all of the major credit cards, including Diners, Discover, JCB, Mastercard, and Visa.
Q-How does the shipment work exactly?
A-Shipping costs are $8.00 for any orders that are less than $120. After you have finished checking out with your purchase, they will give you the total cost of the shipment. However, we are unable to process orders from other countries.


The Little Flower Colorado Hemp Company is the kind of store that many different kinds of ladies would enjoy placing orders from. Regrettably, they do not have any hemp flowers or pre-rolled hemp flower products available. If you are interested in purchasing them, you will have to do it through a different dealer that specializes in hemp flowers. You should visit this shop, on the other hand, if you are seeking for anything that can assist you with your hygiene routine and you want to get it. Because there is such a vast variety of topicals to choose from, you will have a number of alternatives at your disposal that will transform your mundane routine into one that is flexible, pleasurable, and manageable.
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