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BuyJumpRopes Review 2021: Learn Everything You Need To Know About Jump Ropes


There are many different jump rope brands out there on the market, but not all of them are of good quality. When I first attempted to learn how to do cardiovascular exercise, I ended up buying a generic one on Amazon. After only a few months, the rope had dangerously frayed wires. This caused friction burns on my hands and feet, which was very annoying for me. Thankfully, that didn’t deter me from trying again with another brand. And that’s how I ended up finding BuyJumpRopes.Net.

This article is going to review products and jump ropes from with regards to the following topics: What does it have? What can it do?  In addition, I will cover what I like and dislike about the product and how to use it for sports and fitness-related activities.

Read on to know more about this jump rope eCommerce website

BuyJumpRopes.Net – A Quick Overview

  • The first thrilling part of BuyJumpRopes is their investment in jump ropes and fitness education in general. The sites have a lot of resources from buyers’ guides, online training, and coaching, skills, and tricks. They even teach you how to make your ropes.
  • However, their team is more mouth-watering and looks more like a bonded family.  BuyJumpRopes was founded by Matt Hopkins with his wife in 1999. Since then, they have maintained a close circle of 11-15 teams (that changes with season) with over 20 years of experience.
  • Apart from producing some of the best jumping ropes in the industry that have helped athletes to win trophies and achieve successful feats, the team has been able to provide both formal and informal education on jump ropes and fitness.
  • Some of their best-selling products include beaded ropes, double dutch ropes, speed ropes, fitness ropes. They also have sections for kids as well as sport shirts and educational materials

In general, they have a very striking influence in the jump ropes market and the fitness industry at large.

BuyJumpRopes Product Categories

1Custom Ropes

What is more intriguing than having your name inscribed on a jump rope. The custom section of BuyJumpRopes provides this exact option with even more twists. Here, you can choose your jump role color, size and even design your jump role kits.

For Example
You can select colors for each bead of a custom beaded rope. This feature is particularly interesting for kids to learn skipping. It combines aesthetics with the best of functionality to make jump rope exercise an inspirational one.

Products Available:

  • Custom Beaded Rope
  • Custom Double Dutch Ropes
  • Bullet COMP- Custom Engraved
  • Surge 3.0-Custom Engraved

2Kids Ropes

BuyJumpRopes didn’t leave the kids behind in their design. They have special products that meet the needs of kids of all genders for indoor or outdoor purposes. Some of their remarkable products include glow-in-the-dark rope that is rechargeable with a USB port and won’t stop shining its rainbow color in the dark.

Soft-beaded Ropes
Soft-beaded ropes are also good for kids’ fitness. They build rhythm and improve concentration during rope jumping activities. More interesting, their holiday rope packages have something for each festival. Candy Cane Jump ropes are designed with a Christmas theme.
Spider Web Jump Rope
is another gift you can give your kids for Halloween. Other holiday themes available are the turkey jump ropes, Cornucopia rope that goes with thanksgiving special, and Frankenstein jump ropes with reference to Halloween.

Available Products:

  • Playground ropes
  • Rhythm Double
  • Anna’s Rainbow Rope
  • Rainbow Light Rope
  • Custom Double Dutch
  • Beaded Rope
  • Cloth Jump Ropes

3Fitness and Speed Products

Experts generally consider jump roles one of the most effective training tools you can use to develop strength, power, endurance, balance, coordination, agility, and sport-specific skill. Perfect for cross-training to improve sports performance or as a stand-alone activity to shed weight fast!

Physical Fitness Products
BuyJumpRope has different products to meet the physical fitness needs of the old and young. A boxer can choose the sturdy fit and fit plus rope with firm handles or the pulse rope with heavy beads. Their Bullet fit rope has features like the self-adjusting system and multiple cord types. It also comes with a spare cable and an easy-to-carry storage bag.
Gym Pack Bundle
Other products are the gym pack bundle of 25 speed ropes, fitness class set bundle of 20 jump rope, jump rope mats, and the Bullet COMP- fastest speed rope in the world- used by world champions.

Available Products:

  • Surge Speed Rope
  • Bullet COMP
  • Spark speed rope
  • Jump rope mat
  • Fit+ freestyle rope
  • Heavy Muay Thai ropes etc.

4Freestyle Jump Ropes

Freestyle ropes are designed for speed, agility, and power. Everything about these ropes is engineered to help you reach your peak performance level from start to finish.

Edge Flex + Fit plus
  • BuyJumpRopes freestyle ropes range from Edge Flex with flexible handles that won’t break during freestyle routines. Fit plus freestyle has a more flexible cable than standard speed cables.
  • The graphite-layered coating gives them a sleek look. The center of balance design offers extreme stability, while the stiffness allows for easy turning and rotation. The thick webbing covering the chains gives them a longer life. And the handle gives you knuckle protection while allowing for good grip at all times during workouts and competitions.

Available Products

  • Fit Rope
  • Fit+
  • Custom Beaded Rope
  • Fit+ freestyle
  • Edge Flex

5Parts and Accessories

Just like motor parts, you will often have to replace the parts of your jump ropes over time. Available parts include handles of different styles, sizes, and colors.

  • The handle grip is also important. Various jump rope handles are available at BuyJumpRopes. Spark handles, Foam grip handles and surge are some of the types available.
  • Apart from the handles, the cable and cords are also essential accessories of jump ropes. From cords made from PVC, freestyle replacement cable to outdoor heavy speed, all these are available in different sizes and millimeters.
  • Other accessories are the soft and heavy jump beads, core ends fasteners, adjustable screws for cable ropes, cable stops, and washers.
Jump ropes bags are also available to organize your different ropes and jump ropes bags. This attractive, durable nylon bag has two zip-up mesh pouches to hold your speed ropes and other unique fitness accessories; an adjustable shoulder strap; unique interior design to keep things organized; and a blank ID tag to personalize with your name or team

Available Accessories:

  • Jump rope bags
  • Beads
  • Cable and Cords
  • Fastener
  • Jump Rope Handles

6Gears and Tools

Modern Skipping and Rope Jumping is more interesting than before. There are now different gears and tools that make it fun and adventurous.

For Example
The Hand Tally Counter is a precision tally counter designed for jumpers and skippers. By holding the tab, lift your hand until you reach the desired tally, and it will register on the display. The counter weighs only 0.8 oz. and has a magnetic back that can be adhered to any metal surface.
  • Another modern gear is the cordless Jump Rope. Cordless jump ropes are very popular right now because they take away the inconvenience of having to deal with a tangled cord.
  • The ropes enable you to jump whenever you want without having to worry about having enough room to move around.
  • The weighted ball at the end of the rope is designed to provide the feeling of jumping rope without actually jumping.
  • The speed beats will give any jumping rope workout a new dynamic. It cranks out speed and extreme cardio without adding more time to your workout. It provides a powerful cardio workout in just a few minutes a day.
  • Other tools include handling grip tape, jump rope mat, lace cover band, rope socks, rope cable cutters, rope kits, and more.

Available Gear and Tools

  • Cordless Jump Ropes
  • Hand Tally Counter
  • Jump Rope Mat
  • Handle Grip Tape
  • Shoelace cover Band
  • Foam Grip for Long Handles
  • Jump Rope cable cutters
  • Jump rope socks
  • Parts and Kits for coaches
  • Speed Beats

7Double Dutch Ropes

  • Double Dutch Jumping Ropes offer a unique twist to a classic jump rope. With a heavy-duty non-slip handle and weighted tips, along with sturdy PVC joints that snap together with ease, Double Dutch will have you jumping higher and faster than ever before.
  • BuyJumpRopes double dutch ropes are made with sturdy materials, guaranteed to last at least one year, and come in different colors. The rhythm double dutch ropes are two sets of 14ft long with the option to customize to your favorite color.
  • The Rainbow Cloth Double Dutch Jumping Ropes are made of high-quality nylon coated stranded cords that are smooth, and do not tangle. Colors are carefully chosen to avoid dye migration that causes premature wear.
  • The 7 strands are braided together to make extra-durable Big Dutchs withstand the challenges of double dutch competitions.  Rainbow cloth is the best material for spinning because it is smooth, does not tangle or knot easily, and is lightweight yet strong
Double Dutch is ideal for home or school use during recess, physical education class, PE classes, or even for the gym. Handles are designed to give you a secure, easy grip. The ropes can be tightened by screwing the cap at the ends of strings to adjust to your preferred jumping height.

Other Double Dutch Products

  • Double Dutch instructional paper
  • Partner skills Instructional paper
  • How to Double Dutch DVD
  • Rechargeable rainbow light double dutch rope

8Shirts and Educational Materials

As mentioned earlier, is a one-stop-shop for everything jumping ropes, fitness accessories, and educational materials about skipping, so it is no surprise that they offer jump rope unisex shirts, posters, instructional DVDs, and curriculums

  • offers an inviting array of products for jumpers at all levels of expertise. The site has what you need for skipping rope workouts, cardiovascular fitness, or extracurricular activities, from beginner rope skipping kits to advanced jump ropes.
  • Yes, how any buyer can save money by using coupons, promo codes, deals, sign up which have been offered by the company on a different occasion, like black Friday, anniversary sale

Pricing, Coupons, and Discounts

  • Price
From a budget double dutch to a top-of-the-line cross-fit rope, their ropes and other fitness equipment are fairly priced. You can find the rope you’re looking for as low as $7 and as high as $60.
  • Discount
However, it is cleverer to buy in groups because BuyJumpRopes gives a heavy bulk discount for all their products bought in larger quantities. The bulk discount ranges from 25% off on less than 25 quantities to up to 50% on larger quantities.
  • Coupon
There are also free delivery coupons and black Friday coupons for discounts on certain jump ropes products up to 30%.

And finally, you can take advantage of their clearance sales for huge discounts on overstocked inventory.

Final Thought offers an inviting array of products for jumpers at all levels of expertise. The site has what you need for skipping rope workouts, cardiovascular fitness, or extracurricular activities, from beginner rope skipping kits to advanced jump ropes.

The site offered a nice shopping experience. Various products caught my attention. This shows that their products are very competitive and can stand out from other sites. The prices were fair and affordable based on the features and functions the products offer. However, I noticed that they could provide more pictures of their products so shoppers will be guided better especially if they choose to purchase online.

Overall, everything about BuyJumpRopes is designed for people who want to know more about where they are putting their money. The generous selection of products, reasonable prices, and commitment to offering useful resources are unmatched by other Jump ropes eCommerce stores. These are the reasons BuyJumpRopes is recommended to get started with buying jump ropes.


What is the best jump rope for beginners?

The best jump rope for beginners is an easy-to-use one. The speed matters less than the ease of use. This rope allows you to easily adjust its length, giving you maximum comfort. It has no knots, twisting during spinning, breaking, or scratching your hands.

What type of rope should I buy?

You want a non-stretch rope that is no longer than the height of your arm. Nothing too heavy, nothing too light. As with any tool, personal experience aids in determining just how much rope you need. If you're new to this sort of thing, err on the side of caution.

How should I use my jump rope?

Jump to music with fast footwork, using coordination to increase speed over time. Use your jump rope with rhythm and coordination to develop speed and agility. Ideal for conditioning, warm-up, and fast footwork, jump rope is a great training tool that can be used with music or in regular intervals for cardio. Every set and interval is scalable to each workout.

What do I do if my rope is tangled?

The secret to disentangling a jumping rope is to hold one end stationary and continually twist the handle as you pull on the other end. Repeatedly pull the rope to loosen it.

What are the benefits of jumping rope?

The benefits of jumping rope are limitless, with the most obvious benefits being athletic. You can strengthen your heart, burn calories, and improve overall cardiovascular endurance with this intense anaerobic workout.

Here are other benefits of jumping rope

  1. Jumping rope burns calories, but improves coordination and agility
  2. Jumping rope can help manage high blood pressure and combat obesity
  3. It's fun and a great way to interact with friends and family
  4. Increase endurance
  5. Aid food digestion
  6. Relieve stress


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