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Are you working with a budget and have been confused and worried about where to get high quality Kratom and other herbal supplements that will meet your needs while saving you some money?

Then, worry no more, is here to deliver. At you get affordable but high quality herbs and supplements. They also understand customer feedback and privacy policy. also offers you the best discounts you can think of.

About Kratomcapsule

  • is an online store that specializes in the sales of high quality herbs and supplements, approved by FDA. At Kratomcapsule, you only get 100% natural unprocessed herbs with no extract or enhanced products .
  • This company is an amazing place to shop from because their products are triple tested for quality and they only buy from cGMP suppliers that provide heat treated bulk materials with proper independent certificate of analysis.
  • I can assure you that is a no scam zone, what you order is exactly what you will get and they do not disclose anybody’s details to the third party. They may not be the cheapest, but I can assure you that they are the best.

 What are the Services Rendered at

Kratom has been thriving for years in Southeast Asia. Although, some of the strains in the market comes from Indonesia, Thailand or Malaysia

This company offers varieties of products like Kratom capsules, Kratom powder, Kratom liquid shots, kava, Akuamma and Chuchuhuasi. All of these products are natural and have been tested over time.

Kratom Capsules:

There are different types of Kratom capsules you can shop from at kratomcapsules which include

  • Red Borneo fusion Kratom
  • Super Green Malaysian Kratom
  • Turmeric and Mit Speciosa
Red Borneo FusionThis Kratom capsule is 50 pieces per bottle and has been tested for quality and purity . The red Borneo fusion Kratom is available but in limited quantity, and it has been known for its ability to give relief, reduce stress, and offer relaxation .
Super Green Malaysian Kratom (50 Capsules)This is another type of Kratom available, it is vegan friendly. Super Green Malaysian Kratom is the most energizing Kratom strain sold at, it decreases anxiety and enhances mental focus
Turmeric & Mit. Speciosa - Green Blend (100 Capsules)You can get this particular strain of Kratom at $28.99 dollars from them, which is an amazing price for a pack of 100 capsules. This supplement has been known to reduce inflammation with its anti-inflammatory properties. It also promotes healthy joints and muscles.
  • White Maeng Da Thai Kratom
  • Green Maeng Da Kratom
White Maeng Da Thai Kratom (5 Capsules) SampleThis is one of the most affordable Kratom you can get from them , this capsule which goes for $3.95 per pack is known as an energy booster.
Green Maeng Da Thai Kratom (5 Capsules) Sample  This is another affordable but quality Kratom capsule you can purchase from this company , this supplement is widely known for its ability to maintain balance between relaxation and energy.

Kratom Powder:

This is another variety of Kratom product that can be found at, just like the capsule . It is highly effective and addictive free, it is for individuals who are not comfortable with swallowing the capsule .

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Kratom Liquid shots:

This is another wonderful brand of Kratom you can shop from them. You will get a lot of amazing and nice tasting shots. The liquid shots include:

  • Island Breeze Flavoured Kratom mix drink
  • Kratom liquid shot (Orange Cream)
  • Kratom liquid shot (Mocha)

Kratom Liquid

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Whenever you want to switch to Kratom drinks, remember that is always here to deliver.

Kava ($9.99):

Kava 30% Extract (50 Capsules)

This is a herb extract that is consumed as a beverage, or aids relaxation. Pure and unadulterated kava can be gotten from This is because they source for kava extract with 30% kavactone alkaloids, without any addictive.

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Akuamma Capsules Kratom Alternative (50 Capsules)

Akuamma is a plant that is scientifically known as Picralima nitida. This plant is mostly found in Ghana, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Congo, Nigeria, Congo, Uganda and some other African Countries. The dry seeds of Akuamma plant are used for supplements which are sometimes alternative to painkillers. You can always get high quality Akuamma capsules at a good rate from this company too.

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Chuchuhuasi 4:1 Extract (50 Capsules)

This is a traditional pain reliever , it is also used for relieving menstrual pain and enhancing libido. offers the best Chuchuhuasi capsule. I advise you to give their products a trial.

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Things to Consider Before Buying from

As much as buying from this company is okay, there are a lot of things to put into consideration before you purchase any product from the website. They include;

Things You Should Consider:

  • Availability of your choice of Strain: Before you buy any of these products from them, you will have to go through their website and check if the particular strain you want is available. Also, check if the specifications on the strain meets your needs before you make orders.
  • The Cost: A good budget will be of help to you when deciding on the type of supplement to shop from the company , make a list of the strains you want and their cost. It will help you not to buy more than budgeted .
  • Is it Easy to buy from Another thing to put into consideration before buying from this company is whether their website is strict to make purchases from . Also, find out the method of payment and the acceptable credit cards.
  • Reviews: Before you place your orders at, make sure you go through the reviews. Reviews, both positive and negative can help you make your decisions on what to buy. If the review of a particular strain is bad or does not suit your needs. You can select another one .

Our Strain Guide.

Pro and Cons of buying from

This company is a very wonderful place to purchase your herbs and supplement, but there are also few advantages and disadvantages associated with buying your products from them, they include:


  • Accepts Bitcoin and Credit Cards
  • Offers Akuamma, Kava and Chuchuhuasi
  • Free Shipping


  • Few vegetarian capsules
  • High prices
  • No international shipments

 3 – 5 Ways You Can Save Money on

There are a lot of ways to save some money while buying from this company. Some of the ways are:

How To Save Money:

  • Write down your budget and the things you need to buy: When you make a list of the things you need to buy, you will save some money and also save yourself the stress of buying strains you don’t need or buying above your budget .
  • Order a few products first: To make sure you get the best quality, I will advise you to order a few products first . If their products meet your requirements, you can now place orders for larger quantities.
  • Order products that come with free shipping: When you order the products that come with free shipping, it will reduce a lot of cost for you because you will not need to bother about the shipping fee.
  • Buy in Bulk : When you do bulk buying, you get Kratom products at discounted prices . The more you buy, the better pricing you get.
  • Opt for Powder: Kratom capsule is more convenient but Kratom powder is more economical. This is because extra manufacturing goes into making capsules . So, if you want to save money, you should go for the powder. Kratom capsule is what you can produce on your own if you have interest in it.
  • Loyalty Programs: Loyalty programs can save you a lot of money . So, when buying from, check to see if they are offering loyalty programs. This is where you get so many points for purchasing with them. You can always redeem those points and save them for your future purchase.
  • Making Payment : Not every major credit card company supports the sale of Kratom. This is because Kratom is a tricky industry when it comes to payments.There are some payment options such as eCheckers or cryptocurrency that may be available to you.Also, when you use a specific payment method, Kratomcapsule .com will give you some discounts.This is because it saves them money and you do not have to pay extortionate fees. Cryptocurrency options include Bitcoin, Dash, Monero, Ripple, and Litecoin.
  • Subscribe to Vendors Mailing List: When you join com mailing list they in return send you special discounts throughout the year . If you have the option to join your vendors mailing list please do not hesitate to join . This is a great option when trying to find ways to save money on Kratom and other products at

Payment options

If you want to make payments for any of our products, instead of trying different cards. You can make use of crypto currencies, they accept it too.

Privacy Policy

They will never share customers information with any third party or to the general public. When any user is required to enter any insensitive information like card details or health information, they make sure such personal information is encrypted. While they try their best to protect your information online, I will advise you to try as much as possible to protect your information offline .

All the customers’ sensitive and non-sensitive information available in their office is restricted , not even a staff member has free access to it. If a need arises to access your information, only the employee who needs that information is granted access to it.

If you have questions and inquiries concerning their security of your information on their site , please forward it directly using contact form. Whenever you want to discontinue with their services, do not forget to inform them so your personal information will be removed from their site.

Another good thing about is that anyone under the age of 18 is not permitted to purchase any product from this site.

 Customer Care Service

At, their customer service is committed to providing you with a wonderful customer care service . If you have any issue with the products, put a call across to them or email them at and be sure of their swift response.

 Frequently Asked Questions

  • How quickly do you process orders?
Answer: Every order placed before 3pm EST is shipped out the same day the order is placed. However, if they receive your order after 3pm, that means it will be shipped the next business day. Orders are shipped from Monday to Friday  because they close on weekends.

  • What countries do you ship to?
Answer: Currently, they can only ship within the US and Hawaii . Though, they are planning to ship internationally soon.

  • Do you charge shipping fees? If yes, how much?
Answer: Yes, they charge shipping fees. Shipping charges are calculated by total weight and zip code after adding a product to your shipping cart. Though, some products have special free shipping promotional prices. They use all UPS and US postal service shipping methods, from Ground and first class to Next day air and express.

  • Does Kratomcapsule share our personal information with anybody?
Answer: No, They secure every information in their care with utmost care. They will never reveal or share your information with any one , under no circumstance will they share it with a third party. They hate spam and will never partake of it.

  • Where is the shipping location?
Answer: All orders are shipped from Miami, Florida, United States.

  • How can I cancel my order?
Answer : If there’s any need to cancel your order, then you must send an email to That should be done before you order ships. And please do not forget to reference your order number in the message.

  • Can I get free Kratom samples?
Answer: If you want to try things out, it is best to order the smallest amount of 20 grams or Kratom test package . Though, with large orders, they may want to give you some samples.
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