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ETHA Naturals Review: Home For Quality Products

A very big challenge many kratom users face is where and how to get the best kratom products. With the increasing number of kratom vendors or suppliers, knowing the brand to trust for a consistent supply of quality and lab-tested kratom becomes an arduous task. Etha Naturals might just be the solution to this challenge as they are a brand dedicated to producing quality kratom products. They have also saddled themselves with a mission to become the most trusted source for effective and safe medicinal botanicals.

About the Company

Etha natural botanicals is a scientific-based manufacturer and distributor of natural botanical products, including transparency, regulatory standards, testing results, and proper labeling to make botanicals more convenient and accessible. The word Etha was commonly used in the late 1800s as an old English name or Hebrew derivation to describe someone noble, seeks knowledge and appreciates nature. Etha naturals believe that this word captures the essence of what they are and what they strive to be.

Payment Methods

Etha naturals have made several payment methods available to its numerous customers. These payment options include;

  • Credit card
This allows you to pay with every major credit card such as AMEX, MasterCard, Discover, and Visa.
  • eCheck
This option allows you to pay electronically with the use of a checking account. Etha makes use of Green Money which is the oldest accredited eCheck provider

  • Pay by check
This option allows you to pay with a physical check.

  • To do this, you can either mail the completed check or send it via email.
  • For the mail, you will have to complete a check, add your order number, and mail it to 1148 N. Melrose Dr, Suite B, Vista, CA 92083.
  • If you want to send it via email, complete a physical check, add the order number, and take the front and back check pictures.
  • It is important that all four corners of the check are visible and the picture is taken on a dark surface.
  • Once this is done,  you can send it as an email.

Product Reviews

ETHA naturals were given an average user score of 61 based on the customer’s review. This user’s score is based on the fact that their prices seem fair, they offered a full refund policy on all their products, and customers’ data was handled securely and safely. A customer described ETHA as being a bit pricey but definitely worth the price.

61.3Expert Score


For More reviews in detail visit Vendor Reviews

Lab Testing

  • The ETHA naturals team has been involved in extensive research and testing of botanicals such as kratom. This extensive research and testings aim to improve and build on their various processes, strategies, and techniques.
  • The R&D team of ETHA keeps working tirelessly to ensure that they provide their consumers with products that are 100% validated. Their research and tests help guarantee kratom of pure origin, process, and the highest production standard.
  • Etha makes its lab tests certificate public, unlike many kratom vendors that make bold statements about lab tests without making applicable certificates of analysis from 3rd-party or independent labs known to the public.
  • They do this via the Etha Harvest lot Number written on a visible label when you flip any of Etha’s package over to the back. This Etha Harvest lot number is the number you will input in the field above to search for and find your lab test certificates together with results on quality and alkaloid content.

Pros & Cons


  • They provide free shipping on all their goods
  • They manufacture and sell high-quality products only
  • Fast processing of orders
  • They have amazing customer service
  • Their products undergo thorough lab testing
  • Their website has detailed information on the brand and product, and it is pretty easy to navigate
  • They comply with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)
  • They are accredited by the American Kratom Association


  • They have very few varieties
  • Their products are quite pricey
  • They do not have extensive delivery services.

Our Products

Etha natural botanicals do not have a wide variety of products, unlike many other kratom vendors. Their products, however, are of very high quality as they go to the lengths of harvesting the best kratom leaves. They also go through a series of research and development on their products, all in a bid to deliver the best quality to their customers. Some of their products include;

Kratom Tablets

ETHA Kratom Pressed Tablets are etha’s best-selling product. It has no fillers, additives, or binders. They are an alternative to very hard-to-consume kratom capsules and messy kratom powder. ETHA kratom tablets are quite small, portable, easy-to-consume, and they contain pure kratom. It is often considered the gold standard of kratom manufacturing due to the high-quality products ETHA produce and their labeling transparency.
Sizes: 8 grams or 27 tablets, 30 grams or 100 tablets, 75 grams or 250 tablets, 500 grams or 1,667 tablets, 1000 grams or 3,334 tablets

Kratom Powder

What distinguishing feature of ETHA kratom powder is that they do not rely on local harvesters and farmers to do their kratom powder. They leave the harvesters to do what they are best at growing and picking kratom leaves. On the other hand, the Etha brand focuses on lab testing, product development, and manufacturing of the product. As ETHA itself is a superior brand, ETHA kratom Nanopowder is superior and of very high quality in its category. With ETHA, you can rest assured that you get the best kratom powder, the smoothest and the cleanest.

Kratom Extracts

Kratom extracts and concentrated products are not new to the market; most focus on increasing the percentage of mitragynine in their products. However, ETHA does their thing differently, as they are not focused on boosting the concentration of one alkaloid (mitragynine). Instead, they combine a blend of all alkaloids and concentrate them. ETHA kratom extracts are lab tested, easy to use, portable, and TSA approved.

ETHA kratom extract can either be in  ETHA concentrated kratom tablets or ETHA Liquid Kratom Concentrates.

Concentrated Kratom Tablets:

  • A Pack of ETHA concentrated kratom tablets costs $8.99
  • Weight.04 kg
    Dimensions3 × 1 × 6 cm
    Count2 Extract Tablets
  • Subscribe and save up to 30%

Liquid Kratom Concentrates:

  • A bottle of ETHA liquid kratom concentrates costs $18.98
  • Weight.04 kg
    Dimensions3 × 1 × 6 cm
  • Subscribe and save up to 30%

Kratom Teabags

The kratom leaves ETHA employs in the manufacturing of their products are directly sourced from harvesters. They take even more special care in the type of kratom used to manufacture their kratom herbal tea bags. They especially search for forests with the best kratom leaves for ing herbal tea. They search for leaves that combine having an effective alkaloid profile with having a clean flavor. They make use of fresh, whole kratom leaves that are dried and crushed to fill up our convenient tea bags. This product is one that you will enjoy greatly.

ETHA naturals offer two strains of their kratom tea bags, and they are the ‘Lhoksukon Red Kratom Tea Bags’ and the ‘Sawit Seberang Green Kratom Tea Bags.

Lhoksukon Red kratom tea bags:

  • The Lhoksukon Red kratom tea bags are manufactured from the red kratom leaves gotten from the Lhoksukon forest, located in the northernmost region of Sumatra in the Aceh province.
  • Weight.04 kg
    Dimensions6 × 2 × 10 cm
  • Price: $29.98 
  • Subscribe and save up to 30%

The Sawit Seberang Green Kratom Tea Bags:

  • The Sawit Seberang Green Kratom Tea Bags, on the other hand, is gotten from kratom leaves from the Sawit Seberang forest.
  • Weight.04 kg
    Dimensions6 × 2 × 10 cm
  • Price: $29.98 
  • Subscribe and save up to 30%

Each pouch usually contains16 tea bags (32g), and each tea bag contains 2.5g of dried whole leaf kratom.

Pure Veins

ETHA pure veins are of four types:

  1. Etha White Pure Vein
  2. Etha Green Pure Vein
  3. Etha Yellow Pure Vein
  4. Etha Red Pure Vein

White Pure Vein Kratom

Health Benefits:

Occasional PainEnergy SupportStress ResponseInflammation responseTension Release

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Green Pure Vein Kratom

Health Benefits:

Occasional PainEnergy SupportStress ResponseInflammation responseTension Release

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Red Pure Vein Kratom

Health Benefits:

Occasional PainEnergy SupportStress ResponseInflammation responseTension Release

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Yellow Pure Vein Kratom 

Health Benefits:

Occasional PainEnergy SupportStress ResponseInflammation responseTension Release

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It can be sold as powder or tablets. 100 tablets cost $19.98

Travel sizes

  • Etha travel sizes are pouches that consist of 8grams of your favorite kratom tablets. These packs are portable, and as such, they are the perfect traveling companion.
  • Each pouch costs about $6.99 – $7.99.


  • ETHA Single-Serving Kratom Packs is the most convenient way to enjoy ETHA kratom. This is because each of their single-serving pack contains 8 tablets (2.4 grams) of the best and premium kratom.
  • There are 4 single-serving packs in each bundle. All you need to do is to select your favorite kratom blend and enjoy!
  • Each bundle costs $7.99


24-Hour Support Bundle (15% OFF)

Night and Day Bundle (15% OFF)

Sleep & Rest Bundle (15% OFF)

Fitness Bundle (15% OFF)

 $17.82 – $841.44

 $11.88 – $560.96

 $17.82 – $841.44

 $11.88 – $560.96

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Ways to save Money on Etha Naturals

Shopping and saving are some of the many benefits of getting your products at Etha naturals. Asides from their price being very affordable and reasonable, they have several options available to help their customers save money even while they shop. Such options include;

  • Subscribe and save

  • Subscribing to Etha Naturals is a means by which the brand makes sure you save money when they save too. Besides the fact that subscriptions help simplify your reordering process, it also helps you save up to 30%. An amazing thing about an ETHA subscription is that you get to sign up for free anytime you want, and you can also cancel whenever you want at no extra charges.
  • ETHA subscriptions are easy as you need to select your favorite botanical product, select your size and frequency, then sit back and begin to enjoy the rewards of your subscription. Visit here for more information on how ETHA subscriptions work.
You can also sign up for their newsletter for you to be up to date on the various deals or discounts they might have.
  • Wholesale buying

  • Wholesale or bulk buying on Etha naturals is indeed a gold mine as there are tremendous benefits attached to it.

Some of such benefits include;

  • 60% off Manufacturers suggested retail price (MSRP),
  • get incentive credits for free products,
  • you also get free samples for your customers, re-purchase credits,
  • 70% Reseller re-purchase rate,
  • marketing materials and swag.

With all of these benefits, you will end up saving so much on each wholesale purchase.

  • Free shipping

  • The cost of shipping goods often deters people from ordering products they are interested in online as the costs are ridiculously high most of the time.
  • ETHA naturals as however, helped their customers by offering free shipping on all their products.
  • This offer is also a great opportunity for people to shop and save at the same time as they get to upon the shipping fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Is shipping free?

A- Yes, Ethan Naturals offers free shipping on all its products.

Q- Is there a return policy on goods?

A-  Yes, Etha naturals have a return and refund policy on goods purchased directly on their website. Their return policy lasts for 30 days, and this implies that if you have not returned the products within 30 days of purchase, they cannot offer you an exchange or a refund. Before you send any product back for a return or refund, you must contact their customer service. For the guarantee on the return to be valid, certain conditions and stipulations should be met. Visit here for full information on their refund and return policy.

Q- How long does it take to process my order?

A-  Orders are processed and shipped within 24 hours once the payment gets cleared.

Q- What is the meaning of Original Brand Manufacturing (OBM)?

A-  ETHA Original Brand Manufacturing (OBM) allows you to put your brand and logo on a well-established ETHA product and present it as your own. This enables your customers to enjoy all the benefits of ETHA superior quality from a trusted vendor, which is you. This, in turn, saves you the money, manpower, stress, and equipment of manufacturing those products yourself. For more information about ETHA original brand manufacturing (OBM), visit here.

Q- Is ETHA in support of the military?

A- Etha natural botanical has been selected as the military’s trusted business. The brand serves the active military community by offering a unique discount on all ETHA products to brave military personnel and their families.

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