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Datacamp Review – The All-In-One Learning Tool

Datacamp is a self-paced interactive learning tool for coding in R and Python. It is also a software as a service (SaaS) product. It provides online training and certifications of users’ coding skills, cross-platform desktop applications, online courses; and has its web browser IDE, where users can write and execute code on their own.
Datacamp was founded by Garrett Snedeker, Zachary Simpson, and Nathaniel J. Smith in 2012 under the name Data Incubator. Its first product was a publication of online courses, with R as a teaching language. In 2013 the company re-branded itself as Datacamp to make it less specific regarding teaching languages and better reflect its broader vision - to be a provider of data science learning materials for various audiences using multiple toolsets.

Datacamp Pricing & Plans

Datacamp’s pricing model is based on usage. It’s free for unlimited public projects and up to 3 private projects. Paid plans include 50 personal projects for $15 per month or unlimited private projects for $20 per month. A subscription will auto-renew if not canceled within the trial period (1 month).

Personal Plans

Business Plans

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How Does Datacamp Work?

  • Datacamp uses both R and Python as teaching tools. The design of the learning platform is similar to Codecademy, Treehouse, Dataquest, etc., where users are presented with a series of lessons that they can complete at their own pace.
  • Datacamp’s courses are self-paced – after completing each exercise, users are directed to the next task or can move back to previous ones if they feel they need more practice. New users have access to an interactive course about programming basics to get familiarized with Datacamp’s interface.
  • Users also have access to several videos that explain how Datacamp works, sources of data for coding exercises, documentation for all functions used in coding tutorials, etc.
  • Once logged into Datacamp, users have access to a dashboard that displays their progress and other useful information, such as how many lessons they’ve completed and their accuracy.

DataCamp User Interface

Datacamp uses the following tools to teach coding: R and Python are available for desktop, laptop or tablet, although it works best on desktop. On the left of the screen, users see what has been covered in each lesson, while on the right, they can view their code editor – where they’d write and execute their code. For those using a touch interface on a tablet or phone, Datacamp provides access to an online IDE so that users can follow lessons and complete exercises on any device.

Content Quality

The courses are designed for beginners and offer more advanced lessons that provide users with tools to solve regression problems or streamline their workflow. Datacamp's model collects data about users' progress to improve course effectiveness - each time you use the product, your activity is recorded automatically, and Datacamp uses this information to improve its future materials. This also allows Datacamp to track students' activity in real-time using anonymous reports accessible through their dashboards.

Ease Of Use

  • Datacamp’s interface is effective and straightforward, although it requires a few minutes of getting used to as it is different from most online learning platforms. However, the interactive tutorials do a great job of explaining how Datacamp works and what users should expect when using it.
  • Datacamp also offers plenty of support options: their “Help” section contains articles describing how to get started and use Datacamp’s product, access video tutorials about Datacamp, provide feedback for current courses and check out recent activity – including which data was last scraped from them.
  • Users can keep track of all changes made to their dashboard by checking out their version history.

User Learning Experience

Datacamp allows users to complete exercises at their own pace and does not require any specific time commitments. The courses are fun and engaging, while videos concisely explain key concepts to get started immediately. On the downside, because Datacamp’s interactive interface takes place inside a code editor, using it can be confusing and frustrating for those who have no prior experience with coding.

If you’re new to coding, we recommend pairing your learning process on Datacamp with reading through tutorials about R or Python – this will allow you to build up your confidence gradually before trying out Datacamp’s exercises. In addition, there are also many exercises available – currently more than 300 Python lessons and 250 R lessons covering several domains of data science. However, Datacamp’s classes are divided into sections to go back to previous ones if they feel they need more practice. New users have access to an interactive course about programming basics to get familiarized with Datacamp’s interface.

What Type of Courses Does DataCamp Offer?

♣ DataCamp offers courses in data science and business analytics. Depending on the course, DataCamp offers interactive video tutorials and coding problems that users can solve using R or Python.

♣ These courses are available for beginners and cover various topics, such as: Creating histograms and learning about regression analysis.

♣ For those who already have some experience with coding, we recommend checking out “Data Science with Python,” a very comprehensive product consisting of over 100 lessons. It will give you an introduction to data science with python, teach you how to work with statistical models in python (such as linear regression) and even allow you to explore machine learning methods – including decision trees, random forests & support vector machines. This particular course also features a data insight engineer and the python library to help you work with Python code.

Datacamp Certificates

Datacamp offers certificates that can be saved and shared with other users. Users can show off their Datacamp achievements on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or email them directly to friends. Datacamp also gives you the option of sending your certificate to yourself once you complete all courses- this is helpful if you want to print or save your certificate to show it off later.

Pros And Cons Of Datacamp


  • Datacamp offers “learning by doing,” so it’s best suited for those who prefer immediate feedback.
  • The courses are very well designed, and the instructors explain concepts clearly.


  • It can be challenging to learn coding without prior programming knowledge.
  • There is no clear distinction between videos containing important information and those less relevant.
  • Datacamp lacks a mobile app.

Datacamp Alternatives

  • Khan Academy
  • Kaggle
  • Codecademy
  • Udacity
  • Edx


1. What is Datacamp?
Datacamp is an online learning platform that offers coding courses.
2. Which course does Datacamp offer?
Datacamp currently offers courses in R and Python. They also have classes in data science, machine learning, and business analytics.
3. How much does it cost to use Datacamp?
Depending on the course you choose, there are different prices. If you're interested in data science courses, renter uses their free trial to check out their product.
4. Is it possible to get a certificate once I finish a course?
Yes, it's possible. Datacamp gives users the option of printing or saving their certificates once they complete all courses.


Overall, Datacamp offers very useful resources such as coding courses and tutorials that can help you learn how to use the programming language of your choice. The dashboard is an excellent feature that allows users to understand where they’re at with their learning process. Datacamp’s mobile app could be a valuable addition, but its features outweigh any limitations. Datacamp is a good option for those who don’t have much experience with coding and prefer interactive courses rather than reading articles.

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