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Gravity Forms Review – Build Custom Web Forms For Online Business

The time I spend designing my forms has always been worth it in the end. And since I’ve been using a free form builder, I decided that now is the perfect time to switch over to Gravity Forms and use their premium features for less than $10/month. After extensive research, I’ve compiled information about what makes Gravity Forms so great to use.

Products & Features

With an extensive list of features and add-ons to choose from, there are limitless possibilities when designing your form. Gravity Forms offers many features, including adding multiple pages to one form, so I was able to create complex surveys in minutes with no coding knowledge required. I also had the ability to insert conditional logic into my forms, so they perform different actions based on each respondent.

Gravity Form’s Best Features

Gravity Forms has many features for doing tasks with ease. For example, the drag-and-drop interface worked perfectly when I needed to create or edit forms quickly. The ability to add conditional logic meant I could make sure the form only shows up when it needs to be used. And if there are any errors in my form submission data, Gravity Forms will send an email notification so I know what happened.

Forms Field Types

The forms field types for Gravity Forms are one of the most crucial components to make my forms function correctly. Without proper fields, there is no way to collect any information from a form. I was aware of what each type does and how they differ in order to select the right one for my needs.

Guest Post Submission

The solution was simple: I’m able to give users access to my WordPress dashboard so they can create and submit their own content without giving me the hassle. And this not only solves one problem, but it also offers numerous others a boost too! I spent less time managing submissions while also eliminating any confusion over where new posts should go by default with user-submitted material on an already popular site like mines in its infancy stage.

Form Field Settings and Options

Form settings allowed me to customize how my form will work on different devices, including desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones. Options include enabling an auto-submit function so that submissions go through automatically when someone fills out all of the required fields without any errors. I also set up email notifications so that I can be notified whenever someone submits a new entry in one of my forms.

Controlling Form Availability

I was able to limit the number of entries my forms accepted and set a specific date range for when they are available–Gravity Forms makes it easy. The restrictions settings defined which days/times will be considered “available” and added any useful messages informing me about form status if needed.

Form Entry Notifications and Delivery Options

When I submit forms, it’s helpful for me to receive a notification, so I don’t have to worry about keep checking my Entries table and seeing if anything was submitted.

Basic Gravity Forms Add-ons

A few of the many plug-ins that can be added to my site are create an interactive map, create a poll with questions for visitors to vote on and share answers publicly or privately (depending), categorize posts by city/state where they live in order display local businesses who may offer similar products as well. Add social media sharing icons so people know how easy it is to make their content go viral across all networks.

Advanced Gravity Forms Add-ons

When it comes to adding new content, advanced SEO and optimization are essential. These advanced Gravity Forms Add-ons helped my website rank higher on search engine pages.

Third-Party Gravity Forms Add-ons

Third-party extensions are a great way to get more out of Gravity Forms. They took the power and ease that forms on my site provide, for instance, adding new fields or modifying existing ones without having any coding knowledge whatsoever! There’s never been an easier time in web design than right now because we have such powerful tools at our disposal like these third party add-ons which give websites many advantages over old school solutions like monthly newsletters with static content only; they make it possible for anyone with enough patience (and skill)to create engaging eBooks too – all without needing to write anything down.

Gravity Forms User Experience

Gravity Forms made my life easier.

I experienced the best possible user interface with every click of that button.

Gravity Forms took extra care in designing an intuitive and beautiful form builder for both new or returning users after a long hiatus.

Gravity Forms Prices

Low As $9 Per Month
Gravity Forms is an excellent tool for collecting and organizing data. With prices starting as low as $9 per month, Gravity Forms is perfect because I needed something that will last my business an extremely long time without breaking the bank.

Pros and Cons


  • Conditional logic and multi-page
  • Data storage is unlimited


  • Expensive yearly subscription
  • Difficulty making forms

Discount And Coupons

I’m able to get the most out of my store with Gravity Forms. They have a discount and coupon policy that helped me save on everything from monthly subscriptions to single orders.

Gravity Forms Support

Gravity Forms serves customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If it’s after regular business hours and on weekends, I was reassured not to hesitate to reach out for help with any issue that was preventing me from using the app or website.

How Does Gravity Forms Match Up To The Competition?

What makes Gravity Forms stand out from the competition is being able to turn content into leads with just a few clicks of the mouse. Some of the features that are included in this platform make it unique.

Final Words

This blog post was designed to educate consumers about Gravity Forms, a software company that provides forms and online surveys. They offer a free trial for anyone to try before signing up with them. I’m able to do everything myself, so I can spend more time doing what I need rather than getting bogged down in technical issues involving coding and HTML language. Gravity Forms is a must-have for anyone who wants to create forms quickly and easily. I highly recommend getting it today.

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