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Coconut Bowls Review: Handcrafted Bowls That are Both Environmentally Sustainable and Aesthetically Pleasing

I’m a big believer in eating in a sustainable manner. Purchasing locally, consuming seasonal vegetables, and eliminating pre-packaged meals and single-use plastics from my life are all goals I have set for myself. Coconut bowls have become a personal favorite of mine as a result of this realization.

I’m completely in love with these bowls and use them for practically all of my meals. Breakfast, lunch, and even supper are all available. I often use my coconut bowls to give snacks such as fresh fruit or trail mix to my family and friends. I make certain that I utilize my coconut bowls to their full potential, taking advantage of their many uses.
They are also notable for being 100 percent natural, devoid of BPA and other chemicals as well as synthetic and plastic materials. They are also extremely safe for both you and the environment. To say nothing of how incredibly natural they appear – they will do wonders for the environment.

You’re probably wondering where I acquire my coconut bowls from at this point. Coconut Bowls is where I acquire all of my coconut bowls and other related accessories, to be honest. Natural and organic bowls made from the discarded coconut shells are produced by Coconut Bowls, a company dedicated to environmental responsibility. They have a tremendous impact since they not only save millions of coconut shells from being disposed of in landfills each year, but they also help to reduce global warming emissions.

Mini Coconut Bowls

It is my intention in this article to provide an overview of all of the Coconut Bowls items, including their pricing, bundles, and how you may save money while purchasing on the website. Let’s get this party started right away.

Coconut Bowls: Their Awesome Products, Prices and Bundles

Coconut Bowls offers three different styles of bowls. They are most well-known for their Original Coconut Bowl, which has been sanded and polished on both the inside and outside for a flawless surface. On the interior, the Natural Coconut Bowl has been polished smooth, while the outside has been left rough and textured to give it the appearance and feel of a real coconut. In comparison to conventional bowls, the Jumbo Bowl is 30 percent bigger, making it excellent for serving large salads, pasta dishes, and Buddha bowls. Everything looks and tastes better when served in a Coconut Bowl — each bite will transport you to a tropical paradise!

 Coconut Bowl


You may also discover additional environmentally friendly items on their website, such as wooden forks and spoons, bamboo straws, and coconut chopsticks! They contribute one Coconut Bowl for every one that is sold to Plants Not Plastics, a project that seeks to replace all plastics with biodegradable, plant-based alternatives.

Coconut Bowl

  • To bring out their inherent beauty, the Original Coconut Bowls are created by craftsmen, sanded till smooth, and then polished with coconut oil to get the desired finish. If you enjoy making refreshing and colorful smoothie bowls or delectable desserts, the Original Coconut Bowl is the ideal serving size for your needs.
  • Their product materials are environmentally friendly and sourced in a sustainable manner. Their items are created in an ethical manner, and all purchases are wrapped in environmentally friendly materials. In accordance with our pledge to 1 percent for the earth, one percent of all revenues will be contributed to environmental initiatives.
$7.46 $12.95
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Jumbo Coconut Bowl

  • Each of the Jumbo Coconut Bowls is individually created by craftsmen out of coconut shells that would otherwise be wasted as waste. In order to bring out their inherent beauty, they are sanded until they are smooth and polished with coconut oil.
  • Because they are 30 percent larger than the Original Coconut Bowl, Jumbo Coconut Bowls are ideal for individuals who want to create their creations even bigger and better. Those healthy Buddha bowls, aromatic curries, and flavorful salads are all available in the Jumbo Coconut Bowl if you want to indulge in even more of them.
  • The product materials are environmentally friendly and sourced in a sustainable manner. The items are created in an ethical manner, and all purchases are wrapped in environmentally friendly materials.
($9.95) $14.95
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Sunshine and Rainbow Coconut Bowls

  • Crafted by craftsmen using repurposed coconut shells, each brightly colored rainbow has been meticulously hand-painted to add a touch of enchantment to your mealtimes! These coconut bowls are really aesthetically pleasing; in fact, they're rather beautiful.
  • In addition to enjoying your cereal, snacks, or meals in this beautiful bowl, you can use it to capture Instagram-worthy images. They are that aesthetically beautiful, to be honest.
($8.95) $12.95

Coconut Cup

  • With the environmentally friendly Coconut Cups, you can serve your smoothies in elegance. They are the perfect size for your smoothies, juices, and even pia coladas since they are polished smooth and have a flat base that has been sanded flat.
  • Yes, they are that helpful and adaptable as you could think. They're also aesthetically pleasing, which is a plus as well. They are also available in a variety of sizes, including 10cm x 9cm and 400ml.
($6.71) $12.95
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Kids Coconut Bowls

  • With the Coco Kids Bowl, Coconut Bowls has made sustainable living for your children simple and enjoyable for both you and them. Designed specifically for small hands, this bowl is ideal for outdoor picnics, birthday celebrations, and everyday enjoyment at home!
  • All of the goods are environmentally friendly and sustainably sourced, and all purchases are packaged with recyclable materials - no plastic or hazardous materials, making them a healthy alternative for children.
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Halfcut Coconut Bowl

  • This gorgeous item embodies all of the wonderful characteristics of the previously described coconut bowls. It may be used for a wide range of applications.
  • From your usual meals to snacks, cereals, and a variety of other options. According to the website, it represents half of the world's woods that have been lost, as well as half of the forests that have survived. Isn't that a little bit intriguing, though?
($11.21) $14.95

Awesome Bundles Available for Purchase:


Ultimate Bundle For ($64.95)

This is the most significant offer currently accessible on the website. It is ideal for use in a sustainable kitchen or as a present for friends and family. The following things are included in the Ultimate Bundle, according to the website:

  • 2 Original Coconut Bowls
  • 2 Jumbo Coconut Bowls
  • 2 Coconut Cups
  • 2 Wooden Spoons
  • 2 Wooden Forks
  • 2 Bamboo Straws
  • 1 Coconut Candle
  • 1 Taste Without Waste Market Bag
  • 1 Vegan Bowls Cookbook or eBook

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Sunshine and Rainbows Bundle For ($26.96)

My personal favorite is this one, mostly because of the intensity of the colors on the coconut bowls, as well as the overall beauty of the presentation. Among the goods included in the Sunshine and Rainbows Bundle are the following:

  • 1 x Hand-painted Sunshine & Rainbows Original Coconut Bowl
  • 1 x Engraved Bamboo Cup
  • 1 x Hand-painted Sunshine & Rainbows Wooden Buddha Spoon
  • 1 x Hand-painted Sunshine & Rainbows Wooden Fork
  • 4 x Engraved Bamboo Straws with Cleaner & Carry Case


The Coco Combo For ($17.21)

If you’re looking for a set of two bowls as well as some additional accessories, this package is ideal for you. The Coco Combo is comprised of the following pieces:

  • 2 Original Coconut Bowls
  • 2 Wooden Buddha Spoons

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Coconut Bowl and Spoon For ($10.46)

This package is ideal for folks who want to keep a bag of cereal on hand at all times. A Wooden Buddha Spoon and a Coconut Bowl are included in this package.


Eco Starter Set For ($22.46)

The Eco Beginner Set, which includes a selection of our best-selling goods, is the ideal starter bundle for one or two individuals who are just getting started on their sustainable path. It includes the following products as part of its Eco Starter Set:

  • Jumbo Coconut Bowl
  • Original Coconut Bowl
  • 2 Wooden Buddha Spoon
  • 2 Wooden Buddha Forks
  • 4 Bamboo Straws

Creative Natural Coconut Bowl Eco Friendly Soup Salad Noodle Rice Bowl Wooden Fruit plates Handicraft Art Vintage Type Decor|Bowls| - AliExpress


Build Your Own Family Pack For ($53.96)

Family Packs are ideal for those who have a large number of mouths to feed or who want a complete bowl and cutlery set to use while entertaining. These packs contain enough Coconut Bowls and silverware to serve four people, and you can customize your order by selecting the number of packs, bowl size, cutlery options, and bamboo cups that best fit your requirements.

  • Spoons
  • Forks
  • Knives
  • Chopsticks

are all included in the cutlery sets. Additionally, with each order of the family packs, you will receive a free “Feed the Fam” eBook, which contains 21 nutritious and tasty recipes.


Vegan Bowls Cookbook Bundle For ($22.46)

If you’re wanting to include more plant-based meals into your diet, the Vegan Bowls cookbook is a wonderful place to start. With this package, you’ll be able to duplicate each dish in your own Coconut Bowl, Wooden Spoon, and Wooden Fork. Each recipe, both sweet and savory, is simple to prepare, tasty, and packed with nutrient-dense, plant-based ingredients. More than 100 recipes are included, all of which are photographed, as well as an entire chapter devoted to nutritional insights, ingredient information, and sustainability suggestions. It includes the following things as part of the Vegan Bowls Cookbook Bundle:

  • Vegan Bowls Cookbook
  • Coconut Bowl
  • Wooden Spoon
  • Wooden Fork


Coconut Bowls Family Pack For ($53.96)

These packs contain enough Coconut Bowls and silverware to serve up to four people, and you can customize your order by selecting the number of packs, bowl size, and utensil options that best meet your needs. When it comes to bowls and spoons, the originals are ideal, but if you’re feeding your family with Buddha bowls, the larger bowls and forks are more to your liking. Each of the pieces in the Coconut Bowls Family Pack has a different shape and size:

  • Coconut Bowls
  • Jumbo bowls
  • Cutleries


Coco Kids Bundle For ($18.71)

It comes with smaller colored bowls and spoons that are specifically designed for small hands, making it the ideal set for outdoor picnics, birthday celebrations, or just having fun at home. It includes the following things as part of its Coco Kids Bundle:

  • 1 x ‘Ocean’ Coconut Bowl
  • 1 x ‘Earth’ Coconut Bowl
  • 2 x Kids Bamboo Straws
  • 2 x Kids Wooden Spoons


Taste Without Waste Market Bundle For ($22.46)

The Taste Without Waste Bundle is intended to replace single-use plastic and to minimize waste in general. You, your produce, and the environment will benefit from their use because they are manufactured by nature from organic unbleached cotton. The Taste Without Market Bundle includes the following items:

  • 1 x Grocery Tote Bag
  • 1 x Market Bag
  • 3 x Small Produce Bags
  • 3 x Large Produce Bags

Coconut Bowls and Spoon set


Wooden Coconut Cutlery Set For ($14.96)

The coconut wood cutlery coordinates with the Coconut Bowls and is an excellent environmentally friendly alternative to plastic silverware. It includes the following pieces:

  • 1 wooden Coconut Spoon
  • 1 wooden Coconut Fork
  • 1 wooden Coconut Knife
  • 1 wooden Coconut Chopsticks
  • 1 Bamboo Straw and Cleaner
  • 1 Organic Cotton carry bag

Now that I’ve covered the variety of the products, prices and bundles available, let’s now look into how to save money while purchasing these items on the website.

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Saving Money While Purchasing on Coconut Bowls

  • Keep the Goods in Your shopping Cart

In order to save money while shopping on the Coconut Bowls website, you should consider using an ancient tactic that has been around for a long. Leave the things in your shopping basket and take a break for a few days.

  1. First and foremost, you’ve just saved yourself from making an impulsive buy.
  2. Second, most shops despise unfinished business and will make every effort to keep you as a customer.
  3. Remember that the method only works if you have an account on the Coconut Bowls website and are signed in at the time you remove an item from your shopping basket.

  • Take Advantage of limited-time Offers

Another interesting option that you can take advantage of right now is the numerous special offers that are now available on the Coconut Bowls website to consumers who sign up for their newsletter.

  1. In essence, these are offers that are delivered right to your inbox through email, or even to your social network account if you have chosen to register with that service.
  2. The majority of the time, these are the bargains that are only offered to a small number of individuals.
  3. You may think of them as incentives for becoming clients who were kind enough to share their contact information with you.
  4. You will essentially be swapping it for the luxury of being able to take advantage of these exclusive offers.

  • Take Advantage of the Rewards.

  1. It might have anything to do with acquiring many pieces of the same sort or purchasing a large quantity of a certain item.
  2. All of these, as well as other similar actions, can aid in the accumulation of rewards, which you can then use to enhance your buying activities.


In a nutshell , when you purchase things from Coconut Bowls, you will receive excellent value for your money, as I have previously experienced. When you consider the fact that they have a sustainability program at all, it is clear that they are committed to making a significant positive influence in this area. For each order placed on their website, a bowl is set aside as part of their sustainability initiative. Then, during an event, all of the bowls that had been kept aside would be utilized to replace plastic plates and cutlery. What a nice and considerate gesture! Coconut Bowls is an excellent example of an environmentally conscious firm. Coconut Bowls is the place to go if you're seeking for the latest and greatest in coconut bowls and accessories.
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