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FreshPatch Review: All-Natural Grass Pads For Pets, Features, Benefits, And Price


Dog training pads are something you want to get right. Not only do they need to be comfortable for your dog, but they also need to get the job done. Dogs are pretty smart so if something doesn’t feel right about their pad, they’ll stop using it even before it’s too uncomfortable. In today’s crazy dog training world, it can be difficult to choose from among the myriad of products available.

Fortunately, just recently, I ran into FreshPatch: an e-commerce site that sells natural pads for dogs. Their products are diverse, adaptable, and useful for dog training, but there is more to them. Read on this article to know what I discovered about this site and how their products are useful for dog training.

FreshPatch Overview

  • The beginning of Fresh Patch is a personal grass-to-grace story. Fresh Patch was born from a need of a couple to find a comfortable and natural space for their dog pet named Chloe. In 2010, the founder Andrew and his wife just moved to California with their dogs and needed a natural grass pad for their dog to feel comfortable.
  • Shortly after seeing how comfortable his dog gets in the natural grass pad he makes, he starts up his own business making hydroponically grown natural grass pads for other dogs to sit comfortably during training or any other activities.
  • Now, the natural grass pad has been recognized as a product that excels in various categories and has won many awards. The Fresh Patch product also received an “Oprah’s Favorite Things” award.
  • FreshPatch is an all-natural grass training pad for dogs made from hydroponically grown, real grass. The pad has a burnished finish to highlight the grass texture, making it suitable for use inside and outside your home. At the fresh patch eCommerce store, you will find different grass sizes, sleeves, and trays for your dog, kitten, and rabbit. They also sell pet treats like chicken and potato small-batch treats.

FreshPatch Products

Fresh Patch grass pad products are created to make your pets as comfortable as possible as they attend to important needs such as jingling, burping, and stretching. Below is a review of some of their best-selling products:

1The Fresh Patch

  • The Fresh Patch is a unique self-contained grassy lawn designed to provide the ultimate in pet outdoor living. It is natural, grown hydroponically to give your pet a cleaner, safer, and healthier environment to play and sleep without ever having to dig into or rake up dirt.
  • Fresh Patch's standard high-grade grass gives your dog tremendous amounts of exercise and a thickly cushioned surface onto which he can place his feet without fear of accident. These features make Fresh Patch a great choice for apartment dogs.


Available Products And Sizes

Freshpatch Products

2Wooden Sleeves

  • Made from premium, hardwood species with well-furnished corners, these durable wooden accessory sleeves are designed for use with pet grass pads. It is meant to hold the grass pad in place so your pets can enjoy fresh grass indoors or outdoors.
  • The wooden protective sleeve for Fresh Patch grass pads looks great and protects the pad from chewing and clawing. They are generally of two types with varying sizes. The OAK type is made from oak which is hardwood while the PINE wooden sleeve is made from a block of softer pine wood.
  • Oak lasts a long deal, but pine wooden sleeves are lighter and both will still serve you for a long time.

Available Products and Sizes

Mini protective sleeve (OAK):
  •  Made from genuine white oak, these durable, square hardwood sleeves are designed to hold and protect grass pads.
  • The square shape fits square or round pet bedding, while the tapered ends create a snug fit to ensure your pet’s bedding will stay clean.

Mini Protective sleeve (PINE):
  •  Pine sleeves are stronger and last longer than oak ones. They are lighter, preventing the bulkiness of the grass or tiny waste piles. The mini sleeve is designed for the mini FreshPatch grass pads.

Standard Protective sleeve (OAK):
  • Beautifully crafted for sturdy, heavy dogs and pets. Made of solid oak, it is an attractive choice for your yard.

Standard Protective Sleeve (PINE):
  • Designed for the standard size FreshPatch grass pads. Made from the soft pine trees. A very sturdy and charming choice for your pets.

Large Protective Sleeve (OAK):
  • The sleeve is made of oak, very strong, and fits large size grass pads firmly.

Large Protective Sleeve (PINE):
  • This sleeve is made of pine. Pine is very strong but light, and this sleeve will fit large size grass pads firmly.

3Plastic Trays

  • Plastic Trays are a great way to store your pads. Plastic Trays help prevent damage from punctures or tears from sharp pet claws. They are a great option when your pet is a very active type that can chew on wooden sleeves or the cardboard box.
  • It also has a longer life span against elements like rain, sun, and harsh weather. Therefore, it is a good choice if the grass pads will be mostly used outdoors.
  • Freshpatch Plastic trays are available in 4 sizes (small, medium, large, xl) to hold various sized pet grass pads and are made of FDA-approved high-density poly-ethylene plastic- the same material used in the medical industry.

Available Products and Sizes

4Small Batch Treats

  • Most dogs enjoy small treats. Small dog treats are a great way to start training, both with puppies and older dogs. The treats are easier for small mouths to pick up and carry, so they can be given during training. Small dog treats are also perfect for teaching dogs tricks because they can break into small pieces.
  • The Small Batch Treats from FreshPatch are made from real chicken and sweet potatoes for a savory taste dogs crave. These healthy treats are free from fillers. Every batch of treats is freshly baked using simple ingredients you can feel good about feeding your best pal. These mouth-watering treats help motivate your pup to use their Fresh Patch, keeping them clean and away from stinky accidents.

5Dog Potty Spray

  • If you use a dog potty or grass patch to house-train your pet, dampness and other waste can start to have an odor. Fresh Patch has come up with a natural spray that works to eliminate this odor and keep your patch fresh!
  • Dog potty spray is made of all-natural ingredients and contains a pleasant scent. The spray helps eliminate the ammonia smell from a dog's urine, which can damage grass patches. In addition, the Stay Fresh Dog Potty Spray is 100 percent natural and contains a unique blend of essential oils designed to rid your dog's potty area of odors.
  • The spray can also be used on pet beds, crates, and grooming areas. This unique blend of essential oils is designed to eliminate odors caused by urine, feces, or dampness.

6 FreshPatch PuppyPack


  • Whether you’re a first-time dog owner or an old pro, the FreshPatch puppy pack makes training your pet easy – and fun. FreshPatch puppy pack is an easy way to save money (up to 25% off) since it comes with an all-in-one kit you need to set up your puppy grass pad.
  • The puppy pack includes a protective wooden sleeve (you can choose between the oak and Pine) and a fresh patch grass box. Choose from a standard or large size pack depending on the size of your pup.
  • This pack will last for years and all you have to replace is the grass pad inside of it.

Available Products And Sizes

Standard Size ( 27.75″ / 19.25″ / 3.50″): Available in Oak and Pine

Large Size (27.25″ / 26.25″ / 3.50″): Available in Oak and Pine

7 FreshPatch KittyPack

  • Keep your little kitten nice and clean with FreshPatch's Kittypack. FreshPatch Kittypack is an all-in-one package for your kitten that contains a wooden sleeve and pet grass pads.
  • By buying this all in one pack, you can save up to 25 % by buying the two elements independently. You can choose between the oak or pine wooden sleeve and FreshPatch grass pad size you want with it. The FreshPatch has a waterproof backing, which makes it suitable for use indoors or outdoors.

Available Product And Sizes

Standard Size ( 27.75″ / 19.25″ / 3.50″): Available in Oak and Pine

Large Size (27.25″ / 26.25″ / 3.50″): Available in Oak and Pine


Pricing, Discounts, And Coupons

FreshPatch products are reasonably priced. And you can get your grass pads delivered to you without lifting a finger. One of their main selling points is the fact that they offer free shipping on all orders for almost all of their products. When you subscribe for a fresh patch of grass, you save up to 5% off the normal price. They have many payment options, including amazon pay.
save up to 5% off
To sweeten the deal, FreshPatch has a special discount when you buy two (2) or more small-batch treats. You can save up to 20% on your order when you use the code-SMALL BATCH, on an order.
save up to 20%
You can also find some FreshPatch coupon codes that offer you a discount on your purchase.

Final Thought

Our little pets deserve to be happy. To provide dogs and cats with the best materials, cushioning, mats, that make them feel at home is one step towards securing their happiness. Finding the perfect grass pad is an essential step to making your pup and kitten happy and keeping them healthy.

With FreshPatch, you never need to worry about the mess created by your pet’s messes. Available in different sizes, these grass pads are quite useful in keeping your pet’s messes at bay. This brand is also quite versatile in that it may be used even when your pets are kept outside. Its absorbent nature makes sure that any liquid or solid wastes are effectively taken care of.

Whether your dog or cat is a puppy or senior, you will find high-quality mats and pads here at Fresh Patch. All pet grass pads are carefully engineered to ensure your dear pets will be healthy and stay happy no matter the size of your pets or their age.


#1- What are the benefits of FreshPatch pet grass training pads?


  • It’s 100% natural
  • It helps reduce litter box odor
  • It reduces litter box cleaning time
  • It makes using the pet litter box cleaner, healthier, and more comfortable for your pet.

#2- Are FreshPatch Pets pads waterproof?


Yes, FreshPatch Pets pads are waterproof. The top layer is permeable and will allow air and water to pass through while keeping the pad from getting wet. The bottom layer has micro-pores that absorb urine.

#3- How do I know if my dog will like FreshPatch?


Every pad is designed to fit Perfectly into Fresh Patches and stay securely on the tray. Your dog will be sure to love it on top of the natural grass smell! FreshPatch also has many resources and guidelines to help your pets use their products safely.

#4- Do FreshPatch training pads smell?


No. They do not have a scent when they are in the box, however, when water hits them, there is a slight grassy smell from the natural oils in the grass. It is not a strong odor and it will dissipate in a matter of minutes. You can also use the dog potty spray if you intend to use it for a long time.

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