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Hotwire Review – Is Hotwire.Com The Best Travel Site?

About Hotwire

What should we say about Hotwire? Well, there are a ton of things to look at when you get on the site. They have some great low rates that I’d love to check out sometime. There are numerous things that they are good with, and that includes rooms, cars, hotels, resorts, flights, and vacation packages. Look no further than Hotwire to get what we’re looking for.

Travel With Hotwire

When we chose hotwire, it was a weird feeling. We thought we’d be let down, like other sites that promise to find the lowest price, but even the lowest price isn’t guaranteed or within our budget. However, with Hotwire, I was pleasantly surprised at the prices.

When I traveled with Hotwire, I saw that I saved over 75% compared to other major companies. The price was simply fantastic, and I would love to book again soon. It isn’t a long shot to pick anywhere to go and travel there. I went to California for a 3-day visit, and it was terrific.

Amazing Deals

Hotwire, as stated above, has amazing deals, but how good are the deals? Well, it depends on what you’re looking for, whether it’s flight, hotels, cars or others. The sales depend on what we want.

♥If what we want is a car, then they can find us a reasonable price to get a rental car for a week or so.

♥If it’s a hotel, you can look at an affordable rate for however long we’re looking to stay.

♥If it’s a flight, then compared to other sites, they can help get you a reasonably better deal than the competition.

What About Hotel Prices?

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Hotel prices are great! When I used it, I found affordable resorts and hotels in Orlando, Florida, for Universal Studios and Disney World. I haven’t checked into one yet, but I have difficulty not making it my next destination to visit with their prices.

The hotels, I came across great rates, some under $30, a lot under $50, and most of the deals under $100 per night.

Hotwire checks prices on rooms that haven’t been rented out yet, so we have the luxury of finding the best price that the hotel is willing to give the room up for. They have, as much as I’ve looked around for lower prices, the best rates anywhere.

Choose the Best Hotel Now

Can We Find A Good Rental Car?

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Yes, we can. Between us, they have some of the best rental prices for cars on the market. I have looked at many different competitors on the market, and hotwire has the best prices around when it comes to vehicles, too. This is the best site I could find to get car rentals as low as $27 a day. We are lucky with this site because they have OUR best interest at heart, not their wallet.

Find Your Best Car Now

What About Hotwire Flights?

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Hotwire does have some good flights, but they are about the same as other places out there. It can go anywhere from $400 to $600 for a round-trip flight if you’re looking for yourself. Flights have gone up in the recent days since the pandemic, although it’s a lot cheaper between Monday and Wednesday to get flights. So not only are the prices high here, but they are high everywhere. Due to cleaning measures, and rules and regulations, social distancing, and more. Everyone’s flight prices have jumped up, and the reason is the virus.

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Plan Some Vacations!

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For me, I love to plan vacations, even though sometimes, most of the time, I can’t afford them. It’s still an excellent way to find out how much you need for a vacation. What I do is I check the flights, hotels, and rentals in the area. If they are high, then I check the hotels and places I want to go to. Usually, like my plan to go to Universal, I look at the hotel rates, particularly cheap. I don’t live too far away and could drive there in half a day.

So then I look at tickets. With the right deal, I could get a weekly pass for $700 per person. If the hotel is $39 a night, I can figure out how much I need to save up or how much it will be. Say I take me my wife, and our oldest, that’s $2,100 and with the hotel with fees and taxes being $350 and some additional charges, including Gas. I can confidently say that I would need around $5,000 to cover that weeklong vacation. Then, that gives me a reasonable price for my vacation.
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Mobile App

For better efficiency and lower prices, they have the Hotwire app. There are app-only deals in the app, and some places you won’t find on the site can find on the app that may be closer. The app is efficient and can find lower rates for hotels and rental cars.

Pro And Cons


  • Hotwire finds the best deals at the lowest prices when it comes to cars.
  • They get amazing prices when it comes to hotels, but they may not be exactly where you want them.
  • Easy to use either on the site or the app. Convenient for everyone of all ages.


  • Flight prices are slightly higher than other places but still at a reasonably affordable rate.
  • Hotels and resorts may not be specifically where we’re looking for.
  • Hotel prices may be higher for some days than others and have weekly rates instead of daily rates.

Answered To The Most Frequently Asked Questions

♠You can make changes to your hotel reservation by using your account, add to your stay, and that’s it.
♠You can cancel your car reservations if you have a cancel reservation button on my accounts page.
♠You can leave earlier in the vacation if needed, but it varies by hotel, rental car agency, etc.
♠You can add another room to your stay by adding to your stay feature in the app or the site once you logged in.
♠You can get trip insurance by going to our partners at Allianz Global Assistance.

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