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Family Tree DNA Review (FTDNA)- Discover Who You Truly Are With Family Tree DNA

I used to look in the mirror and wonder who I am and where I came from. Sure I heard stories from family members about their home country, but I became quite curious when some of the stories didn’t add up. I started to wonder who am I and where do I truly belong.

I did some research and stumbled upon They have more than 60 new family finder populations, male and female testing, plus paternal and maternal testing. It even has more than 1000 health categories that include health traits, conditions, and medication effects that your standard health report doesn’t cover.

I got so excited; I had to tell a friend who was adopted and always wanted to know more about herself and where she came from. So, whether you are adopted or just curious about your ancestry, DNA testing will reveal your true roots.

About of DNA Tests


Trace Your Paternal Ancestry With Y-DNA | FamilyTreeDNA

  • This test explores your paternal ancestry and helps you learn more about your male ancestors. The test checks for Y chromosomes that are passed from the father to his sons.
  • It helps determine the paternal line, surname lines, and living relatives. It also reveals ancient migration routes your male ancestors might have taken during their journey. This test is for males only since women don’t carry a Y chromosome.

Test Your Y-DNA


  • This test follows the path of your female ancestors. It helps reveal your direct geographic origins and maternal line.
  • It also traces your female ancestors’ ancient migration paths that help you learn more about your heritage.

Test Your Mt-DNA

Autosomal DNA
This test focuses on your autosomal chromosomes, which have segments of DNA that you share with everyone you are related to directly and indirectly on your maternal and paternal side. This test is the most popular when finding relatives and meeting more people in your family.

Upload your Autosomal DNA data

Family Tree DNA Vs. Ancestry DNA

Family Tree DNA and Ancestry DNA provide similar results regarding ethnicity estimates that contribute to your genome along with possible migration routes your family may have taken.

However, Family Tree DNA offers a bit more such as exploring your mother’s side with the Maternal Ancestry (mt-DNA) test that tracks her line directly and is available for both men and women. Family Tree DNA also has a Paternal Ancestry (Y-DNA) test available for men only that tests the Y-chromosome passed down from father to son.

Family Tree DNA Vs. 23andMe

Family Tree DNA produces more specific results compared to 23andMe. For example, 23andMe uses a technique that tests a small amount of the 16,000 letters that make up your mitochondrial DNA, while Family Tree DNA performs a full sequence test that determines the exact order of those 16,000 letters.

The Family Tree DNA test produces results that allow you to see a complete haplogroup compared to 23andMe focuses on high levels of mtDNA. Both tests are correct. It’s just that one gives you more information than the other.

Connecting With Others After Your Results

One of the most exciting moments arrives when you find out you are a DNA match with other family members you never met before. Of course, the first thing that pops into your mind is the way they are related to you. Are they distant relatives or immediate? Sometimes you can’t pinpoint the exact link at first, but your family tree gives you a few clues.

One of the best ways to connect with new relatives is to send a message introducing yourself. Most people accept and welcome new relatives, while others prefer to keep their information private. I learned it’s always best to respect someone’s privacy and wishes.

Privacy Concerns

You might be one of those people who prefer to keep your information private. You can feel confident with Family Tree DNA since they have a strictly adhered to privacy policy. The privacy policy includes not selling your DNA to other parties, safeguarding your personal data and information such as profile, account genetic, and DNA details.

Even your DNA sample is safely stored in a laboratory in case you decide on future testing. For example, maybe you took the maternal test and in the future want the paternal test. Or, you agree to use your DNA for future testing for research purposes that require your consent.

About Privacy
Overall, you have control over your privacy when it comes to your DNA sample and results. You can learn more details about the Family Tree DNA Privacy Policy at Privacy Policy

How Much Does Family Tree DNA Cost?

The Family Finder male and female test cost is
$79 USD
The Paternal Ancestry (Y-DNA) test is
$119 USD
The Maternal Ancestry (mt-DNA) is
$159 USD

Frequently Asked Questions

Q#1: How Accurate is Family Tree DNA?

A: The results are reliable since the testing is done in a laboratory. The error rate is less than 1%.

Q#2: How is my DNA Processed And Stored?

A: A sample kit includes two vials that have your cheek swab inside. The vials contain barcodes that the lab scans. One vial is sent to a certified federally compliant CAP/CLIA lab for testing and stored in a robotic freezer at -20 C.

The second vial is stored at room temperature for up to 25 years. The second vial is only used if the first vial doesn’t contain enough DNA from your cheek swab.

Q#3: Can I Give a Family Tree DNA kit as a Gift?

A: Yes. You can give FTDNA as a gift by shipping the kit to yourself, so you can wrap it and give it as a gift in person or have the kit sent directly to the recipient's address.

Q#4: How long does it take to Receive My Results?

A: Family Finder results take 2 to 4 weeks, mt-DNA results take 6 to 8 weeks, and Y-DNA results take 3 to 6 weeks.

Overall, the Family Tree DNA test is easy to take, protects your privacy, produces accurate results, helps you learn more about your health, connects you with relatives, and allows you to trace your ancestry and learn more about yourself.

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