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Coastline Kratom Review – Save Money On North Carolina Based Kratom Brand

All You Need to Know About the North Carolina Based Kratom Brand

The ever-expanding Kratom sector necessitates the development of skills that enable you to distinguish between trustworthy and untrustworthy Kratom merchants. For this reason, we’ve decided to write this evaluation of Coastline Kratom, a vendor who delivers precisely what it promises: complete customer pleasure. In order to understand why Coastline Kratom demands every Kratom enthusiast’s attention, it is important to understand that the firm is situated in North Carolina and was started by Joshua Fulton and his wife, Katrina, in 2015. Despite the fact that the company was only formed a short time ago, it has swiftly acquired a reliable name among Kratom enthusiasts. For more information on how this occurred, continue reading our Coastline Kratom review.

In this article, we are going to look into the following:

  • What Makes Coastline Kratom a Good Alternative.
  • The Coastline Kratom product line.
  • Other Kratom Strains Available from Coastline Kratom.
  • The Services of Coastline Kratom.
  • Customer Service Experience with Coastline Kratom.
  • The Reputation of the Coastline Kratom Brand.
  • Coupons for Coastline Kratom.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Coastline Kratom.
  • 3 Ways You Can Save Money On Coastline Kratom’s Products.
  • Conclusion – The Verdict.

What Makes Coastline Kratom A Good Alternative

  • When you visit Coastline Kratom’s website, you will learn that the company ensures that all of its products undergo a number of laboratory testing to ensure that their Kratom is pure and of superior quality. The primary goal of Coastline Kratom is to provide complete client happiness.
  • While their Kratom is slightly more expensive than that of other suppliers, they insist that their consumers get only the highest-quality kratom. Also of note is that Coastline Kratom makes it plain that they source all of their Kratom from respected farmers in South Asia, ensuring that their customers receive high-quality Kratom that has been sourced directly from the source.
  • Customers are put at ease by Coastline Kratom’s 100 percent money-back guarantee, which closes the deal and puts them at peace about their purchase. If a consumer is dissatisfied with the quality of Kratom that has been provided, they have the option to return it. As a result, Coastline Kratom is regarded as quite trustworthy among Kratom enthusiasts all over the world.

Variety Of Different Goods

In the course of conducting this Coastline Kratom review, we discovered a large number of Kratom items that they have available for clients. In addition to traditional Kratom leaf powders, extract-enhanced Kratom powders, and a range of pre-packaged strains, they are also available in small amounts of different strains. They do not currently offer any Kratom capsules for purchase. In order to create this Coastline Kratom review, we went to their website and saw that they have organized their product selection into six categories, which we will discuss later. Coastline Kratom has supplied thorough information about the Kratom strains in question on the pages dedicated to each particular category on their website.

There are various Kratom products available in each of the following categories:

Green Malay

  • This Malaysian strain has been dubbed the “all-rounder” due to the fact that it is by far the most well-balanced kratom variation currently available on the market. Green Malay has been shown to increase attention, clarity, invigoration, and restorative properties when taken in moderate doses.
  • It is possible to purchase twenty-five grams of powder for $15.99, fifty grams of powder for $29.99, seventy-five grams for $44.99, and one hundred grams of powder for $54.99.

Green Malay

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Red Vein Bali

  • This robust Borneo cultivar is my go-to powder for nighttime rest because of its mellow scent. When it comes to red vein kratom powder, Red Bali is the coziest of the bunch. It provides relief, tranquillity, and a full-bodied sense of warmth and well-being all at the same time.
  • Twenty-five grams are sold for $12.99, and fifty grams are sold for $22.99 per gram. You may acquire 75 grams for $32.99 or 100 grams for $39.99 depending on how much you want.

Red Vein Kratom

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White Horn

  • Despite its rarity and cryptic nature, this strain is a superb “slow” strain that is unexpected when used at moderate to high doses. With White Horn Kratom, you may notice a slight energy increase as well as enhanced concentration. It is possible to purchase as little as twenty-five grams for $12.99 and as much as one hundred grams for $39.99. Unfortunately, these strains are not available in large quantities.
  • Those who like to purchase kratom powder in bulk can look for a vendor who offers kratom kilos in order to get the best deal. Having saying that, Coastline Kratom’s powders are a terrific treat when purchased in little quantities.

White Vein Horned

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Capsules of Kratom

  • All of the powders offered by this seller are available in capsule form. Encapsulated kratom is a handy way of consumption that reduces the harsh taste of the plant materials and allows it to be consumed more easily.
  • Twenty-five plain leaf capsules are available for $15.99, while fifty pills are available for $32.99 each box. Seventy-five tablets are available for $47.99, while one hundred tablets are available for $57.99.


Kratom that has been Enhanced

  • Coastline Kratom’s boosted powders start at $29.99 for five grams, with more quantities available for purchase. For $89.99, you may acquire 25 grams of this potent alkaloid-infused tea that has a powerful punch. The Starter Variety Pack, a bundle comprising twenty-five grams of each beginner strain, is the seller’s most popular product.
  • Red Maeng Da, Green Malay, and White Bali are the strains in question. For just $49.99, the Beginner Variety Pack includes everything you’ll need to try out each vein color in one sitting. It’s the most cost-effective solution they have available.

Coastline Kratom offers a variety of packs that include numerous strains of Kratom in modest doses, which you can learn more about by visiting their ‘Bestsellers‘ page on their website. This includes the Beginner’s Pack, Ultra-enhanced Kratom Pack, White Kratom Pack, Green Kratom Pack, as well as a variety of additional intriguing packs that any Kratom aficionado would find beneficial.

Other Kratom Strains Available from Coastline Kratom

Bali Kratom

It is possible to discover both Red-vein Bali Kratom and White-vein Bali Kratom in this category.

Borneo Kratom

Green Vein Borneo Kratom Powder Bag
Red-vein Borneo Kratom, Green-vein Borneo Kratom, and Ultra-enhanced Red Borneo Kratom are all available in this category.

Horned Kratom

White Vein Horned Kratom Powder
Red-vein Horned Kratom, White-vein Horned Kratom, and Ultra-enhanced Red Horned Kratom are all varieties of Horned Kratom that are available in the Horned Kratom category.

Maeng Da Kratom

Ultra Enhanced Red Maeng Da Kratom Powder Bag
This category contains Maeng Da Kratom in many forms, including red-vein Maeng Da Kratom, white-vein Maeng Da Kratom, and ultra-enhanced Maeng Da Kratom.

Malay Kratom

Ultra Enhanced Green Malay Kratom Powder Bag
Both green-vein Malay kratom and ultra-enhanced green kratom are available in this category, with the former being the more popular.

Live Plants

Coastline Kratom also provides its clients with Kratom plants, allowing them to cultivate their own strains of the herb. On this website, they also give thorough instructions on how to care for the plant in the proper manner.

The Services of Coastline Kratom

Coastline Kratom provides its customers with high-quality services in the areas of customer care and delivery in order to ensure that they are receiving the whole package. On their website, you may engage in a live customer service chat session to get answers to any questions you may have about the firm or its goods. If you’re concerned about shipping costs, Coastline Kratom provides free delivery on all orders over $75.

They do not, however, ship to the following places in the United States:

  • Indiana
  • Tennessee
  • Wisconsin

Customer Service Experience With Coastline Kratom

As you can see from some of the statements above, Coastline Kratom may have been all talk when it comes to providing excellent customer service to its customers. Even though they had excellent policies in place, such as free returns and same-day shipping, they did not always follow through on those rules. They were also unapologetic when clients felt they had been harmed in any way.

High Quality Products
100 %
Money Back Guarantee
100 %
Free US Shipping
100 %

The Reputation of the Coastline Kratom Brand

  • When it comes to online transactions, customer service is crucial in all areas, but it is perhaps even more critical. This is due to the fact that buyers are effectively at the mercy of the online store after they have submitted their money to the seller in the first place. Therefore, they require all of the comfort that they can obtain. Customer service may provide that reassurance.
  • Coastline Kratom boasts one of the most amazing customer service teams available on the web market today, according to the company. In addition to being able to contact them and receive practically immediate replies, you can also phone them, which is almost unheard of in internet purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Coastline Kratom.

#1- What are some of the nations to which Coastline Kratom does not send its products?

Ans:  As of right now, they do not ship to the following states in the United States:

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Indiana
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont
  • Wisconsin
  • Washington
  • D.C.
  • San Diego
  • CA
  • Union County
  • Mississippi
  • Jerseyville
  • IL
  • City of Oceanside
  • CA
  • Sarasota County
  • FL
  • Ontario
  • Oregon

As a result, they do not ship to the following countries:

  • Australia
  • Burma
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Lithuania
  • Malaysia
  • Myanmar
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • South Africa
  • Sweden
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam

#2- What is the return policy for Coastline Kratom products?


Customers in the United States

We accept returns for any reason at any time and will issue a full refund if you are dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason. We regret that we will not be able to reimburse you for the cost of return shipping. If a domestic item shipped within the United States does not arrive due to a USPS fault, the company will refund your money in full or provide a replacement. If a consumer cannot locate an item that has been designated as delivered by the United States Postal Service, the company will not refund the money.

Customers from throughout the world

They do not provide refunds for overseas orders since the expenses of shipping may be more than the value of the product being returned to the customer. It is possible to get your money returned if an overseas package fails to pass through US Customs and Border Protection. However, if a product passes through US customs but is held by foreign customs or if a package is misplaced by a foreign delivery service, they will not reimburse the money paid out. In the event that an item finds its way across the United States to an export center in a city such as New York or Miami, FL, it is regarded as having passed to a foreign delivery service, even if no further updates are given.
#3- What are the shipping policies for Coastline Kratom?


They offer a one-business-day maximum turnaround time for all orders placed with them. Coastline Kratom will mail out your purchase within one business day if you place an order before noon pacific time. They are presently only shipping via USPS First Class Mail. They have little control over how soon their products are delivered, however their packages normally reach anywhere in the United States within 3 business days and anywhere in the world within 2 weeks of being shipped. When dealing with overseas orders, it is possible that they will take longer to process than anticipated. Customers from other countries will not be eligible for free shipment. Free delivery is only applicable to orders shipping within the United States.

#4- Ways You Can Save Money On Coastline Kratom's Products.


Affiliate Program

  • They provide all of their affiliates with one-of-a-kind discount codes, coupon urls, and professionally produced promotional materials. Coastline Kratom offers a 25 percent commission on all of its transactions. To participate in our program, you do not need to be an expert affiliate marketer.
  • We have customers that wish to post our link on their Facebook page and get compensated for doing so. To become an affiliateand to produce affiliate links, it will only take a few minutes for you to complete the essential information on our Website.

Buy at the best time

  • Consider the following examples: Christmas items are best purchased in January, holiday items in the Autumn, and so on. If you can plan your shopping for the right time rather than purchasing at peak times when prices are at their highest, you will save a significant amount of money without doing much at all.

Coupons for Coastline Kratom

  • At the time Coastline Kratom was in operation, Coastline Kratom promo codes were rather simple to come across. You might utilize search engines on the internet or even contact the firm directly to find out about innovative methods to save money. The publication of Coastline Kratom promo codes on this page is now deemed unnecessary. Perhaps the business will reopen at some point in the future, but there is currently no sign that this would be the case.

Go for samples

  • Some retailers offer samples of products that you might want to procure. Go for these samples and save money in the meantime.

Conclusion – The Verdict

When it comes to Kratom vendors, Coastline Kratom is one of the most dependable, especially if you live in North Carolina. Due to the fact that they only sell six Kratom strains and don’t sell any other form of the product other than Kratom powder and capsules, their product variety may appear to be a little limited. However, the items that are now available are legitimate, come in excellent packaging, and are also reasonably priced. Overall, Coastline Kratom appears to be a reputable Kratom supplier.

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