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There’s a lot of talk about hemp, CBD oil, and marijuana for medicinal purposes, along with a whole host of related topics. Having two children on the autism spectrum, I was trying to find some natural product to help calm their unquiet minds and assist them in being less anxious. Of course, it really isn’t ethical for a parent to give their kids marijuana, but I was interested in exploring what CBD/hemp extracts, such as those offered by CwHemp, could potentially do to alleviate their symptoms.
These products are made from the non-hallucinogenic plants of the marijuana family. They are perfectly safe for kids and perfectly legal in almost every state. Would they work on my kids? I wasn’t sure, but they were touted as good for everything that ails you and even safe for the family pets. Here’s what I found out about CBD and hemp, particularly the products offered by Charlotte’s Web , and why I may just try them yet.

CBD And the Autistic Brain

Studies have shown that many kids with autism that exhibit anxiety and aggression are calmed by a single dose of CBD oil.

  • Parents who have struggled for years to decrease these aggressive and violent outbursts in kids on the spectrum are pleased with the results.
  • There is no psychoactive element in pure CBD oil, but the children receive the same calming results as though they were using medical marijuana.
  • Additionally, CBD oil seems to have a very positive effect on kids with epilepsy.
  • Decreased number of seizures and decreased seizure time are both noted. If a child has both seizures and autism, they experience greater peace and less seizure activity, something scientists are still studying to determine exactly how CBD oil does this.
  • Charlotte’s Web takes these products a step further by offering CBD oil and gummies that are THC-free. THC is the hallucinogenic agent found in medical marijuana. Without this agent present in the gummies and oil, parents can feel more at ease about trying these products on their children.
  • There are even gummies with additional natural ingredients to increase calmness and/or sleep for those kids that can’t stop climbing the ceilings and rarely sleep at night.

Charlotte's Web CBD 17mg oil with hemp bud on whiteCharlotte's Web CBD Topical Line | 2020-08-19 | Prepared Foods

What Are the Benefits of CBD?


♠ CBD has been found to be relaxing, decreasing anxiety and improving sleep quality.

♠ It also reduces episodes of aggression in kids and adults who have rage episodes.

♠ While not fully understood how it works, CBD also seems to decrease inflammation in the body and boost immunity against illness and some diseases.


I have kids that won’t put any medicines in their mouth that taste bad. To be honest, a lot of the usual CBD products have a weird aftertaste that kids don’t like. However, Charlotte’s Web has done a good job with creating multiple formulas and flavoring the formulas in ways that will make the products taste good.

  • Kids and adults will like the fruit-flavored gummies, since the CBD in them is more or less a slight aftertaste. You don’t quite get that CBD flavor until you have practically chewed and swallowed the whole gummy.
  • Flavors used for most of the gummies offered by Charlotte’s Web include mango-peach, lemon berry (like a berry lemonade flavor), raspberry lime, raspberry, etc.
  • Between the gummies you buy for yourself and the ones you give the kids, you’re bound to find a flavor you all like.

Gummies Flavors Offered by Charlotte’s Web

  • Mango-peach
  • Lemon berry
  • Raspberry Lime
  • Raspberry

  • As for the oils, they come in unflavored so you can mix them into food or drinks, chocolate mint flavor, lemon flavor, orange blossom flavor, etc.. They range from 17mg per dose to the max of 60mg per dose. Charlotte’s Web doesn’t use coconut oil to make its CBD oil like some other companies do.
  • They use olive oil, which actually works better if you intend to mix it into food. (Just think of all the Italian foods that use olive oil and how you can use this oil mixed into those dishes.)

Drinks Flavors Offered by Charlotte’s Web

  • Chocolate mint flavor
  • lemon flavor
  • Orange Blossom flavor

Dosage Range

17mg per dose to the max of 60mg per dose

  • If you can’t get oil or gummies in, Charlotte’s Web makes easy to swallow Capsules or a rub on Balm or cream. The balm or cream is doubly nice if you want to massage body parts or if your child responds well to deep pressure while you apply the balm or cream. My kids are deep pressure loving kids, so I might try the balm or cream first.
  • Finally, the most adult formula they have is for your vape pen. Vape oil with CBD in it is the most user-friendly form for a lot of adults that vape. You fill your vape pen or cartridge and take a puff whenever you have a wave of anxiety hit. You aren’t smoking anything illegal, and you can get that sense of calm you need in a matter of seconds.

Learn More About Capsules, Oil, Gummies or Topicals

Each of these formulas delivers CBD into the bloodstream and disperses it at a different rate.


25mg CBD Liquid Capsules

Take time to dissolve in the stomach, so they are the slowest-acting formula.

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Charlotte's Web™ Organic 60mg Mint Chocolate CBD Oil Can seep into the bloodstream faster if you place a dose under the tongue near the blood vessels of the tongue (i.e., sublingual administration).

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CBD Gummies: 15mg Daily Wellness Have a sort of extended release effect; you get some of the CBD chewing up the gummy now and some of it later when the chewed up gummy is dissolved in your stomach.

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Arthritis Aches & Pain Relief Ointment with CBD | Charlotte's Web™Have to seep into your skin and travel through the maze of blood vessels before you feel the effect, but they react quickest when the topical CBD touches nerves.

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What Product Is Right For You?

Well, that depends. I was looking for something fast acting that tasted good so that my child with ASD wouldn’t spit it out before it could take effect. You might want something that acts a little slower, or maybe you just want to alleviate pain and inflammation around joints. In that case you might opt for capsules or topicals respectively. You may have to experiment with all CBD product formulas until you find the one that works best for you.

Anti-Anxiety for Your Cats, Dogs, and Horses Too

Animals feel our anxiety. When the whole house of humans is on edge, our animals are too. Their anxiety manifests as urination or defecation in areas where they know they aren’t supposed to relieve themselves. To address that, Charlotte’s Web created CBD products specifically for dogs, cats, and even horses! Skittish, stomping horses that balk at everything are now calm as newborn kittens with their own CBD products. Feed the products as a hand-fed treat or in their feed buckets and watch them become quiet and compliant.

What Product Is Best for Your Pet?

Charlotte’s Web Drops 17mg 100mL - ChickenCBD Calm ChewsCalm Gummy 3Packs

Again, that depends on your pet. Horses that are hungry will chomp down anything you drop in their feed. Dogs may smell the CBD and not eat their food, in which case you might have to provide an edible doggy treat with CBD. Cats are super finicky, so a capsule or oil dispersed directly into the cat’s mouth might be best.

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Pros And Cons On Buying From Charlotte’s Web

There are lots of pros and cons about CBD products, just as there are pros and cons to ordering them from an online site. Here are a couple pros and a couple cons:


  • Large variety of products and formulas to choose from.
  • Many different flavors for those that may not like the natural taste of CBD.
  • You can buy in bulk and have enough for a couple of months before reordering.
  • THC-free varieties are safe to give to kids and perfectly legal in nearly every state.
  • Charlotte’s Web does offer 10% off and other coupons or sales and deals.


  • Products that are popular are often sold out and take a while to get back in stock.
  • Shipping some of the products with THC in them is not allowed when the recipient’s state forbids it.
  • The price for most products on Charlotte’s Web is a bit pricey for most people.

Try a little of this or that. I’m thinking I will try something in a smaller container and for a smaller price just to test it and then buy more if it seems to be working for me and/or my kids. You should do the same if you’re not quite sure about trying CBD for the first time.

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Q. Does CBD show up in drug screenings?
A. Most CBD products have almost no THC in them, so no, it shouldn't show up at all. If you're really concerned about passing a drug test while using CBD products, opt for the THC-free options that are completely devoid of THC.
Q. Will my kid, pet, or I be stoned?
A. Again, no, you shouldn't be. THC is what causes the stoned effect, and CBD has only a negligible amount.
Q. What's mixed in to the special formulas for sleep, calm, etc.?
A. Charlotte's Web offers special formulas for sleep, calming, etc. These formulas are 100% natural and contain things like melatonin or other natural sleep extracts and remedies you can buy separately at a health foods store. They are perfectly safe with CBD.

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