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Copper Mountain Hemp Traders Review: CBD You Can Count on, and Ways to Save

In 2018 CBD became federally legal, and I couldn’t personally have been any happier. I’d been reading about the benefits of CBD for years, and now that it was available and legal, I was ready to start my journey with cannabinoids.

It was a little confusing, to begin with. They use terms that I’d never seen, like delta-8 and full-spectrum, which can feel a little overwhelming. Still, the benefits greatly outweigh the time it takes to adjust to the terminology.

CBD is a derivative of Hemp, one of the world’s first crops. Hemp is an unbelievable fiber, and the plant itself was one of the first-ever cultivated by humanity. We’ve come a long way in learning what it has to offer. It’s capable of making paper, clothing, ropes, sails, and much more. There is even some evidence that ancient cultures cultivated it to produce higher levels of THC.

I learned our bodies have receptors as part of the endocannabinoid system that helps control our mood, memory, sleep, immunity, and even stress levels. CBD doesn’t directly attach to receptors, but scientists believe it influences how they interact with the endocannabinoids. CBD is a non-psychoactive part of the hemp plant. Large amounts of research show CBD may be beneficial for various physical and mental ailments. Personally, I’ve been using CBD since it became legal and am a massive fan of the variety of CBD products offered by Copper Mountain Hemp Traders. They’ve become my number one online provider, mainly because they offer a wide variety of choices at really reasonable prices, but also excellent customer service.

All About Copper Mountain Hemp Traders

  • Copper Mountain Holdings, the parent company of Copper Mountain Hemp Traders, was established in 2015. They started out as an informational company helping to educate curious consumers about the benefits of the hemp plant.
  • As the laws changed, they grew into an online sales and wholesale company and brick-and-mortar store.
  • They are in Georgia’s blue ridge mountains. They aim to provide only the highest quality lab-tested cannabis-based selection. They offer hemp flower, oils, cannabis concentrates, CBD, hemp clothing, and more.
  • They claim to offer the widest variety of CBD, CBN, DBG, Delta-8 THC, and cannabinoid-infused products in their area.

What Copper Mountain Hemp Traders is Doing Great

Copper Mountain is really on its game in the CBD market. They know what people are looking for and do an outstanding job providing it while remaining highly informative.


  • Third-party lab testing on products at multiple stages.
  • Lab results are listed and easily assessable on the website.
  • Free shipping when you spend over 75.00.
  • Flat 4.95 shipping for orders under 75.00.
  • Exchanges and refunds on unopened products.
  • Payment options, Bitcoin, Cash App Credit Card.
  • Massive product selection.
  • A well-designed site with tons of product information.
  • Transaction security.
  • Positive customer reviews.

Where They Could Improve:

Though they really are doing just about everything right, there’s always some room for improvement.

  • More shipping options. Free shipping can be great but
  • More payment choices, though they accept bitcoin, more opportunities would be excellent.

Reviews From Customers

Overall they have a google rating of 4.9, which is pretty exceptional.

“Placed my 1st order, I had questions and, due to Covid19 they are closed to in-person shopping, so I emailed and got a reply to all my questions right away, placed my order online and product (+ an extra goody lip balm) was delivered to a central meeting spot within the hour! Great customer service, will visit store when they are open again!!”
Anne Hyles FB review.
“Awesome products I especially love cherry blossom flowers I’ve gotten so much pain relief from smoking it. I can’t believe how much it has helped.”
Anita Curtis Prows FB recommendation.
“The best quality CBD products backed by knowledgeable sales personnel and reasonable pricing in North Georgia. A treasure in Fannin County, GA!”
David Rode FB recommendation.
“The staff was polite, professional, humorous and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend this location as a must-see for anyone going through the area. You will not be disappointed!!!”
Nikki Cleveland Google Reviews

Favorite Products

Copper Mountain Hemp Traders really has such a wide variety of products that it’s challenging to pick the best of the best. Still, I’ll let you know which ones I keep finding myself going back to over and over.

  • Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures

cbd pet tincturecbd oil for petslazarus naturals high potency full spectrum cbd 6000mg

  • Tinctures, in general, are one of my favorite ways to consume CBD products. Copper Mountain Hemp traders have some of the best options for tinctures around, but especially the ever-popular full-spectrum CBD tinctures. These tinctures contain both cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.
  • Theoretically, cannabinoids work better when there is more than one type involved. The cannabinoids seem to work in tandem with each other. That’s one reason the full-spectrum CBD products are so popular. When you add in the fact that they can make it taste like mint chocolate chips, I just cannot resist.
  • The Lazarus Naturals, high-potency full-spectrum CBD tincture is really everything you could ask for in one neat little package, and it tastes incredible. Each milliliter of the Lazarus Naturals has 50mg of CBD extracted from Hemp grown in the United States.

They have reasonable prices and options for everyone on most of their products, this one included. With the Lazarus Naturals mint chocolate, the options are:

Options :

  • 30ml or 1500mg $39.99
  • 60ml or 3000mg $69.99
  • 120ml or 6000mg $119.99

As you can see, you will save if you can buy the larger quantities, including qualifying for their free shipping. But it’s great to know they offer smaller options as well.

  • Full-Spectrum Edibles

  • Next up on my must-have items from this shop is the edibles. It’s my personal favorite honey sticks. Honey sticks always make me think of growing up and road trips. They’re a great treat, and now I get to experience that all over as an adult with these full-spectrum CBD-infused honey sticks.
  • These honey sticks are made from wildflower honey from Apis Mercantile. They’re sweet with a perfect natural honey flavor.

nano cbd gummies 60ctnano cbd gummies 60ctnano cbd gummies 60ct

  • They can be eaten as they are, which is my favorite, or you can use it like you would any other honey, in baking, or in your favorite cup of tea.
  • The sticks contain 15mg of full-spectrum decarboxylated CBD and are a full spectrum CBD extract. This Hemp is sustainably farmed and rich in terpene.
  • These are also a great affordable way to give CBD a try if you’re new to the idea.

You can buy the sticks in different amounts.


  • 1 for $3.00
  • 10 for $27.50
  • 25 for $65.00
  • 50 for $125.00

Again like most of the items they sell, these will cost you less if you buy more. However, if you’re just wanting to give something new a try, grab one at the low $3.00 price, and I’d be willing to bet you’ll throw in a whole batch in your next order. At the highest quantity, you only pay 2.50 per honey stick.

Low Price: $3.00 

  • 20mg Full Spectrum CBD Gummy Rings

  • Next on my favorite products list is the 20mg Full Spectrum CBD Gummy Rings in a peach flavor. Yep, these yellow and peach-colored gummies will remind you of one of your favorite candies. Just these have a whole lot more goodness packed inside.
  • With the highly potent full-spectrum CBD-infused gummies, you’ll be relaxed as can be. Especially when you realize it’s not going to empty your wallet.
  • These gummies come in packs of 15, totaling 300mg per package.
  • One package costs only $18.99. The price makes this an affordable place to start if you’re interested in trying edibles for the first time.

Costs: $18.99

An Abundance of Products

Copper Mountain Hemp is nothing if not well stocked with a ton of options.

They have a variety of styles of consumable CBD and Hemp products. Let’s take a look at the different categories and what they mean.


Hemp Oil

lazarus naturals high potency full spectrum cbd 6000mglazarus naturals chocolate mint cbd oil

  • The hemp oil category includes full-spectrum CBD Tinctures, THC-free CBD Tinctures, and Delta-8 Tinctures.
  • The full spectrum or broad spectrum tinctures are the most popular of the three categories. This is because they contain a multitude of components from the cannabis flower itself. That means it has multiple cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. These all work together to provide the best impact.

Within that, they have a range of potency levels and price ranges.

Price Ranges: 14.99 to $119.99

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Delta-8 Tinctures

  • Delta-8 THC, also known as Dronabinol, is a created form of THC. Tinctures are a common and preferred way to take Delta-8. One reason is that it can be taken under the tongue, making it work faster. It’s also simple to start with minimal amounts and work up with a tincture until you get the impact you’re looking for.
  • Copper Mountain Hemp Traders have high potency Delta-8 tinctures, so it’s always best to start as low as possible.

Their delta-8 THC tinctures range from $3.99 to $54.99, offering something for everyone’s price range.

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Price Ranges: $3.99 to $54.99


THC-Free CBD Tinctures

isolate cbd tincture blood orangecbd isolate tincturelazarus naturals cbg tincture

  • Those who are likely to be subject to a drug screening or just aren’t comfortable no matter how small the amount of THC these are a great choice.
  • They have nothing but isolated CBD and the necessary carrier oil. The CBD is extracted from the Hemp itself but is not combined with any THC or other hemp plant parts.
  • They have four choices right now for CBD-only oils, all by Lazurus Naturals. Three are high potency CBD oils and come in unflavored, blood orange, winter mint. Then they have the flavorless standard potency option as well.

Prices Range: $39.99 to $69.99

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delta 8 vape cart lemon crush 3chidelta 8 northern lightsdelta 8 thc vape cartridge clementine

Next up on the product menu are vaporizing options. Vaporizing is a particular favorite for most people who consume CBD. Copper Mountian Hemp Traders have lots of options when it comes to vaping.

Sell a variety of cartridges, including Delta-8 THC, Delta-10 THC, HHC, and CBD.

  1. The Delta-8 vape: cartridges range from $29.99 to $34.99, with a wide range of profiles, including Northern Lights, Lemon Crush, and Ice Cream cake, just to name a few.
  2. Delta-10 to HHC: They also carry the Hemp Living brand, which comes in multiple options from Delta-10 to HHC  with various flavors and potencies. These range in price from the sale price of $19.99 to $29.99. This brand also sells disposable kits, which have a battery included, currently on sale for $29.99.
  3. CBD: They also have a handful of options that are purely CBD extracts in the vape category as well. Like the Gorilla Glue 650mg CBD cartridge, which is currently on sale for only $14.99.

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cbd energy gummies lazarus naturalscalm cbd gummies 40ctlazarus naturals sleep gummies

Edibles will likely always be a popular consumer choice for CBD and hemp products. So, it’s not surprising that Copper Mountian Hemp Traders has taken advantage of this and offers edibles in CBD, Delta-8, Delta-9, Delta-10, and even the newly popular THCV.

  • They offer everything from tropical-flavored gummies and lollipops to chocolate bars and honey. There really is something for everyone in this category and price range since they sell single packaged options like the single honey stick or the two-pack lollipops for only $4.99.

Prices Range: $4.99

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Raw Flower

cherry abacus cbd hemp flower 28 gramsspec 7 hemp flower 28 grams

They also offer something not as common on CBD sales sites: the raw CBD flower. These options have

  1. The raw flower comes in pre-rolled options with Delta-8, kief, and hash options, and just straight herb by the ounce.
  2. The Cherry Abacus, for instance, is only $39.99 for an ounce and has a unique profile.


  • CBDa: 17.185%
  • CBD: .799%
  • THCa: .654%
  • THC: LOQ
  • CBGa: .439%

They have CBD Flower and Delta-8 flower options to choose from.

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Topical Lotions and Salves

  • These lotions and ointments can be an immense help for those who suffer from chronic pain. They even have bath bombs in this category, and the prices are really amazing.
  • They have a CBD and Lidocaine roll on for dealing with those sore muscles, which is currently on sale for $14.99 from its usual $34.99 price.

cbd muscle relief1200mg cbd balm soothing mintcbd body lotion

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THC-Free CBD Capsules and Full-Spectrum Capsules

  • Capsules are an excellent option for those who travel or just want to take something along in their bag. They are one of the most convenient options and a super popular choice for getting started with CBD.
  • Copper Mountain Hemp Traders offers astonishing price options allowing for the purchase of as small as two capsules for only $2.99 for someone looking to dip their toes in the CBD waters.

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CBD Concentrates and Delta-8 THC Concentrates

  • Concentrates include things like the Chill Buda Delta-8 Dabs, which they have in the strains Sour Diesel, Granddaddy Purple, Wedding Cake, Blue Dream, and Pineapple Express. These are 1 gram per container.
  • They also have Cycling Frog CBD Isolate, which can be used to make your own edibles or used as a dab. These come in 1 gram jar and come in unflavored or your choice of flavors infused with terpene like Hawaiian Citrus.

sundae driver delta 8 dabdelta 8 thc dabs strawberry coughdurban poison delta 8 dabbaha blazt delta 8 dab

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CBD for Your Pets

cbd dog treats bagcbd dog treatscbd dog treats

  • Copper Mountain Hemp Traders has really got something for everyone, including your furbaby. They have dog treats, tinctures, and even rope made from Hemp for playtime.
  • CBD can be beneficial for pets that are neurotic or suffering from anxiety. Be sure to check with your vet before changing your furry family members’ diet and ensure they are healthy enough to use these products.

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Clothing and Bags

hemp socksblack hemp belt leaf buckethemp socks ankle socks

  • They are a full Hemp supporting company and carry clothing and bags made from Hemp.
  • Hemp belts, socks, and backpacks are among some of the products they carry.

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Ways to Save Big at Copper Mountian Hemp Traders

There’s always a way to save a little extra when making a purchase. CBD and hemp products are no exception.

  1. First: always look at the price differences between the amount your buy. Almost always, the larger the amount, the less you’ll be paying. So if you can afford it, always buy the larger quantity, it will save you big money in the long run.
  2. Next up: is the sale section. Copper Mountian Hemp Traders does a ton of the work for you. They have an entire sale section showing you all the discounted items currently available, with some having really steep discounts. That’s the section I always hit first. There may be something similar to what you usually buy that’s already on sale.
  3. Last: but not least are coupon codes. You can usually find at least a 10% off coupon floating around the web for your purchase with a bit of digging. Sometimes these codes will work with items already on sale, sometimes they don’t, but it can never hurt to try.

Shipping And Returns


  • Returns are accepted as long as the product is unopened. They ask that for all returns that you contact them first.
  • They will also replace a defective product if you’ve purchased it through their website or Amazon or eBay within 30 days.


  • They offer to ship most products free if the order is over $75.00. There are some exceptions to this, and that’s usually posted on the individual products that require more shipping. For orders under $75.00, the shipping cost is $4.95 for first-class and $7.95 for priority.
  • On average, shipping time is between 1-6 days after leaving the store.
  • They offer international shipping options, small items to Canada, Mexico, and overseas. They prefer UPS international and have found it’s the fastest and more reliable global option.
  • This does not fall under their other shipping guidelines and is quoted without including import or duty fees.

Overall Impressions

Overall, Copper Mountain Hemp Traders is a fantastic resource for CBD and hemp products. They’ve really built themselves on giving their customers variety, and it’s been highly successful. If you’re looking to try CBD, you won’t find a better source of affordable options.

They have overall positive reviews on multiple sources online and have great comments on their customer service.

Since it began, they’ve been in the CBD business and are one of my top picks for ordering CBD and other Hemp products online.


  • Q- What Is Hemp?
A- Hemp is a plant. It’s actually one of the first plants that humans cultivated. It’s astonishingly versatile and can create valuable products like rope, paper, cloth, and even biofuel. CBD has helped make the demand for Hemp resurface and increase the size of the overall hemp industry.

  • Q- So what is CBD?
A- CBD, aka cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive phytocannabinoid. It comes from the flowers, leaves, and even stems of the cannabis plant.

  • Q- What's decarboxylation?
A- This is the process that removes the carboxyl group from other chemical compounds. This is part of the way CBD is extracted. It is what makes CBD have an impact when it’s consumed.

  • Q- CBD Oil Vs. Hemp Seed Oil
A- Hemp seed oil is, like the name implies, derived from hemp seeds. While CBD oil comes from the leaves, stalks, and flowers of the plant. Detectable cannabinoids are found in the stalks, stems, and leaves. A CBD oil will have high levels of CBD, while hemp seed will have almost none.

  • Q- Is it legal?
A-Hemp is legal in most US, as long as the THC content is no more than 0.3%. Using edibles, lotions, and even flowers is absolutely legal and can be purchased across the US.

  • Q- What exactly is a tincture?
A- A tincture is a CBD concentrate mixed in a carrier oil or other substance. These are often used by placing a drop or desired dosage under the tongue. Sometimes people like to use tinctures to mix into their drinks or even add into their food.

  • Q- Full Spectrum and Isolate what's the difference and what do they mean?
A- Full-spectrum describes a CBD extract containing cannabinoids and terpenes naturally found alongside the CBD. This is usually done by extracting the hemp plant with a solvent like food-grade alcohol or carbon dioxide. CBD Isolate, on the other hand, is CBD in crystal form. It’s 98-99% CBD, without the terpenes or other cannabinoids found in full-spectrum options.

  • Q- Is marijuana the same as Hemp?
A- What’s the difference? So Hemp and marijuana are both a type of cannabis plant. Even though they’re from the same family of plants, they are actually different. Marijuana has big leaves and buds packed in, and the whole thing looks bushy, hence the nickname of weed. Hemp has slender leaves near the top of the plant. It grows tall and thin, having almost no branches other than at the top. THC is found in large amounts in marijuana, and it’s the THC that accounts for the high that the plant gives people. On the other hand, though still the same family, Hemp doesn’t create much THC. Hemp is commonly used for textiles, building materials, and getting CBD.

  • Q- Does Copper Mountain Hemp Traders Sell THC or Low THC?
A- They offer full spectrum options along with THC-Free options. However, they do not sell anything with more than the legal .3% delta-9 THC.
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