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Personal, educational, and business productivity software have become a crucial part of day-to-day operations. Government, schools, individuals, and businesses rely on software and apps from sources like for some of their key operations. The indelible task then becomes finding a software developer that will build a customized product that suits your needs for personal, business, or educational use.
Individual Software is among the giants in developing and publishing software. The company is privately held and was founded in 1981 with its headquarters located in Livermore, California. Focused on value, innovation, and excellence, Individual Software has developed and published educational, business, and individual products that have been recognized for awards. From industry associations, resellers, distributors, and publications, the firm has won countless awards in providing solutions for web-based and desktop software.

Cumulatively, Individual Software boasts of over 100 products on the market including software, web services, and apps. Our products are high quality and affordable to consumers across the board. With products that help businesses achieve excellence and products that help provide training and education for computer skills, Individual Software helps individuals and cooperate entities achieve success.

Products And Features of Web-Based And Desktop Software From Individual Software

With a wide range of products tailored for individuals, schools businesses, and governments, Individual Software provides affordable web-based solutions and desktop software for consumers.

1Professor Teaches

  • Professor Teaches is among the consumer software products offered by Individual Software inc. Professor Teaches offers off-the-charts training for software applications of Intuit, Adobe, and Microsoft.
  • Offering beginner to advanced courses, Professor Teaches entails hundreds of practical tasks that help learners cover over sixty titles that help build vital skills.
  • Users receive hands-on experience that help build practical skills quickly and effectively.
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2Personal Organizer

  • If you are a home user or business owner, Personal Organizer is among the products of Individual Software Inc that might interest you.
  • Organizer Pro and AnyTime Organizer are among our products that you will find easy to use either at home or for your business.
  • Schedules, notes, to-do lists, expenses, contacts etcetera might be chaotic for you to handle but with tools such as Organizer Pro and AnyTime organizer rest assured you can keep track of everything remotely at home, on the road, or in the office.

3Resume Maker

  • Seeking out a job in itself is an uphill and tiring experience, writing resumes that would make you stand out and possibly land you the job could come in handy.
  • Luckily, Individual Software Inc has you covered with ResumeMaker.
  • Available for Android, Windows and Mac desktop, iPad and Kindle, ResumeMaker enables individuals that are job hunting, looking to be promoted or those that are interested in updating resumes.
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4Software For Photos And Videos

Individual Software Inc is also a leader in developing software for creatives in the field of photos and videos. With products such as

  • PhotoStudio Expression
  • Platinum 6 Video and Photo Expression platinum
  • Slideshow Expression
  • Deluxe Media
  • Expressions Platinum

are powerful editing tools enable users to create and share their projects with friends and family online.

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5 Disney: Mickey’s Typing Adventure

  • Individuals, organizations, schools, and school districts find Typing Instructor as the best typing software for use in their respective tasks. Typing Instructor is a best seller when it comes to typing software and is available on networks such as Mac and Windows.
  • Disney: Mickey’s Typing Adventure is a product of our Typing Instructor that will inspire young and upcoming typists aged between 6 and 12.
  • Colorful animations and exciting themes will engage and appeal to young typists making learning fun, easy and fast. Students, home users, and business owners can improve their typing skills through products such as Typing Instructor for Business and Typing Quick & Easy.
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6Designing And Rendering the Images


  • If you are a homeowner and looking to initiate a landscaping project or improve the existing one then Total 3D Home and Landscape Design is your partner in this quest.
  • Features for designing and rendering the images you designed are available for you and help you bring into reality the beautiful designs for the project you conceptualized.
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7Family Tree Heritage


  • If you are a family researcher and tasked with finding information about the ancestry of individuals, Family Tree Heritage provides you with a genealogy database that is the most extensive one in the world.
  • You could uncover family ties, stories, origins and draw a family tree using this software. This information will go a long way in preserving the heritage of families for future generations.
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Advantages And Downside Of Custom Software

Compared to off-the-shelf ready-made software, custom software has its advantages and disadvantages.


  • According to, custom software bears advantages in the sense that they offer tailored solutions, are easy to use, is flexible, have improved software support, and gives the user a competitive edge since the solutions provided are tailored to cater to the needs of the individual.


  • Custom software can be costly and require substantial investment to build and operate. Also, tailored software is time-consuming to build since they need to cater to every aspect of the functions they are intended for.

Discounts And Coupons For individual Doftware

Many of the Individual Software Inc products are have a discount through promo codes and coupons. Currently, you can save up to 50% on products such as Resume Software for monthly online subscriptions and Annual Library and Typing subscriptions. Also, you can get deals for free trials on select software, free demo on training downloads, and free technical support.
Save Up to 50%

Frequently Asked Questions

Q#1-Can one get technical support from Individual Software?

If you are using Individual Software products, feel free to ask for technical support online. Our dedicated team offers free and detailed support, all you will be required to do is inform them of the product you are using and describe briefly the problem you are experiencing.

Q#2- Can one make a purchase on Individual Software products in person?

There exist third-party retailers that deal in products of Individual Software Inc. Authorized third-party retailers are available on our website and you can find out where to buy Individual Software products whether you are in the US, Canada, or other countries where we sell our products.

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