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I know as a very reputable game hosting company that was established back in the year 2004. It has been capable of serving more than 500,000 clients from different parts of the world, and clients are always satisfied with the products that they purchase from it. I have always wanted to know the best game hosting company, and because I had not yet known any, I had to check on the reputations of various companies. I realized that has got a good reputation and that many game studios normally look up to it whenever they need hosting services.

I came to realize that his company has the best employees who normally work both day and night tirelessly to provide technical support to their clients. The technicians ensure that the server was user-friendly to their clients, and they even improved my control panel whenever I made a request.

I can use many options to pay or receive payments to and from the server, respectively. I can always request to be refunded my purchase whenever I do not feel satisfied with whatever I have purchased. The prices set by the company are also favorable that’s why I would choose anytime.

Why Not Recommend

  • I have been having a problem with the server, mostly when many people are using it at ago. It tends to hang, and I always have to wait for so long for a single task to load.
  • Even though your technicians are working 24/7, they normally fail to solve the exact problem the client is facing; all they do is solve your problem just as they understand it.
  • The game servers are always to get activated instantly after I have placed my order, but at times it takes too long hence leaving me bored. This does not happen all the time, but the technicians have to work on it to make the server user-friendly.
  • I prefer an Es file explorer to a web FTP, and it should also be able to show chats on the server. It doesn’t allow me to see a live server control, thus forcing me to write my own to make it work.
  • I would not recommend it to those using Samsung S9 Plus because it does not show any widgets. I hate it when I see ads popping all the time, so I would prefer if they are either removed or reduced in number. I don’t like it when it keeps telling me that I am timed out despite entering the right server information.
  • The change map button does not work for all serves; that is why I am forced to do it manually, and I am also getting a weird user interface with no dark mode plus a playlist that is too padded.
  • I think that increasing the refresh rate and adding stats FPS information in the resource bar would work well, plus game talks on the console. It would also be better if I could add my server from the minehut because I find it difficult to enter my server address while there is no port for that.

Opportunities Created By

I can testify that has provided many opportunities to companies that are in the gaming industry and need hosting.

  • It has also created many employment opportunities for the jobless, for example, the technical staff, which are now capable of earning money from the nice work they are doing at the company. The people using the server can send and receive money, which is a good business for those doing foreign exchange.
  • I can see most companies that are providing international money transfer services getting a lot of tasks to do hence more earning through clients. I never knew so much about, but after reading so much about it, I realized that many people, especially youths in the gaming companies, have gotten a lot of job opportunities here. Customer service is one of the great job opportunities in the company.
  • I managed to purchase a RUST server from them, but after few days, it crashed due to low memory. I highly recommend someone not purchase from this host because they do not work as per the client’s expectations. This is because after I was told to upgrade to 100 slots for a bigger memory, I still failed to get a solution, and after getting back to them, they refused to cancel my subscription and refund my money, claiming that it had gone past 5 days.


I love game servers due to the low and affordable prices that they set for their customers. Customers who do not like spending so much money on poor services can choose this company where they will see the value of their money.

Customer Support Services

As one of the customers of this company, I really love how the staff is working for longer hours just to satisfy their customers. Whenever customers face any challenge and turn to the staff for help, they are always communicated back to them either through Twitter, phone, email, or live chats. I also realized that the member’s section is always open to support customers.

Control Panel

I agree that this company gives customers a chance to install games on their own servers despite it using its own control panel.


I can confidently say that is a very competent game server hosting company that provides services internationally. I see it also providing offers rather than just game servers. Customers have choices of using any type of currency across the world and also a choice to ask for a refund whenever they do not feel satisfied with the services being offered by the company. It is still one of the top game server hosting companies in the world, and its services are cherished by many. This is because it is hosting a variety of popular games which are loved by many. The company should work on its weakness in order to remain at the top.

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