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LabelDaddy Review – Helps Me To Make Sense Of My Crazy Life!

I’ve got the kids, so I’ve got the craziness. To be honest, even before I had the kids, I had the craziness. Life in the 21st century is anything but real simple. Call it LabelDaddy, FOMO or recreational shopping, or being a border hoarder, but I have lots of stuff. We all do.
Researchers from UCLA actually counted the items in 32 American homes, and the results were jaw-dropping. The homes averaged 300,000 items in total! No wonder we spend so much time looking for things, wondering whose thing that is, and trying to put things away so that we can find them again someday.

Now I can’t hire an army of organizers to tackle my stuff, but I can let come to my rescue. At Label Daddy, there’s a fantastic selection of high-quality products to conquer the clutter and quiet the craziness.

My Family’s Organizational Problems Challenges

I had a few pain points in particular. Piles of sporting goods. A mountain of laundry to put away. A pantry bursting with occasionally-used baking ingredients. Thankfully, Label Daddy had the remedies I needed!

Take the clothing situation. I launder for several family members, and it can be tough to take a quick look and know whose navy polo is whose. But with Label Daddy’s labels affixed, it’s easy-breezy! Even better, the labels feature favorite animals, colors, patterns, fonts.

Clothing Labels

There is something to love for every family member at every age. Just by taking a look at the labels, even preschoolers who aren’t reading yet can claim their clothes. They may even come to think of putting laundry away as a fun matching game! (I can always dream) Even better, the expensive coats and sweaters that go off to school and camp with them are more likely to come home with them again because they have a label.

Sporting Goods
The same applies to sporting goods. Picture a heap of shin guards at the edge of a practice field that look exactly the same. How is anyone supposed to know what items belong to which budding sports star? I helped my children choose labels that feature their favorite sport or team. Now I don’t have to nag (that is, gently remind) my clearly the best player on the team to Go Pick Up Your Equipment!

Even when I lived in a child-free home, I felt the agony of more things than I could keep track of. I wish Label Daddy had been around then! Now I put them to work wherever I see a problem brewing. I have a system that is both fun to look at and easy to work with. Spices or tools can go right back where they belong after use. Most recently, I’ve tackled all the craft supplies. Now pom-poms and googly eyes are way easier to use and replace. The kids know what to do without being told!

From the first time I looked at, I loved their product lines and designs (and their video gave me a much-needed laugh). After I spent a bit more time with them, I learned a few things that really made me say, “ This company understands me!” I really love all the “show me” blog posts that speak to my personal situation.

Label Daddy Makes it Simple

The website makes it really easy to get organizing off my to-do list.

label Daddy Wooden heartWall Stickers  White Kids Labels for School


School And Kids Sections
I started with the school and kids sections. I cuddled up for a few minutes with each child and chose just the right items to inspire them to keep track of their belongings. The personalization was easy and really fun. (Sports’ nicknames are really a hilarious topic for a nine-year-old kid!)

More Collection

Home And Wall Decal Sections
When I had a bit of “me time”, I checked out the home and wall decal sections (because Label Daddy offers a lot more than just labels!) I found upbeat and lighthearted designs in everything from laundry bags to key tags. And because I spend way too much time in the laundry room, I decided to brighten it up with sunflower wall decals. Hint: wall decals are a lot easier to apply and move around than wall paper!

Choose More

Return Policy
For another thing, the return policy is geared for chronically busy people like me. Any item can be returned within 30 days of receipt for any reason. So when someone’s very positively most favorite color suddenly changed, Label Daddy to the rescue! A quick note to their customer care team helped me to make an exchange featuring the new “forever” favorite color.

But Seriously, Folks

I like to make light of my homemaking difficulties now, but there have been times when being “organizationally challenged” felt anything but funny. I was stressed, overwhelmed, and cranky!. I am truly grateful for the new vibe in my family since Label Daddy eliminated so many little annoyances. I also really appreciate how much money I’ve saved with Label Daddy, because not enough money equals more stress.

When my older kids lose things, I can’t pass them down to the younger ones. Now that whole situation is almost unheard of. Label Daddy Reviewsgive great tips on how busy parents like me change labels when the younger ones inherit. Both the Reviews section and the Label Daddy blogshave really inspired me with creative ways to use their products to improve my life. And inspired is a much better way to feel than stressed!

Label Me Satisfied

I hope that I don’t sound like a complainer--I feel very lucky to have such a full life! It just seems like a smart move to remove the roadblocks to contentment whether someone lives alone in a studio apartment or with a hoard of family in a rambling ranch. No matter where life takes me from here, I know is coming along for the ride.
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