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Leaf Of Life Botanicals Review: Serious Savings Impressive Customer Service and High-Quality Leaf

When you first learn about kratom, it sounds a little bit like snake oil. With all the positive qualities it offers, it’s one of those things that sounds like it might be too good to be true. I’m living proof that it is all it’s cracked up to be. Something I have in common with the Leaf of Life botanicals owner is, kratom utterly changed my life. As a result, I’ve become somewhat of an aficionado on kratom and what makes a vendor you can trust.

Though kratom has had a rough time in the mainstream media, highly trusted sources are beginning to fight that reputation. They’re focusing on the potential that the plant may have instead. There are hundreds of vendors selling kratom online, and unfortunately, not all of them are legitimate. I’ve been ripped off for hundreds of dollars on a single purchase. So, I know how important finding an affordable vendor who provides quality and is reliability can be.

Leaf of Life botanicals is just that vendor. They’ve built their entire store around making the customer the priority. They honestly care about the safety of their customers, and as such, go to great lengths to ensure their products are thoroughly tested and come from high-quality resources.

Who is Leaf of Life Botanicals?

  • Leaf of life botanicals specializes in providing high-quality kratom to its customers. They’re newer to the kratom industry. Still, they make up for what they lack in experience in the personal drive.
  • The founder had a life-changing experience with kratom and has decided to share that positive knowledge with the world as part of their life goals.
  • He created Leaf of Life Botanicals to offer the highest quality kratom sourced from all over the southeast Asian region.
  • Leaf of Life Botanicals has a unique view and a customer’s first philosophy. This view developed because the owner was a kratom consumer before becoming a vendor.
  • Their customer service is among the best in the industry. As such, they’ve been steadily gaining popularity in the kratom community. In addition, they have stellar online reviews and often interact with their customers on social media.

What Leaf of Life Is doing Right

What Leaf Of Life Offering:

  • Massive Range Of Products
  • Wholesaler Options
  • Third-Party Testing Available On Request
  • Informative Blog
  • Free Shipping
  • Fast Shipping
  • Sample Pack Discounts
  • Split Kilos
  • Extracts
  • Kratomaton Trusted Vendor
  • Kratom guides Approved
  • Kratom USA Vendors
  • Venmo, Cash App, G Pay, Crypto, and E-Checks Accepted

Areas That Need Improvement:

  • No credit or debit card payments
  • Not yet American Kratom Association Accredited
  • Third-party lab reports must be requested by email.

Overall, the pros heavily outweigh the cons of this vendor.

Reviews From Around the Web

It’s important to know what customers are saying about a vendor. These reviews can help save you time and money. For example, on Kratomaton, one of the internet’s most trusted sources for reviews of vendors, Leaf of Life Botanical has an overall 99% score and has qualified for their trusted vendor mark.

The trusted vendor mark means they consistently have high-quality products, have a full refund policy, respond to customer concerns, reasonable and fair pricing, and properly protect customer privacy.

I love leaf of life the customer service is top notch and the tea is as well. I usually order on Sunday the tea is shipped Monday and is in my hands top 5 must try teas are Green Bali, Green Dragon, White elephant, Whitemd, and aceh good.

Every strain here in Leaf of Life (that I have tried) is over the top!
Martin makes sure all of his tea is completely tested and you can taste the difference!! Its fresh and that makes a huge difference! Im so happy I found them! Just order!!!

Favorite Strains Of Kratom Powder

Every kratom consumer will tell you they have favorites. For me, it’s the powders that give me the benefits I want most. First up on my favorites list is the Red Dragon from Leaf of Life Botanicals.

Red Dragon Kratom

  • Red Dragon is one of the most potent high-quality red vein kratoms around. Red kratom is derived by letting the leaves age on the plant longer until red veins develop. This changes the type and amount of alkaloids that are present.
  • This red vein kratom can be defined as relaxing, relieving, and having clarity. Prices for this mighty red vein kratom are actually reasonable as well.

You have very little to lose if this particular vein isn’t for you. However, I highly recommend giving it a chance.

  • 28-gram sample bag 9.99
  • 250 grams Red Dragon 39.99
  • 500 grams Red Dragon 59.99
  • 1 Kg Red Dragon for 99.99

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Next up on my must-buy list from this vendor is a blended Kratom. I’ve been mixing my own kratom blends for years, but it’s all guesswork when I do it at home. So when I buy a mixture, I know I’m getting something that has the correct percentages of the right veins to work best together.

Pink Maeng Da Kratom

  • Pink Maeng Da is for those looking for the same relaxing benefits they find with the red vein kratom while still having that pep and pick me up that whites offer. This is a half and half blend of Red and White Maeng Da.
  • As with any Kratom powders, you can order a one-ounce sample. Unfortunately, not all vendors offer samples on their blends, so this is a fantastic way to get into blended kratom and gives them a leg up over the competition.

If you’re as impressed as I was, you’ll be happy to know the prices on larger amounts will save you even more.

Pink Maeng Da Kratom Blend

39.99 for 250grams
59.99 for 500grams
99.99 for 1Kg

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Super Green
  • Finally, we come across Super Green. Super green is one of my go-to daily choices. It’s got the same boost that super sugary multi-shot coffee used to provide without the caffeine crash. Super Green is described as one of the longest-lasting of the veins, and people often refer to it as mood-boosting.
  • Like their other powders, Super Green is offered at 9.99 in a sample size of 1 ounce, so you don’t have to take my word or that of the other reviews. Instead, you can test it out yourself. As with any Kratom powders, you can order a one-ounce sample. Unfortunately, not all vendors offer samples on their blends, so this is a fantastic way to get into blended kratom and gives them a leg up over the competition.

However, if you’re willing to shell out just a bit more, you can save some cash.

250 grams are 39.99
500 grams are 59.99
1kg is only 99.99

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Variety Is the Spice of Kratom

One unique option I don’t see on most vendor sites that Leaf of Life Botanicals offers is crushed leaf kratom. The crushed leaf is the most common form used for making authentic tea and is much harder to come by. However, they offer it at 34.99 for a250-gram full-spectrum option.

Some of the other options they provide in powdered forms.

  • Green Strains

Best kratom for pain relief - Leaf Expert

  • Green Hulu
  • Green Bali
  • Green Enlightened
  • Premium Maeng Da
  • Green Maeng Da
  • Green Borneo

  • Red Strains

Best kratom for pain relief - Leaf Expert

  • Super Red
  • Red Maeng Da
  • Red Enlightened
  • Red Bali
  • Red Borneo

  • Yellow Strains

Best kratom for pain relief - Leaf Expert

  • Yellow Borneo
  • Yellow Maeng Da
  • Yellow Vietnam


  • White Strains

Best kratom for pain relief - Leaf Expert

  • White Maeng Da
  • Snow White
  • White Borneo
  • White Bali
  • White Elephant
  • White Enlightened
  • Super White

Capsules for Convenience

All Maeng Da’s Kratom Combo

  • Kratom capsules are becoming more popular for a few reasons. For one, if you’ve tried kratom, you know it’s got a unique flavor and texture. In addition, capsules can be a much easier option for those with sensitive gag reflexes. They also are easy to take along in a bag or purse.
  • On the other hand, traveling with kratom powder can be complicated and messy, where capsules keep the finely ground dust contained. They sell several options of capsules with strains like Red Maeng Da.
  • Capsules take more work to produce so that they will cost a little more, but you’re paying for convenience. They charge 19.99 per bottle and each bottle has 45 capsules with a total of 42 grams.

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KRX Liquid Kratom 15ml

  • Kratom extracts can be controversial in the kratom community. This is because they are concentrated forms of the leaf, where the alkaloids are extracted and condensed. At Leaf of Life, they have a few options for extracts—both a powdered extract and a liquid form.
  • Both forms are a 10:1 ratio. They offer their Snow White strain in a 10:1 extract making it ten times more potent than the powdered version of the same name. But, like capsules, these will be more expensive because you’re paying for both the continence and the potency.
  • The liquid runs 14.99 for a 15ml bottle, while the powder is 19.99 for a half-ounce. Extracts can be beneficial for those struggling to take the powder, but you should always be extremely careful because this is an altered form.

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Prices and So Many Ways to Save

  • Higher quality kratom will always be more expensive than lower quality, and the kratom you get from the Leaf of Life Botanicals is of the highest quality. They’ve done tons of research and discovered what resources provide them with the best kratom.
  • The prices are still really reasonable.
  • You can get a sample pack with four one-ounce powder bags to see which strains you want to buy.
  • The sample pack is only 29.99, saving you nearly ten dollars.

Powder Prices

  • 250 grams for 39.99
  • 500 grams for 59.99
  • 1kg for 99.99

As you can see, the more, you buy the more you save.

  • If you want to stock up, you can take this further by going to the bulk pricing.
  • If you buy anywhere from 10-20 kilos, you get a price of 65.00 per kilogram.
  • 20-60 kilos per order, and you will only pay 55.00 per kilogram.
  • And finally, 60-80 kilos will only cost 45.00 per kilogram.
  • They offer bulk pricing for their capsules, starting at 1000 for 150.00, 2000 for 250.00, and finally 3000 for 350.00.
  • Leaf of Life also has additional savings to offer, including their VIP program for those who provide reviews. These members get special discount coupons sent directly to them.
  • You can also scour the internet and likely find a variety of coupons for their site.
  • They also have a rewards program for those who shop with them, allowing you to earn points for sharing on Facebook, referring people, and making purchases.
  • If you want to go a step further with your savings, you can sign up for their affiliate program, where you can earn a 20% commission on successful referrals by advertising.

Shipping Policies And Return Options

Return Policy:

  • Leaf of Life Botanicals has a 30-day money-back guarantee. They fully believe in the products they sell and do thorough lab testing on each lot and batch.
  • The package must be at least ¾ full and returned, but they will give a complete refund.
  • It’s not required, but they really care about their customers, so if you have to use the return policy, they honestly want feedback to know what you weren’t happy about and if there is anything they can do to make it right.

Shipping Policies:

  • Shipping is always free, and they send out any orders that are received before 10 am on the same day. Anything after 10 in the morning goes out the following day.
  • All shipments have tracking. They primarily ship with USPS. However, if you need a different shipping provider for some reason, they will work with you, though that will cost.
  • One common thing through all their reviews is customers being impressed with how quick the shipping is.

Last Thoughts

Leaf of Life Botanicals has a well-organized website that’s easy to navigate and loaded with information. In addition, they provide informative blogs and a wide range of products. Aside from kratom, they also sell other herbal supplements like Kava. They are run by a consumer first and a vendor second, which improves customer service and understanding of what those who shop for kratom want. There is minimal risk to giving this vendor a chance with the variety of discounts and the low-priced sample options. They are definitely one of my go-to options for ordering kratom.


#1- What exactly is kratom? Is it a drug?
A- Kratom is closely related to the coffee plant, even though it doesn't produce caffeine. It's classified as an herb. It's the leaves of the kratom plant that are important and contain alkaloids. There are diverse ways to harvest the kratom leaves, and they can be dried or even fermented in some cases. However, all products sold by Leaf of Life Botanicals are tested by a third-party lab to ensure safety and quality.
#2- What makes people use kratom?
A- Kratom is still being studied but has shown a high rate of possibility for health uses due to the alkaloids it contains. In Southeast Asia, kratom has been a standard part of life; they've been chewing the leaves to give them a coffee-like effect while working. In addition, some find that certain kratom strains have a more relaxing effect than alcohol. Everyone uses kratom for varied reasons; some claim it helps them focus. Kratom uses range widely and varies from person to person. However, it is not a drug to be used for fun. It's not related to any other drug, and anyone seeking to get high is likely to be seriously dissatisfied. The FDA has not approved Kratom for human consumption or as a dietary supplement yet, but you'll find hundreds of endorsements around the kratom forums and blogs covering the plant.
#3- What risk of addiction is there with kratom?
A- There is a significant difference between addiction to dangerous substances and people's habits with kratom. Things like nicotine and hard drugs are proven to cause chemical addiction. According to users, kratom, on the other hand, is more habit-forming than actually addicting, and people don't build up a tolerance to the plant in ways that they do when it comes to addictive drugs that lead to higher use doses.
#4- What is the legality of kratom?
A- Kratom is federally legal. However, that doesn't mean that it's legal where you live. Kratom has been made illegal in several states and different counties across the US. Therefore, it's important to double-check your local laws before placing an order to ensure you won't lose your money or get into trouble.
#5- Where does kratom grow?
A- Kratom grows in the wild but has been nurtured and planted on farms all over Southeast Asia. Names for different kratom strains can tell you more closely what region the plant is from—for example, Sumatra kratom and Vietnam and Bentuangie.
#6- Is kratom considered deadly?
A- No. Kratom, when used alone, has an almost built-in defense to keep it from being abused. If you take a dose that's too high or take too much, you will inevitably throw it back up. This is with the understanding that it's taken alone without anything else in the system. There have been deaths that have been attributed to the plant. However, when the reports are more closely examined, the unfortunate party, in all known cases, has been taking other substances on top of kratom. Almost always, far more dangerous substances, including things like fentanyl, cocaine, alcohol, or even meth. Do your due diligence and research the studies that are coming out showing positives rather than just listening to click-bait headlines, and you're likely to find a less drastic view.
#7- What do I need to know about kratom dosage?
A- Less really is more when it comes to kratom. I know everyone always thinks this one is a myth, but it is, as you will find reading things on kratom forums, the fundamental recommendation. However, dosages are super personal, and everyone reacts differently. So always remember, the lowest dose possible is best. Generally, people find their sweet spot somewhere between 3 grams and 10 grams. It's always recommended to start low and slow and go up as needed. Tolerance isn't a problem, so it's easy to go forward once a person discovers what works for them.
#8- What are some of the dangers of kratom?
A- Kratom should not be mixed with any other substance or medication. Taking kratom on top of other substances can be deadly. It should be treated with respect and avoiding doing anything that could hurt yourself for someone else while taking it is a bad idea. For example, heavy machinery, driving, or climbing heights should all be avoided. Taking too much kratom can result in nausea, throwing up, and what's known as the wobbles, making the eyes feel like they are bouncing around and vibrating. If this happens, you're taking more than you should, but it will wear off. So don't try and do anything for a while; close your eyes and lay down. Generally, the most common problem reported by kratom users is constipation.
#9- How to deal with constipation associated with kratom?
A- As you've seen, kratom is a dried powder, and it can lead to dehydration if a user doesn't compensate. So, the best advice for dealing with kratom constipation is water, water, and more water. Watch what you eat and make sure you're getting the recommended amount of exercise for your health.
#10- Where is kratom sold?
A- Kratom can be found at all locations these days; it's become popular, meaning it's showing up in head shops and gas stations. Unfortunately, a good portion of the kratom sold at these locations isn't the same quality you will find with a reputable vendor. Some sellers have even gone so far as to slip dangerous drugs into their kratom. Therefore, it's critical to work with a seller that uses a third-party lab to test their kratom before selling it to customers. Other things you should look for when buying kratom online are vendors with a high standing in the kratom community, good reviews, and answering questions when asked on social media, their website, or email.
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