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Ecamm Review: Through The Magic Of Ecamm Live Videos Are Possible On Mac

With modern technology getting better and better every day, there are so many apps to get yourself by in the day. There are different apps for many different people. I like gaming apps, but they are not the only apps on the market. I recently started using the ECamm site, and wow, has it been an eye-opening experience of all the things that it helps you do? You will be amazed at what you can do.

About Ecamm

Ecamm is a company focused on making Mac Apps better and helping the customer first and foremost. There is nothing they want to do more than help a customer, which is why they have a chat at the bottom of their page to help them. The company was founded by identical twins in the 90’s, which has changed and adapted over the years to keep up with the trends of the ever-changing technological landscape. They have many products that help other apps and programs work better, which is good for everyone involved.

Products & Prices

With Ecamm, they have a few payment plans, including a free 14 day trial, $11.20 a month for standard, and $22.40 per month for the Pro features.

  • They also have other products like Call recorder for skype, which you can try free for 14 days or buy for $39.95. Another product they have is the Phone View for 14 days free or $29.95.
Try it free Buy $39.95
Support Bulletin: Call Recorder is not compatible with Apple M1 Macs. An Intel-based Mac is required.

  • iGlasses is another product worth $19.95 or free for 14 days. Another is $19.95 and a free trial of 14 days, and it’s called Card Raider.
Try it free Buy $19.95
Compatibility Note: iGlasses is not compatible FaceTime, Photo Booth, or the latest version of Skype due to restrictions on virtual cameras. Quicktime Player does not support iGlasses, or other virtual cameras, on MacOS 11 (Big Sur).
  • Printopia and Movie Tools are also for download and are free, and then monthly prices can range. The prices change depending on how many in-app features you are trying to use.

Ecamm Live Product Features

The features for the Ecamm live product are

  • DSLR via USB
  • HDMI Capture
  • Screen and Audio Capture
  • Video Playback
  • Blackmagic DeckLink
  • NewTek NDI
  • iOS Sharing via USB
  • Stereo Audio mix


Many people use this for live use, including integrations in Facebook Live, YouTube, Linked In, Restream, Twitch, and Switchboard.

Pros And Cons

For Ecamm, the live experience is awesome for many live streamers, television networks, and anyone else who wants to use Live. There are many other pros like the products offered, and they help with plenty of things.


  • Another pro is that Ecamm can cast it from your iPad, iPhone, or other products that you can connect to your Mac. It has a ton of great features, and they can be used within the app when it’s life and even when you record the video and save and edit it later.


  • The only cons are that their products are only offered to Mac users, and Windows is off the table. Some other products and apps are compatible with Ecamm, so it’s not a total loss that it’s only on Mac, but it’s a shame that such a great product is not available for Windows users.


1- Does Ecamm live Work With Big Sur?

It is fully compatible with macOS11 or Big Sur.

2- Can Ecamm Stream to Multiple Platforms?

No, but you can simul-stream with Ecamm Live and either Restream.io or Switchboard. Live. So no, you can’t use Ecamm to get on multiple platforms at once, but you can reach multiple platforms through the help of Restream and Switchboard.

3- Is Ecamm live Encoder?

You have to check your HDMI encoder systems and troubleshoot most MacOS's to program them to work with your computer.

4- Where Does Ecamm live to Save My Videos?

It saves your files in the movies folder as a default. If you only want to record though, you can choose record only. So it won’t save, but it will record for you if that’s what you are looking for.

5- Where Are Ecamm files Stored?

A subfolder of your macOS User's Documents folder.

6- How much is Ecamm live?

It has a free trial, but afterward, it's $15 per month per feature.

7- Is Ecamm live Worth the Price?

If you are looking for a live cam for macOS, there is no better alternative, which is definitely worth the price. Others that are worse will cost more.

8- Can you Run Ecamm on IPAD Pro?

There is not a which installs on iOS or any mobile devices as of this point in time.

9- How Do I Share My iPad Screen On Ecamm live?

Connect your iPhone or iPad to your Mac using a USB cable, and you'll see your device screen show up as a camera source in Ecamm live. Then, you can use an app like Shoot or Clean Camera Feed ($2.99) to put the camera of the device on.

10- Does Ecamm Work With Zoom?

Yes, it integrates with the system.

11- What is the latest Version of Ecamm live?

Version 3.8 of Ecamm Live is the most recent.

12- Does Ecamm Work With IPAD?

It can be connected through a USB, but you can't use Ecamm on your iPad, no.

13- Is there a Free Version of Ecamm?

There is a free trial for 14 days, after which it's $15.

14- Does Ecamm Work With Streamyard?

Yes, but Ecamm only works on Mac, and StreamYard works on both.

15- Does Ecamm Work With Windows?

No, ecamm only works on Mac. It isn’t integrated into window.

16- How Much is Ecamm Pro?

It is per product, and it’s $32 per month.

17- Can you Use Ecamm With Google Meets?

Yes. There is an Ecamm Live virtual camera within Google Meet Video.

18- What Can I do With Ecamm?

Add text, scrolling stickers, images, countdowns, PDF's and animations to your broadcast as overlays on the fly, or build them ahead of time. When Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Restream, and Twitch View a live feed of your comments and reactions.

19- What is ECAM software?

It's a programming system for CNC lathes and machining centers. It combines features of CAD and CAM systems with typical features of conversational programming. It’s not a necessary experience with CAD systems to use this software.

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