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Carol Wright Review : An In-Depth Review of the Popular Online Store

Carol Wright has been in the forefront of the direct mail marketing industry for some time. Since it was launched in 1972, something about Carol Wright just felt right and timeless. There’s no telling how a company might do out in the real world, but it seems that things have gone well for this company.

To us, it seems affordability drives this direct mail marketing company. It strives to provide gifts, apparel, and personal care items. By personal care items, we mean anything from skin care to dietary supplements, just to name a few things.

Diving Into the Products And Prices

Part of the reason its become such a popular site is because of its growing number of products. It can become your one-stop online shop if you give it a chance. The following are products and prices you can expect from the company:


Women’s Apparel

Everyday Capris by Freedom Fit Zone™SeerSucker Snap Front TopMotif Twill Capris by Easy Essentials

One thing you can find on this site is all sorts of women’s apparel. You’ll find some of today’s most coveted styles along with some classics and more. You’ll find regular t shirts at prices between $9.99 to $12.99. You’ll also find gauze-banded tops from $12.99 to $15.99, and that’s just a few options. You’ll also find dresses, pants, and intimate apparel at reasonable prices.

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Plus Size

Tropical Border DressEmbroidered Floral DressPlaid Walking Shorts

Plus-size clothing is sold here, too. You can expect similar prices, and you’ll find virtually anything you might need, from regular tops to dresses and loungewear. You’ll find intimate clothing, including lingerie. The styles you’ll find here are pretty exciting and designed to accentuate your natural beauty.

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Olly SandalTwo-Tone Padded SandalLace-up Athletic Sneaker by Freedom Fit Zone®

We noticed that the company also offers all sorts of shoes for men and women. They offer slippers, sandals, boots, regular shoots, flats, and everything in between. The styles are trendy though they also have a few classics. The classic women’s flat could be around $12.99, and men’s classic lightweight sneakers can cost $29.99.

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Home Decor

Indoor/Outdoor Fitted Tablecloth8-Piece Quick Dry Towel SetThrow and Socks with Bonus Tote

The company ships home decor items all over the place. It offers furniture accents, room decor options, and bedding accessories. Some of the pieces are quite affordable, like the sofa table that’ll only cost you $24.99. You can get a small two-drawer storage chest for $39.99, which isn’t too bad. It’s beautifully designed and easy to setup.

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Health and Beauty

Women's ReadersDr. Leonard's® Large Screen Blood Pressure MonitorLarge Face Fitness Tracker

When it comes to health and beauty, this company has a lot to offer, from regular beauty products to personal care items, such as compression socks or arthritis pain relief. A pain relief product for folks dealing with arthritis costs about $14.99, which is a bargain, especially compared to some of the other options we’ve seen online.

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51 Pc Flatware Set for 8Portable Personal FanUniversal Usage Baseball Hat Organizer, Clear Plastic Storage Case for Caps

The housewares section of the online store has everything, from kitchenware to cookware and cleaning solutions. You can find many things to simplify your life at home a bit. The prices are quite competitive, too. A stainless-steel cookware set costs about $49.99.

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Outdoor And Garden

Multiuse Battery Operated Lantern, Long-Lasting White Light LED LanternGarden Tool OrganizerOutdoor Table Screen

For those hoping to buy outdoor items or general garden items, you’ll be happy here. The company offers pest control and garden decor. The company has this outdoor table screen that can help block out the sun and keep insects out so that you can enjoy a nice meal outdoors. This screen is $34.99.

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Men’s Apparel

Men's Cargo Pocket Shorts by Freedom Fit Zone™Men's 20-Pocket WalletMen's Terry Robe

Men’s apparel is a big seller on this site. You’ll find what you need at great prices, such as shirts, pants, hats, and even coats. A sherpa-lined fleece jacket can cost between $29.99 to $34.99. The quality is great, and it’ll keep you warm. They’ve got so many options to browse through.

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The company is also known for carrying As Seen on TV products, and you know those can be fun and quite useful. Browsing through that section alone is worth the visit.

Everything About Shipping

Once you place an order, the countdown begins. The warehouse ensures that the items purchased leaves within a 72-hour window. That’s standard among many of the best online stores out there.

  • Keep in mind that the window mentioned earlier only applies to items that were in stock. If they weren’t, then they’d have to ship from the manufacturer, which could take a while longer.
  • Items can be sent standard, and that could take two weeks to get to the destination. Of course, if the items are being shipped outside the continental U.S., then expect four to six weeks.
  • Express shipping is much faster. If you’re in the U.S., then it’ll get there in three to four business days. Those outside the U.S. will have to wait about five to seven days for express shipping. An additional $9.95 will be added to your total cost if your order is less than 10 pounds.
  • Super express shipping is also possible. If you place an order before 11 a.m., you’ll get what you want the next business day. If you need your order quickly, then you probably won’t mind that it’ll cost $29.95.
  • When you order something, you’re given a order number. This number could be used to check the order status. You’ll need your last name, too. You could also just sign in and check the order status.
  • If you wish to return or exchange the item you buy, use the enclosed packing slip and the return shipping label. This is sent along with all of the company’s packages. Instructions are sent, too. No questions are asked. If you can’t find the slip, you can go to the site and print out the merchandise return form.

The Pros And Cons

The following are some pros and cons that we think you should know about this company:


  • The prices here are quite affordable.
  • There’s a perks program you can join, and you’ll get 10% back when you buy premium brands or 5% back from retailers like Best Buy or Target.
  • You get 100% satisfaction guarantee with every item; you can exchange the item or return it for a refund.


  • There are no high-end products.
  • Their selection isn’t as wide as the company claims.
  • Customer service isn’t always as good as it should be.

Contact Information

If you need to contact the company, you can call at 1-800-267-5750to talk to customer service.1-800-345-5866  is the number to use to order items.

1-732-572-2118 is the number to fax any questions or comments. If you want to write them through the mail, you can use the following address:

Carol Wright, PO Box 7823 Edison, N.J. 08818-7823
The company does not offer a chat option, but they do have an email. You can find an email link on the site that will send you to an email form. Now, you know everything there is to know about this company. Hopefully, this helps you figure out if the company is right for you or not.

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