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Cards And Pockets Review: 3-5 Best Ways To Save on

Are you on a budget and have been worried about how to create and manufacture invitation cards that will be of high quality while meeting your need? then Cards and Pockets is the answer.

At Cards and Pockets (C&P) they speacilize in the manufacture and retail of high-end invitation and stationery products. They are the world leader when it comes to do-it-yourself pocket invitation materials and are also best known for the lowest pocket invitation pricing, with high-quality materials and our customer service is superb.

At Cards and Pockets, they know the importance of satisfied customer feedback and referral, so they offer the best at a subsidized price.

About Cards And Pockets

  • They are also specialists in DO -IT- Yourself wedding invitations with matching envelopes and other wedding stationeries, the wedding invitations can be stocked into the pocket. These invitations are neatly made from premium papers.
  • Cards and Pockets is an amazing company to work with for your wedding and any special event, with wonderful design tools on the website which makes it easier and you will end up having invitation cards that are wonderful and perfect for your wedding and other events.

What is the Type Of Services Rendered At Cards and Pockets?

Cards and Pockets offer a wide range of services when it comes to paperwork, invitation cards and printing of stationery , I can assure you that.

Some of the services include;

  • DIY Card Making
  • Embellishments
  • Manufacturing of Envelopes and Liners
  • Manufacturing of Fine Papers
  • Professional Printing
  • Wedding Materials
  • Cards
  • Pockets
  • Envelopes

  • DIY Card Making:

  • With a wide range of wedding invitation kits which can easily be printed and assembled at home, Cards and pockets are specialists in DO-it-yourself wedding invitations. Their invitation card is the best around the world . There are varieties of color to choose from, ranging from matte, metallic, and wood grain.
  • The DIY supplies include shop invitation kits, base cards, petal folds, gate cards, folded cards, panel cards, layers, envelopes, embellishments, DIY tools, monogram, Belly bands arc. You can easily mix and match over 85 colors for your customizable kits made from heavy-weight card stock.
  • Cards:

  • You can’t find their cards any other place because their cards are of the finest quality, best priced, and most available cards you can find anywhere. It comes in different designs like folded cards, gate cards, laser cut cards, note cards, petal cards, all clearance cards, cards, and envelope sets.
  • There are also folded cards which can serve as an invitation base, printed card, thank you card, place card, laser card, or for any DIY project.

  • Pockets:

  • Cards and Pockets also produce premium quality pocket folded cards in the industry.
  • They are Panel Pocket A7, Laser pocket 5×7, perfectto 6×6, rectangolo A7, vertico A7, A2 signature 4×5.5, pocket frames A7 + A2.

  • Envelopes:

  • At cards and Pockets they have envelopes to match your invitations. With 100+ colors and over a dozen styles made with premium paper. The envelopes are elegant, beautiful, bright, affordable, and stand out in the mailbox with unique envelope colors and styles.

The different types of envelopes available include

  • Standard mailing envelopes
  • Laser cut envelopes
  • lined envelopes
  • Euro flap envelopes
  • Square flap envelopes
  • Full guest address printed envelopes
  • Return address printed envelopes
  • inner printed envelopes
  • Rsvp address printed envelopes
  • Paper:

  • At Cards and Pockets the paper quality speaks for itself, they manufacture their products made by fine mills from around the world. The papers used in printing are acid-free to reduce fading over time. They also have quality paper stocks, see for more details.

Some of them include

  • Shop cover weight card stock
  • Shop vellum paper
  • Shop clearance paper
  • Pattern paper packs
  • Shop text weight paper.

There are also large sheets, pattern paper, cut cardstock all made from the finest wood.

  • Laser:

  • If you want to add elegance and flair to your invitation,I recommend the laser-cut products. They are committed to making sure your invitations pop with a lot of laser-cut products which are made on premium papers and are an easy way to make your invitations more memorable and elegant.
  • The company is also glad to let you know of their exclusive line of laser-cut envelopes which are made from the same fine papers as our premium wedding envelopes and are custom laser cut with your choice of design. It is available in A7 to perfectly fit our signature pocket invitations or our laser cut pocket invitations.
  • I recommend their laser-cut invitation frames, with it you can create a beautiful and unique layered look with a design that matches your style- classic, modern, vintage, floral, or rustic. The frames are sized to apply the front of a 5×7 wedding invitation card.
  • You can use any adhesive of choice but we strongly recommend Zip Dry Glue. Do not forget to also order matching envelopes . Their laser products include Laser cut envelopes, laser embellishments, laser-cut pockets, laser-cut petal folds, laser slide-in cards.

  • Printing:

  • Cards and Pockets gives you professional printing for your designs on the finest paper available. With our Custom White Ink Printing services, you can add brilliance to your designs on dark paper. We can also print your designs on over 70 dark paper colors including black.
  • But you have to always review our White Ink Printing Setup guide to make sure your files are set up correctly before we print. We are also available to answer your questions and help with file setup. I recommend White ink printing sample kit which comes with free shipping and provides an assortment of beautiful designs that are printed in white ink so everyone can see the quality of our white ink printing service for themselves.
  • They also have our DIY save the date cards printed on premium papers. At Cards and Pockets, you can customize and have us print your Save the Dates with your own pictures and text. We also have our printed envelopes with addresses and a full guest list.

  • Wedding:

  • They create everything you need for your wedding invitations, prices are affordable to meet your budget plus the professional printing service we offer. At Cards and Pockets, everything you need to make your own matching stationery complete can be taken care of by us.
  • The thank you cards are the best, you can upload your own picture with a monogram for a unique look. The photo and thank you card include free color RSVP envelopes of your choice. Always make your events stand out with the thank you cards.

Things to Consider Before Using Cards And Pockets

Though they are very affordable and have a package for every budget, you still have to make your own inquiries and ask questions where necessary, read reviews and make sure they we meet your standards before you contact them.

The things to Put into consideration are


You have to consider if we have complete control over how you want to build your card, and the ability to change the card to suit your taste.

2The Cost:

A well-defined budget will be of great help when putting into consideration the type of card to go for. You can create a list to know how many invitations cards, envelopes, and thank you notes you need so you don’t go outside your budget.

3Availability of your Choice of Cards:

You need to go through their shelf and be sure the type of card you have in mind and the colors of choice are available. You can order samples first and be sure of the colors and the products before you make larger orders.


Go through the reviews before placing your order, reviews whether good or bad can help you make your decisions on what to buy, if the review of a particular card or envelope is bad, you can select another one.

How Can One Save Money on Cards And Pockets Printing?

Save Up Now:
  1. Make Your Budget First: Write down the list of cards and envelopes you want to order, and keep to it
  2. Place Response items behind Stack insert: Make sure you know what is good for your pocket invitation design and follow it strictly.
  3. Use Postcard response, incorporate it into the stack: Instead of using traditional response card and envelopes that you feel does not fit, you might decide to create a design to incorporate a postcard as a stacked insert.

What Other Services Are Offered?

 Cards and Pockets are not just limited to the manufacturing of invitation cards, they are also into the manufacturing of

  • Envelopes
  • Fine Papers
  • Laser cut materials
  • Embellishments

Awards And Affiliations

They have consistently won The knot, best of weddings from 2011-2022. Cards and Pockets remain unbeatable. According to, cards and Pockets have distinguished themselves over the years.

Target group: Do it yourself brides, Event Planners, and anybody who loves quality and effective services.

3-5 Ways You Can Save Money On the Cards And Pockets Site

#1- Prepare for Card selection before going to shop for it:

A little work before you go to the site will go a long way to help you save some money on cards. Make a list first to avoid buying something you don’t need.

#2- Order a few copies first:

This is to ensure you get the best quality and be sure of what you want to buy before placing an order for a larger quantity.

#3- Map out Major Purchases:

Time your purchase of cards, envelopes, or embellishments according to Do not make your purchase hastily to avoid the buyer’s limit. It is advisable you wait for a day or two after the survey before buying anything.

#4- Make your own card:

Go to the DIY section or save money with affordablecardideas.

#5- Cancel unnecessary expenses:

Choose only cards, envelopes, and stationeries that suit your need.

#6- Track Spending:

Keeping track of your monthly cash flow, your income minus expenditure will help and also make it easier for you to save money and save costs. Try a budget app that tracks your spending. Or you can still follow these five steps to help you track your monthly expenses.

#7- Order samples that come with free shipping:

It will help you decide on the ones you like and make payments immediately.

#8- Where to buy it:

It is available online at cards and for everyone including the sellers.

#9- Benefits of being a seller:

When you become a registered seller at Cards and Pockets, you will have access to discounted wholesale pricing and a wider range of specialty and customized products and options. For inquiries concerning this, email

#10- Who can apply to be a seller:

Invitation designers, wedding planners, stationery designers, or resellers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are most of the frequently asked questions on Cards and Pockets

#1- What paper do you print on?

  • Answer:
They can print on most of the papers offered on C&P websites including metallic and dark papers.

#2- Do you have a list of fonts and colors?

  • Answer:
The service that the offer is printing of customer provided files, which must be fully designed and print-ready pdf files. As the cannot edit the font and colors in your artwork , they do not offer font and color list for print.

#3- How much does custom printing take?

  • Answer:
Processing time is subject to change, and fluctuates with the season . Processing time is the next business day for samples , 1-3 business days for full print order.

#4- What makes the C&P print shop unique from other printers?

  • Answer:
They are a team of experts on printing for pocket invitation and other invitation styles , local printers may not be familiar with stackable enclosures , or what sizes you may want for standard invitations.

#5- Do they ship free samples internationally?

  • Answer:
Their sample prints do come with free shipping to any destination , however, ground shipping can take considerable time to reach an international destination.

#6- What program should I use to create my files?

  • Answer:
They have their Free invitation Templates using Google Docs for a fast and easy design.

#7- Can I save money on printing and cutting if I design my files with multiple copies on a page?

  • Answer:
Even our 8.5×11 prints require cutting of paper to 8.5×11 from larger sheets of paper, so there’s always some cutting figured into our printing prince. You will save some money if you desire to print your work this way and further trim the individual prints at home.

#8- How do I order custom printing?

  • Answer:
The first step in setting up a print order is to submit your files and order specifications for an estimate .

#9- How do I order paper for my printing?

  • Answer:
You will not need to manually order paper for print. The print shop does not print on the pre-cut paper that is sold on the website , whether you are looking at the printable or the card stock that is sold at the website.

#10- Can I give the print shop the list of other supplies I need to order everything together?

  • Answer:
The print shop can not quote or bill for unprinted products, but can add website products to your cart along with a print job for one shipment.

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