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Hippy Mood Review: Your Plug for Quality Hemp Flower Products.

I’m a big fan of hemp flower products and you have to trust me when I say I have tried quite a number of brands that are out there. Of all these brands, one of them stands out. I did not really start enjoying hemp flower products until I started making use of Hippy Mood. To say the least, they satisfy all my needs. As far as sleep, sex, pain, and stress and more are concerned, Hippy Mood’s products take good care of my needs.

Hippy Mood is a modest CBD hemp flower seller that first set up shop on eBay. The company’s headquarters are in Levittown, Pennsylvania. They have decided to stop doing business on the marketplace as of today in order to concentrate on growing their own e-commerce shop, in which you will be able to discover all of their items for sale.

They concentrate primarily on the sale of raw hemp flower, which comes directly from their own private farms and is produced and nurtured to conform to the strictest of requirements. As a hemp planter, Hippy Mood welcomes wholesalers who are interested in purchasing their flowers for the purpose of reselling them or for use as raw materials in the production of goods produced from hemp.

An Overview of this Brand

  • According to the company’s website and promotional materials, Hippy Mood is “America’s number one” online as well as retail dispensary. Although we aren’t quite convinced, there’s no disputing that it’s a large shop that offers a diverse selection of goods and has a committed staff. You really can’t ask for much more, and if they offer the things you’re looking for, we strongly suggest that you check them out.
  • If we had to choose one thing wrong with the firm, we’d say that their website is out of date and needs to be updated. However, it does have an appearance that is a little bit old, however at the time this article was written, you were unable to search for products based on category, and there was no “Shop” section at all.
  • There is a list of all products on the homepage, and the sidebar, rather than guiding you to unique product types, varieties, or other information of that nature, simply provides links to pages such as FAQs andcontact us. This is the kind of information that you would normally find wedged aside at the bottom of the website.
  • It seems as if the majority of Hippy Mood’s revenue originates from its physical stores, which leads one to believe that the website was likely designed as an afterthought.
  • In relation to the Hippy Mood CBD Facility, which is situated in Levittown, Pennsylvania, the products of the brand are distributed throughout the entirety of Pennsylvania, as well as in a select number of locations in the states of Texas, Florida, Oklahoma, Nyc, Connecticut, Louisiana, Ohio, as well as Tennessee.

The Best Of What Hippy Mood Has to Offer

All of the items sold by Hippy Mood are delivered in tamper-resistant packaging made of food-grade foil that is hermetically sealed. This ensures that the scents and aromas remain contained within the package. Due to the high quality of their packaging, the aroma of CBD cannot be recognized even after the bag has been opened, ensuring that it is sent in complete secrecy. It goes without saying that each and every one of their cultivars have remarkably intense tastes and smells, but Suver Haze typically outperforms the rest of the group.

5G CBD Blunts | Customize | – Industry Project LLC

  • Suver Haze

  • Their Suver Haze variety is a popular among consumers and has a dynamic flavor profile and scent that turns the whole experience into a joyful ride from the the first inhale to the very last exhale.
  • Their Suver Haze strain has been known for being extremely sweet, sticky, and pungent with the aroma of berries and fruit. As a result, it almost never has any available supply.
  • Trump 1, Elektra, as well as Special Sauce are some other close competitors for finest varietal in the Hippy Mood line-up. Like Trump 1, Elektra, as well as Special Sauce, these strains are typically unavailable.

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Flower Varietals
You may buy the hemp flowers from Hippy Mood loose in sizes ranging from 1 gram to 14 grams, so you can also buy a few strains already compressed into blunts, which is a simple way to experience 3.5 grams of smokeable flower. Its collection is always expanding, however certain items may be unavailable at certain times. These strains are not inexpensive, coming in at roughly $14.99 for 1 gram and $74.99 per 14 gram orders respectively, but the quality is exceptional.

Price: $14.99 for 1 gram and  $74.99 per 14 gram

They are as follows:

  • Shaolin. $9.99

  • Shaolin is a fantastic sativa strain that is renowned for having a rising amount of high alpine genetics and has the greatest cannabinoid levels of CBD.
  • Shaolin also has the greatest cannabinoid levels overall. This extraordinary flower has a whole spectrum of CBD, and it smells overwhelmingly like sour diesel, with hints of sweet fruit and gradations of color ranging from black rich purple to pale pink in the pistils.
  • This is an extremely potent strain that will give CBD flower fans everything they could possibly want.

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  • Sour Elektra. $9.99

| Sour Suver Haze |

  • A Sour Elektra CBD hemp flower is indeed a potent sativa strain that has notes of sweet citrus and berry aroma. These aromas are paired with a delicate sour diesel scent, which creates a tempting nose that is sure to please even the most discerning consumer!
  • This makes for such a great day strain, which is ideal for completing any work and taking the burden off your head from the many responsibilities you have to deal with during the day.

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  • Elektra CBD Flower. $9.99

Elektra CBD Flower

  • The uplifting flavors of Elektra, a cross between AC/DC as well as Early Resin Berry, will pierce the air as soon as you meet this delightful pure cbd flower.
  • Elektra is a cross between AC/DC as well as Early Resin Berry. Elektra CBD hemp flower is the flawless ideal buddy for day or night, whether you’re searching for a tiny spark of creative thinking or need to wind down after a long day.
  • Whether you’re looking for a little ignition of creative thinking or need to unwind after a hard day.

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  • Lifter CBD Flower. $9.99

lifter cbd strain

  • Lifter is a flower that was created by crossing Suver Haze as well as Early Resin Berry. It is now one of the most widely cultivated flowers. This incredible Lifter CBD strain has a very high percentage of terpenes, and it was cultivated in Oregon using only organic methods.
  • It has a noticeable frosty and sticky texture, and it has a profile that is aromatic. It also produces a high output of a sweet and gassy undertone. Because of its distinctive characteristics, it is an excellent choice for daytime use, since it will not hinder your work.

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  • Sour Lifter. $9.99

| Sour Lifter |

  • Among the most astonishing sativa flowers now available on the Market is called Sour Lifter. This is the best option for you if you liked our lifter 3 and are looking for something similar.
  • This wonderful CBD flower now is combined with Delta 8 THC, that boosts the strength and provides you with the additional kick you need to thoroughly enjoy the start and the finish of each day.

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  • Forbidden Fruit. $9.99

amazon delta 8 thc

  • Forbidden Fruit is indeed a powerful indica-dominant strain that has a flavor profile that is characterized by warm berry undertones and a scent that is just slightly sweet.
  • This incredible full spectrum CBD flower has been heavily combined with delta 8 THC concentration, which adds an additional level of intensity and will make you feel as if you are “glued to the couch.”
  • After participating in the complete experience, you may anticipate feeling revitalized and prepared to take that day.

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  • Shake and Trim. $29.99

  • This 1ounce trim as well as shake jar is filled with a refined mixture of high-quality tiny buds and surplus leaves, which maintains the full medicinal potential of each strain.
  • It’s the ideal combination for anybody who’s working with a limited budget or who takes pleasure in preparing CBD-infused treats.

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  • Pre-rolls. $9.99

hemp cone

  • When it’s time to kick back and relax with a good pre-roll, the pre-roll stuffed with high-quality CBD flower is the ideal option to go with.
  • Because it is made from raw organic cones, this incredible pre-roll has a very low burn rate. After a stressful day, this undoubtedly is the ideal 1gram pre-roll to aid you relax and decompress.

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  • Hawaiian Haze. $9.99

| Hawaiian Haze CBD Flower | Hybrid |

  • This well-known flower has a broad spectrum of CBD and is a hybrid between Neville’s Haze and AC/DC. Because of its sweet and fruity scent, it may cause you to fantasize about the ideal tropical vacation spot.
  • After a hard day, the astounding terpene profile and astounding power of this strain will help you get back on track.

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  • Sour Hawaiian Haze. $9.99

full spectrum CBD flower

  • Such an exotic full spectrum CBD flower has a lovely tropical odour, with a diesel undertone. It is a genetic cross between DC Haze and Gorilla Glue and was created through selective breeding.
  • Because of its extraordinarily rich terpene profile, your evening will be filled with moments that are both rewarding and delightful.

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  • Super Sour Space Candy. $9.99

  • Those of you who like the flavor and taste of the classic Sour Space Candy Cannabinoid flower, you will be in for a real surprise because we have something even better in store for you! The Super Sour Space Candy variety is every bit as intriguing as its name suggests; it is characterized by aromas of lemon, traditional diesel, and wonderful sour apples.
  • This incredible hybrid beverage may be consumed at any hour of the day. Experience this variety with a jolt of Delta 8 Tetrahydrocannabinol for more pleasure.

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  • Additional Products.

  • The Hippy Mood product line includes a wide variety of other items, such as candies, tinctures, skin care products, and bath & body goods.
  • Shake and trim are also available here, making them a good choice if you’re searching for a less costly alternative to the somewhat pricey flowers described earlier.
  • In contrast, this is rather affordable, often costing about $30 for an ounce; nevertheless, you are receiving a considerably smaller quantity of a product that has a lesser concentration of terpenes and cbd. Nevertheless, it is a great choice to have if you are not a seasoned smoker as well as simply want to have a cheap as well as easy way of filling your joints and bowls. You can do this by using a funnel.

List of All Other Products

The Opinions Being Voiced About This Brand

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What exactly is it regarding Hippy Mood that customers find so appealing? You probably already know how inconceivable it is to discover a strain of CBD hemp flower that truly embodies the effects as well as flavors that a cultivar is shown to demonstrate if you are an experienced buyer of CBD hemp flower. If you are a veteran buyer, you probably know this. And this is the reason that Hippy Mood has gained such a large following.

  • Their skillful cultivation of hemp flowers ensures that they are produced in the optimal circumstances, receiving the maximum amount of sunshine, which enhances the tastes and aromas of the finished product.
  • Their goods make use of just the highest branches of the hemp plant, allowing for the most possible exposure to the light and the best possible outcomes.
  • Apart from that, their reasonable costs are another selling point for customers.
  • Other little nuances, such as discrete delivery and user-friendly packaging that prominently displays all of the essential strain information, contribute to Hippy Mood’s reputation as a customer favorite and help ensure the company’s continued success.
Promotional Discounts & Coupons for Hippy Mood
If you join up for the mailing list at Hippy Mood, you'll be given the chance to take advantage of some amazing bargains and discounts on their products. By providing your email, you will be signed up to get regular daily emails on the most recent price cuts, clearance deals, and special offers, all of which are designed to help you save money on your subsequent purchase. Apart from just that, Hippy Mood additionally provides wholesalers with the opportunity to purchase their items at rates that are lower than retail. Bear in mind that in order to become a wholesaler, you are need to complete a form to the firm, and the business will evaluate it to decide whether or not you are qualified for the position. However, after you are given the all clear, you will be able to acquire their items in large quantities at much reduced costs.

Legal Obligation of Hippy Mood

  • The items sold by Hippy Mood are of the highest quality since they are grown on the company’s very own farm and are carefully nurtured. All of the harvests are taken to an independent laboratory where they are analyzed to determine the quantities of CBD and THC that they contain.
  • To maintain a level of quality that is consistent throughout time, the corporation only moves forward with packaging and sales of those batches of product that are deemed to be up to its requirements. Hippy Mood guarantees that all of its items are in accordance with all of the requirements outlined in the 2014 Farm Act since the THC levels in all of them are below 0.3 percent, which makes them lawful for purchase and consumption in each of the 50 states.

How You Can Save Money While Purchasing Hippy Mood Products

I have quite a number of ways I save money whenever I purchase products from Hippy Mood. Let me share with you my top 3 ways of doing just that:

1Get Coupons Online.
Coupons are a great way of saving money whenever you want to purchase anything online. You can use this to buy items instead of expending your cash thereby saving you money.
2Hippy Mood Gift Cards.
With the Hippy Mood CBD dispensary, you can purchase items with gift cards. The Hippy Mood gift cards do not come with any sort of additional processing fees and arrives via USPS. Enjoy CBD Gift Card
3Free Shipping.
With the Hippy Mood CBD dispensary, you can purchase items with gift cards. The Hippy Mood gift cards do not come with any sort of additional processing fees and arrives via USPS. This is one of my favorite ways of saving money. I make sure that in do not miss out on any offer that comes with free shipping. Be sure to take this chance whenever it arises. It is a sure way to save money with Hippy Mood.

Assistance to the Customer

Do you have any more inquiries on the greater CBD or delta 8 products that we offer? Their customer service specialists are available to assist you with any items you may need assistance with, and they are there to help to make your experience simple, entertaining, and instructive. Their employees are kind and professional, and they are prepared to answer any questions you may have.

At the Hippy Mood CBD Dispensary, what kinds of payments are welcome and accepted?

Credit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay are all forms of payment that are accepted at the Hippy Mood CBD Dispensary.


In order to offer its clients with goods of the greatest possible quality, Hippy Mood adheres to all GMP principles and employs only one hundred percent organic components, including hemp derived from plants that have not been genetically modified. Each batch is evaluated for both its quality and its safety in a separate laboratory. Simply go to their website to slake your need for items that are of the highest possible CBD grade.
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