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CBD Nugs Review: Best Way to Get CBD NUGs Products Cheaply


E-commerce is constantly growing, especially in the CBD community. With the passing of the Farm Bill l it’s no wonder that more stores are opening up to meet the demand.

The options for CBD products can become overwhelming, especially if you’ve never used it before. The truth is that there are literally hundreds of CBD brands out there, with more popping up every day! And if you use the wrong type, you’re going to get subpar results. On top of that, the prices can be super different from one store to another, which makes shopping online all the more confusing.

For this reason, We have taken a look at CBD Nugs to see what they offer and how they can help you find everything you need in one place!

CBD Nugs Overview

  • CBD Nugs believes in the healing powers of hemp. They produce pure CBD based extracts (CBD) to the marketplace and their CBD products are extremely potent, safe and legal.
  • With CBD Nugs proprietary extraction methods, they are able to produce high quality CBD oil with a pure profile. Moreover, their liquid tinctures are made from pure stalks and flowers of hemp grown organically on local farms.
  • CBD Nugs offer clients high-quality CBD derived from organic hemp plants that are grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. Their products are always tested by certified laboratories so we can guarantee their purity and potency.

Product Reviews


  • CBD Nugs is an online CBD store that sells CBD Vape, CBD Gummies, CBD Oils, and more. They also sell a variety of products with THC and CBD mixed.
  • CBD Nugs is a great place to get your hands on some quality CBD products to make sure you’re getting the best possible results for your money.
  • They have a variety of flowers that are high in CBD or high in THC or a mix of both. All of their flowers are grown organically and are lab tested for quality assurance.
  • They have a large selection of vape juices with varying concentrations of CBD and THC, as well as flavors like; Sour Diesel, Blue Dream, Hybrid OG, Strawberry Lemonade, and more.
  • They also have edibles like; gummies, hard candies, chocolate truffles, caramel corn, and more.
  • CBD Nugs has top-quality CBD products at an affordable price.

Let’s check some of their best selling products below:

1CBD Hemp flowers

  •  Flower” is a catch-all category for the buds of hemp plants, which are smoked for their intoxicating effects. And like other kinds of bud, the hemp flower is also rich in cannabinoids and aromatic terpenes.
  • CBD flower is a great option for people who don’t like the taste or high of THC. It’s also a good choice for those who want to take advantage of the entourage effect. When you smoke hemp flowers, you get all the benefits of CBD and more, since you’ve got CBD, flavonoids, and terpenes to work with.
  • The health effects of CBD are just becoming known. But one thing that researchers are finding is that it acts synergistically with other compounds to produce greater effects than it would alone. And when you add in the palliative effects of THC and the other cannabinoids, you get an even better overall effect.
  • CBD Nugs aims to produce the best quality hemp flowers available by applying a large amount of focus in their production process. They are one of the few companies that perform third-party testing on their products. You can count on CBD Nugs to deliver a consistent, high-quality product.

Available CBD Hemp Flower ProductsTotal CBD
  • Bubba Kush CBD
  • Fruity Pebbles CBD flower
  • Pineapple Express
  • Special Sauce strain
  • Hawaiian Haze
  • Jack Frost
  • Sour Space Candy
  • Elektra
  • Sour Diesel
  • 22.3%
  • 30.5%
  • 29%
  • 30.6%
  • 21.7%
  • 15%
  • 25.3%
  • 19.5%
  • 29%

2CBD Pre-rolls

Have you ever wanted to try a joint, but were too lazy to roll it? If so, today is your lucky day.

  • CBD Pre-rolls are a great way to enjoy the relaxing effects of cannabis. The product consists of a joint that is already rolled with hemp flowers. They are incredibly easy to use. All you have to do is twist the ends and put them in your mouth. That’s right, it’s ready to smoke right out of the package!
  • CBD Nugs CBD Pre-rolls are designed to be smoked just like a traditional joint. Each pre-roll is hand-rolled by an experienced and knowledgeable roller and offers you a convenient, portable, ready-to-use anytime joint. Also, the pre-roll is filled with hand-trimmed non-irradiated flowers, never shake, for maximum quality and consistency.

Available CBD Pre-rolls ProductTotal CBD
  • Lifter
  • Sour Space Candy
  • Elektra
  • Special Sauce
  • Fruity Pebbles
  • Hawaiian Haze
  • Bubba Kush
  • Pineapple Express
  • Jack frost CBG
  • Sour Diesel
  • 30.4%
  • 25.3%
  • 19.5%
  • 30.6%
  • 30.5%
  • 21.7%
  • 22.3%
  • 29%
  • 15%
  • 29%

3CBD Vape

  • CBDNugs has created a new collection of all-natural, organic flavored CBD vape oils. The all-new line of pre-filled, ultra-concentrated CBD oil cartridges offers amazing flavor and smooth vapor production.
  • CBDNugs disposable vape pens are made with organic, full-spectrum hemp oil. This makes the device ideal for those looking to avoid any synthetic ingredients. The vaporizer is easy to use and the flavors are great. There is no smoke or mess to worry about as you do not have to burn the hemp oil.
  • The vaporizer comes in a sleek black package in which you will find a USB charger for the battery. The battery itself is pre-charged and ready to go once you remove it from the packaging. There is no need to wait for the battery to charge before using it; simply pull off the lid on the bottom of the battery and inhale from the mouthpiece on top of the device.

Choose from their collection of truly unique strains including Super Lemon Haze, Gorilla Glue, and more.

Available CBD Vape Products
  • Granddaddy Purple
  • Gorilla Glue CBD Vape
  • Jack Herer
  • Sunset Sherbert
  • TrainWreck
  • Super Lemon Haze


4 Delta- 8 THC flowers, Vapes, and Gummies

  • Delta-8 THC is a close analog to delta-9 THC but presents a much milder experience. This cannabinoid is non-psychoactive and provides a slightly more cerebral hemp experience that blends many of the calming properties of CBD with a distinct creative boost.
  • CBDNugs’ Delta 8THC products are some of the finest you would have had the pleasure to sample and very impressed with their quality control. Their flowers are always impeccably cured, trimmed, and packaged, which is not always the case with most suppliers in the market.
  • These smooth, dense buds are rolled tight and are quite sticky to the touch with a fresh herbal aroma that reminds me of green tea. With this particular strain, there is no noticeable dank smell or flavor that accompanies some strains in the same category.
  • Delta 8 THC has just enough trichomes to look like you would expect from a quality nug and it releases a lightly sweet fruit aroma upon grinding or breaking apart into smaller pieces. The buds broke up nicely and easily into a fine consistency for vaping or rolling into joints or blunts.

Available Delta- 8 THC flowers ProductTotal Delta-8 THC)
  • Blue Dream
  • Purple punch
  • Girl Scout
  • Skywalker
  • Wedding Cake
  • Northern Lights
  • 26.5%
  • 19.75%
  • 26.4%
  • 29.56%
  • 18.37%
  • 20%

Available Delta- 8 THC Vapes ProductFeatures
Northern Lights:

Sour Diesel:

Green Crack:

Durban Poison:

Strawberry Cough:

Pineapple Express:

 Sweet, earthy flavor with hints of pine and a subtle citrus aroma

Emit a potent skunky aroma with strong lemon and orange overtones

Comes with a tart mango flavor

spicy flavors with strong hints of sweet licorice and a fruity, citrus aroma

offer a delicious berry flavor with a classic skunky aroma.

Limonene and myrcene give Pineapple Express a sweet, citrus taste and aroma, while beta-caryophyllene adds peppery notes

Bubba Kush:Tastes earthy and sweet and has a skunky citrus fragrance similar to other Kush and OG strains

Available Delta- 8 THC Gummies ProductFeatures
Blueberry Gummies:

Apple Gummies:

Watermelon Gummies:

 (200mg of Delta-8 TH, 8 gummies with 25 mg of Delta-8 THC per gummy)

(200mg of Delta-8 TH, 8 gummies with 25 mg of Delta-8 THC per gummy)

(200mg of Delta-8 TH, 8 gummies with 25 mg of Delta-8 THC per gummy)

5 CBG Flowers
  • Cannabigerol, also known as CBG, is a non-intoxicating molecule from the cannabis plant. Although it’s present in both marijuana and hemp, CBG does not have any psychoactive effects.
  • The first impression you will get from this flower is that it’s very resinous and sticky. The trichome coverage is great! The flowers were cured to perfection. Unlike other companies, CBDnugs seems to do a pretty good job at preserving the terpene profile in their flowers, which is always a plus in my book.
  • On the inhale you will taste a pungent citrus flavor with undertones of pine sap and spice. On the exhale the citrus flavors mellow out into more of a sour earthy flavor with hints of pine sap and spice. There is almost a mild fuel note too. The effects are very relaxing and calming while also slightly euphoric at times.

CBG flower is recommended if you are looking for something to help relieve anxiety or stress without making you feel sedated or knocked out.

Available CBG Flowers Product:

  • Jack frost CBG flowers (15% Total CBG, Less Than 0.3% Delta 9 THC),
  • Jack frost CBg Pre Rolls (15% Total CBG, Less Than 0.3% Delta 9 THC)

6 CBD Concentrates

  • CBD concentrates are made by extracting the oil from hemp, then filtering out any solvents and other remaining plant material. The result is a highly potent substance that can add THC to enhance the effects of your CBD, or be used on its own for a different experience.
  • CBD concentrate is usually sold as an oil, which can be dabbed or mixed into edible items. It can also be purchased in pre-loaded vape pens. Because it’s so concentrated, there’s no need to take large quantities of it at once. Only a small amount is needed to enjoy the benefits of CBD without feeling too high.

Available CBD Concentrates Products:

  • CBD Kief
  • CBD Isolates
  • CBD Moon Rocks
  • CBD Kief Nugs

7 CBD Tinctures

  • CBD tinctures are fast-absorbing and take effect in minutes. The effects of our tinctures can last for hours, with no residual effects felt once the initial activation has worn off. Each  CBD Nugs tincture is made with a proprietary blend of organic hemp extract and high-quality base materials to provide the consistency, potency, and delivery method you need.
  • Tinctures are also super discreet. If your life is active enough that you don’t have time to smoke or vape your oils, tinctures are easy to carry around and use anywhere. It’s also easy to take multiple doses throughout the day without having to carry extra bottles or vials around with you.

 Nugs CBD Tinctures Products:

  • Full Spectrum CBD Resin Oil (1200 mg)
  • Full Spectrum CBD Oil (3000 mg)

Pricing And Deals


CBD Nugs provides this wide range of quality Hemp related products for an affordable cost. The quality of CBD Nugs Products is very affordable.

  • CBD flower for as low as 25 dollars
  • CBD Vape for around 45 dollars.
  • CBD Concentrated is around 10 dollars- 20 dollars.

Special Deals to Save Money on a Purchase:

  • 10% off offer on your first order

When you subscribe as a member and place your first order, you are eligible for a 10% discount.

  • 40% off storewide with code XMAS40

From now until the end of the year, everyone is entitled to 40% off storewide when you use the coupon code XMAS40 during checkout.

  • Free shipping on all orders over $75

All orders of over $75 ship free. However, they do not ship some products (e.g delta-8 THC) to the following states: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, and Washington.

Final Thought

Overall, CBDnugs is a good store with some excellent products at great prices. If you are looking to pick up any CBD hemp oil products then they are worth checking out. Another thing to consider is their fast shipping and great customer service. They will ensure that your package arrives at your door unharmed and in its original packaging.


Q-1 How do you smoke hemp flowers?
Ans- The simplest way to smoke hemp flowers is to grind them up, roll a joint or a blunt, and light up. You can do this with any grinder, including a coffee grinder. If you don't have a grinder, you can still smoke hemp flowers by rolling them up in paper or rolling paper (a blunt) with the flowers inside.
Q-2 How is hemp flower different from using CBD Oil?
Ans- The hemp flower gives off a different kind of high and also a very different flavor. The high that is produced from using this flower is perceived as having more of a body buzz, as well as usually giving you a hallucinogenic experience. The CBD oil is normally ingested in the form of an oil or edible and will not cause you to feel high. It can be used for both recreational and medicinal purposes, but the primary benefit it provides is pain relief.


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